Website Update: Breaking Bandit

Near the end of his shocking and unforgettable recent encounter with me, Bandit insisted that “bottoming” just wasn’t for him and something he didn’t plan on attempting again.

But as I fully expected (or at least hoped) might happen, it didn’t take long for Bandit to get back into debt by accepting several generous “advances” in exchange for his reluctant promise to return and GIVE UP HIS ASS to a bigger BLACK dick. I guess once you’ve finally given in and done something you once swore you’d never in a million years ever do, it’s a little bit easier to swallow one’s pride and make just one more “special exception” when the money’s right!

Saint had already met Bandit while helping out behind the camera when I officially popped Bandit’s cherry a few weeks ago. Since both guys have so much in common and seemed to hit it off right away, I decided that Saint would be the perfect candidate to thoroughly “break in” Bandit’s fresh, near-virgin ass!

“I would like to say sorry in advance, but I AM going to BREAK YOU IN!” Saint teasingly warns Bandit at the start of this scene.

There’s a generous amount of hot tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating building up to Bandit finally giving up that cute muscle-butt to his FIRST BLACK DICK….

Saint tries his best to be patient and gentle at first, knowing this is only Bandit’s SECOND time trying to take another man’s dick. But it isn’t long before he gets so caught up in the moment that he’s grabbing Bandit by the hips and aggressively POUNDING the subdued straight boy’s tight ass like his girlfriend’s wet pussy!

Don’t miss Bandit like you’ve NEVER seen him before, bent over with his cute light-skinned butt in the air, wincing and grunting and cursing as Saint greedily plunges his thick, black dick – RAW! – in and out of Bandit’s previously untouched insides – something most of us seriously doubted we’d ever see happen when Bandit made his BBA debut earlier this year!

WARNING: This scene is NOT for BBA’s more sensitive viewers! If you’re only looking for mutual and passionate “lovemaking” between eager gay “porn stars,” then this ISN’T the scene for you!

But if you’re like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching a sexy, horse-hung straight boy like Bandit reluctantly SURRENDER HIS ASS to another man’s raw dick for only the second time in his life, then this is another BBA shocker that you don’t want to miss!

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34 comments on “Website Update: Breaking Bandit
  1. Allen Wells

    Besides the first 15 mins of the scene being in orange (due to bad lighting), this was only OK for me. I already knew when I saw Saint it was going to be the same boring overconfident intro, the same boring sloppy spitty asseating, and overall not one of your best scenes. Trust me, it was Bandit that drove me to watch it. I love seeing his smile, his clothes on, his clothes off, his dick, his ass, his asshole, and him cumming. I don’t like seeing him bottom (at all) and especially with you and Saint. Of all the fine guys you come in contact with, you and Saint is the best you could come up with? Wow! Bandit needs to be the top. Let him work that big dick in someone’s ass. You’re losing it man. You really are. I’m canceling my subscription this weekend.

      1. Erickson25

        As much debt he is “apparently” collecting, it may not be anytime soon. I really feel sorry for him and how he was so easily suckered into doing this bull. But, I have to say, if it wasn’t for him “being poor” (lmao), and getting arrested. He probably would have held out longer. But, he’s getting flipped now… So sad to see him suffer due to poor choices. Ross is smart, if he is in jail, at least he knew better than to call Mike for a bail out…

  2. Cobra

    This scene right here is why you never count BBA out. Every long-time BBA subscriber knew this scene was coming and with Bandit’s financial crisis I kinda figured it would be sooner than later. This scene was another BBA CLASSIC and like your warning states, a little disturbing to some expecting “great sex” between two hot black hunks. Unlike BBA Top Dawgs, Apollo and Isaiah, Bandit’s tolerance for anal penetration fits more of the norm so his body language and facial expressions ranged from extreme discomfort to excruciating pain. I said all that to say, “This shit is real!” I know many viewers may not like it but it would be a nice switch up to do a bi-scene again to “reward” the great job of these two. I think the “bi” idea would go over better if there were more “guy on guy” sex than your other efforts. Just a thought. And a final shout-out to both Saint and Bandit for bringing the HEAT!

  3. KodyFan

    Bandit got the reaming he deserved and for once I somewhat enjoyed Saint. He usually annoys me with his yapping & he slobs TOO much on the dick & ass but he did well with this one. Really sucked Bandit’s dick good without a lot of slob dripping. (Gross!). And I don’t know who chose that position but having him eat Bandit’s ass with his legs up was hot af!!

    When I saw Bandit’s pucker, I almost lost it. So hot!! Saint didn’t slob so much on his ass & it was hot watching his tongue dabble at Bandit’s hole! He slobbed as usual when Bandit got up on his knees so I fast fwd.

    Then…you put Bandit on his back & Saint took his ass!! Dee-lish!!! Hearing Bandit moan and cry was exceptionally hot. Plus his facial expressions!! Like watching Jaden Smith take the dick!!!

    When Saint had him half on his stomach & held him by his arm as he rammed home, I almost lost it again. I finally did, seconds after when he laid on top of Bandit and humped him. Tell Saint he did good in the fucking. Tore Bandit’s little ass up!! Loved when he snatched Bandit’s hand away & pinned it to the bed while he rammed him.

    Of course Bandit was the star. His facial expressions are priceless, from the hesitant looks of apprehension to the eyes squeezed in pain, his face speaks volumes!! Loved watching his toes clench as he writhed & moaned.

    I could go on forever. Suffice it to say this was a classic!! A++!!

  4. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    All I gotta say is……PRICELESS AND SPEECHLESS 10/10

    Idk which one I enjoyed more, watching Bandit moaning groaning and running OR my nutt to all of that. Everything in this video was hot!

    Honestly, Truly I knew and figured this scene was coming just only a matter of time!

  5. Howard

    Michael…I’m sure you aware that many viewers judge you based solely on your most recent update.

    The overall content of BBA is not the yardstick used to size you up. How does that make you feel?

  6. Allen Wells

    After watching this scene a second time, it wasn’t as bad as I originally thought. The early part of the asseating was fantastic until the spit started flowing. Still don’t like the discoloration but I’ll get over that by skipping over it. Saint???? I used to really be into him until he reached, should I say stardom? I don’t like him looking and speaking to the camera. Just act. I’ve seen enough of him to know that he so called ‘breaks in the newbies’. But I’ve also seen enough to know that he ‘fucks up a lot of asseating’ with his spit. LOL! It’s a big turnoff because it’s always with the guys who’s asshole I would really like to see him eat without it: Apollo, Migo, Noah, Isaiah, and most of all Bandit. I am not the only BBA fan that feels this way and I have never read a blog where anyone was upset because the ass was not spat on while being eaten. It’s fucking disgusting. You don’t use spit or slob when you eat ass. I am the paying viewer, you are the owner/director. Let me see what I’m paying to see. At least sometimes. Saint is awesome, but gotdamn put a Bounty in his mouth before he starts to eat ass. LOL!!!!

  7. Bigleo

    Best one in a long time. Friends told me that how BBA row. so-so then great. Bandit is a excellent bottom. Big Dick a nice asshole with a slender body. Saint is my favorite. Cool personality good looking and versatile. Love raw scenes with passion. This scene should quiet all the critics. Keep up the good work, from a loyal subscriber.

  8. Cobra

    Of course everyone has their favorite models but it’s unreasonable to expect Mike to fly these guys every couple of weeks to shoot a scene and still keep reasonable subscription rates. You have spoiled us Mike with your outreach for new and better models. Us greedy subscribers expect you to find hotter and fly back their favorite models every other week.

  9. decaturbaby

    Mike, I love you again… This was a dream matchup for me,… even though I couldn’t make it past the first 29 minutes.. It was really hot.. Bandit is so fucking cute and he has come a loooooong way in such a short time… He is all in now… You know I have always loved Saint.. he’s got the perfect dik for breaking in the new ones… nice and thick and just the right length… I wish the kissing were a little more “wetter” instead of the constant close mouth pecking that they were doing… but I still have 25 minutes left to go so maybe it gets better… but so far.. I’m loving it… 10/10 for me… This makes up for any complaints I may have had recently… Thanks.

  10. KayJay

    Bandit is a soldier. He took it like a champ. And a goddamn cream pie!

    More cream pies, please . . . lol.

    One of the best.

    Thanks, Mike.

  11. D

    I wanna see Saint bottom. He always acting like he can’t take dick. My favorite so called top, Isaiah should top him or Stephon should do it.

  12. D-Money

    THANK U FOR YOUR RETURN SAINT!!!!!! Been a minute Mike since I seen him good to see him back in always hot ass action — no scene he disappoints and now Mike if BENO can make a scene before the end of the year my 2016 would be great!!!!!!!!

  13. Dream Cream

    Alright if Bandit is going to bottom again it should be either Apollo, Freaky J, Blake Bishop or Shazeer to get that ass next. This scene was hot between Saint & Bandit. Bandit took that dick like a champ, Saint was taking that ass good his ability to take control was hot. That cream pie was hot yo Bandit got some good bomb ass. Michael , Saint & Bandit thank you guys for a hot ass scene!

    1. decaturbaby

      Freaky J does NOT know how to fuck.. he can’t even stay hard longer enough to give you a good fuck scene.. I don’t know why you guys keep asking for him.. He’s a trooper, and he tries, but I’m sure it is too much editing work for Michael afterwards.

  14. cocopop

    Good to see Bandit bottom again, and of course it too is a pleasure to see Saint back too, he really busted that ass open like only he could. I once thought Ross would’ve given Apollo a run for his money, had he stayed. However it seems like it will be Bandit that will give him a run, he’s turned out to be the only competition left. Hope Ross does return soon. Mike I think the time has come for the show down between Bandit and Apollo. I bet by the time Saint got through fucking him, he knew he had been fucked, he’s ready for the big times now. He’ll be back.

  15. Mark

    Great scene. However as you have most models give up their ass eventually. Is it not about time that you get fucked on screen? I am sure viewers would not mind seeing that

  16. cocopop

    Bandit seemed to really enjoy riding that dick that to me was the best part of this scene. He really didn’t know just how to react with the camera in his face, getting off riding Saint’s dick. Is the brother just unable to control that dick? or has he began to get off on taking it to the next level, for a str8 guy brother, dick stays hard. That’s something you seldom see watching other gay or bi models, let alone any str8 models, it’s hot when you do see it, especially on him.

  17. Chris

    I personally prefer Saint with more hair on his head.
    I think you should do more creampies. I love the reaction Saint was giving when he was cumming in him. He was stuck & his dick head was tender probably.
    I would love to see Bandit cum in somebody as well. He’ll probably have a great reaction.


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