Website Update: Kids These Days

When I was growing up, it seemed like most guys didn’t start accepting or truly exploring their sexuality until college or their early twenties, if even then. Not sure if it’s a sign of social progress or maybe just something in the water, but I swear “kids these days” are turning into uninhibited FREAKS before they’re even out of their teens!

Look no further than this weekend’s spontaneous and unpredictable threesome for a perfect example of this. Just barely 18 and fresh out of high school, Luh Redd and Kayden are ready and eager to prove they have what it takes to join Kody as part of BBA’s next generation of stars!

Things start off with all three boys hanging out on the patio on a hot summer day and swapping stories about where they lost their virginity. This leads to a flirtatious comparison to see which one of them has the biggest ass….

Next thing you know, hard dicks are being pulled out, young hands begin groping and exploring, and these horny black twinks start getting freaky right there on the balcony in the middle of the day!

Join them for a sweaty summer threesome that includes nearly a FULL HOUR of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-licking, and RAW flip-flop fucking!

One of the things that turns me on most about scenes like this is watching these hung and horny black teens share each others’ saliva-soaked dicks and even tongue-kiss each other with the very same mouths that just seconds earlier were licking another guy’s ass!

No dick gets ignored and no ass goes uneaten (or UN-FUCKED) in this action-packed threesome that proves once again that age is nothing more than a number and these young “millennials” aren’t as innocent as they might have you think 😉 !

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38 comments on “Website Update: Kids These Days
  1. A.J.

    The positive is I didn’t spend any credits. The negative is I didn’t spend any credits. I beg of you Mike let the kids rest for the remaining of the month. From the look of things they’re gonna need it.

  2. Cam3121

    This was one HOT Threesome, and I’m not one for threesome scenes but it was awesome. Great chemistry with all 3, so sooooo glad to see all 3 sucking each other’s dicks and eating ass and the fucking was wonderful. I just wish Kody had fucked Kayden and Luh Redd but it was still hot. 10’s across the board!

  3. Bttm4Ever

    thank you for the new 3sum scene, I loved it. I think they worked well together. Hope to see them again maybe all 3 with another 3 of the models for a nice group scene. Keep up the good work mike

  4. Hornye115

    I enjoyed this scene and the other with just Kody and Kayden……These young boys were hot and keep doing good work Mike…….They were not a 10 but served their purpose for the week. I like all three of them…..

  5. KingCeeJay

    This was a pretty solid scene, Their chemistry was good & so was the fucking, kody still doesn’t do nothing for me though, & I thought Luh Redd was more into the getting took down but after watching this I kinda feel like Kayden is the one who loves dick & he like to get his ass busted open too.

  6. vctime

    I’m loving Luh Redd more and more. He is going to be a true star. Would love to see him and Freaky J make a video. 2 TALL BROTHAS!!!

  7. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    So I had to comment, You left us hanging for two weeks and come back with these weak and wack ass updates??

    First of all I feel like You handpick these “twinks” names out based on their looks that’s similar to each other “Kody” “Kayden” “Cory”. I’M NOT a fan of Kody & Kayden and will never be so you know watching three young twinks i feel like i’m some sort of pedophile watching them kids having sex…..I’ll pass

    Second of all can you PLEASE stop posting these Lil Tyga behind the scenes content on an occasional basis a lot of people aren’t really interested in them and I’m included.

    Third of all it’s Summer and we are expecting sizzling hot updates and so far it’s been ONE update that has been spot on and great to look at and the rest I just had to go back to other videos. PLEASE FIX THIS !!!!!!

  8. WM

    Thank you for giving us more of Luh Redd. Seeing his ass jiggle as they hit it from the back is like receiving a golden treasure. But I need to see him ride that dick. I need to see his beautiful ass popping up & down in the air.

  9. DJ2016

    Your site is the only one I am subscribed to now. I love Luh Redd. He’s sexy, masculine, and VERSATILE. I LOVE FULLY VERSATILE MODELS AND SCENES. Kayden is cute and also versatile. Loved it.

  10. Mdigga

    Mike!!! Say it ain’t so. Is this the new cocodorm? I’ve never commented on your videos, I’ve been a fan since you started, please stick to your niche. I want to see str8 guys Go gay.

  11. Michael

    I just wanted to make a few observations about constructive vs. NON-constructive feedback.

    I understand the desire to vent when you’re disappointed with a model or scene. And I’m well aware that some of you absolutely HATE seeing scenes with openly gay models and/or skinny young twinks.

    But I don’t need to hear from the same small group of you complaining about it every single time I post one of these scenes, especially when most of you have been around for YEARS and already know damn well that these types of models and scenes have ALWAYS been a part of this site, going all the way back to models like Dragon, DJ, Legacy, Mookiie, etc.

    In the same way that I also don’t need to hear from the same small group of people expressing disgust and dismay every time I post one of my “dirty old man” scenes. Or every time I post a more amateur scene directed by Lil Tyga. Just because you happen not to care for this type of model or scene doesn’t make them any less a part of the BBA brand than the models and scenes you DO like.

    And let’s keep it real, disliking a scene with barely-legal black twinks or passionate gay boyfriends is NOT the same thing as the scene being “weak,” “wack,” “a travesty,” etc. And most of you complaining about the latest scene either haven’t even watched it, or already made up your mind that you were going to hate it before you did.

    I personally don’t like porn starring beefy older bodybuilder types with thick bushy beards and nipple piercings. But I can respect that there’s an audience for that type of porn and I don’t go on those sites bitching and complaining every time that type of scene is posted.

    I’m never going to be able to please every viewer all of the time, and what some of you still fail to realize is that never has been and never will be my goal! If pleasing the masses was my primary motive, I’d simply post Bandit fucking some new bottom week after week and watch the money start pouring in, LOL.

    I’ve frequently compared BBA to an all-you-can-eat buffet because it has ALWAYS included a wide variety of models and themes, including gay/bisexual models and twinks.

    Maybe I’m just being naive, but is it really that hard to just ignore the scenes that are obviously not intended for you? We even offer an alternative credits system that allows you to do exactly just that. And if you absolutely MUST complain about scenes not created for you, then please try to express that in a respectful and constructive way without all the insults and vitriol and nastiness hurled at me and the models by a small handful of you.

    The same amount of time, money, passion, and hard work goes into the scenes falling into categories you hate as those in the categories you happen to love, and that’s something I think some of you need to start keeping in mind.

    With all due respect, please just shut the fuck up and let those viewers who actually ENJOY these types of models and scenes share and discuss their feedback for a change. Same goes for my interracial scenes, Lil Tyga’s scenes, the “Natural Habitat” scenes, etc. I really don’t need to hear you tell me for the 1027th time that you despise Lil Tyga for whatever reason, or that you hate seeing my pasty old ass in the scenes, or that you feel like a creepy pedophile watching scenes with 18-year-old boys. I heard you the first time you told me that over five years ago, and if I haven’t stopped making these types of scenes yet, what makes you think I’m going to start now, LOL?!?

    I personally think this past weekend’s lengthy, action-packed threesome is pretty damn hot and I’m EXTREMELY PROUD of the performances from all three of the boys. I’d venture to guess that most of BBA’s viewers who actually share my lust for these types of models will agree with that assessment, and the fact that it already has over 100 likes in less than two days would seem to confirm that.

    1. decaturbaby

      I would have much rather seen you fucking Apollo up the ass (which you know I would hate) than watch this past weekend updates. And the bi-weekly updating means we need to voice our dislike because it can wipe out a whole months membership in just 2 updates. I’m sorry you’re upset, but just imagine how upset we are.

      1. Michael

        While I expected as much, it’s still a shame to see this fall on deaf ears, especially for one of the people who needed to hear it the most.

        You’ve been around for years. By now I’m well aware of the fact that you don’t like seeing gay models or twinks, and that seeing me in the scenes makes you want to throw up. But when has that EVER stopped me from making or posting these types of scenes?!?

        While I appreciate you being a long-time customer and fan, you need to understand that my creative choices and website updates aren’t always going to revolve around YOU and your personal tastes.

        If it really bothers you that much, then stop buying monthly memberships and stick to the credits system which was specifically designed with people like you in mind. Then maybe you can actually relax and let others enjoy the scenes that you don’t without feeling the need to shit all over an otherwise very hot scene that the boys and I worked hard to create and was never intended for you in the first place.

        1. decaturbaby

          I don’t do the credits anymore, haven’t for a long time. My membership normally allows for a couple of bad weeks because you usually come thru with a couple of really good ones… just not lately… I know you’ve had a rough year Mike, and you’ve got this “tour” thing going on and your time is stretched out and your skin is thin right now. .. but it’s been an unusually long bad stretch in my opinion. So I’m going to do us both a favor and disappear from this site for a couple of months. I won’t even check back for updates before October so that when I rejoin (and I will rejoin) I’ll have a few updates to go thru. You can post it or not .. I don’t care.

          1. Michael

            I guess I should be flattered that two weeks is considered an “unusually long bad stretch,” LOL. Because that’s the length of time between these updates you hated and my posting one of the hottest and most popular scenes so far this year (“Training Trapp”), a scene you personally praised here on the blog.

            But you’re still completely missing my point. Posting scenes featuring themes or model types you dislike is NOT the same thing as posting “bad” scenes. I’m very proud of this scene and just about everything else I’ve posted so far this year, and can count on less than one hand the number of scenes I’d consider weak or disappointing or “bad.”

            It’s just unfortunate that you happen to hate gay twinks and this has admittedly been a pretty twink-heavy past couple months. Will try to do a better job of mixing it up going forward.

          2. Kool E High

            Amen Decaturbaby I’m Totally With You 💯% On Your Decision. Hopefully Things Will Get Better Because As Of Late From What I’m Seeing It’s Like The Titanic Slowly Sinking.

          3. A.J.

            I was thinking I might dip out too. I don’t mind twinks or gay men. I just don’t find these three attractive personally. They’re not ugly I’m just not into them and it’s been two months of them ft. Tyga’s den basically. Thank goodness for Trapp. I’ll see what next week brings and take it from there.

      2. Kool E High

        Well I Totally Agree With You On This decaturbaby Because You Made A Valid Point As Far As The Monthly Memberships Are Wiped Out In Two Updates Which I Don’t Think Is Right I Think We Need To Be Credited For The Off Weekends When Their Are No Post. But I May Have To Resort To Buying Credits To Avoid Things Updates Like These Two Updates This Passed Weekend. I’m Being Perfectly If It’s Not The Straight Black Trade Going Gay For Pay …I Refuse To Watch It …No Shade Mike But I Definitely Don’t Want To See You Either Therefore From This Point On I Will Be Buying Credits So I Can View What Is Appealing To Me And This Will Avoid Me Having To Viciously Read This Tired Updates. My Thing Is I’m Not A Go Along Just To Get Along Type Person Therefore I’m Always Going To Voice My Opinion Especially When I’m A Paying Customer. But The Reality Here Is Simply This Sometimes We’re Going To Agree To Disagree Therefore Mike Don’t Take It Personal.

  12. John

    Way to go michael glad u finally said sumthing bout da same 4 ppl that come back week after week to complain but yet still giving u money now my complaint was about the logistics n lack of communication so far uve stepped it up but thats just me again i pay so theres not much i can because u keep me coming back but as far as these other ppl complaining sounds to me they’re suffering from “white privilege” because who actually thinks a website on the world wide web can b catered to only yo wants n needs. Anyway keep dese updates coming n the open communication youve been giving this summer

    1. Kool E High

      White Privilege ? Well It’s Clear You Shot That Comment To Those Who You Feel Are White And Complaining About These Updates. Because I’m Black And I Was Not A Fan Of This Weekends Updates But Whatever The Race Maybe Of The Person Their Entitled To Voice Their Opinion So Let’s Just Be Clear About That.

  13. Roscoe

    Fully agree with Michael’s reply. This is an awesome site!! You can find bear-type, older guy porn sites all over the internet….that to me is what’s boring. BBA does a fantastic job of focusing on what it does best…the black twink models you get, the down-to-earth, verse, no bullshit scenes, and the excellent technical quality (camera work, quality, editing, length, etc) is great. I’ve only been a member for a few months and already jumped to an annual membership as my #1 site!

    Look, no site will ever (or should it) satisfy 100%. And if it tries to be all things to everyone, it will fail with everyone. This site is the very BEST for attractive, sexy, hot black twinks! MORE, MORE, MORE! In fact, I would like to see even more college-age, younger-looking types like Cory, Kody, Kayden, Shazeer, Tay, etc. in scenes together or with other good-looking Apollo types wanting to break them, as part of the mix. Nothing at all wrong with that.

    Keep up the great work! You’ve created an amazing site!

  14. Member 2611974

    Not one to normally make comment ,
    But these three guys were Awesome.
    Great to see them genuinely lost in the moment, and enjoying the scene.
    As all great sex should be – Enjoyable
    Apollo will always be my personal number 1 on BBA.
    However very happy to see these guys anytime, Kudos to you Michael.

  15. Kenny

    I can’t. July was a bust. I am not wasting my credits left or buying another membership until something is better.

  16. Damien

    Mike you failed to answer one important question….Where the hell is Ross?????

    and you have very valid points.

    1. Michael

      I’ve answered questions about Ross several times on this blog as well as on the BBA Tumblr. Try searching the “Ross” tag on Tumblr and you’ll find my latest answer. Or just email me directly and I’ll be happy to catch you up on his whereabouts.

  17. Stoned Mountain

    Your kids show is glorious. So much dick, so much kissing, so much fucking. Ironic Luh Redd the longest dude got the shortest dick but BOY can he fuck and wonderful how he kisses. He is my favorite. He loves sex.

  18. CL05ETFR3AK

    Well this was clearly a Luh Redd & Kayden scene…lol Kody was just there to fill in a spot. Them two boyz (luh redd & kayden) was cravin each other yo! Honestly didn’t expect another scene with them young boyz so soon, but it is what it is.

  19. Stoned Mountain

    Again I really love The Boys. Kayden is a slim gem, and what a dick! And he strokes almost as well as Luh Redd. LOVED the intimacy. And also loved the effect of the hand held camera during the intro, sitting around the table with the rocking movement giving the effect of a river cruise. Just loved Kayden nut and how he caught the cum from the guys and gave them head at the end. Loved his performance especially. But Luh Redd is who I would like to cuddle with all night.

  20. Prentise

    I’ve tried to hold on through these last few months. Especially being understanding about the things that has happened to you personally but I cant any longer it seems like things are going down the drain and I agree with most people on here the kids are nice, but boring. So I think I will cancel and wait a while and come back. Hopes all works well with you in the future.


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