Website Update: One Man’s Top…

Saint Fucks Apollo
It’s been several weeks since Apollo shocked his fans all over the world by finally GIVING UP HIS ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME.

And while it was definitely HOT seeing that sweet cherry get popped and stretched open by Ross‘ huge dick, there were understandable limitations to what an inexperienced straight “top” like Ross was able to do, and like many of BBA’s viewers, I found myself hoping that Apollo might try it again and maybe even take things FURTHER next time!

Hard as it is to believe, it’s been almost a FULL YEAR since Apollo and Saint first met up to make an unforgettable scene that earned a spot on my personal list of the Top Ten scenes from last year thanks to their natural chemistry and eagerness to please their gay fans. So I couldn’t wait to get these sexy straight ex-Army guys back together again and give a more confident “gay for pay” veteran like Saint first dibs on thoroughly “breaking in” Apollo’s tight, near-virgin ass!

Apollo and Saint
Saint admits that he was “hella jealous” when he first heard the news about Apollo giving up his cakes to a BBA model other than him, since getting his dick up inside that perfect bubble-ass is something he’s made no secret of wanting to do ever since their first scene together.

“Well, we’re here now,” Apollo reassures him with a seductive smile. “I can make it up to you!”

See for yourself what went down when these two sexy fan favorites were finally reunited for the first time in almost a year….

Saint Prepares To "Take Down" Apollo
In addition to finding out for himself just how much Apollo’s skills have evolved and expanded when it comes to things like tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating (this is Apollo’s first time tasting Saint’s ass), Saint also finally gets to sample the “forbidden fruit” for himself and bury his thick, hard dick – RAW! – deep inside Apollo’s flawless muscle-butt!

Saint tries his best to be patient and gentle at first, knowing this is only Apollo’s SECOND time trying to take another man’s dick. But it isn’t long before he gets so caught up in the moment that he’s grabbing Apollo by the hips and aggressively POUNDING his conquered straight co-star’s ass WITHOUT MERCY while the entire world watches!

It’s Apollo like we’ve NEVER seen him before, noisily cursing and yelling and moaning in his deep, sexy voice as Saint greedily plunges his thick, RAW dick in and out of Apollo’s previously untouched insides – something most of us seriously doubted we’d ever see happen when Apollo made his amateur porn debut almost exactly one year ago!

But once again, we’re proud to prove the old saying that “ONE MAN’S TOP IS ANOTHER MAN’S BOTTOM”!

Apollo Rides Saint

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Saint Fucks Apollo 2

55 comments on “Website Update: One Man’s Top…
  1. decaturbaby

    Michael, you surprised me with this one… While I did enjoy the Ross/Apollo hookup, I secretly wanted a “thicker” dick up in Apollo’s hole.. either Saint or Bishop.. You have made my dreams come true.. I have not watched it yet, but I know it’s gonna be on my all time favorite list… I’m trying to save for tomorrow, but I don’t think I’m going to make it……. Thank you in advance.

      1. decaturbaby

        What i was saying …. I always had wishes that Apollo’s first would be either Saint or Bishop.. so, I was very happy for this update which included one of my 2 choices.. but I also enjoyed the Christmas special too.. I just wanted a bigger dick up inside Apollo. but since you ask, I would love to see Suspense fuck him too….. Knockout too.. Thanks Mike.

  2. JoWilfried

    Is this just the beginning of APOLLO’s “bottoming…?” … since the “real” total top possessed a hard thick dick??? I’m afraid APOLLO will be longing for a “dick” rather than a “pussy?”

  3. iKNOY13

    Mike, I’m floored. Allow me to shut the hell up and let you run your site the way you want from this point on lol HOT scene man! Best I’ve seen Saint. While of course I want you to feed Ross to Blake I think Saint should get Ross first, then Blake should have his time with Apollo.. You really have the best models!

  4. Dan

    Totally worth the credits to SAVE this video. You can visibly see the pleasure/pain threshold crossed (and heard) from Apollo’s reactions and expressions. I’d like to give kudos to Saint as well; his performance is outstanding (I like to watch his balls contract when he inserts his penis in a hole). Apollo is like the Golden State Warriors this year; he is clearly so far ahead of everyone else in the BBA league!

    Now I’d like to see Ross in a scene with Saint. It doesn’t have to be full-on sex, but let Saint use his superior rimming skills; I guarantee Ross’ eyes will be rolling, and he will be thinking about giving up those cakes once Saint gives him one of his patented sloppy wet rimjobs. Furthermore, Apollo can (NAY! needs to) come back whenever he wants. I’d like to see a Apollo/Freaky J flip-flop or Blake Bishop get a turn with Apollo. Michael, if you keep producing films like this, you can reach into my wallet and take whatever you need 😉

  5. tynfyr

    rejoining now…
    which i will anytime i see apollo show up…
    unless he does something really dumb…
    naw, actually i would watch him tie his shoes as long as he bends over so i can see that ass…

    ps: i was going to just download it, but i lowkey wanna see where you go with julien…
    that brother is fine as heck…

  6. tynfyr

    in my best florida evans voice…

    “damn… damn… damn…”

    this shit was fire…

    scene of the year…

    best scene of apollo’s career…

    that may be the afterglow of the nut talking, but…

    “damn… damn… damn…”

    if i was one to use caps, i would…

    you hit this motherfucker out the park, michael…


  7. cocopop

    Saint “If ever you want to do anything with me, you know I got you” sounds like a truer bromance developing than Apollo and Cordell. Mike you knocked this out the park, this was the pairing with Apollo to break him in I would have chosen in the first place. The undeniable chemistry between these two I seen in the first pairing, (including the foot fetish) was obvious. The kissing, passion between two straight men was unbelievable. Apollo can teach Saint a thing or two now, like how to take dick. As a performer for the last year this bro. has risen to the height of his ability, now as a versatile performer, a newer star has arisen. Saint rose to the occasion, as he did with Rico in busting that ass open, that ass was hot how open it was at the end. Saint sounded like he was setting up a day away from the cameras. That was off the charts Mike… Thanks. Now when is Rico coming back??

  8. Allen Wells

    Sorry Mike, but this did absolutely nothing for me. Another spit filled asseating scene from Saint who used to be one of my favorites. I’m not good at predicting the future but my thinking is that there is gonna be an overwhelming amount of Saint and Lil Tyga this year as it was last year. The camerawork hasn’t been as good as it used to be. What’s up with that? The lighting now blocks the view of the asshole and the asseating scenes aren’t as long as they used to be. However, the intro seems to be much longer. Especially with Saint & Lil Tyga. We know these 2 so well that they don’t have to say shit, just fuck and learn to eat ass with their tongue and not their fluids. LOL! Apollo is awesome but I hate to see his asshole camouflaged by spit, the eater not pulling back for the audience view it, or fucked up lighting. Not being funny at all but you are the best asseater on this site. I haven’t seen you use spit and if you start now I would be pissed and certainly a past customer. Why don’t you jump in and have some fun with Apollo and with Ross (not a 3some). I’d love the see that. In the meantime, Apollo & Ross and I forgive you for this one. My rating: 3 out of 10. 10 is the best.

  9. Chris

    This was cool please don’t turn Apollo into a bottom. Maybe sometimes like every couple months or 1 time a season.

  10. D-Money

    definitely the most aggressive intense passionate scene from both I’ve seen — its amazing Saint in or away from the camera the chemistry he has with his costars rock and that was definitely an amazing scene — Apollo going fool around and get a newcomer year award for how he has taken gay for pay and truly made it his own proud of both and proud of a great collaboration Mike with them both!!

  11. cocopop

    Chris, Apollo is a grown man, capable of deciding whether he wants to bottom or not. I’m pretty sure it’s more of a financial decision for Apollo more so than pressure from fans or Mike. I’m sure bottoms are paid more than tops. Great job Mike

  12. Damien

    Awesome scene! One of the hottest scenes on the site…maybe the hottest! Love Apollo and Saint. Great chemistry and personalities. I thought about it all day at work!

    Love Saint but next to Apollo…Ross is my favorite. I would love to see a Ross/Apollo duo……..and maybe another threesome with Ross. Ross is a star as well. Love masculine guys with personality.

  13. Apollo/Isaiah Fan

    Based on my nutt I had just now to this scene I’ll say this……GOOD LORD JESUS !!. This scene was perfect Apollo took that dick and I loved his moans I was right all along it had to be Saint to fuck him LOL. 10/10

    Next scene involving Apollo make sure to have him go verse with Isaiah and name it “the veteran vs the bball player” LOL

  14. JoWilfried

    What happened to the former Top Rated BBA Model… ISAIAH?!? hmmm
    A “top” really?!? … becomes a certified “bottom?”
    Well, that’s the concept of BBA. It turned these so-called “straight” dudes to be “dicked.”
    If BLAKE BISHOP CAN STAY AS A “TOP”… until when??
    Is APOLLO financially drained? I HOPE NOT…

    1. Damien

      Some “Tops” become versatile…..they found that they enjoyed it. Why is that a problem? It doesn’t make them less masculine or less a man. It takes a real man to take dick. I find two men together far more masculine than a man and woman together.

    2. Michael

      I understand that there will always be those viewers – usually “bottoms” – who like to put their favorite straight boys and “tops” on a pedestal and insist on keeping them “masculine” and “pure.”

      But with all due respect, if you’re the type who wants your “tops” to stay “tops” and always fuck eager and experienced gay “power bottoms,” then BBA is NOT the website for you! There’s nothing more BORING to me as both a porn viewer and now a producer than going to just about every other black gay website and automatically being able to predict the same conventional roles every time.

      Going all the way back to Kenny busting Beno’s cherry in Never Say Never!, one of BBA’s most unique and popular themes has ALWAYS been “taking down” straight boys and reluctant “tops.” And I have no intention of changing that any time soon!

      1. A.J.

        That’s right Mike! On a ton of the other sites u just know what it’s gonna be. Around here the shit gets unpredictable and I love it. It’s so exciting when you take down a top/str8 boy. I understand the bottoms that don’t appreciate it but repetitive topping makes for a boring performer. Except maybe Ross and Blake they are just so good at it.

      2. KayJay

        Damn right! Mike let 2 brothas tag team Apollo’s ass if he will do it! This is the site where straight dudes & tops get their cherries popped….enough said.

        I put this video right up there with my all-time Favs … How To Tame a Top & Jamaican Cherry Swap. I watch them on the regular & I’ll be watching this one on the regular as well.

        Congratulations and thank you for an outstanding update!

  15. Misterty

    I’m pretty much in Love with Apollo and especially now that I see he’s not afraid of being vers. Please the next scene with Apollo has to be him getting revenge on Ross lol. The chemistry between Saint and Apollo is amazing, but let’s see that behind the scenes footage you got because I’m sure round 2 happened with Saint being the bottom go ahead and surprise us with that. I really thought this week was going to be Apollo breaking in Julien.

  16. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I usually don’t read a lot of the reviews on here but the NEXT time you bring Apollo back PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pair him with Isaiah and have them go versatile on each other I think that’ll be fine

    1. Lob Taylor

      I think you hit the nail on the head. Isaiah, Apollo and Knockout are the hawtest dudes on the site….maybe add Bishop. Isaiah taking dick does it for me every time. Please bring him and Apollo together for a verse fuckdown. That’ll be hawt.

  17. ShyG

    Omfg Michael Galletta this is the porn of the year! Saint & Apollo’s chemistry was off the chain. This scene between them was fiya – the passionate kissing, touching, licking-nipples, the dick sucking was amazing from both of them. Apollo eating Saint’s ass was hot, and I could tell he was enjoying it by the way he grabbed his head. Saint likes to give wet sloppy rim-jobs and finally when Saint got in that ass …I said got damn Saint was pounding that ass good, and Apollo was going thru pleasure and pain at the same damn time. I love both of their eagerness to please their gay fans and some women who love watching gay porn. Michael this was a good pairing and a hot scene. I like the bromance they had at the end, and I’m still thinking about when Saint was fucking Apollo in the missionary position asking him “Did Old Boy Get It Like I’m Getting It Today?” Apollo’s reply “Hell Nah”. Michael Thank you hot scene Ross gotta give it up to either Blake Bishop, Apollo or Saint. Julien needs a dick in his ass asap but I could see him flip flopping.

  18. A.J.

    I haven’t seen the scene yet but Apollo should get a chance at Saint next. Saint been getting up in everybody for a while and it’s time for him to get some real D. I want somebody like Blake up in there but Saint be actin like a pussy and all. Give him a pillow and a stress ball and get it done. Saint just never got the fuckin he dishes out and I wanna see it. I love cry babies lol.

    Can’t wait to see this scene though looks fun. U a prolly get some money this week Mike.

  19. JoWilfried

    I think APOLLO is “faking”…??? How can it be painful if only 2 inches of the “shaft” is being inserted in the “asshole”…??? hmmm folks, don’t get fooled.?

        1. A.J.

          HELL YEA!!! Listen these are consenting adults who understand exactly what they are doing. It is their choice to participate it’s not forced. I believe Mike is smart enough to induce a safe environment where this type of scene can occur. I also don’t view Mike as seedy enough to just have models passing things around to each other left and right. So again HELL YEA!!!

          1. JoWilfried

            I think you didn’t get what the question is…??
            Everyone can ask any question. Have you checked the BBA Tumblr’s “QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS” part? You might be shocked by some of the questions…

  20. cocopop

    The bromance of the year, Apollo just forgot about Cordell. These two brothers were so into each other, they put gay on gay scenes to shame. Too Hot….I’ve watched this every day since being posted. Mike how about pairing Saint with two of his biggest conquests Rico and Apollo in a threesome.

  21. cocopop

    Saint’s dick was harder than I ever seen it, or maybe it was the close-ups. The sight of seeing the size of Apollo’s hole at the end was worth the wait to see take a dick that hole is beautiful. The hottest scene I’ve watched on here….Excellent work Mike.

    1. JoWilfried

      As what APOLLO uttered; “IT’S AMAZING…”?
      My recommended update for this month; “A date to remember…” due on VALENTINE’S DAY. ❤️❤️❤️How about that Michael??

  22. A.J.

    Mike you have outdone yourself yet again. The scene is beautiful and the chemistry is off the charts! I loved the way it ended it leaves me hopeful that I might actually get to see Apollo top Saint. Saint was so into it I believe he would let Apollo up in him and I hope he does. Yea and Mike you should do more hole close ups that shit is fire. I loved it when you showed Isaiah’s when knockout opened him up and it’s the same for Apollo’s here. You’re doing big things Mike and I mean that. You have the hottest roster out of any porn site right now. You have some real talents and I can’t wait till Thurs update. I hope it’s a part II of this scene or some other good booty banging lol.

  23. Cobra

    Awesome scene Mike. Cocopop needs to go back to the bi-scenes if he wanted to see Saint on full hard. I still think the bi-scene would be a good update if you let the male models fuck more. I think the past bi scenes didn’t go over well because you let the guys have TOO MUCH fun with the ladies. Back to this scene…..Kudos to Saint and Apollo! One of my favorite BBA scenes to date.

  24. Dale

    Just wanted to show some love for Apollo…Hopefully, my post is moderated and makes the blog this time. Saint has always been one of my favorites, and now Apollo has made the list! They are definitely feeling each other, and seems like they would be a good couple in real life. The chemistry is undeniable.

    1. Michael

      Not sure what you’re talking about? This is the first comment received from you since your response to Part 2 of the Christmas special, so maybe whatever comment you’re referring to was accidentally trashed by the blog’s spam filter or just never received? It’s extremely rare that submitted posts don’t get approved.


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