Website Update: His New Stepbrother

We’re departing from our usual unscripted format this week to try something a little bit different and experiment with a hot role-playing fantasy for those viewers who might prefer “reality porn” but occasionally also want to see their most unique and forbidden fantasies brought to life.

Shazeer returns from playing basketball at the park to find his cute new younger stepbrother Kody home alone watching TV while their parents are out for the night….

Bored from being cooped up in the house all day long, Kody seems eager to hang out and “bond” with his athletic big brother. But hanging out with an annoying new stepbrother is the LAST thing Shazeer wants to do on his Friday night!

Sexually frustrated and almost unbearably horny after being stood up by his girlfriend, Shazeer catches himself stealing quick, guilty glances at his cute “baby brother” sprawled out on the couch watching TV – especially noticing that “impossible to miss” bubble-butt popping up and out of the boy’s sagging jeans!

Hoping to cleanse himself of the wicked ideas creeping into his head, Shazeer leaves the room to go relieve his stress with a hot bubble-bath, where his thoughts keep drifting back to the tantalizing image of his teenage stepbrother’s ASS!

Meanwhile, Kody has some taboo thoughts of his own as he sneaks into the other room to spy on his sexy, light-skinned “big brother” naked and soaping himself up in the tub….

See for yourself what happens next in this taboo tale of forbidden desire as playful roughhousing quickly turns into MUCH more and next thing you know, these horny stepbrothers are crossing the line from “I don’t know if we should be doin’ this!” to “Nobody will have to know!” before the night’s over….


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14 comments on “Website Update: His New Stepbrother
  1. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Okay now you know Idc really for Kody and all but this scene he was really good coming from his last scene with his fake moans with Julien.

    This guy Shazeer is one of the prettiest light skinned dudes I’ve seen on BBA since Kenny and Julien of course but more Kenny LOL. I give this scene a 9.5/10 ONLY because I hate when you do them corny storylines shit like it’s a reminder of them other sites but the chemistry between the two of them was good and I most def enjoyed watching Shazeer’s nice pink pretty hole and like I said…’s Kenny’s asshole Julien’s asshole and now Shazeer. I think by the popularity of this scene on the site I think a lot of people would love to see Shazeer back! And I’m one of them too!

  2. Donald

    This scene was great, I really liked it and even moreso they were good actors. They done an excellent job. It’s my favorite right now, im on my 3rd watch ….lol. Their chemistry was on point. Step brothers 4 real…lol it was believable. Again the acting was amazing.

  3. KodyFan

    Omg, this is so fucking hot!! I’m sure it’ll be one of my faves!! Kody is so cute & this new boy is to die for!! They’d have beautiful babies!! Lol!! I am SOOO loving this video!! You’re so wicked, adding the stepbrother aspect!! Lol!!

  4. D-Money

    I LOVE THIS NEW SERIES MICHAEL!!!!! Can I just say Shazeer is definitely a true keeper and Mike let me give u some credit your BBA finds this summer have definitely been more than top notch!!!! Great scene it seem soooo tabooo but turned soooo hottttt as they eyed each other and then soap each other down in the tub (needed more bubbles lol) Great scene great kissing and touching and great fucking by Shazeer welcome to the team and hope he’s here to stay Mike!!!!

  5. chucke1

    Shazeer is HOT! More please! Didn’t care for this scene otherwise, not my cup of tea but you already know that Michael! Anyways, thanks for Shazeer!

  6. Steven

    Well I must give credit where credit is due. This was a good and surprising scene. Especially following the previous two weeks of duds. I hope you can keep up the momentum Michael. This is the BBA I’ve grown to love.

  7. cocopop

    Mike you should do more scenes like this with some of your present models, Shazeer is a hot new discovery, hope to see more of him. Keep up the good work.

  8. Chris Carr

    Loved this scene! The boys are so cute and Kody’s one of my faves! Really liked Shazeer. Such a cutie! The sex was passionate and the scene was shot fantastically. And adding the sensual taboo of stepbrother sex just put it over the top! GREAT WORK!! Looking for more of these beautiful boys!

  9. Cobra

    Not a favorite but you keep a good mix going. I def won’t fast forward thru the Bandit update you posted. THAT’S BBA!

  10. Shy Dreaming

    Oooh wee this scene was the shit please Michael do more scenes like this! I love me some Shazeer with his sexy self please do bring him back again. I love me some Kody too with his phat sexy ass lol. Michael you definitely made me a believer keep coming thru with hot scenes like this though. Thank you Mike!

  11. Brian

    Great job w/ the fantasy element. Many of us have similar fantasies at work or the gym, about delivery guys and handymen, etc; and with str8 street bois. So, the subtle ‘crossing the line’ acting was on point. And falls into the ‘reality porn’ perfectly. Bravo!

  12. Kev

    Shazeer is definitely a keeper and I would love to see more of his personality shine next time he comes. Pair him up with that sexy chocolate booty King. I want to see more of King bottom for these sexy male models to get fuck by… this scene fell flat for me. Mainly the bad acting and the fucking was mediocre…I love the concept though.


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