Website Update: Naughty Or Nice?

Saint the Santa is trying to find out who’s been “naughty or nice” because he has a special surprise in store for BBA’s viewers.

“You ready to FUCK MY ASS?” Trapp asks Saint in his deep, sexy voice after being reunited with him for the first time since last summer.

They’re shocking words that I wasn’t sure we’d EVER hear come out of the cocky straight thug’s mouth. But what better time than the holiday season to make your BBA porn dreams come true?

After trying for MONTHS to make this much-requested scene happen, our patience and persistence finally paid off. A VERY generous “Christmas Bonus” didn’t hurt either 😉 !

If you’re one of the many viewers who have been patiently (and in some cases, NOT so patiently) waiting to see Trapp’s infamous “phat ass” finally split open and plundered by a hard, RAW dick, then take a front-row seat as one of our most popular “gay for pay” models surprises his fans with a special Christmas present they’ll never forget….

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to see Trapp finally GIVE UP HIS “CHRISTMAS COOKIES” any time you’d like 😉 !

37 comments on “Website Update: Naughty Or Nice?
  1. chucke1

    History making! OMG, what a pairing! Exactly what I hoped for! Saint you are the man and looking in fine shape! Thanks Michael, Saint and Trapp! Chillspot would be pleased!

  2. Rob

    I could easily write an essay on why this scene was soooo fuckin good. From Santa Saint reading our naughty wish lists to Trapps goods jingling with the bells. This scene was everything I wanted. Saint was takin it easy on Trapps ass at first, but we knew he would beat it up good. And Trapp handled it like the star he is. His moans were nut worthy, and seeing him Break Character and be old Trapp for a sec shows his dedication to the fans. We love you Trapp and thank you endlessly for exploring your sexuality and gay 4 pay. Our best way to say thanks is to obviously demand more scenes. Hope you stay on board. Saint? My only complaint is that u didn’t nut deep in that str8 ass. Lol! Who said we need a Gangbang or orgy to satisfy our Xmas hunger? Oh yea, thanks to Mike too! Haha

  3. Deek

    Amazing Scene! Hey, now that Trapp has been broken in, how about a Scotty & Trapp part 2? Maybe Trapp can show Scotty what he has learned this time. 😉 Scotty top & Trapp bottom… Perfection.

  4. Jayson

    Yes yes yes mike this was everything. I knew trapp was curious about getting fuck from the first scene and I knew how turned on he is by saint. Both were excellent. Can’t wait to see trapp get fucked by Lil scrap, isaiah, bandit, apollo, freaky j.. also want to see trapp in a group scene.

  5. Brian

    100% satisfied. Thank you!! Saint got a lil crush. This was excellent. Just a suggestion for my own desires… when the bottom is on his stomach, can you film from the head. I’d like to see the ass from that angle. That’s all. Happy Holidays

  6. WeatherMan

    Thank you for this fine Christmas present that you have given the BBA community. I feel like this is going to go down as an ESSENTIAL viewing video for the BBA brand. Pairing Trapp again together with Saint was a brilliant move. Trapp was already comfortable with Saint and Saint really is the official “break the guys into bottoming” guy for BBA. The way Trapp’s ass was bouncing on Saint’s dick was everything and Trapp is just a man who is a natural performer, he did very well for his first time as a bottom. I am going to go out on a limb and say that this video is going to get tons of likes and overall positive feedback from the viewers.

  7. TexasBugg

    TRAPP YOUR ROYAL BADNESS i’m lost for words this was super hott babyboi u r 10000% pure thug i never in my life saw a thug ride a dick and make the nuts pop trapp put that asshole of your in a picture frame like i said before it will close right back up thank u for putting that one leg up damm u r so sexy when u have that one leg up trapp u r pure thug keep doing u u know who u r with that body that was blessed by the gods i must go to the store to get me some red wine to rebuild my cum.

  8. Tori Fan

    well I give it a 9 outta 10. Trapp definitely has potential. I guess I felt a lil of his pain. I remember when i first took some dick. The shit hurt like hell. But now, I’m not a regular bottom, at times I have a craving for the pleasure and pain… at least once a year.

    Trapp…………still sexy as fuck. I’m glad he don’t shave his dick. I love a naturally hairy dick and ass. He took it like a champ. The thug was kinda tamed at the end. I guess what was going through his mind was…WTF I just got fucked. That was his expression on his face. He kinda reminds me of an Isaiah at the beginning. No passion and no TONGUE. He gotta give me some tongue. Thanks for the toe shots too.

    Saint… is the task master. He has become a great spokesperson for BBA. He took his time breaking Trapp in.

    Montez… now when we gonna see YO DICK and TOES? Don’t wish me Merry Christmas unless you gonna show your present. Hell Mike has shown his nakedness… I wanna see yours…. u scurred?

  9. KingCeeJay

    Bruh can we talk about Trapp moans 😩.. his moans alone threw me to the roof. But overall great scene for the both of them. & I see you Saint, Trapp gave you that good wet wet so you got a for real thing for bruh now lol I don’t blame you though.

  10. Bugsy754

    GREAT Christmas present… I was waiting for this moment ever since TRAPP stepped on the scene. He is a young Apollo in the making .. Keep up the good work MIKE

  11. Remedy

    What an amazing scene. Well worth the wait. I was thinking Mike better come through with Trapp bottoming cuz that’s the only Christmas scene I wanna see and like ALWAYS. U never disappoint 👏. Good job mike. Trapp and Blake next 🙃 or Rico

  12. decaturbaby

    That was OUTSTANDING Mike.. Great way to close this year out. This year started with a Big Bang (Rico Pruitt and the Detroit trip) and finished with the best bang of all. You introduced us to this instant superstar “Trapp” and we were able to witness the “process” of a truly “Gay-for-Pay” young thug, who needed you and appreciated the coins you were putting in his pocket and was willing to do whatever he was asked to do. There were some misses this year during the in-between months, but most of the time, it was TRAPP who showed up and saved the day. I loved seeing him take dick like a man and witnessing his moans and expressions after getting past the initial pains when Saint’s dick started to feel good to him. I can’t wait to see Scotty fuck him. Easily a 10 out of 10… Great work Mike. I know we’ve had some “words”, but the past 2 weeks is what BBA is all about. Happy New Years, and Thanks

    P.S. I also wanna give you props for doing what ALL of us thought would be impossible with the BFF’s Shaun and Scotty after the first time we saw them together, getting them to suck dick and fucking too now. (Shaun suck dick the best lol) You are the best at what you do. (don’t outsource) no one gets the angles like you do. Thanks again

  13. KayJay

    Great scene Mike!

    This is a classic BBA scene and will easily move into my top 5 favorites! No question.

    I’m not sure how Trapp took a pounding like that for his first time …. a true soldier, I guess.

    Saint is a true star. I believe he is a true straight dude. But I know he enjoyed popping Trapp’s cherry.

    Trapp is BBA’s first thug bottom … who knew?

  14. Chris

    Tho i wasn’t ready for Trapp to bottom just yet. The scene wasn’t so bad … With that said ….

    I feel like this site is becoming a shell of what it used to be when I first joined. At this point the models are becoming overused quickly. Its pretty much the same cum shots every single time. Its always a issue as far as why there is no update. & now when there are updates they don’t come on Fridays or Saturdays any more.

    Its kinda obvious I’m not the only 1 feeling a ways about everything because there not as many comments on the blog post & there not as many like for the updates as well. What’s kept me here so long is your vintage scenes but i think I’ll take a break after this month.

    1. Michael

      Fewer people are leaving comments on this blog because many viewers are choosing to leave their feedback through the website comments and/or BBA’s other social media instead. The overall volume of feedback that we get these days is actually far greater than at any time in the past.

      Of course the recent scenes aren’t going to have as many “likes” as scenes that have been up on the site for many weeks and months. That’s just basic math and common sense. BBA’s membership numbers have only continued to grow over time, and the “likes” on our recent scenes are very much on par to match or surpass previous scenes posted over the course of the past couple years since that feature was first introduced.

      As I clearly announced here on the blog a few months ago, the website is now updated with new content three times a month. And while I do try my best to update on Fridays whenever possible, the schedule varies depending on my production and travel schedule among other factors (especially during the recent craziness of the holiday season). Love them or hate them, my videos are also MUCH longer than what you’ll find on most other sites, and require A LOT of time and hard work to prepare. Some take longer than others, and don’t always cooperate with this unrealistically predictable assembly-line schedule some of you think I should follow.

      I’m sincerely sorry to hear that the recent models and scenes haven’t been to your personal liking. But aside from a couple inevitable duds here and there, this has been an incredible year for BBA and featured some of our hottest models and scenes ever. So if you can honestly look back at the overall body of scenes we brought you this past year, including these recent holiday specials featuring Trapp’s much-requested bottoming debut AND the surprise return of BBA’s #1 model (not to mention the return of Bandit the update before that), and still complain that we’re a “shell” of the site you originally joined, then yes, a break is probably needed and I strongly suspect based on your overall feedback that BBA was never a very good fit with your tastes to begin with.

    2. decaturbaby

      I agree with you on a lot of what you said, but I’m surprised you picked “this” update to make those comments. this one was awesome.

    3. KayJay

      I’m not sure where you plan to go to find a site that gets Black straight dudes to kiss, suck dick & get fucked on camera. And it’s believable because in most cases we get some access to their lives off-camera.

      But hit me up when you find it.

  15. Scottyfan

    Yeah this scene was hot – definitely one of the best in the past few months. The Trapp-Scotty-Shaun connection is hot so anything with them paired is bound to be a good scene. Anyway, on another note Mike, etc. what happened to Rico Pruitt? It’s like after the summer he just dropped off and it’s like ppl just lost interest. Again, this scene was definitely hot: I echo all the comments. Keep up the good work, Mike.


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