Website Update: Manny’s Many Moments

We’re taking a brief break from our “Quarantine Chronicles” competition to go behind the scenes with fan favorite Manny Killa through this collection of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN bloopers, outtakes, and action-packed bonus footage from all of his Shax Carter-directed scenes.

As an added bonus, this compilation includes a special commentary from none other than Manny Killa himself, sharing some hilarious and entertaining reflections on a few of his most memorable scenes.

It’s an intimate and entertaining peek behind the scenes of several of Manny’s most popular BBA shoots – including *OVER A FULL HOUR* of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and FUCKING we simply couldn’t cram into the edited versions!

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7 comments on “Website Update: Manny’s Many Moments
  1. chucke1

    Missouri announces sweeping reopening plan for May 4! YEAH! Go get’em Shax Carter!!!!!!!!!!!! The South is going to do it again!

  2. Jayden

    I loved this update. Manny is a model that deserves more than enough attention. Let’s show him some love!


    -Apollo and Manny definitely need a rematch. That chemistry was 🔥! I’m glad Manny mentioned that he wanted Mar to join because I did too!

    -Scuba and Manny had entirely too much fun. Manny fooled me because I thought he was feeling Scuba’s “nasty” DNA exchange.

    -The Manny-Shameeks connection was awesome! “Manny’s Movie Night” and “Valentine’s Day Reunion” were two of the best treats we were given!

    -Bottoming is not easy, and Manny does it to please the fans. He’s had to take some big dicks in different positions. He puts in hard work, and it does not go unnoticed. The scenes are always 🔥! Thank you!

    This update reveals exactly why Manny has been a part of the BBA family for nearly three years, and it shows us why he has been and will continue to be a fan favorite. Any scene with Manny’s name on it is guaranteed to be a hit! His willingness to go the extra mile to please the fans is greatly appreciated. Manny, brotha, thank you for your many moments! We love you for them!

    To Mike, Shax, and Manny. Thank you. This was a damn good time, and we hope for many more moments!

    1. Michael

      Glad you enjoyed this fun and sexy BTS compilation. I agree that the hilarious and at times illuminating commentary from Manny was a nice added touch. As I’ve said many times before, Manny is one the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and always a pleasure to work with, and I think that shines through in these clips as well as his commentary.

      Thanks as always for the encouraging feedback! Hope you’re staying healthy and safe.

  3. D'Sean

    Manny said what I think every time I see Stylez lol. JACK RABBIT SEX! He is overly excited. I hate seeing him top.


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