Website Update: Seducing Shaun

Last week, we met a cocky straight boy who stubbornly swore during his solo “audition” that he’d NEVER do anything with a guy – the attitude that most of our straight models have starting out.

This week we’re taking things one step further by showing what’s possible when a similarly skeptical straight boy returns for a surprising follow-up shoot several weeks later.

Like many viewers who enjoyed the recent unique encounter between straight best friends Scotty and Shaun, I found myself entertained and charmed by Shaun’s playful personality and infectious sense of humor, and more than a little obsessed with the sexy young thug’s “attention-grabbing” bubble-butt….

Despite Shaun’s emphatic insistence that he wasn’t willing to do anything “extra gay,” I wasted no time inviting him back for a more intimate follow-up session in the hopes of getting better acquainted with the barely-legal black boy and testing his boundaries in a way I wasn’t able to do with his more resistant and uncooperative best friend in the very same room.

If nothing else, I wanted to pay closer attention to Shaun’s breathtaking butt, including that most private and protected part of his body that he’d kept stingily hidden from view during his “audition” a few weeks ago….

In fact, the ONLY thing Shaun explicitly agreed to do in advance of this shoot was let us look at his ASSHOLE. And every viewer who shares my weakness for fresh ‘hood-boy ass will no doubt salivate at the sight of Shaun’s hairy ass-crack and tight, virgin hole.

But of course I wasn’t content to leave it at that 😉 !

Now if you’re ONLY interested in hardcore gay action, then this ISN’T the scene or website for you! But if you’re like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching every suspenseful, surprising, sometimes stressful, and frequently funny moment of my unscripted negotiations with a resistant straight boy, unfolding spontaneously in very close to real time as I slowly seduce him into taking his very first BABY STEPS into the realm of gay experimentation, then this is a REALITY PORN exclusive that you don’t want to miss!

See for yourself what leads up to Shaun shaking his head in disbelief and confusion by the end of this scene as he guiltily confesses, “I feel HELLA GAY, bro!”


To watch the full-length, uncensored encounter, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to enjoy Shaun’s “seduction” any time you’d like!

32 comments on “Website Update: Seducing Shaun
  1. Eagerbeaver

    This scene was somethin else..i REALLY like shaun and his lil bubble butt. majority of it was funny to me because how he was acting…. But most parts of it had me on edge because he kept having these “wtf am i doing here” faces that made it seem like he was about to run out the door… I just kept saying ‘Mike PLEASE don’t scare him away’… It was a good scene tho… But i know he would have been down to let Mike touch him without the cameras around… I can tell that it might be awhile before we get to see him do anything with another guy or bottom.. He might be in the next ‘natural habitat scene before any of that…

  2. DJ

    Stop wasting my money Mike seriously….. Your updates have been some shit lately. Maybe you need a creative director. Your vision has been off. If the update next week is trash I’m out

    1. Bkboi

      I agree. Mike you gave us two updates in the past 2 weeks no intercourse oh plus your 1 week vacation come on son you gotta do better than this

      1. D_Raven

        That credit system is more expensive in hind sight. What needs to be recommended is that he comes out with better content. It’s better to unsubscribe and come back 3-6 months later. That way you can skip the solo scenes and “vacations”

      2. Eagerbeaver

        Exactly!!.. If u keep having mixed feelings about the scenes that michael uploads to the site , then do yourself a favor and wait till the blog is up on that particular scene, and see peoples reviews about it FIRST before spending your $ and then gettin all pissed… ✌#HaveAGoodDay

    2. Michael

      If you truly believe the vast majority of BBA’s recent updates are “shit,” then you really should just spare both of us the trouble and head for the exits because I couldn’t disagree with you more.

      Are some scenes/weeks hotter or more action-packed than others? Absolutely. That comes with the territory of working with these types of models and trying to keep up with the demanding pace of a weekly production schedule. But I can assure you that nothing about my “vision” is “off,” and if anything, in recent weeks I have been returning to BBA’s roots and the kind of content and themes that I love, and that made BBA unique and successful in the first place.

      BBA never has been and never will be the kind of site that offers predictable hardcore gay fucking each and every week, and if that’s what you’re expecting as a BBA member, then you’re going to end up being disappointed on a pretty regular basis. I’d strongly recommend taking a few minutes to read the “About BBA” page for a helpful reminder of BBA’s “vision” and what this site has been about from the very beginning.

      1. Bkboi

        Michael why does the credit system charge me full price? when I am a member been rocking out with this site from day one

      2. Steven Davis

        This week was another big “middle finger” to your members. Last week you showcased a man that came off as a homophobic psycho, this week you bring us a model that looked so uncomfortable the entire time that I thought he was going to bolt out the door at any second. Then you have the nerve to write “Now if you’re ONLY interested in hardcore gay action, then this ISN’T the scene or website for you!” We’ve grown accustomed to watching your models sexually interact with each other and then you seem to become agitated when your PAYING members complain about the sorry content you display. Maybe you should start showing videos that your viewers would like to see instead of what only you want to see. You started off with such potential this year, I hope things can turn around.

        1. Michael

          Just because you happen not to like a particular model or scene doesn’t make it a “big middle finger” to BBA’s members, or mean that everyone else shares your negative opinion.

          I invest a ton of time, energy, money, and hard work into making each and every new scene as unique, entertaining, and memorable as it can possibly be – even the models and scenes I might not personally consider to rank among my best work. I might not be able to post an “instant classic” each and every week, but I have NEVER posted anything I’d consider even close to being a “middle finger” to BBA’s loyal and highly valued viewers.

          I also know that no matter what model or scene I post any given week, there will always be those who love it and those who despise it. All you have to do is take a closer look at the blog feedback and/or site comments on any given scene and you’ll quickly see that there are MANY viewers who feel the complete opposite as you do!

          At first glance after reading your feedback, I thought for sure you must be a relatively new member. But I see that you’ve actually been a regular customer for OVER TWO YEARS, which means that unless you’ve had a recent severe case of amnesia, you’re already well aware that solo “auditions” and non-hardcore “reality porn” featuring reluctant and “uncomfortable” straight guys are nothing new and in fact have been a regular part of the BBA experience from the very beginning.

          While I always try my best to mix things up and offer as much variety as possible, the amount of hardcore vs. non-hardcore scenes featured in the weekly rotation usually depends on a variety of factors, not least of which are the models/”projects” I happen to be focused on at the time. Contrary to what some posters on this blog still prefer to believe despite all evidence to the contrary, guys like Shaun are NOT actors simply pretending to be straight and if they were, he WOULD be doing a lot more than the significant and exciting but still relatively tiny “baby steps” he takes in this scene.

        2. KayJay

          @Steven Davis

          You should turn around and find a site more to your liking. If you go all the way back to the beginning of BBA you’ll find models who identify as straight exhibiting reluctance to participate in sexual acts with other men. So I don’t understand your complaint, unless you’re asking Mike to change BBA.

          I’ve been a member for quite some time and in my opinion it’s not always about action scenes. I like the chase.

          Just look at the progression of models like Saint, Apollo and Stephon, just to name a few. One thing I do from time-to-time is look at a particular model’s introductory scene and then look at their latest scene. Many times they’ve changed their whole outlook on sex and their own sexuality. I suggest you try that on your way OUT.

          Keep up the good work, Mike and ignore these desensitized freaks looking for instant gratification.

          Was that too harsh? LOL

  3. DC

    I agree with the last 2 text it was a waste of time all these guys do is come on here playing with you saying they’re not gay just to get some f****** money ain’t no straight man going to let another man touch his body are showing on film Point Blank you know I keep it 100 Mike and the last time you said you put the the new videos out on Wednesday or Thursday not Friday night after midnight that’s Friday not Thursday please keep up please with your words thank you

    1. Erickson25

      In Mike’s defense, he is on Central time, so if you are anywhere on the east coast, just know there will be a slight delay.

    2. Michael

      The website is usually updated every Thursday between 6 p.m. and Midnight US Central Time. Like I’ve already explained on a previous post, this past week’s update was posted around 3 a.m. Friday due to technical difficulties beyond my control.

      Long story short, our video encoding software required a mandatory update/upgrade that ended up having a bug that resulted in all of the encoded videos having no audio. So instead of being able to post the update around 6 p.m. on Thursday night as planned, I had to re-encode all three versions of the new scene from scratch, a process that takes several hours in addition to the time it takes uploading them to the website servers.

      Needless to say, Thursday was NOT a fun day around here! But thankfully I was able to figure out a solution and still update the site with only a very minimal delay.

  4. D-Money

    Mike I had to stash this away — keep telling you Shaun has that it factor I dont know what it is but its something inner freak in him that I know will come out and it might have to take a three way straight scene like in the past work you did I think he’s definitely a keeper and look forward to more from him…….

  5. decaturbaby

    Even with you in it Mike, I really enjoyed it.. I don’t mind you when you’re not naked (hope that doesn’t sound mean). That was once again BBA in action.. Shaun was the perfect gay-for-pay dude for this one, because we all know he’s not gay..but he did good.. I like how he admitted to not liking it because it “felt good” and it wasn’t suppose to feel good… baby steps, maybe he’ll go home and have Scotty give him a hand job next (or visa versa) “come on man, I swear you’ll like it” 🙂 I have enjoyed my months membership, and I STILL have another week left…. Great Job Michael.

  6. Allen Wells

    Wow! I thought it was awesome. Didn’t like the scene with his friend but alone he is off the chain. What an ass on this guy. I would love to see more of him. Wouldn’t mind seeing his friend in a similar scene. BDB and Shaun are the best this year so far. Both are 10 out of 10 for me.

  7. Chris

    This as his 1st was more so funny than any thing. However i was amused by the fact he did admit the jack-off felt good & it made him cum. I’m not a fan of Mike being in the scenes unless he’s giving oral or jacking them off til they cum like this or in A.B.’s solo. I think something like this would be good with Ross if he ever comes back. His reactions are best i just don’t want to see Ross Jack off to cum.

  8. Cobra

    No matter how many times you emphasize that “gay for pay” models and sex are the focus of BBA, it will always be those who TOTALLY believe all of these models are gay actors “playing you for your money”. At least we aren’t dealing with a serious issue like global warming. It’s amazing how many of those guys with a similar mindset also exist. Great job and update Mike!

  9. classic bba

    A little disappointed that Michael couldn’t get Shaun to go further this round but this is classic BBA and embodies the patience that is required in getting these guys to take the full journey. He was so pleasantly surprised by how good it feels to have Michael’s hand around his dick that he will perhaps return for more.

    Some of us just need to be a bit more patient with the process. There is always the credit option to simply watch the scenes that entice you rather than the monthly subscriptions. I for one enjoy these scenes and the ‘thrill of the chase’.

  10. chucke1

    I’m not touching these comments! WOW I thought Shaun would be an issue sooner or later! Michael is doing his best! Michael you have the best gay porn site on the net PERIOD!

  11. Timothy Bryant

    I did not like any of the past two weeks previews and the latest guys need a meal. So I’ll just wait until you start showing some more beefier/muscular guys that will go further and not disappoint me in the previews alone. I’m not one to buy into memberships not unless there are three(3) or more HOT scenes in a row.

  12. DJ 2016

    It goes without saying how much I thoroughly enjoyed Shaun’s solo scene. From the moment I first saw him sitting on the couch with his arm around Scotty I was hooked. He truly turns me on!

    Getting a chance to see him by himself in a more intimate setting was exhilarating. That body is amazing. I love young dudes with thick nappy pubes. And those big low-hanging balls was a feast for my eyes.

    The biggest asset that Shaun possesses? His ass of course! I love small round defined muscled asses on slim dudes. Major weakness! All that hair in that ass crack was icing on the cake. Seriously. I would literally lick and eat that hairy booty hole like it was frosting.

    Shaun is a beautiful street dude. If he stared at me with those piercing suspicious eyes I would melt in his hands.

    Kudos to you for guiding him to try new things and come out of his shell!

    Which brings me to my next point…

    You already know I support your vision and creativity 100%. BBA’s mission is unique and unlike anything else I’ve seen on the net. I’ve read the comments on the blog regarding your last few scenes. I respect that what turns you and I on may not be sexually arousing to others. But, they have a choice. There are TONS of other sites they can turn to if BBA is not satisfying their needs.

    I believe that when a person is truly attracted and addicted to young black men like you and I, then that attraction and lust is there whether the dude is jacking off by himself or having intercourse with someone. Sometimes I’m more aroused by a dude who is fully clothed with a nice lil sag showing than if he was completely naked.

    I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I have masturbated to many of your models during the initial interview phase of the scene.. even before they’ve gotten completely naked and started playing with themselves. I was simply turned on by their looks AND the questions you were asking them and how they answered or didn’t answer. I NEVER fast forward through the interview. Getting to know them a little more intimately during the interview makes the actual sex scene 10x better. Which is what your goal has been from the very beginning. I couldn’t agree more.

    As you’ve stated before, many of your viewers fantasize about having a sexual encounter with a truly straight dude but they have no idea what that actually entails. The patience it takes. The risks involved. The awkwardness, embarrassment, and maybe shame they feel. Some dudes experience these feelings whether they’re messing with a dude for the first time in total privacy or on camera for the world to see. To be sure, these are decisions that they’ve made as legal consenting adults. No one has forced them to do anything. But, because of society AND many in the gay community itself, some of these guys will often regret experimenting with a dude. And of course many of them will grow to love it and lust for sex with another man as often as they can get it!

    Over the years I’m sure there’s all kinds of behind-the-scenes drama you’ve had to deal with in order to keep us horny guys satisfied.

    Simply put.. Michael keep up the good work! Your artistry is amazing!

  13. Greg Adkinson

    To me Shaun is definitely a keeper.
    Given a little time and baby steps he will go farther than we all think.
    I don’t think he will be giving up his ass soon but, I do think a how gay will he go scene will work with him.


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