Website Update: Training Trapp

Trapp seemed a bit overwhelmed after his first time with a guy, and I’m sure the fact that it had been with one of his closest friends didn’t make things any easier for him. He even tells us near the start of this scene that due to the awkwardness and stress of that whole situation, he and Scotty actually avoided each other for almost a full month after that shoot!

Suspecting that the understandably uncomfortable social dynamics of that initial encounter had inhibited Trapp’s true porn potential, I decided to try a different approach this time by pairing Trapp with an old pro like Saint in the hopes that a more experienced and open-minded straight model could help make him more comfortable with the idea of doing “gay for pay” scenes and hopefully unleash the sexy straight thug’s inner freak!

After a brief interview in which Trapp shares his honest reactions to that first encounter and listens to some helpful advice from his veteran trainer, we decide to try something a little bit different and kick things off with some naked wrestling (with baby oil this time).

Things are understandably awkward and even a little bit silly between these two straight strangers at first, with both guys nervously laughing and playfully squirting baby oil all over each others’ dark and glistening bodies….

But when they finally begin wrestling and rolling around naked together on the floor, something between them suddenly “clicks” and we’re treated to some of the most intensely passionate and surprisingly steamy action between “straight” guys that I’ve ever filmed!

I nearly had to turn off the camera and take a cold shower before continuing with the shoot 😉 !

It’s an hour-long, action-packed “training session” that you do NOT want to miss as the always impressive Saint gives Trapp some much-needed (and secretly much-wanted?) practice, and brings out a repressed freaky side in the sexy dreadhead that we’ve only seen teasing glimpses of before now!

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41 comments on “Website Update: Training Trapp
  1. Bugsy754

    WOW I really enjoyed this one…TRAPP is on his way to a fan favorite trust me!!!!!. We gotta get him paired up with either Apollo, Bandit or Lil Scrap..

  2. A.J.

    Mike this wasn’t a bad update. I think I would have been more excited about it at the beginning of the month as opposed to the end because of the hiatus. It was nice to watch like the other videos with their little crew. I like Trapp. I like him more then Shaun and Scotty. He’s the only model I can appreciate out of the newer recruits tbh. Honestly I haven’t been feeling the new content so im glad we got this.

  3. TexasBugg

    TRAPP that was super (HOTTTTTTTTTT) and mike put it out right on time, we in (HOUSTON TEXAS) will have our Trapp party on JULY 4 trapp man i give u 5 stars and don’t worry what people say them r the same people who wants to see u under a rock man u r all man and if u was to get fucked u r still all man u r just a freak of the new breed damm u was blessed with a body from the gods (YOUR ROYAL BADNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS) damm u r so fine and u got a gold mine of an ass hole.

    Saint did a very good job training trapp i got to give it to him damm i can’t wait till the party just took the picture of trapp to the cake place walmart could not do the picture had to have a pro do it trapp damm i can’t top jacking off to that gold mine ass hole u got back there damm if somebody get in that ass hole they r going to fall in love mike u hit gold with trapp the baby oil was right on time it made trapp body shine.

  4. ThugLover

    I absolutely LOVE TRAPP!!!! He’s the epitome of what a sexy TRADE is!!!! I would love to see him bottom as well as top!!! Great finding TRAPP….. Thanks Scotty, I love you too. Saint always the professional!!!! Overall HOTTTTTT SCENE, I NUTTED TWICE!!!

  5. Dan

    I have been a casual customer of BBA for years, and rarely, do I comment on the models or video performances; only when they truly knock me out (e.g. Apollo, Ross, Rico, Tori, Saint…). Trapp is now added to the list!

    Trapp walks that perfect gay-for-pay line. He seems to be reluctant and nervous at the start , but he loses himself in the performance as the video progresses. I have to agree with the earlier commenter that said Trapp is the best of the new bunch (of the Shaun-Scotty-Trapp crew). I know that this is a pure commercial transaction for the models (they get paid), but the whole disgust and “too gay” complaints throughout a video wear thin pretty fast. Sir, you are making video performing sex acts with another man; it’s a performance. I’m not asking you to go off and marry the dude. I like Saint’s and Apollo’s attitude that this is a job, and as a viewer, they make you forget that once you see them kissing and legs in the air, LOL!

    Trapp seems to be same way. Once he started to kiss, I forgot that he was there for money, I also love his priceless reaction to the rimming (rimming sure seems to be part of Saint’s core set of skills, LOL!). Trapp is a keeper, take it as slow as you want with him. I do hope to see him with Apollo, Isaiah, or even Rico Pruitt eventually with legs in the air 🙂

    1. Damien

      Yeah they make money and they say on camera they don’t like it but they do like it. It is the social conditioning that makes them ashamed they like it. I’ve been with many “straight” guys and they love man sex but hate to admit it. These guys once they experience it and slowly lose their inhibitions, they realize they like it but hate that they do. Money is like alcohol and lowers inhibitions.

  6. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Okay let me say this:
    The first update isn’t my cup of alcohol 🍺 so I’m passing on it!

    At first I was like “ugh Saint again?!? Why couldn’t it be Isaiah since we haven’t seen him in awhile?!?” Watching the two of them oil each other up was so hot to look at point of them play wrestle was so hot BUT the part where Saint was eating Trapp out was my breaking point, my nut was so creamy and a lot I enjoyed it but I know for a fact Saint was frustrated as fuck that he couldn’t fuck that nice ass of Trapp. Do you think Trapp is more interested in this than he’s leading on??

    Do you think Saint was frustrated in his head that he couldn’t fuck??

    I give this scene a hot 10/10

    1. cocopop

      Yea, Saint wanted that ass, and I can’t blame him, that some ass Trapp boy got on him. Love to see it taken care of. Saint’s enjoying this more that he willing to admit. Was a time the model had to suck that dick hard first. The last two scenes, his dick came aroused without being sucked. I love how he takes his partners head, and caress his face. Few models do that. I find that hot. Great scene Mike.

    2. Damien

      Of course Trapp was interested, he is discovering he really likes man sex but like all “straight, bicurious” men they hate to admit it.

  7. Tori Fan

    I give it a 9 1/2. Why not a 10….cause I couldn’t see Trapp’s toes. If I remember correctly he has some pretty suckable toes….and you can tell him that.

    I LOVE NUDE WRESTLING. That is what really got me going. I don’t ever remember you having a scene like that. I have greater respect for SAINT as the trainer, but more for Trapp for giving it a try with someone you don’t know.

    I know what he meant about things being awkward with his friend. I fucked a childhood friend of mine 3 x and it’s awkward when I am in his presence.

    So tell Trapp he has a new fan. Tell both he and Saint DON’T SHAVE THEIR BUSH. I love to see a manly bush.

    Wassup with Rico Pruitt? Any new scenes coming up with him? I’m following his freaky ass on Tumblr.

  8. decaturbaby

    That was awesome Michael.. I don’t even mind the way you’ve been updating lately..we still get what we paid for… Trapp is a STAR.. I can’t wait to see him progress further.. Love his attitude.. Great job Mike.

  9. Kool E High

    Trapp Is The Truth And Saint Is A Ain’t For Me Trapp And Lil Scrappy Now That’s A Gold Ticket Performance Even Bandit And Trapp That Would Be Major As Well!

  10. Rob

    Take a bow fellas! Pass Trapp off to Isaiah next so he can be shown how good str8 ass feels!!!! I love str8 gay sex!!!

  11. Kool E High

    Definitely A Yes For Trapp He Is The Total Package Pair Him Up With Lil Scrap or Bandit And You Will Definitely Have A Major Hit …But Saint Is A Ain’t For Me His Performance Was Definitely Lack Luster And Tell Me Why He Had On Dingy White Ankle Socks But The Scene Was Definitely Great.

    1. Damien

      I would like to see a threesome, with Apollo in the mix. His body and passion will get Trapp going. Scotty with Apollo as well.

  12. Chris

    not a fan of the oil.

    Its obvious that Trapp is freak. I think you should give him & his boys Scotty & Shaun a very good bottom & don’t let them jack off to cum. Let somebody suck that nut right out & give a great reaction.

    Either way good scene

    1. Erickson25

      Yeah, that actually is better than what I came up with. So Mike, have Shawn get dicked by both Trapp and Scotty. It could be a payback like Bandits misfortune. Shawn went to jail, so Scotty got his dick sucked, ass eaten, and jacked a stranger off to put money on his books. Now Shawn is back “in jail” and Scotty has sucked two dicks, ass eaten again, dragged Trapp in this whole mess, now he’s about to go through the whole transition. I say Shawn has well earned his place on the bottom for a little while.
      You don’t have to do it all at once, but poor Shawn has it coming. LoL. Now for Shawns 1st top scene, I believe Mr All Star Saint should take another for the team. It shouldn’t be that bad, Bandit has already opened him up. Just some suggestions to think about.

  13. Damien

    More Trapp! and more Scotty! Scotty and Trapp need to realize man sex is not a feminine act, it is a very masculine act….just testosterone no estrogen in the room. They are both realizing they enjoy it….Scotty needs to let himself go and enjoy it guilt free. Trapp too.

  14. Stoned Mountain

    Trapp is sexy, cute, and beautifully hung. And he is developing and emerging. Saint is a star and you deployed him well. Great event.

    Seriously, did I hear right, that he tattooed HIMSELF???!!!

  15. CL05ETFR3AK

    First I’d like to know what does someone gain from trying to expose people or who was it that went & rat?? Im thinking whoever it was had to have some secret desire for this person also & exposing a person makes them feel better about watching the vid’s themselves. Saint has been doing this a long time yeah?? So he can’t really expect people (his fans) when they see him to react any different. I’m sorry if you’re with your family bro but you’re in a business where people can flick a switch & see you at their hearts desires, if you dont want people to approach you when you’re with them try to find places or go places that you would deem private to avoid interruptions. But all in all this was a good scene, its just time for Scotty now to step up next and for Shaun to go all the way eh? Michael was it “Legacy” that came back to rob you cause you know he didn’t really leave on very good terms lol…..

    1. Damien

      Just because someone is well known or online doesn’t mean people should approach them. Why would they feel the need to? If I saw a Celebrity I liked with their family, I would not feel the need to approach them, they don’t know me. If you are a politician, that is different.

      1. CL05ETFR3AK

        But it comes with the territory and he should be aware of that. Im not saying its right for people to barge in on private family time you get me, but Saint’s been in this thing long enough to know that people are going to be people and he should take precaution whenever he’s out and about especially when he’s with the family.

          1. CL05ETFR3AK

            And you’re not understanding my statements clearly. I never once said it was ok for people to approach anyone with any amount of status (whether Ill gotten or hard earned) whenever they feel the need to. I understand totally where Saint is coming from, at the end of the day it’s just a job for him, & when it’s family time it’s family time. But as i said before “people are generally going to be people” and this is the type of world we live in, so if he is spending that time with family, be cautious of his surroundings or maybe choose places where he feels comfortable being with them without the interruptions.

            1. Kool E High

              I Definitely Understand What You Are Saying I Totally Agree If It’s All That Serious He Needs To Change His Family Outings To Really Secluded Locations Me Personally Would Never Stop To Speak Even If He Was Alone ..I Just Don’t See It For Him Like That

  16. BLKPLAYA11

    Mike I’m sorry about what happened to you thank God you safe that’s the most important thing money is just paper it’s no way to lose your life over thank God you okay and please be careful with some of the guys remember some guys do not have jobs and they know you giving out money and regardless what race is they all commit crimes PS always change your location

    1. cocopop

      Mike, I too hated to hear this. I’d often wondered about the precautions you take having large sums of cash on hand to pay models. With many models aware of this fact as well, hope you do more. What about handing out a check and then take them to your bank to cash it? Just throwing that out there, be careful man.

  17. lovemesomesaint

    Great scene! I love the baby oil, excellent touch. I loved Saint in this scene and became a bigger fan of Trapp. Best scene of the summer so far. Well worth the wait.

  18. KayJay

    Mike, this was a fantastic update. I’ve watched it several times and the sexual chemistry between these two “brothas” is undeniable. The tongue kissing (including Trapp’s reluctance to do it) was oh so sexy. I think pairing Trapp with Saint made all the difference for Trapp’s second shoot. Saint has been a BBA model for awhile now but I think he is even more sexy than the first time I saw him.

    I think what struck me the most was:

    1) the honest conversation about doing “Gay4Pay” porn between Saint and Trapp and how each came to a place where they are both okay with their choices and not letting others decide what’s right for them; and

    2) the obvious respect (and love) that Saint has for you when he said ‘this man has done more for my kids . . . ‘ speaks volumes on the type of person you are and how you treat the models that work for you.

    I’ve been watching how Trapp’s popularity among your viewers is increasing. I’m hoping he’ll stick around and entertain us some more in the future.

    Great job, Mike, Saint and Trapp!

  19. Blaqeyedsoul

    Mike, please be careful man. I know the feeling to be held up at gun point and it’s terrifying. Safety first.

  20. Erickson25

    Omg, I just read your post Mike. Where are your bodyguards man? Glad to see you are ok, but seriously man you need to get you some protection out there. I know I’m an ass hole, and I fuck with you and get under your skin, but I don’t want you to end up seriously hurt behind because you do this.
    I’ve told you to tread lightly before, now that it has gotten to this you may want to draw back from recruiting locally. At least your out of town boys are to sacred and paranoid to try anything loke that because they are far from home and would have to explain why they were with you. Again I’m sorry that happend and you are ok. Get some damn body guards man on the real though.

  21. JJ

    Michael this was a good scene I love the chemistry, the only thing that I don’t understand is why is Saint always wearing socks he has nice feet, I never wish to see Scotty and Shaun paired up again too much playing that’s totally a turn off. Would love to see Scotty Screw anybody.


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