Website Update: The Curiosity Test #2

We’re keeping things short and simple this holiday weekend with an action-packed encounter between hung new “straight” model J-Long and cute gay “boy next door” Kody.

J-Long tells us that he’s bi-curious but has only had ONE experience with a guy before now – an impulsive, drunken late-night hook-up with a guy he met online and says he probably wouldn’t even remember or recognize if he passed him on the street.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to capture that first encounter on camera for the rest of the world to enjoy. But this scene brings you every spontaneous, unscripted moment – presented in pretty close to real time – of J-Long’s SECOND time exploring his newfound craving for guy-on-guy sex….

“This is going to be different!” Kody nervously exclaims after getting his first glimpse of J-Long’s intimidating NINE INCHES, telling us several times that it’s the “biggest he’s ever had”!

But the shy gay twink bravely rises to the challenge by giving up his cute bubble-butt to that fresh straight-boy dick, showing the inexperienced but eager new guy just how good another guy’s wet mouth and tight ass can feel on his dick!


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23 comments on “Website Update: The Curiosity Test #2
  1. decaturbaby

    This new dude “J-Long” is nice.. very nice… I like everything about him.. I just don’t enjoy any scenes with Kody, I know it’s unrealistic sometimes, but I like my bottoms masculine too… but I look forward to seeing J-Long offering up that big beautiful dick to some of my other favorites like Apollo or Isaiah or Bishop or Bandit or Knockout (where has Knockout been??) .. those would be super hot for me…

  2. mb

    With all of the recent comments and talk about the latest updates to this site, and how some viewers think the content has been weak versus others who feel that this has been one of the best summers , I became curious of how many of the most recent updates that I’ve tagged as “LIKED”, so I clicked on the Scenes Tab which brought up the 12 most recent updates and counted how many of them I tagged as “LIKE”.

    My score was: 2 out of 12! Hmmmmm.

    What’s your score?

    1. decaturbaby

      I’ve enjoyed many of this years updates.. but I’ll admit, that I’m not one to remember or even think to “Like” something.. maybe I need to start doing that… I normally voice my approvals in the blog sections… I’ll admit to a dry patch of late, but it doesn’t take away from the great year Mike has had and there is no other site that I know of that I would rather give my few dollars too.

    2. Michael

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve enjoyed so few of the past dozen or so scenes.

      Every new model or scene pairing is a gamble of time and money that sometimes pays off with sizzling-hot chemistry and unforgettable action, but also frequently results in average, even disappointing, shoots such as this. Ideally one of these days I’ll be able to maintain a production schedule that allows me to more selectively post only the hottest and most successful shoots of the bunch, but for now I’m simply not able to promise an instant classic every single week of the year.

      That being said, I’m a bit shocked by your abysmal assessment of the past twelve updates overall. For what it’s worth, here’s how I’d personally break down the past dozen scenes:

      HALF/SIX are scenes that will easily vie for a place on my list of favorite/best scenes of the year:

      1. That Ass Is Mine
      2. Bandit Bends Over
      3. That Ass Is Mine #2
      4. How Gay Will They Go?
      5. But That’s My Homeboy!
      6. His New Stepbrother

      TWO are scenes that I’d consider good/average:

      7. Seducing Shaun
      8. Michael’s Birthday Cakes

      TWO are hot solos, which I fully understand not everyone likes:

      9. Introducing: Armando
      10. Diego’s Cam Show

      TWO are admittedly “better than nothing at all” type updates during weeks when I was either busy filming or working on other projects:

      11. Blatino Boy Toy #2
      12. The Curiosity Test #2

      Don’t worry, I have more hot surprises waiting in the wings that I’m confident many viewers will enjoy as we wrap up the summer and welcome the Fall (will be dropping the first of these this upcoming Thursday).

      1. mb

        MG, no shade on my comments above, just my humble opinion. But since you took the time to place the last 12 scenes in order according to your taste; please indulge me further as I comment on your 12.

        Your #1 – Yep, I agree, hottest of the year thus far.
        Your #2 – Good because it was Bandits first, but not re-watchable for me.
        Your #3 – Very Good, had a tough act to follow.
        Your #4 – In addition to #1, this scene I tagged Like.
        Your #5 – Nope, not interested at all.
        Your #6 – Okay, but not really a Kody fan.

        Your #7 – Pretty Good. I could probably tag this one “Like”.
        Your #8 – On the fence with this one. Had moments I liked, but just seemed poorly executed.

        Your #9 – Not terrible, but not memorable either.
        Your #10 – Didn’t watch.

        Your #11 – Nope, not interested.
        Your #12 – Considering 1 model was new, and the other passive, the scene wasn’t totally bad, but was a bit boring.

        Having said all of that…. I agree with Decaturbaby, that BBA is the best site featuring black men out there currently.

    3. Isaiah & Apollo fan

      The 6 that’ll vie for favorite/best mid 2016 is

      1. Spring Break Showdown
      2. No Holes Barred
      3. That Ass Is Mine
      4. Bandit Bends Over
      5. His New Stepbrother
      6. Always Up For A Challenge 2

      Two scenes I’ll consider Good/average mid 2016:

      1. Michael’s birthday cakes
      2. Served up

      Two hot solos mid 2016:
      1. Introducing Armando
      2. Introducing Bandit

      Two “better than nothing at all” scenes
      1. Once you go black
      2. Seducing Shaun

  3. Cobra

    Mike I had to jump on the bandwagon but I think I agree with most, this was a holiday update that fell flat. Kody is probably a real nice guy but his scenes are like watching paint dry lol.

  4. Steven Davis

    I’ve complained about a few of Michael’s scenes in the past (i.e. Introducing Armando, Bandit Bends Over) but I actually enjoyed this scene a lot. I think J-Long has a lot of potential and Kody is awkward at times but at least he’s willing. The chemistry wasn’t napalm hot, but it was cool. I think you and the models did a good job Michael. One question though, what happened to J-Long’s cum shot at the end? Did he nut too many times during the scene and just run out of juice so to speak?

  5. KodyFan

    I thought this movie was good! Kody is so fucking cute, you could almost pair him with anyone. J-Long was so-so in the looks dept. Nice dick, sexy body, just a bit old looking in the face. But their sex was good. Fantastic positions, great angles, as always, and plenty of sexy feet. I’d give it a C+ or B-.

  6. D_Raven

    I just want to say that I like Kody and can’t believe so many people are giving him a thumbs down.. Probably because they consider him feminine but he’s cute, has a nice ass, and takes what’s given to him (pun intended).

    I will say you are having a rough patch as of late but some of these dudes are just being over critical.. It’s porn not an Emmy nominated production movie.. Just keep working hard to produce the best scenes you can

    Lastly I want to add.. Mike has to produce porn that fits everybody needs.. That means tops, bottom, and verse dudes… Not all the scenes can include big dicks and masculine virgin bottoms. It’s not easy to do so, so cut him some slack

    I spoke my peace

  7. A.J.

    Mike you gotta add a few more bottoms to your roster. Ur using Kody like u used Suspense, Cortez, Cory etc. It gets a bit repetitive especially since Kody isn’t a fan favorite or even close. The other three got excused because they had more favorable attributes. I actually miss Suspense.

  8. Cobra

    Ok now I feel bad again for being so critical. Many of the BBA fans favorite models are plane rides away and may charge more per scene. In this business you have to sometimes get more bang for your buck to stay in the profit margin. Many of the models that appear more often I assume are local models that don’t require round-trip airfare or even a hotel room to stay over after shoots. The overall scene content exceeds the quality of any site of its kind. Let’s go BBA!
    p.s. and i’m NOT Mike lol


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