Website Update: Too Big For Bandit?

With their similarly slim, athletic bodies, smooth honey-brown skin, and of course their BIG DICKS, pairing sexy newcomer Manny Killa with Bandit was pretty much a “no-brainer” from the start. Some viewers have even said they look like they could be brothers, and jokingly warned Bandit to watch his back because Manny is clearly coming for his crown.

My only hesitation in putting these two together was whether Manny’s THICK nine-inch dick would be “too big for Bandit.” Now that he’s had a few “bottoming” scenes under his belt, was the quietly sexy straight boy from the ‘hood brave enough to take on the challenge of his BIGGEST DICK yet?!?

Regardless of the answer to that question, my dick was rock-hard in anticipation of watching him try 😉 !

There’s an obvious sexual attraction when Manny Killa meets Bandit for the very first time, and the nervous energy and flirtation between them as they smoke and drink and show each other funny videos on their phones is both cute and amusing to watch.

“I’m gonna have to show you how BBA get down!” Bandit shyly teases our promising new star when they return to the hotel room late at night….

Don’t miss Bandit’s hilarious and unscripted reaction when he finally gets his first good look at the intimidating tree trunk between Manny’s smooth, skinny legs.

“That dick big as hell, man!” Bandit exclaims, shaking his head in dismayed disbelief and shooting a “we gonna fight later” scowl in my direction.

Enjoy a front-row seat for this intimate late-night encounter between two of BBA’s most strikingly attractive and sexy young stars, and savor the thrilling sight – almost unthinkable not long ago – of Bandit sprawled naked across the bed, grunting and cursing and moaning as his cute little muscle-butt gets pried open and plundered RAW by his BIGGEST DICK yet….

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31 comments on “Website Update: Too Big For Bandit?
  1. Bugsy754

    Great chemistry between these two. I cant wait to see Manny bottom. This would have made a great threesome if you could have got Trapp or Lil Scrap involved … all together it was a great scene

  2. Mike

    It’s like Mike foresaw my request (to see Bandit again). I bought the scene without even reading the description. Bandit is like the TaeTheDoug of BBA.

  3. Mike

    I will say Michael that I’d prefer more frequent scenes featuring Bandit. I check the site once maybe every month to see if there is one and meanwhile I’m spending money freely on other sites. I used to think D-REL was the best, now I think Bandit is. I know scenes have to spaced out but models move on after a time so there’s also a risk. Thanks for listening. Don’t get me wrong 12 scenes with Bandit is terrific but 24 would be better. The only model I find comparable to Bandit is Scotty but I can’t tell where that is going. This scene was great (8/10) but honestly Saint fucked Bandit more intensely (10/10). Saint is aggressive whereas Manny was sensitive.

  4. faulknerfan

    Bandit and Manny’s spectacular new scene shook my masturbachair so thoroughly it shot beyond the normal Dickter scale and broke my wankmograph. Wow! Two spectacularly beautiful non-fem men getting it on and holding nothing back. This is Michael Galletta at his very best. You already know I love Bandit’s gorgeous, wiry musculature, and newcomer Manny is equally fantastic, especially his perfect skin, thick dick and magnificent ass. This kind of scene is what makes BBA far and away the standard to which all other porn sites should aspire. Congratulations on a thoroughly wonderful effort by you and Bandit and Manny.

  5. Stoned Mountain

    Funny. Now Bandit knows the agony HE puts guys through. 😉 Manny had him bellowing like a calf at midnight. Manny is a special challenge.

  6. Room121

    Michael – Damn…OMG! What an explosive model combination!! One guy has dick length (Bandit) while the other has dick girth (Manny). I can’t tell you how many nuts I’ve busted from watching this exquisite sex romp. No doubt, another BBA masterpiece. Manny’s dick size is impressive and Bandit takes dick like a champ. I could watch these two fuck for hours. You really up the ante on this one. Bravo!!

  7. romack767

    OMG this is the ultimate. Michael Bandit has to fuck Manny Killa they have a damn good chemistry. Bandit is deserving of all his props. I would love to see those two reconnect with Manny giving it up for the first time. Manny Killa is also a natural he should have been before the camera. He’s awesome I think this is the years best. Please let there be a part 2 they just seem so natural

  8. Kody Fan

    I must say, this latest update to the site was a sizzler!! My baby Bandit is just putting in MAN’S work! Loved the pacing, the sizzle between Manny & Bandit & of course, Bandit moaning on another BBD! If he doesn’t watch it, he might start to crave it!! Lol!! Great ass shots, feet shots, and facial expressions! Lighting seemed a tad off but couldn’t detract from the incredible action. Loved hearing Bandit say it felt good getting his dick sucked, he so rarely expresses. Another BBA classic, and what a stocking “stuffer”!! Lol! Thnx Mike!!

  9. Chris

    No lie to an extent it was almost like watching twins fuck. Which is kinda creepy.

    I love Bandit but I’d rather see him flip flop or just be a top.

    I think Bandit almost came when MK was deep throating him.

    Now since we know Luh Redd was in the mix we know to expect a Luh Redd & Bandit scene which I am here for.

    But please don’t over use Luh Redd.

  10. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    All I have to say is this…..It’s time for “Manny Killa” to give up them cakes….doesn’t he know the motto of BBA??!?!? NO TOP’S/STRAIGHT BOY’S BOOTY GOES UNTOUCHED/FUCKED HERE ON BBA!!!!!! GIVE IT UP!!! OR PEOPLE WILL GET BORED!!

    Bandit needs to get his revenge on “Manny Killa”. I Said What I Said and I ain’t changing it !

      1. Double245

        Lmao Sir well give u that Manny is still new…..but Christmas 🙃 spirit is tellin me Luh Redd,Manny,Trapp,Bandit,Shazeer *rubs magic ball*

        On another note Scotty and Bandit would be magnificent

  11. Cory Hoovero

    Love the bandit manny scene….but…bandit tapped out ..the chemistry between bandit and saint was hot they have an aggressive attitude when they fuck but manny seems more like he should have bottomed for bandit I’m from Chi….we know he not savage enough to top it still

  12. DJ Demereo

    You know what would be hot? If you made a video with Luh Redd, Manny Killa and Shazeer in a threesome, hell I would even say throw in Bandit and make it a foursome. Now THAT would be every viewers DREAM video. I know you can make it happen Mike. You’re the man!

  13. cocopop

    Bandit’s best scene bottoming was with Isaiah, where it was his second time taking a black dick. Both had chemistry with one another, Bandit seemed to have moments where he really enjoyed Isaiah fucking him. He responded on his own as to that dick not forced for the camera. When he was tell n Isaiah to “give me that dick”, “fuck that ass”. Waiting for the next time he enjoys getting fucked like that.


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