Website Update: Whether He Wants It Or Not

Legacy and Michael Galletta
“Every man loves the thrill of the hunt.” — Saint

I’ve been wanting to get my horny hands on Legacy ever since he was just a cute black teen trying amateur porn for the very first time almost three years ago.

For nearly three years, Legacy has turned down my advances with nothing but contempt and disgust, swearing that a scene with me is something he would NEVER in a million years ever do! “Lhh that’s never gonna happen,” he replied in one of his texts. “I don’t care how much money you payin’ me!” One time he even called me a “cracker” and proudly declared that he was one BBA model I would NEVER get my old white hands on. Of course this only fueled my lust for Legacy even more 😉 !

Even after having to fire him for being one of the most difficult models I’ve ever worked with – including QUITTING at least two of his shoots – part of me has still always wanted to sample this cocky and seemingly unattainable black boy for myself.

So when Legacy recently swallowed his pride and contacted me out of the blue, telling me that he’d “reached hard times” and needed some work, my sadistic side couldn’t help but try to find out JUST HOW FAR he’d be willing to go in order to repair the bridges he’d burned….

Michael and Legacy - First Touch
It wasn’t until Legacy showed up for this shoot, shaking his head in disbelief after finally giving in and agreeing to do the one type of scene he’d always sworn he would never do, that I learned he’s never actually had sex with a white guy before, and that he’s not attracted to white guys whatsoever, regardless of age (“I just don’t like white dudes!”).

Well, I wasn’t about to let a lack of mutual attraction stop me from finally getting my hands on this skinny black twink’s huge dick and cute little butt – WHETHER HE WANTS IT OR NOT!

WARNING: This scene is NOT for “politically correct” viewers who are easily offended and/or only interested in watching mutual and passionate sex!

But if you find yourself turned on by the TABOO fantasy of watching a cute and cocky black boy reluctantly submit to being pawed, groped, fondled, tongue-kissed, licked, and eventually fucked in his pretty mouth and tight ass by an older white man for money – after smugly swearing for years that such a thing would NEVER happen – then this is one wicked “dirty old man” scene that you don’t want to miss!

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53 comments on “Website Update: Whether He Wants It Or Not
  1. Thickythick

    Michael, all I can say, U are one lucky man. Legacy, yummm yummm. Please tell me you got more of him before he pulled the plug. He looks even better now he is older. I would have busted one as soon as I tasted him. Good for you!! LOL

    1. Michael

      I’m glad you enjoyed seeing Legacy again. You’re absolutely right about me being one lucky man. Even with his bad attitude, Legacy’s cute little ass tasted DELICIOUS, his pretty red lips and wet mouth felt AMAZING, and that stubbornly tight asshole squeezing my dick felt great while it lasted 😉 !

  2. yungnigga

    I feel like I’m not getting my money worth on this site.. these are the laziest fuck videos i have ever seen. its definitely not worth the monthly reoccurring price..

    1. del

      Have to agree. just cancelled membership today. Happy to support BBA videos in the future when the quality is there. The attitude of Legacy was so disrespectful to you Mike and your viewers. Its like he thinks we are doing him a favour for being in the video. Dont cast him ever again. See you in a few months perhaps

  3. D-Money

    mike i have to admit it this was a side of you that i never get tired of seeing —- you have your DOM way with an even more cockier Legacy than ever i also enjoy the reversal of letting saint film and work behind the camera — liked his joking around and trying to make legacy comfortable even though he definitely wasnt from the start!!! Legacy still doesnt have a sense of humor it seems and gets easily defensive just like before and I have to admit Mike in all the years I’ve watched your scenes I never seen you admit to a fail before the exit interview — the fact you admitted that you never should have worked with legacy seein how legacy acted throughout the scene looking like he TRULLY didnt want to be there looked uncomfortable being with a white man and really was only there for the money showed it was not worth bringing him back —- in all the years I’ve seen your videos to hear your disappointment and or frustration at the end of the interview when u was talking to legacy told me you was definitely disappointed in that scene and for the sake of Legacy either try another scene with him taking pain of a big dick or this just came to me let saint have a revenge scene punishing Legacy like you did with shyne years back yall own version of “corporate punishment” or left him hollowing in the wind but I cant ever get enough of your DOM and how that smile comes over your face when u have your way with dudes lol lol great try despite the disappointment you showed yourself……..

  4. Dexter

    You never seize to amaze me…. You “Strategicly” released this update about a black boy who is diqusted by the thought of a white man touching him on the eve of MARTIN LUTHER KING JR BIRTHDAY.. And you think somewhere in your mind it’s art.. I’ve been looking at you but I just saw you for who you really are.. Props to Legacy because I couldn’t do it and money is the motavation… Smh The whole thing was Repulsive and Degreating not to mention your “trusty house boy in the background”…. Men like you are the reason I won’t ever let a white dude touch me!!

    1. MAK

      Honestly I didn’t enjoy the update myself and I didn’t plan on commenting. I was just going to let it go, as one cannot expect that every viewer will be attracted to every single update. However, your comment drew me in off the sidelines as it were. I’m not really sure where you get off thinking that your criticism is valid. How can you honestly think that Mike’s video release schedule has anything in the world to do with the MLK holiday??? Would the update been any more or less offensive to you had it been released a week earlier , or how about a week later? Truthfully, your criticism sounds more racially biased to me than anything, which is peculiar since you would want to link it to the MLK celebration. This is a porn site, plain and simple, nothing more….and nothing less. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the premise of this site, if you took time to read Mike’s intro of the site you would see that this type of update is what this site is all about. While this may not have been my favorite update, it is certainly in line with the content that many viewers enjoy, and expect to see on a regular basis. Legacy is hardly the first model to find himself in a situation where he is doing things for money that he ordinarily would not do. I would suggest that you research the video archives and you will find that has been the case with multiple BBA fan favorites including Beno, D-Rel, Saint, and most recently Isaiah. The website’s title should have given you some clue…….

      1. Dexter

        First of all sweetie if it was “racial bias” I would have just said so… Mike already knows how and where my perception lies you might as well stayed on the sidelines…. Yes this is a porn site yes this is MY MONEY I pay if I want to see a update and YES ITS MY OPINION!! At the end of the day these “fan favorites” May be you but only one or two are mine.. So unless you plan on paying for my membership each and ever month… RUN ALONG DEAR!! 🙂

        1. MAK

          Dexter this will be my last comment on this particular thread, but I did feel the need to reply. If you were so offended by watching the video, the solution is pretty simple. DON’T WATCH. As far as Dr. King is concerned, I doubt that he would approve of this site…..or any porn site at all for that matter. I guess you seem to have forgotten that the man was an ordained Baptist minister, so before you want to go and get all judgmental on this blog, you might want to go and check yourself. Again, I will paint it pretty clearly, the whole theme of this site is about an older white man exploring his fantasies with younger, black male models, hence the name BLACK BOY ADDICTIONZ. Remember this if you remember nothing else, before you can be a smart ass, you first have to be smart. Otherwise you are just an ass. Think about it. Great job Mike. I for one appreciate your work and think that on balance you do an excellent job. I may not personally enjoy every scene, but then again it’s your fantasy, not mine. I am free to watch……or not watch, my choice, just as it is every other subscribers.

        2. A.J.

          You are always so rude to Mike. I don’t understand why you spend your money here if you are so disgusted with interracial displays. Mike’s scenes aren’t always my favorites either but I wouldn’t attack him about it. It’s like you have an underlying agenda to YOUR OPINION. It’s cool if you don’t appreciate it but don’t be so insufferable about it. This blog is generally very positive as far as atmosphere goes it should stay that way.

      2. Freakydawg23

        MAK don’t you find it strange that this guy is always trying to have sex with guys who you can see from the clips do not want him touching them. Just because a person does porn or find themselves in a difficult position does not mean a person should take advantage of them.

        1. Michael

          Most of the guys I do scenes with are STRAIGHT, so of course they don’t want me touching them, LOL. That’s kind of the point.

          And if you’ve actually seen any of my scenes with the gay and bisexual models, then you’d already know that this scene with Legacy is actually rare, as many if not most of them have a thing for older white guys and are just as eager to do the scene with me as I am with them.

          Just check out my scenes with Lil Luda, Mookiie, Day Day, Tori, Eddie, and Kenny for a few examples of this.

    2. Michael

      Yet you’ve continued joining and supporting the site for well over three years!

      Like MAK pointed out, whether you loved it or hated it, a scene like this is perfectly consistent with the types of models and themes I’ve been exploring from the very beginning, and it’s no more “degrading” than most of the “gay for pay” scenes you claim to love.

  5. Man1234

    Yeah, I really did not enjoy this one. Politically correct stuff aside, it was just gross to see how much he really hated being with you. Sorry!

  6. Curt

    The entire month has been mediocre and with that said December was hot to say the least so I get that everything wont be 8 s and 9s. This update however was tiring and seeing as Legacy is slightly effeminate that additionally was a turn off. I know Mike this was your fantasy and must say that majority wise it will only be your fantasy. I ll Pass on this yawn. Sorry I picked this month to rejoin

  7. Pascal

    I hate this Fox News-level of using the “not politically correct” excuse. The way that update was promoted (not watching it) is offensive.

    And I don’t think there’s any “chase” when you’re paying someone to perform. Just capitalism.

    1. Michael

      “Politically correct” might not be the best choice of words, but you’ve been following my work long enough to know that BBA never has and never will appeal or cater to a mainstream, conventional, overly-sensitive, easily offended, and occasionally self-righteous audience who want nothing but passionate and mutual sex between experienced and eager gay models. That’s not to say we won’t offer these types of scenes from time to time, for example the steamy and romantic Christmas special between Cory and Staxx at the end of last month. But more often than not, you’re going to get the more taboo and potentially “offensive” scenes such as these.

      Since we’ve already established that you dislike approximately 95% of BBA’s models and themes, how about you let me know when I post a model or scene you DO like, and I’ll just assume you hate everything else?

      1. Pascal

        Touché (again)!

        I thought I’d be commenting not on hating a scene for a change (I didn’t watch since it obviously wouldn’t be my thing), but on not liking the way it was being promoted in the write-up :D. Trying to be not as repetitive you see.

        It’s just that you employ such great gay/bi models (Beno, Dragon, Tyga, Suspense, …) that I make the ‘mistake’ of subscribing from time to time.

        But if you don’t appreciate my patronage, I can stop altogether you know… ;p

        Who am I kidding, I’ll be back at the first sign of a new Suspense update.

  8. tynfyr

    ok, mike, i’m only doing this for you as a special request…

    my take on this update in emails sent privately to mike…

    1st email:

    i so love to see the “i will never do anything with you” updates…
    i have been in that scenario plenty of times…
    but when times get hard, they’ll do whatever…
    and since what i want doesn’t require them to get hard, it works out even better…
    although they usually do get hard, in spite of their protests…
    i love it…
    i haven’t watched pt. 2 yet and only skimmed through a bit of pt. 1…
    but i absolutely love it…
    good work…

    2nd email:

    ok, i just watched pt 2 and i must say that i am offended by the level of disgust he showed…
    you know you’re going to get some harsh feedback from this one…
    especially from the ones who feel like you take advantage and degrade your models…
    i could feel the vindictiveness from you…
    but i don’t blame you, i hate to say this, but…
    he deserved it…
    the more he acted like he was going to throw up, you made him degrade himself more…
    i have been there somewhat, but i must say that i have never had a dude show that level of “grossed out”…
    still, all in all, i loved the scene..
    although it didn’t turn me on…
    i could relate to it, just not to that degree…

    3rd email:

    it’s really simple about the “love it vs. turned on” aspect…
    no offense, but i am not typically into white guys unless they are muscular and hairy and macho, not necessarily, straight because that is subjective…
    that being said, you don’t fit my type…
    i don’t think you’re gross, but i don’t think you’re hot, imho…
    but legacy to me is way too skinny, unattractive and just not appealing in anyway…
    well, he does have a nice ass in certain shots…
    anyway, i would rather watch a hundred scenes with you in them than one with legacy…
    so the only part of the video that was ‘sexy” was the close-up of him riding you where there was nothing on the screen but his round ass bouncing…
    it was obvious that he shut down when saint tried to force him to show his face while he was getting fucked…
    and saint’s joking during the beginning that helped him to be more at ease only pissed him off during the actual sex scenes…
    i guess that was too much for him…

    ok, back to retirement…

  9. Cobra

    I have to throw my vote with Man1234. This dude was so repulsed by you touching him it was uneasy to watch. I’m just glad you had someone else in the room with you guys.

  10. Michael

    I knew this was going to be a controversial scene and elicit negative, perhaps even hostile, reactions from some viewers, especially those of you who don’t like my interracial scenes to begin with. I never expected a scene like this to be to everyone’s liking, and I figured that Legacy’s extreme reluctance and failure to finish might even turn off some of you who normally enjoy my scenes with the models. That being said, it seems like some of you are completely missing the point.

    I already knew that Legacy was a diva and drama queen from his previous scenes. He’d already been fired a long time ago for reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with his unwillingness to do a scene with me, and I had no interest whatsoever in working with him again. The only reason I brought him back was because he finally agreed to do the type of scene he’d always sworn he would never do, and I just couldn’t throw back a “catch” as big and satisfying as that. Going into this shoot, Legacy knew this was going to be a “punishment”-themed scene in which submitting sexually to the older white cameraman would basically be his penance for all his past fuck-ups.

    In other words, Legacy’s bad attitude is kind of the WHOLE POINT! Thought that would be obvious from the scene’s title 😉 . Watching him scowl with disgust and flick off the camera as he gags on my hard white dick and later takes it up that cute little ass he said I’d never have – well, that’s a “conquest” not all that different from my scenes with the reluctant “tops” and virgin straight boys! Sort of like those scenes from ThugHunter, only the REAL THING (and minus the “thug,” LOL).

    Sure, I was pissed off and disappointed by the end of this shoot. I would have MUCH rather been able to bring you a scene where I aggressively fucked Legacy in multiple positions while he loudly cursed and groaned in embarrassed submission. Always trying to go the extra mile for the best possible scene, I even tried to talk him into coming back to pick up where we left off, but he refused. For me and some like-minded viewers, that only makes it all the more thrilling and satisfying to see him doing things like slobbering on my dick and taking my cum all over his face.

  11. tynfyr

    man, you guys are really giving michael the business….

    ok, let’s think about this objectively….
    go back to the very premise of this website and before…
    it has always been about a white dude not being able to have what he has always wanted…
    not without paying for it and not without the black boy “needing” the money…
    “needing” it so much they will do whatever it takes to get it…
    being the type of person that doesn’t mind paying for what i want, i have dealt with these types on many occasions….
    not because i wasn’t desirable, i’m just too lazy to “pull” trade…
    i’d rather just buy the “new jordans” and be on to another pair next month…
    but getting back to michael…

    look at one of the first updates on the site, if you’ve been around long enough, you know there were others that had to be taken down…
    the “every thug has his price” update…
    jay was the epitome of what michael was bringing to the table…
    most people don’t go the “pay trade” route until it becomes necessary, “old, fat, etc.”…
    so you may not be aware of the mental games they play when performing the work…
    yes work, services are rendered that money is being exchanged for…
    these guys will try their best to manipulate you into paying them for as little product as possible, and still expect the full asking price…

    now let’s flip the script…
    let’s say this was “whiteboysaddictionz” website…
    same premise, different scenario…

    how would you feel if the latest update featured a white guy that had worked on previous scenes and showed contempt for the person who ran the site and paid the models…
    not only that, what if the same white guy (for sake of comparison, had a skinhead look, tattoos and confederate flag t’shirt on) had disrespected that webmaster on many levels…

    now, consider that, let’s call him “mykel” had continued to work with this model…
    trying to get with this model because of his attraction to his type…
    all the time, putting up with his racist comments and insults…
    eventually the model gets fired…
    but as can be the case, the need for quick money wins out over rational thought…
    the model is calling mykel back for a second chance…

    mykel relents and brings him back…
    and on camera, reminds the model of the vicious and hateful comments he used, which the model knew that he only scratched the surface of what was actually said so that it wouldn’t totally offend some of the viewers and ruin the scene before it even started…
    did i neglect to mention the comments the “skinhead model” used…
    “i would never let a fat, ugly, old ass nigger touch my fine white dick”…
    “dream about this white ass because your crusty black dick will never have the privilege, no matter how much you pay me”…
    then he begs to do another scene…

    i woulda fucked his ass up…
    i’m just saying…
    for real, i would have broke the internet fucking him up…

    take a couple of steps in michael’s shoes…

    1. Man1234

      But the point is that Mike already knew all along how he felt and pursued him even after firing him. So if he heard/read those comments from Legacy, well I guess it comes with the territory (not saying that Legacy was right in what he said). Whole things kind of twisted if you ask me, but I guess that is Mike’s fantasy!

  12. Cobra

    I feel you Mike. The problem is if you have to explain the point of a video, it will usually get missed. We simply press play and its bad, ok or great for us based on what we see. I already know for a fact many of your videos i think are great, others are asking for refunds. Some i don’t like as much, others want to nominate for video of the year. I wasn’t offended or ready to march in protest, i just watched some of the older updates i liked better lol.

  13. princegwa

    I have not posted on this blog in a while and was not going to on this topic.But after watching the update a second time I felt compelled to. First of all Legacy clearly stated he was not attracted to white guys but because he fell on hard times Michael chose to give him another chance the part I most disagree with was Michael saying he should have never given him another chance. though Legacy is Michaels type does not make Michael Legacy’s type. You have to admit Legacy did try I was almost wonder if this video should have ever happened. I say give him one more chance with someone he is attracted to. If he does not perform at that point then send him on his way.

  14. Michael

    To those of you saying I should have paired Legacy with someone he was attracted to and more comfortable with:

    1) Legacy didn’t DESERVE another chance like that based on his past behavior both on and off camera.

    2) That wouldn’t have made one bit of difference. Even when I HAVE paired him with guys he’s attracted to, Legacy has STILL been a difficult model to work with. He had a lazy, negative attitude during his shoots with Lil Tyga and Dre, both BLACK guys he was attracted to and closer to his own age, and he QUIT those shoots too!

    3) Like I tried to explain in my earlier reply, the only reason I even considered bringing him back in the first place was for this punishment/penance-themed scene (originally as part of the 5th Anniversary Series). I knew when I filmed this that many would hate it. And even though it didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped, I have no regrets about filming it and hopefully those viewers who share this taboo fantasy are enjoying some good “nutts” from it too.

    If anything, I wish I’d been MORE aggressive and dominant with Legacy, especially when he wanted to quit. And I wish I’d shot my “nutt” right into his open mouth when he FELL ASLEEP on the job, LOL!

    1. D-Money

      I aint going lie Mike — think I would enjoy to see this more dominating aggressive side of you a lot more — something about the punishing that made this hott on someone who trully had an IDGAF attitude!!!!

  15. Joe

    What a waste of 60 minutes. I hope the next update makes up for this. Legacy shouldn’t have been given another chance. You could’ve easily made another good 60 minutes with Stephon who has come a long way and the 60 minutes would’ve actually been worth it.

  16. bmam

    Few things

    1. The scene did suck but I think that when you are dealing with “straight guys” for money that is the nature of the beast sometimes they are great sometimes they are not this a definite not for me but I think I get the backstory and that made it interesting.
    A. I think I can relate to Mike on this one there is a level of intrigue to watch Legacy reluctantly allow himself to be used and violated sexually by someone he has no attraction to for the sake of money
    B. Legacy looks like he has hit some hard times. He looked so young and fresh and innocent but now he looks old, worn out and lame. I would not have even wanted him anymore if I was Mike.
    2. The MLK comment is dumb. I think Mike released an update because he releases updates every week and I think it would have been equally offensive to say in honor of MLK day lets have a big black orgy. I think the first mention of MLK was in the comments…. lol
    3. I appreciate Mike being man enough to publish all the comments even the not so flattering ones. I guess I wouldn’t mind either if I know you had to pay your monthly fee to even watch the content

    1. Michael

      First, I just wanted to clarify that Legacy is anything but straight, LOL. I think he identified as bisexual in his very first scene, but I’m pretty sure he’s always been gay.

      That’s actually been one of the most surprising and interesting things about the whole onslaught of negative reactions to this scene, the way that many viewers who seem to enjoy the themes of reluctance, discomfort, and even disgust in the “gay for pay” scenes, are suddenly filled with self-righteous judgment and disapproval when the very same themes are introduced in an INTERRACIAL context with an obviously GAY model.

      People are going to like what they’re going to like, I totally get that, and I knew that a scene like this would never be appreciated by a mass, mainstream audience. But I do think the double standard is fascinating!

  17. Ronta

    Yuck.. Can we please see the next scene with Isaiah bottoming again please because this was disgusting. Not the fact that U were in it mike just legacy is not attractive to me

  18. robert

    Legacy is probably my least favorite model and I had no interest in this scene. I have not watched it. Mike I must say the controversy this scene is causing on the blog fascinates me so I plan to make a stiff drink and smoke up tomorrow then watch objectively LOL

  19. Man1234

    Well, over the years that I have watched your videos there have been some things I have enjoyed and some not so much. This one with Legacy, is just not my favorite at all. I am sure you will make other videos that I will enjoy in the future. I of course am not aware of all of the behind the scenes issues with Legacy, but thinking about his performance in some of the other videos where he bottomed, my favorite was with Lil Tyga when he, excuse me for saying fucked the dog shit hell out of him and he took it for the most part! I felt kind of sorry for Legacy after awhile because Tyga just had no mercy on him and he (Legacy) is a Top. I do think I might be a little difficult and have a bit of an attitude if someone was plowing a big old dick as hard as they could up my butt with absolutely no mercy about it. Mike I think you just need to let one of those big dick wonders fuck you real good and you will understand what poor Legacy had to go through, LOL! (Just in case you were not sure I am joking. Just a little humor to lighten the situation).

    However Mike, I know getting fucked by one of those guys is not your fantasy at all, but I think it would be funny to see it happen to you at least one time. Can’t say I’d bust a nutt to it, but I would enjoy laughing at you as you took a big dick up the ass!! LOL!! I know let Migo fuck you!!! What does everyone think? LOL!!

  20. M J

    I must say that I am very dissapointed with the updates to start off the year. I would think that more time would have been placed on starting a new year! There is something sick about punishing a person sexually! So dont fault Legacy. Why would you get joy out of that??? The excuse about this being a one man operation is no excuse. Maybe that needs to change!!! It’s Sunday and no update!!!! Late updates come on…..There are other black sites who are consistent on the day it is supposed too happen! Lets do better.

    1. Michael

      As I’ve tried to explain several times here on the blog recently (as well as in the site’s FAQ section), BBA’s monthly subscribers are promised new updates every week between Friday and Monday – and that’s the best I can offer at this point in time.

      There are actually very few other black gay websites that update with new content every week, and those that do are usually updating with recycled content and/or brief 15-minute scenes lacking any kind of story or substance. They might be good for a quick “nutt,” but will you still be thinking about and stroking to them six months later? Probably not. I could easily update the site at the same exact time every week if I was settling for that same level of content.

      Ultimately it’s up to you the consumer to decide if the above-average length and overall QUALITY of the content delivered week after week is worth the minor inconvenience of occasionally waiting an extra day or two for the update.

      1. KayJay

        Once a week updates between Friday and Monday is fantastic! If Mike starts bringing in more people and moving away from the one-man operation that he has now, in time BBA will change and I like it just the way it is!

        My only issue with this update is that Legacy was being unkind to someone whom he asked to help him out. And that “ain’t cool!”

        Keep doing your thing, Mike!

  21. 2Tall

    Please retire Legacy permanently. I’m not the least bit interested in watching this scene. I don’t find him attractive physically, and from others’ descriptions, his bad attitude makes him all the more unappealing. I’ll patiently await the next scene. Don’t think this scene is worthy of the space it would occupy on my external hard drive. 🙁

  22. shortyrock67

    Well I luv legacy dude is straight perfection…just da camera zooming up and down him made me excited..screw da rest bring hI’m bck

  23. Richardaa

    Loved the video with Legacy. Great to see him take your dick, and he rides it well.
    Must admit, just watched the Saint vs Day Day scene again, which is just amazing. Day day seems to be getting into it. Would love to see him again, getting fucked. Even better and Beno vs Day Day flip flop….heaven. Thanks for all the good work.

    1. sammywow

      I agree–Day Day is one of my all time favorites==those scenes with him bottoming were great–would love to see more of him–a Beno and Day Day flip flop, or at least with one of them bottoming, would be outstanding!

  24. DC

    Legacy Mike I’m sorry I meant to comment on this when it first came out I do apologize on behalf all African Americans and myself on this idiot that you said to put on payroll with his attitude to all white Americans I am like everyone else please retire him because it attitude is probably the reason why he can get a job I believe in equal opportunity for everyone but this is beyond disrespect towards you still you want your money retire him you have a blessed day

  25. The Truth

    Sad. Michael’s such a user and manipulator. A narcissistic unapologetic porn peddler who uses young black men for thrills and to make money off. Some of the comments here are incredible. Young men are being used and Michael Galletta thinks it fun and thrilling? Soulless.


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