Website Update: Introducing Zadian

Zadian (pronounced “Zuh-DIE-an”) is an exotically handsome dreadhead with a slim, toned body and an enticing muscle-butt that stretches seductively up and out the backside of his pants.

An unconventional mix of skater-boy, stoner, and nerd, Zadian enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, and of course “partying” with his friends every chance he gets.

Enjoy a front-row seat for another hot straight-boy “audition” as Zadian introduces himself to BBA’s viewers and strips out of his clothes to show off EVERY INCH of his tempting young body for the VERY FIRST TIME….

Zadian 2
Zadian turned out to be a bit more socially awkward than most of our model applicants, which is why his edited interview is shorter than usual.

He tells the story about losing his virginity when he was only 14 years old, and estimates that he’s fucked between 40 and 50 women since then.

“Who keeps count?!?” he shrugs with a nervous laugh that I found to be kind of cute and endearing.

Even though he insists that he’s straight and only likes women (“you can do you….just don’t do me!”), Zadian seems both terrified and eager at the same time when it comes time for him to strip out of his clothes to reveal a slim, dark-skinned body covered in several tattoos….

He is even surprisingly cooperative and only hesitates briefly when I ask him to BEND OVER and spread open his muscular buttocks to show off the tight, tiny treasure hidden within. Of course he makes certain to let his horny gay viewers know they shouldn’t get any ideas – we’re allowed to LOOK but we can’t TOUCH!

Despite his reservations, Zadian ends up getting so turned on by being naked in front of a camera with an audience watching that he ends up busting a pent-up “nutt” a lot sooner than expected. Which turns out to be a blessing in disguise since he surprises us with a nice BONUS cum-shot just a few minutes later!


To watch the full-length, uncensored version of Zadian’s “audition,” click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to get better acquainted with our latest straight applicant any time you’d like!

15 comments on “Website Update: Introducing Zadian
  1. chucke1

    HOT! HOT! HOT! Beautiful man, absolutely handsome young man! A star is born! Thanks Michael! Hit it man and get him in bed! Zadian is toooo HOT! Get it while it’s hot! Soooo sexy! That deep voice is killer!

  2. Allen Wells

    Not bad Mike. A little more ass would have been nice but overall I give it a 7 out of 10. His first nutt was awesome and would fill a shot glass. He is handsome and have a decent body. I would watch more of him in the future. I just hope he’s paired with someone other than usual, Saint & Lil Tyga.

  3. A.J.

    I have liked one solo from this site and this wasn’t it. I’m glad he was somewhat open to the gay 4 pay idea. He’s a decent enough looking dude. Bring on the next update though.

      1. A.J.

        I like Julien too but I’m not gonna hold my breath about him coming back. I’m with you I hope there is a perfect project for him as well. I just don’t know if that project is gonna be carried out at BBA. Mike has worked wonders before so we shall see.

        1. Jo Wilfried

          The only hindrance I guess if JULIEN be a “REAL” man and NOT be tempted by “moola.” An oral only scene is more appropriate. LET APOLLO DO BOTTOMING… that’s what he want anyway but not JULIEN. JULIEN HAVE A FUTURE IN OTHER FIELD AND NOT IN PORN INDUSTRY.

  4. Justin

    I actually like Zadian and that scowl look he had on his face at the beginning. It is these types that make the most classic and memorable scenes. Mike, you should definitely bring him back.

  5. Stoned Mountain

    Zadian, the latest model. NOT verbally communicative, his body language embraced the effort to show off his wares. The straight boy flirted with his gay audience quite nicely.

  6. Jo Wilfried

    … just saw the new update featuring JULIEN and KODY.
    Michael, you made my day! I’ll watch it later.
    Remember, a perfect project for JULIEN will be a BIG plus to BBA!
    Pls. give APOLLO and SAINT their long awaited “honeymoon”… (kidding aside)


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