Website Update: Majesty Meets The Monster

Majesty Intro
It’s been several months since we’ve seen Migo in action, mainly due to the fact that it’s almost impossible finding anyone brave enough to try taking the cute black nerd’s gigantic dick!

So when Majesty recently stumbled across the BBA Tumblr and contacted me about becoming a model, I decided to see if this masculine new bisexual model was ready to prove his potential by taking the BIGGEST DICK in BBA history!

At first glance, this sexy, laid-back 19-year-old coming to us from a tiny town in the rural South seemed like an unlikely candidate for this type of scene. But lucky for us, Majesty defied the stereotypes and confidently welcomed the challenge of meeting Migo’s “monster”!

Majesty Meets The Monster
Don’t miss Majesty’s hilariously shocked and unscripted reaction when he gets his very first look at the sleeping “monster” between Migo’s legs. According to Majesty, it looks even BIGGER in person than it did in the pics I’d emailed him in advance!

There’s some nervous laughter and awkward foreplay as these inexperienced new models get better acquainted shortly after meeting for the very first time. Majesty tries his damnedest to cram Migo’s massive, uncut dick in his mouth. (I didn’t find out until later that this was actually his VERY FIRST TIME sucking dick!).

But this scene’s primary focus is on Majesty’s courageous attempt to take all TEN INCHES of Migo’s dick….

Majesty and Migo
Things start off slowly as Majesty struggles to take a dick that even most FEMALES would run from in fear.

But with a little patience and perseverance, Majesty begins to shock and amaze as all of that “monster” eventually ends up buried DEEP and RAW inside that cute, hairy ass!

See for yourself what has Majesty exclaiming “I can’t believe I just did that!” by the end of this scene….

Migo Fucks Majesty
To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to see for yourself what happens when Majesty meets the “monster”!

20 comments on “Website Update: Majesty Meets The Monster
  1. Thaddeus Pimusique Works

    MG, thank you for shooting “Majesty meets the monster”. And thank the two dudes that had me jacking off twice in under a hour. Majesty is just that. He has to be of Royalty to take that dick. And he was good at it as well. The scene on his back is what made me nutt. Tell both of them I said hello and a job well done. Tell Majesty I bow to him. I could not have done it and I have been in the game a long time. I will be watching for more. Damn, wish I could take dick like that. Oh, and to be his first time sucking dick….that was a nice “on the job training”.

  2. DC

    good morning Mike its 330 in the morning in Fort Lauderdale Florida I love this new model you have and he can take some dick I love everything about him attitude body he’s not a pretty boy he’s just sexy with his appearance thank you again you did a good job this time and you know coming from me so I give you a 10 on this one thanks again BBA forever keep it 100

  3. D-Money

    im so glad to see new model majesty in the fold — great looks great phat booty and i love this scene! good to see some hot raw action and i enjoy seein the pure sight of majesty taking that phat monster and this was the perfect thing i needed before i went to work more majesty and by the way wheres royal??? put majesty and royal vs taye and migo see where that orgy party goes mike!!! im a big fan of sucking and the fucking was definitely hott i love the true reaction majesty gave when he saw the monster and u know me i dont know where the fuck u find these sexy models but im always a fan of new faces only on BBA!!! thanks for the great start to my day mike!!!!!!

  4. Rommel

    Thanks Michael, you provided one of your best scenes in my opinion since your scenes with yourself and Isaiah and also with Freaky J, I also liked the scenes with Apollo as well but this one seemed so authentic and I give my hat off to Majesty whom handled Migo really well. I am looking forward to more scenes like this and more with you Michael as well, maybe with Apollo, Migo and Majesty. Heck even a scene with yourself, Isaiah and Freaky J will make a hot threesome. Thanks again Michael for your good content despite all that’s happening in your personal life.

  5. decaturbaby

    Mike, that was so fucking good… It was great to see Migo again, and to pair him with a new sexy masculine model was brilliant.. and if that was his first time sucking dick, he did an amazing job.. and seeing him take all of Migo’s big monster dick like a pro was awesome.. I bow down to his Majesty.. and Hats off to Migo for really putting it down like that… Great job Mike.

  6. M J

    Great scene loved majesty and migo….Migo needs to eat some ass now…lol I wanna see Migo and Randy go at it,…..that would be hot!

  7. Cobra

    Nice update. Majesty gets a 10 for the effort alone. I often wondered if the BBA models get recognized much in public and I guess now I know the answer. Majesty was a good “find”. I really never read too much in about the models background interviews but it’s crazy how a guy can take in such a oversized penis and has never sucked dick??? Looking at the video he does actually look a little lost doing it tho lol.

  8. djjrda

    I just fell in love with Majesty. There is something about him that drives me crazy. His personality along with that cute face. I have liked a lot of your models throughout the years, but I haven’t been this infatuated with one since DJ. I cannot wait to see him in more scenes.

  9. robert

    We will be seeing Saint very soon with a BBA exclusive contract in hand for this cutie. I can imagine sooo many pairings already. Glad Migo is back too. Don’t want to forget his props!

  10. Mitch

    Simply put: I absolutely LOVE it !! Thanks bro… starting to really love this website… I took a three months membership but when thats finished I’m going for long term recurring…

  11. Stoned Mountain

    Great show. Great courage by majesty. What’s more amazing — that an ordinary mortal can open that wide and find pleasure, or that Migo can actually engorge that monster and get hard LOL

    After this, Majesty deserves a treat like Cory! 😉

    Loved the early scene where youngblood gets his first look, like a guy who opens the door and there’s a TIGER! LOL Good sport.

  12. thicky003

    Mike, this is just wonderful. Majesty is just what I was looking for. Good attitude, sexy, and nice body. Looking for someone to test him a little more. Please keep him as a regular. This was a good scene. Him with Apollo and some of the senior BBA crew could be interesting and Hot. Hats off to Mike.


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