Website Update: Graduation Day

Anyone who shares my weakness for cute black twinks with that “barely legal” look, and has ever attended a high school graduation and found themselves guiltily lusting after one of the young graduates, should enjoy our latest addition to the BBA roster.

Just barely 18 years old and looking like he could easily be Kody‘s cute baby brother, Kayden is only ONE WEEK AWAY from graduating high school.

Enjoy a wicked sneak peek at this cute and innocent “boy next door” while he tries on his cap and gown and gets ready for his Graduation Day….

“I just turned 18,” Kayden teases me and the viewers in his cute teenage voice. “It’s my high school graduation. Wanna come play with me?”

Savor every second of this seductive striptease in which Kayden ends up showing off EVERY INCH of his tempting young body.

But don’t let this high school senior’s cute “baby face” fool you – Kayden is all grown up where it counts, with a shockingly BIG DICK and juicy bubble-butt for such a small, skinny boy! And just wait until he spreads his skinny legs open wide and shows off his tight, young asshole for us to drool over and fantasize about!

Want to see what Kayden will be doing for a summer job before starting college? Stay tuned to BBA to find out!

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14 comments on “Website Update: Graduation Day
  1. Stepp

    He’s handsome and has a nice ass and hole but I need to see him in action before I can approve. He’s a Scorpio so I’m expecting some fire scenes.

  2. Allen Wells

    Very sexy young man who’s willing to go the xtra mile? WOW! Nice find Mike. You posted this right after I sent you a f’ckdup message. LOL! I know you wanted to kick my ass the day before but it always seems to bring out the best of BBA. 10 out of 10 for Kayden.

  3. PhillyBro

    When you skip a week and promise two updates I don’t care how cute the guy is. Solo scene doesn’t cut it. Especially when obviously he’s gay and we’ll be seeing him get fucked real soon. Just post the fuck scene already. Smh.

  4. mark

    Mike I have to be honest here, though I appreciate YOU’RE really into the barely legal twinky type. You have to consider that most of your customers have followed you for years and have grown up so with growth tastes have grown too. As an older guy now in his thirties i prefer not to see barely legal teens. Though i can appreciate younger fellas when they’re filled out with their bodies, I honestly think guys are in the prime between the ages of 22-27 and still have their young looking qualities. Personally i just dont see the appeal in an 18/19 year olds with skinny bodies , child like faces and no ass. My favourite thing about this site use to be the gay for pay conversion and my favourites being Rico, Saint, Kenny, Apollo, Isaiah and even Freaky J with them all eventually giving their ass up. Kody is cute but he would have been hotter in a couple years time when his body is a bit more developed. Perhaps you should start a poll to find out which age ranges your customer prefer. You have a loyal following so I may be wrong and it may be time to get my porn fix elsewhere.

  5. JustThoughts

    Great concept but i just felt bored. I mean the model was doing what he does, but the scene just didn’t captivate what i guess i expected to see from a young boy in a graduation cap n gown. like these real kids that are streaking at graduations or mooning the audience turned me on more in the few seconds they showed than this entire video. maybe it was the concept of them showing off in public or in an environment where it wasn’t warranted vs this vid where it was warranted to be naked under the cap n gown….

    i think if you are going to toy with taboos you have to identify all of the elements that make it so “interesting”. rather than just having him standing there showing off… have someone at the door telling him to hurry up so they could leave. or have a few “graduates” getting ready and oops, “where are ur clothes? Oh my I’m hard too..” sounds corny typing it, but that’s why these “str8” boys on tumblr get so much attention because they are doing things that appear like accidents and fun.. showing asses together.. laying there texting but jerking.. etc…

  6. EZDawg

    Hell yeah…. I luv a brother who enjoys playing and tryin to look all innocent,,,LOL… This is a great solo.. with a theme!!!! No interview but you can feel that this brother likes to teaz. I love the graduation robe openin…. him pinching his own nipples and then wow… that’s one helluva diploma growing in that robe. Cant wait to see him serve that up to some bois mouth and ass…mmm… Plus… Looks to me like that pretty ass is vers..Bring this boi back!!!! Great start!!!!!

  7. cusmile1x

    he’s really cute can’t wait to see him with someone like rico, bandit, stylez, or the other newbie can you make that happen

  8. Tori Fan

    Michael….you and these SKINNY BOYS! I was just about to comment about your fetish for these skinny black boys until…..I SAW THAT BIG ASS DICK.

    I’m a high school teacher. We just had our graduation. Now I’m fantasizing over those guys that walked across the stage. Some of them were some BIG THICK MUTHAFUCKAS….and until now I wasn’t even thinking about the size of their dick. But I do recall several of them had on shorts and were sockless. Now I’m doing a double fantasy….big dicks…and pretty toes.

    Tell us some more about Kayden…..

  9. Stepp

    This update is approved. However I do not count a solo as an update. If you want to introduce us to a new model my suggestion would be to save the solo until you have an action scene starring that model and then release them both at the same time. That’s an update.


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