Website Update: Natural Habitat – Armando

This week we’re resuming our series of scenes featuring your favorite straight models doing what they do best.

I have always enjoyed watching hung and horny straight black boys fuck the hell out of a girl, the high muscular slopes of their sweaty black asses rising and falling as they buck into her like wild young stallions. You can’t help but admire their strength and skills in the bedroom, and sometimes even envy the lucky females beneath them.

Of course seeing these straight black males in their “natural habitat” only makes it all the more intense and exciting if and when we eventually see them venture out of their comfort zones by trying sex with a guy!

For the more skeptical straight guys like Armando, who’s still stubbornly refusing even my most generous offers to try sex with a guy, I will sometimes film these guy-on-girl scenes as an added incentive and ideally a “stepping stone” to “gay for pay” work later on….

See for yourself what happens when Armando brings over Lacy, a small but spunky white girl from a rural small town who recently moved to our city looking for excitement and adventure, but just might have gotten more than she bargained for when she crossed paths with Armando and agreed to make some quick cash by doing her very first amateur porn shoot with him!

I realize this type of scene won’t be every viewer’s cup of tea, but think of it as an interesting (and infrequent) change of pace for those of you wanting to see your favorite BBA models in occasional straight and bisexual action.

There’s even a special treat for my fellow ass addicts out there when Lacy shows us she’s a true freak by burying her face in Armando’s cute muscle-butt and becoming the first (but hopefully not the last) person lucky enough to taste Armando’s sweet, virgin hole!


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26 comments on “Website Update: Natural Habitat – Armando
  1. KodyFan

    When I first saw a straight video I was disappointed. But I took a peek and damn, Armando’s bod was so hot, I liked it!! OMG, I’m so jealous of Lacy! Lol. She was all IN that ass! Lol. And the fucking?? DAMN!! Little nigga’s body TIGHT! Best part?? That ASS when he was fucking! Lol, fuck the girl, you was all on dat AZZZZ!! Lmao!!

  2. Cobra

    You know I love the concept. Just not the model lol. I still enjoyed the update, probably more than many BBA subscribers. A bi-scene would have gone over much better but I appreciate the “change up” and model rotation. You are NEVER gonna please everybody so go with your gut Mike. On this one I even liked the female better than Armando tho lol.

  3. Paul

    I love this guy, no matter the scene. That you must take care to ease him into a male-on-male scene makes it all the more exciting and believable when that day arrives. The future is looking up. Thanks in advance.

  4. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    You really surprised me with this scene with Armando. Okay i’ll say this. I have mixed feelings about this scene.

    Honestly it’s good to see the switch up a lil bit and I’m glad to see Armando back on my screen but I felt like i was watching child’s porn, Lacy looks like 16 but i must say i like the fact that she got to eat his ass and to watch him in action…..well not in the way i honestly want to be in but i’ll let this go on for awhile.

    I actually nutted to this scene last night and tbh my nutt was pretty good ? I just kept looking at Armando’s ass and said your ass is going to be feeling how it feels to get fucked soon I bet

    PLEASEEEE no more natural habitats for Armando. This ain’t a straight site and if he needs the money and don’t wanna take the steps necessary then kick rocks

    I give this scene an 8/10

  5. decaturbaby

    That was motherfucking awesome…. OMG. Armando is so damn sexy.. that body.. that ass… oh Lord.. I don’t mind at all that it was a girl… It made me appreciate the title “Natural Habitat” even more.. that was a 15 out of 10… Great job Mike… Love it .. Love it.. Love it. This scene proved how str8 some of your guys really are…. HAwT

    1. chucke1

      I agree, I seriously enjoyed seeing Saint and Isaiah in their Natural Habitat and would like to see them in another one! I would also enjoy seeing Shazeer, Bandit, Shaun and Apollo, especially in bi scenes. Come on Michael , please make it happen! I enjoyed this scene as well but another guy would have made it more fun!

  6. D-Money

    Gotta say huge fan of this series seeing Armando ass pound ol girl was hott!!! I hope you bring in more of this series — I love this, add this as a taste like with your behind the scenes shoots…….that ass and the girl getting that dick damn firah……….

  7. A.J.

    Not here for Armando or this scene.

    However, I finally decided to use the stash to cloud option. Still don’t know what the hell the cloud is but I get the concept. Anyway I just wanted to express my gratitude for Breaking Bandit and That Ass is Mine part 2. I love masculine bottoms and I love inexperienced bottoms. They just sound and look so much better taking that D. Both scenes were joyous to watch. I wasn’t a huge Bandit fan but when models bottom my attitude tends to change lol. Tbh with that piece of his he was either gonna have to give it up or wait out for you to find more bottoms who could take that thing. Can’t wait to see what u got for us next.

  8. Cobra

    Wow! I’m pretty amazed at the overall response. Something I’ve been pushing for but always thought it wouldn’t go over with the typical BBA subscriber. After torturing Bandit and making Apollo a fixture at bottom, it would be nice to free dawgs up lol. For some of the newer BBA folks, they will be surprised to see how much larger these dicks can get when you throw a female in the mix.

    1. Michael

      You clearly haven’t checked out the comments posted on the actual website, LOL! Surprisingly enough, the feedback shared here on the blog usually tends to be more negative compared to the comments posted on the actual site, but in the case of this scene, it’s been the complete opposite!

      Like I explained in my response on the site, I knew this scene was going to inspire a pretty intense and polarized response. And for those sensitive gay viewers who simply can’t stomach the presence of a female in their porn, I totally understand and respect that, and don’t plan on making this a regular thing.

      But I’m glad there are still plenty of viewers who understand and appreciate the point of this type of scene, and enjoyed seeing Armando in action even if it wasn’t quite the way we had hoped. I tried my best to keep the focus on Armando’s beautiful body and get some hot footage for BBA’s gay viewers, especially with the ass-eating and close-up shots of Armando’s flawless muscle-butt and beautiful hole. And in future scenes I will definitely try to incorporate more freaky bi action whenever possible 😉 .

  9. Blksung

    Im gay and dont wanna see ANY woman in the scenes, unless they are there sucking a toe or something!!! Thats about all they can do for me. Lol! But Ive always appreciated you catering to ALL of your subscribers. Matter of fact, thats what keeps me as a subscriber. I know that if I dont like an update, you will bring the fire next time. So, i will wait until the next foot fetish or bondage video. Thanks Mike!!!

  10. Bastian

    This dude did not do anything guy on guy to this day. And this scene was just an excuse for the webmaster to fulfill his str8 porn fetish. Hate when the allegedly gay site is posting such content as if there was no str8 porn on the internet. Can you imagine the opposite situation on the str8 site? No, because they are respecting their paying members. If you can not persuade a guy to do anything gay, he is not worth our money.

  11. Bastian

    And one more thing. It’s annoying when bi guys are trying to change gay places to their own needs, as suggesting more bi scenes. It gets more and more intrusive these days. Apparently, no site can be exclusive gay anymore. Sad…


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