Website Update: Quarantine Chronicles #3

While production is paused due to COVID-19, we asked several BBA models, past and present, to take us behind the scenes of their lives during these difficult times.

As an added incentive and for a little extra fun, we decided to turn it into a solo competition and let you the viewer determine the winners:

2nd Place: $1,000
3rd Place: $500

Join some of your favorite BBA models as they practice safe “social distancing” and entertain you from home in these “quarantine chronicles”….

To join Stylez, Isaiah, and Dominic as they shelter in place, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to enjoy these hot, homemade “quarantine chronicles” any time you’d like!

(We’ll post an official viewer poll once all entries have been submitted and shared).

19 comments on “Website Update: Quarantine Chronicles #3
  1. Jayden

    I loved this 3rd installment. I’m almost speechless. Notice, I said ALMOST. 😂 Here’s the love!

    I. Stylez-“Nice Weeds, Naughty Deeds”

    I liked the journalistic aspect of this solo. Loved the fact that we, the viewers, caught a glimpse of the person outside of the “Stylez” BBA persona. Who knew he had a green thumb? That garden looked bomb AF. Enjoyed the trip to the dispensary with the weed tent. I’ve never seen one before as marijuana is banned for recreational use in my state. Peeps use it anyway though. 😂 Of course, there’s the sex. 😈 Taking viewers to the classic setting of naughtiness, a car’s backseat, Stylez puts on a private show. Slow stroking with his dick in various positions combined with ass play with cum consumption at the end. We then watch him in the shower, followed with a second episode in his car’s backseat. Lastly, he ends the episode with a fly ass COVID-19 haircut. Thanks Stylez, it was a pleasure!

    II. Isaiah-“Sweet, Simple, and Sexy!”

    Isaiah is a chocolate dream. His body is flawless. I loved that Isaiah stayed true to himself and didn’t try to be overly sexy. Isaiah’s sex appeal oozes through his looks and swag—he doesn’t have to do much else. I enjoyed the slow ass tease as he stripped out of his Michael Adams boxers, showcasing the definition of his chocolate cakes. He obtained some great shots of the small of his back—beautiful! Close shots of his ass were more rewarding as he got on all fours. To wrap it up, he strokes his Hershey bar to give a cumshot! The solo was perfect as it fits Isaiah’s natural, laid back personality. It was simple, sexy, and satisfying.

    III. Dominic- “Splendid Solo Sexpedition!”

    “Wow. I need a minute.” My initial reaction after Dominic’s scene ended. Alright. I’m good. Now that I’ve recovered. Let’s talk.

    Okay. “Sexpedition” is not a word. 😂 However, a trip, or expedition, in this case, around Dominic’s body for the purpose of sexual gratification can be described as such. Right? That’s what he gave us. This was entertaining from beginning to end. In fact, I didn’t even want it to end. Dominic, and his costar, the chocolate dildo, gave us views and pleasure from every angle imaginable. The moans during his fingering escapades were nut-worthy alone. Not just one but two fingers btw! The shot of his hole opened up after dildo play was 🔥! I loved the shots of him “practicing” his oral skills on the wall from above with his toy. Loved watching him play from the front, back, and the side. The cum shot was awesome! I actually came as well, and I did need a minute to recover. 😂 I’m ashamed to admit that I thought Dominic was going to be one of the models that would give little to no effort for this series. I proudly stand corrected. He’s grown so much as a model and performer. Dominic unleashed the freak and gave one hell of a show! It was everything you could want in a private session. His solo was outstanding, and, perhaps, the greatest offering featured in these chronicles. I fucking loved it! Thank you Dominic! It was a damn good time! 😈

    Special thanks to Mike, Stylez, Isaiah, and Dominic for this episode! Shit was lit! I’m definitely about to watch this again!

    1. Michael

      Glad you enjoyed this one! Like usual, I enthusiastically agree with most of your observations and feedback. Stylez has probably grasped the whole “day in a life” concept I was going for more than any of the other models so far. That is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping ALL of the models would do. He did such a fantastic job with that. I was enjoying it as a viewer myself lol. Had no idea he had a whole garden! That was so freaking cute.

      Another thing I loved about this is that Stylez tends to have a very different persona in his scenes than he does in everyday life. He comes across more submissive and even feminine to some viewers I think, which is strange because that’s not at all how he presents in person. So I’m glad this gave viewers a glimpse of the Stylez I know off camera, who is much more masculine and blunt and funny than comes across in his scenes.

      I was disappointed with Isaiah’s solo overall, but I’m glad you liked it lol. He’s just not a natural performer AT ALL. He needs a lot of direction and a big dick in his ass to bring out his more performative side I guess.

      Speaking of natural performers, I agree with everything you said about Dominic except the part about not expecting much from him. I knew from the start that he was going to be gunning for that top prize, but WOW! He knocked this one out of the park. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of him than I was while reviewing this solo. Not only did he purchase that dildo specifically for this competition (and hopefully lots of helpful practice in the future lol), but he filmed his session using TWO phones so he could make sure to get the best angles. He said he was trying to film it the way he thought I would if I was there. I was almost in tears when he told me that lol. It’s hard to comprehend just how much progress he’s made since he started. Too early to call him the new Apollo???

      1. Mr.Third

        My bro Isaiah had the best scene idc what anyone says. Dominic is cool but no replacement for Apollo love the enthusiasm, he got a good chance to win.

  2. FaulknerFan

    I liked QC3, especially and surprisingly, Stylez. Normally I find him to be a very competent but decidedly “B” level performer, based purely on my personal taste and not on his actual looks or actual performance, which are excellent. But I enjoyed the tour of his garden, his chattiness, his trip to the weed store, etc. It piqued my libido and after his bit was done I sought out previous Stylez scenes I hadn’t bothered to look at much. Needless to say, thanks to him my day started out with a bang.

    As to the other two on QC3, Isaiah is always welcome on my TV screen, but after a few moments of his blah surroundings I moved on. I can see his gorgeousness serving better purposes in his many other BBA scenes.

    Dominic did a splendid job and had I not been worn out by Stylez I probably would have had more praise for him and his plastic friend. I especially loved Dominic’s sound effects. So I may have to put Stylez over my vote for Ross in QC1, leaving Ross in second place and giving Dominic 3rd place.

  3. cocopop

    Surprisingly, these str8pay models in the first three solo scenes are out doing the gay/dl models. Normally, I’m not that into solo scenes, but when you show up with your co-star(a dildo), you got my attention. Both Ross, and Dominic seem to know their fans and what would excite them. #1. Dominic 2. Stylez 3. Isaiah, much love for Isaiah but he put me to sleep. Mike at the end of these solo challenges, how bout bring the winners of these solos to battle it out? Like a showdown of the winners.

    1. Michael

      Right??? Lol.

      But I guess that makes sense when you really think about it. There are so many other physical and psychological dynamics that come into play when you’re faced with an actual dick and another guy in the room.

  4. Stubz89

    Stylez is so cute and awkward but I was only interested in the butt play.(that’s what I skipped to)

    Not gonna lie, I didn’t watch Isaiah’s scene at all because I knew it would be boring. He fine af though even with this rough look.

    I’m completely shocked by Dominic’s scene. He’s gotten 100 percent out his comfort zone. This is a new side of him that I hope is sticking around. I kept saying to my self, he’s nasty (in a good way) I’d like to see him be this vocal in the future. Btw. He prepared himself to take BLAKES dick. Idc idc idc. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  5. D'Sean

    Damn that ISAIAH!!!!! I would suck him all day. LOL I hope to see him in action when things get back to normal. Hopefully him and Jah or Trapp or Mar all in flip flopping scenes or him topping. I think he needs to top more. Let us see those monster balls swing. Sad that I know him by his balls. LOL

    Stylez is improving. Still don’t care for him that much. He won this installment because I’m tired of seeing Dominic lol

    Dominic was the freakiest. Isaiah was the sexiest. Stylez was most improved.

    1. Jamal

      Nope I disagree I think Isaiah is so straight and sexy that he needs to keep bottoming lol. He needs to do a scene with Jahan or Jay C

      1. Montez

        LOL only at BBA would the sentence “so straight and sexy that he needs to keep bottoming” make sense.

  6. Phuryous

    The G4$ performers have come to win! So far, Dominic is #1 and Ross is #2 in this competition. I thought Ross going to town with that English cucumber was gonna be impossible to beat. Then here comes Dominic deep-throating his Apollo-shaped chocolate dildo before fingering and fucking himself in three positions. DAYUM, that was hott ASF!

  7. Chris

    I’m ready for Lil Jake, Scuba & Bandit !

    Is Scuba okay? Why did he delete the videos from his only fans & off Twitter?


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