Website Update: Isaiah’s Job Evaluation

Saint Fucks Isaiah
JOB EVALUATION: Prepared by company management on a periodic basis to determine if employees are working up to, or beyond, the minimum standards of their job description. Critical areas are graded by supervisors in either a written or checklist format, or a combination of both.

It’s been almost a year since I first paired Isaiah with Saint in the hopes that BBA’s most experienced and open-minded straight model could help him get more comfortable with the idea of doing guy-on-guy scenes. At the time, Isaiah was still very limited in what he was willing to do, but Saint still managed to have some fun testing the reluctant college jock’s boundaries in an entertaining and unforgettable “job orientation.”

Now that Isaiah has considerably more experience under his “gay for pay” belt, Saint wanted to find out firsthand just how much Isaiah has learned since they last worked together nearly one year ago. See for yourself what happens when these much-requested fan favorites are finally reunited for Isaiah’s first annual JOB EVALUATION….


In addition to seeing how Isaiah’s skills have evolved and improved in areas such as kissing and sucking dick, Saint also gets to enjoy the straight basketball player’s body in ways he wasn’t allowed to the first time around, such as finally feasting on that flawless bubble-butt and later burying his thick, eager dick deep inside it! 

Be sure to stay tuned to the end for Saint’s entertaining “evaluation” of Isaiah’s progress 😉 .

Saint Buries His Dick Deep In Isaiah
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Isaiah Against The Wall

20 comments on “Website Update: Isaiah’s Job Evaluation
  1. robert

    I love Isaiah but damn if I couldn’t take my eyes off Saint. This was what we were all waiting for and everyone delivered. Thought Isaiah was gonna tap out at the beginning but Saint did the job. The aggression Saint showed forcing Isaiah to suck dick better and then fucking and stroking Isaiah in the corner was fucking hot. The final evaluation was on point and Saint was right about throwing the ass back and improvement needed in his head game. These two gotta hook up again. Giving Isaiah a revenge fuck on Saint gets my vote. Or a BBA gay for pay competition where Isaiah and Saint are both forced to out do the other by servicing someone like Migo. I can just imagine Isaiah’s expression when he gets a look at that monster cock. And I believe he could win. But will we have to wait a year for it? Mike, I think an emergency reevaluation is needed LOL

  2. Cobra

    One way to slow down the criticisms of recent updates is to come back with two of BBA’s “heavy hitters” and top models requested by fans. Even better to pair them together even tho it was a sequel to an earlier update. I think it is a good idea to bring back models together, especially when they are willing to go “that extra step” from a previous update. I thoroughly enjoyed watching two of BBA’s “most fit” models tangle for a second time. I really like Saint doing most of the narrating, giving his “gay for pay” model perspective to the commentary. I do wish you’d do more flip flops but i understand completely the difficulties with that. Maybe it’s me but I think Isaiah had more of a connection and greater comfort level with Freaky J but it was not a big difference. Both were hot updates but I’d like to see Isaiah back to more topping on future updates or “Pllleeeeeasssseee” consider more flip flopping on some updates. As much as I enjoyed the update this week, as a bottom Isaiah is going thru the motions and not delivering with the passion when he tops. Both models put out a good effort and it was great to watch.

  3. D-Money

    well mike after the blog was buzzin last week in controversy this week i hope it gets this same buzz for saint!!! what a great performer and just a flat out good dude he enjoys and does his best to please the people and him and isaiah gave the fans what they wanted — to me the head and 4play was always a plus for both dudes and isaiah ass seems to get bigger these days I donno but saint damn sure enjoyed it — as always mike a little good and bad criticism never hurt a good person with thick skin u have to take the bitter with the sweet and this week u should get a lot more positivity even though to me mike Ive been here since the beginning and its not going change my membership im here for the models and what u seem to bring out of them on and off cam in the outtakes!! great update look forward to seeing a new face I know mike u got some more “Auditions” coming…….

  4. Dexter

    I enjoyed the update!! But Saint Is Not My Favorite!! For about 5 minutes I was into him the rest of the time I just wish he would just SHUT THE HELL UP!! His voice is so annoying!! Great Job Isaiah!!

  5. DC

    Mike this guy is playing you like a fool he have took 4 dicks in his new so call virgin ass and he don’t have no pain whatsoever when someone takes a dick in the ass for the first time they have a lot of pain till theyget comfortable with it I don’t care what he say Or you say this guy been getting f***** and he playing you for more money and he’s bored as f*** anyway when he’s playing a bottom is no romance or making love in the video shot and the kissing is fake as hell and do not know how to suck dicka no I give it up C c-

  6. Ronta

    I disagree . I think he is definetly a first time bottom , and to just lay there and close his eyes is his way to deal with it

  7. Harlembrotha

    “Straight” boys keep coming back for more and more man-on-man love. Mmm hmmm…keep breaking down those barriers.

  8. Isaiah fan

    I loved this scene….watching Isaiah lay on that bed hell even stand up taking saint’s dick and couldn’t even get the chance to fuck him back was great to look at….it’s like a top being taken down FINALLY and for that, Isaiah was taken down

    I give this scene 10/10

  9. Tori Fan

    Good job! Saint made it hot. I look forward to seeing Saint dick get hard from male contact. If Isaiah gonna be around for a while he’s gonna have to get hard AND do some tongue kissing. Saint is coming up.

  10. Paul

    Just viewed this session with Isaiah. Your session, Mike, is still the best so far. The camera angles and the bunny like fucking were not to my liking. I would like to see great missionary camera angles (get rid of those annoying pillows that get in the way of angles) and Isaiah should keep legs wide open for better viewing. Finally, a brother who screws slow and deep, not the rapid jerky kind. Good luck! Don’t forget to work on getting us rough trade from the Carribean.


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