Website Update: Sampling Shazeer

Lil Tyga Sampling Shazeer
For most of the past year, Lil Tyga has been busy helping out behind the scenes with things like filming and directing. But when he recently picked up new model Shazeer at the airport, it didn’t take long for the shy but sexy bisexual “top” to tempt Lil Tyga out of his semi-retirement.

“I had to hit up Mike and see if he could put something together for me!” Lil Tyga confesses to his quiet and nervous co-star at the start of this scene.

Lil Tyga’s not really much of a talker either, so after some awkward “small talk” shortly after Shazeer’s arrival in town, he’s impatient and eager to sample the hot new kid for himself….

Lil Tyga Sampling Shazeer 2
Like an excited child unwrapping a present, Lil Tyga helps Shazeer out of his clothes and gets his first look at the light-skinned new model’s slim and athletic body.

Lil Tyga will no doubt be the envy of many as he eagerly sucks on Shazeer’s nipples, wraps his lucky lips around the boy’s beautiful dick, slides his own hard dick between Shazeer’s full and sensuous lips, and even flips him over to feast on that pretty, pink asshole before taking the fun to the bedroom….

That’s where Lil Tyga generously gives up his own thick, juicy ass and finally gets to sample Shazeer’s fresh young dick for himself!

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23 comments on “Website Update: Sampling Shazeer
  1. Cobra

    Ok I may be biased but some of the gay-for-pay models sex scenes are actually better than some of the gay and bi models scenes. I’m sure Tyga’s fans welcome his return but this is another of the new models just do nothing for me.

  2. KodyFan

    Why does Tyga keep his shoes on?? He has some real beautiful feet. Tell him he has to switch up for us foot fetish guys every once in awhile. Lol. Those shoes KILL me.

    But he’s a hot model. Like seeing him top or bottom. I would’ve rathered him breaking in Bandit than Saint. WITHOUT SOCKS!! Lol

    1. Lil Tyga

      Thank you this is Tyga I will have my socks off the next time was trying something new but I see it wasn’t pleasing so I will most def have them off in whatever I do next thanks for your feedback!!❤️❤️

      1. cocopop

        Yea, good to see your big ole booty back, I had thought you would have wanted to get your revenge on Apollo, at least that’s who I had been waiting to see you paired with. Hopefully in the near feature.

      2. mark davis

        I am slightly curious on your stance on doing a Bareback scene Lil T? I know it not the safest method but seeing your ass getting drilled bareback would have been hotter! I like that you change it up and get fucked on the occasion. I agree with the shoe comments. Who fucks with shoes on? when you inside

        1. Lil Tyga

          Love your feedback man the reason I won’t do bareback believe it or not I’m a prevention counselor so it wouldn’t look so good I wouldn’t be setting a good example that’s why ALL my shoots have protection in them honestly I wish I could do it but the hell I would get would be crucial lol and the shoes won’t be on next time lol

          1. Jo Wilf

            I admire you practicing “safe sex”… something other BBA models should do when “bottoming” in every scene. The “anus” is the dirtiest part of the body. Agree on that?

      3. Chris Carr

        Hey Tyga, big fan here! Thanks for your reply! Really looking forward to future scenes with NO SHOES, Lol! Love your feet man (and I’m a big foot fetish fan so that’s a real compliment) and love your scenes without the shoes. Stay up bruh, you got it! 😉

    2. Damien

      Everyone is different. Sneakers on is a turn on for me. Many guys are NOT into feet. I don’t want to see feet and avoid looking at them. 99% of men and women have nasty looking feet.

    3. cocopop

      I fully agree with you, call me old school but I too hate seeing this generation with the need to fuck with caps, socks, sneakers, and of all thing timberline boots on. The shoes and socks for me come from myself having a foot fetish, however the caps thing is just foolish and unreal, some find it sexy and maybe thuggish, I dont. But to each his own.

  3. KodyFan

    You know, I want to tell you, you’ve really ruined me for most porn out there!!! If it isn’t predictable “roles” with tops & greedy bottoms, then it’s big hulking ugly mofos. And you can FORGET feet!! Or body or FACE shots.

    Until you came along I was happy in my ignorance. Happily signing up for RawRods & Cocodorm. Making myself content with hulky Brazilian guys. But nooo, you had to bring me over to the DARK side! To guys who don’t wanna get fucked. Cute, sexy mofos with tatts & boyish bodies, wailing & fighting the dick!! And cute assed twinks with some of the sexiest feet on the web. And how do I know?? Bc YOU film them, up close!! Wtf is wrong with you??!! Why couldn’t u just leave me in my ignorance. Now I’m fucked! Thnx Mike!!

  4. Allen Wells

    Good thing I didn’t waste credits on this one. I used my monthly membership which has been canceled. I agree with the above, the new guy seemed very bored and I’ve given you my thoughts on Lil Tyga in the past. Even though I have not seen him in nearly a year, this was waay too soon. I was thinking more on the lines of never again. Absolutely nothing personal against Tyga he’s just not my type. You seem to have problems pairing the new guys with other new guys. You, Saint, and Lil Tyga just don’t do it for me anymore. Your ass eating is awesome but that’s it man. Maybe Saint and Lil Tyga don’t require big $. Whatever the reason is, its time for me to move on again. I really enjoyed seeing Bandit in some scenes and Shaun’s solo. Everything else, thumbs down.

  5. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I thought this was good because I love Shazeer

    But what went downhill for me is/was he’s so silent and so dull like comon now do some talking

    I love looking at his asshole

    I give this scene 8/10 I just wanted more from this scene and I do believe that Shazeer has the utmost potential but he needs some help. Hell even I can put him under my wing LOL

  6. Kristos

    Michael, can I ask what camera and lens you are using? Im curious if I can recreate some of these scenes myself or if you are using one of those super expensive cameras I wouldn’t be able to afford. I guess you are using a dslr?

  7. Jamitis28

    Man whateva… I don’t care what y’all say, Lil Tyga is the shyt! He’s a real dude. I need him to top more though although it was MARVELOUS seeing him get pounded doggy. Lil Tyga is the best top we have unless Beno comes back. Everybody else is lacking in some area. Saint pounds the shyt out of dudes but is kinda stiff. Apollo is just acting and a better bottom. Isaiah is sexy but way too quiet & boring. Blake is pretty good but too quiet and never really gets up in it. Beno was everything. He loved to fuck, talk shyt and had that good stroke but he’s gone. Tyga got that same swag but now he wanna just film & shyt. Dude if you don’t put in more topping scenes and relieve us from the likes of these boring, wannabees. Bandit (cute), Shazeer (cute), Julien (big azz) and Zadian (no comment) don’t know what the hell they doing.

  8. Dream Cream

    First off Thank you Michael for having the stash to cloud at 3 credits so I could watch this movie/video. Tyga return was a surprise and I enjoyed it, I see that his booty got phat af. I wish he would have taken off the shoes he got cute feet. Shazeer I’m happy you brought him back he can suck a dick good and fuck good too. Tyga getting the chance to eat Shazeer tight pink hole was hot and I could tell Shazeer was enjoying it by his facial expressions and moans???. I want Tyga to take lessons on throwing the ass back and riding the dick. This was a hot scene and I hope to see Shazeer & Tyga again together or not it’s cool with me either way. Thanks Michael, Tyga & Shazeer.

  9. D-Money

    I got to say I love the addition of Shazeer — He will break out of his shy stage since he is a newbie but like Bandit I definitely know he is a keeper because in every scene he does and will always prove a great performer — Tyga what can I say I love seeing him on the camera love his body and anytime you get him on the camera I smile — Like I said I still hope for a BENO appearance before the end of the year otherwise Mike despite the opinions I will say I’ve enjoyed the summer and can’t wait to see what my favorite month September you will bring to the table………..


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