Website Update: His New Stepbrother #2

We’re departing from our usual unscripted format this weekend to bring you another hot episode in our “Forbidden Fantasy” series.

Kody meets cute 18-year-old Kayden for the very first time after his Dad decides to marry Kayden’s Mom. And what better way for these brand-new “brothers” to get better acquainted than by sharing a hotel room over the weekend of their parents’ wedding?

Things start to get interesting when these cute black brothers find themselves sharing a bed and the older Kody wakes up hard and horny in the middle of the night. He looks over and sees his new “baby brother” sprawled out on the bed in nothing but his underwear.

Quick, guilty glances at his 18-year-old stepbrother’s tempting bubble-butt eventually turn into tentative, taboo touching of his sleeping younger brother….

See for yourself what happens next in this titillating tale of forbidden desire as a little secret touching turns into MUCH more and next thing you know, these horny stepbrothers are crossing the line from “I don’t think we should be doin’ this!” to “What they don’t know won’t hurt ’em!” before the night’s over….

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10 comments on “Website Update: His New Stepbrother #2
  1. Waitin4you2cumFL

    HELLA HOT SCENE! Kody and Kayden were on fire and the erotic chemistry between them can not be described with mere words…

  2. Seymour

    This was a great movie of two quite young men exploring sex with each other. The new (and very young ) model, Kayden, is joined by the experienced Kody. The fact that they had just become step-brothers through the marriage of their parents made it especially nice. I absolutely enjoyed it.

  3. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Not here for this scene, Not a Kody fan at all but so far i was alright with this Kayden guy. i don’t like these types of scenes anyways

  4. Kody Fan

    Loved this scene! Not a fan of solos, but liked Kayden a lot more in this one. Nice body. And Kody better quit gaining weight!!! Lol. Still cute though. And I saw that fat ass! Lol.

  5. chefjohnfc

    so Kody put on weight. if you never seen him before you would say he fuckin fine. he still hot and great scene

  6. Kool E High

    Nah Not At All I Don’t Like These Scenes With These Effeminate Type Guys Kayden Tried His Best To Butch It Up But He Still Fell Slightly Short …This Scene Was A Thumbs 👎For Me

  7. CL05ETFR3AK

    Kayden & Kody were good but I still want to know about Miguel & Leon? I asked this question before anyone’s comments came up, but I dont see it anywhere. Did they make the cut or what?

  8. Stoned Mountain

    Michael, this stepbrothers yarn, with Kayden and Kody, is sexy to the max. Love Kayden. Love how the kid took command! More please. Is he ready for the Blake Bishop treatment??? 😉


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