Website Update: That’s A First

Standing at 6’4″ and weighing 153 pounds, Luh Redd is a skinny “country boy” from the South with a cute, round ass that pops up and out of his sagging gym shorts.

Just barely 18 (he’s actually one month YOUNGER than our other recent new twink model Kayden), Luh Redd considers himself bisexual with an equal interest in both guys and girls. He confesses that he’s “addicted” to sex and despite never liking to be the center of attention, admits that he’s always fantasized about becoming a “porn star.”

I figured what better way to put this cute new kid’s porn potential to the test than by pairing him with one of BBA’s oldest and most experienced “gay for pay” tops?

Saint might still live and identify as straight in his everyday life, but he’s always more than willing and ready to “break in” some tight “barely legal” boy ass 😉 !

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for nearly a FULL HOUR of hot amateur action that includes kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and one of Saint’s most surprisingly passionate encounters so far!

Saint pins the helpless new kid to the bed and aggressively pounds that fresh teenage ass without mercy in a variety of hot positions as the room echoes with the sounds of Luh Redd’s deep, sexy voice cursing and moaning with every deep and sensual thrust.

Don’t miss the hilarious and historic surprise that inspired this scene’s title! Let’s just say that Saint learns the fun way that age is nothing more than a number and these days one should NEVER underestimate the sexual knowledge and skills of this younger generation!

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22 comments on “Website Update: That’s A First
  1. Stepp

    Damn Redd thats how you come out the gate tho? I’m typically not here for the ass eating but you mos def made that shit look hot. I personally think you should’ve just slid your dick in after you ate Saint and fucd everybody up. You are definitely approved. Saint, what up fambam? You know its all love whenever you grace the screen. Good job! I could never be the camera man I would be fucn everybody.

  2. Allen Wells

    This is where you get your revenge for the message I sent the day before you posted this scene. LOL! Im not even gonna blast you for this one. I have nothing good to say so I’m gonna go into hiding for the next two weeks and hope you post something to my liking afterwards.

  3. Meh

    Was a hot scene but I’m not sure about it being “a first”. Didn’t Saint cum in Bandit? I know this one was more premature but even so. Because of that I was expecting something a bit more surprising. The new guy is sexy though.

  4. Ketige

    Two very bland scenes do not make up for the lack of one the previous week. No disrespect to the models but the last two scenes were (…yawns…) very boring.

  5. PhillyBro

    Luh Redd is a keeper. Great Scene but at this point any scene with Saint is good because he’s a great performer. It’s just old seeing him after being a member all these years. Replace Saint with Blake PLEASE!! Saint is overused. Also, this is the third video that hasn’t gotten over 200 likes. AND that’s with a skipped week! Gotta come harder Mike smh. Also, justifying your scene with Bandit, Shazeer, n Stylez was poor judgment on your part. Your viewers weren’t feeling it. And that’s that.

    1. Erickson25

      I have to disagree with you on Saint… He’s been around, but he also stays away long enough to miss. That’s true stardom. Unlike certain people on here, they’re here far to frequent to claim they just do it for money. And no shade, but Blake is not the best choice for a Saint. He dosen’t have that certain Saint characteristic to match him. Just my opinion…

  6. EZDawg

    Luv Luh Redd…. he wants to be here and I wanna see him get to that level he wants to go…. NOW…. here is a great idea…. Pair these new 18 year old brothers together!!!! Kayden and Luh Redd… I mean…. Luh Redd knows how to and luvs sucking dick….. Imagine what he could do with Kayden’s big stick in his mouth…. I wonder what would happen if Kayden stuck it all up in his azz!!! mmmmmmooooaaaannnniiinnngg and shit…. And then you could do a revenge vid later…lol

  7. chgohydepar1

    This is the hottest fuckin shit! I have watched it at least 10x…the passion, the kissing, hugging, the intimacy, damn! Luh Redd is BBA’s new star. As usual, Saint slang that dick. This is art.

    Three words, “Bring him back,” Luh Redd that is!

  8. cusmile1x

    he was a real pro and so hot can’t wait to see him in more with some of the other new models like bandit, scotty, trapp, rico or kayden that would be hot especially since they’re both 18 and verse

  9. Black37

    This was pretty good. Actually very good… Saint has stepped his game up ever since he fuk’d Apollo. I like the new guy too. He’ll be some good ass for the tops. But Mike, did you & Saint forget that he came INSIDE of Bandit. This isn’t a first! Where is Freaky J… time for him to get that back broken again. Let Bandit or Lil Scrap tap that. Also since you did a lightskin scene, what about a darkskin one with Trapp/Saint/BlakeBishop!!! 🙂

  10. MrWhitley1

    Dick still throbbing after that 1, Luh Redd was fantastic and Saint is literally the best Porn star Ever!!!!

  11. Tori Fan

    Uh….TORI WHO?

    OMG….I’m so late for work cause of you.

    Here’s a group theme….The BATTLE of the BOTTOMS…. Dragon, Suspense, Rico Pruitt and Luh Redd

    The Tops – Isaiah, Saint, Apollo

    getting my lube ready

  12. LilRon

    This is a classic. Damn Mike you did it again. Ain’t nothing little about this dude. He made a hot bottom and Saint did a great job. The way he ate Saint’s ass makes me think he would make a good top. Pair him with whomever, but make it a verse scene. When I saw those big ole gorgeous feet I nearly lost my nut. My Pops is from Birmingham too so I already know he’s a freak. You found BBA’s next superstar.

  13. Chris ‼

    Love when they cum quick. It let’s you know it feels good.
    1 thing I love about Saint is he admits when shit feels good.
    Do more endings when the cum is being sucked out cuz those are the best reactions.


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