Website Update: Practice Makes Perfect

Seems like just yesterday that Scuba was struggling to take Jah’s FINGERS and ready to throw in the towel when it came to trying to bottom.

“That shit HURTS!” I remember him saying sullenly over and over, mad at himself for not being able to do what he saw so many other BBA stars doing with apparent ease. Unlike many before him, he was never stubbornly OPPOSED to the idea of bottoming, just understandably nervous and scared to take such a big step.

Of course this only made it ten times hotter when we finally got to see that sweet young cherry popped and stretched open a few months ago. And ever since, we’ve been dying to see his tiny, hairy hole split open and plundered by raw dick every chance we get!

Now witness the shocking NEXT CHAPTER in Scuba’s BBA journey as we enlist fan favorite Dominic to give him some much-needed practice.

Dominic and Scuba actually met and hung out during our trip to Atlantic City last summer, but they haven’t had a chance to work together until now.

The sparks start flying and the clothes don’t stay on for long in this action-packed encounter that includes lots of passionate tongue-kissing, dick-swallowing, ass-eating. and of course Dominic picking up right where Stylez and Kingston left off by thoroughly “breaking in” Scuba’s stubbornly tight, near-virgin ass.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I think most viewers will share my pleasant surprise with Scuba’s impressive progress. Let’s just say he more than proves the old saying: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

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26 comments on “Website Update: Practice Makes Perfect
  1. Rottie

    I really liked this video just wish they both kept their white socks on the whole video that would’ve been real hot especially Dominic DAYUM😍🥰

  2. Stepp

    Now we litty for the city! Love me some Scubydoo especially on the bottom. That open hole tho🔥🔥 Also, somebody check on Dominic, he pregnant after all that nut. I didn’t need this to be a flip scene tho. Good job all! Mike, don’t we have a Trapp Bandit scene coming with Bandit on bottom? Trapp fucd the shit outta him in House of Whores but it was too short.

    1. cocopop

      Hats off to Dominic, brother rode that dick like a pro, even though it was too big for him. His very first time riding a dick and the boy knocked it out the park. Kind of reminded me of Apollo’s first ride on the throne. Hope to see more of that, Dominic, you looked hot as hell, sitting on that throne. You’re making progress chasing that #1 spot, congratulations. @Stepp, I’d prefer a flip flop with Trapp and Bandit. That tease was just too short, what little there was, left me wanting more. A complete scene of their own, great scene Mike, Montez, and the guys.

  3. LLob Taylor

    Dominic is so gay-4-pay! There’s almost a calculation to getting fucked for him. He rarely loses control just like Apollo. Contrast with Isaiah whose body betrays him when getting fucked and enjoying it despite his best efforts. Scuba is a surprise for me! He always comes across as cocky and self-confident and NOT bottom or verse. Hmmmm

    1. Michael

      Everybody’s different. So far Dominic reminds me more of Saint when it comes to bottoming. It’s ALWAYS a big struggle for him. But at least he keeps trying and making progress.

      I understand what you mean about Scuba. Please read my scene summary for greater insight into his story.

    1. Michael

      It really varies from scene to scene, depending on factors like how much footage there is to sort through, how smooth or challenging the shoot ended up being, whether it’s a full-action flip-flop vs. oral-only or solo, etc.

      I think I set a new record of just TWO DAYS with our first Christmas scene this past year. I filmed the scenes, rushed right home, and frantically edited the scene around the clock in order to have it ready by Christmas. But my average editing time is more like 3 to 4 days working almost around the clock with very little sleep.

      Shax Carter takes significantly longer to edit his scenes, but he is usually working with footage from multiple cameras, plus he does a lot of extra color and audio editing that I don’t do.

  4. Jayden

    Saint, Rico, Stephon, Noah, Isaiah, Apollo, Blake, Ross, Justice, Shameeks, Dominic, and now Scuba are prime examples of models that went through the process. They are all great performers, and their scenes have taught us that we should always practice a skill until we master it because, eventually, with time and patience, it will happen. Dominic and Scuba show us how. Let me show y’all some love real quick!

    I. The Oral Show

    Scuba seemed kind of sleepy in the beginning. That all changed when Dominic started kissing on his chest and licking his nipples. 😂 I loved that fact that BOTH had erections when they took off each other’s pants and underwear. Dominic’s oral skills have improved greatly; it wasn’t as dry this time. He was sucking Scuba down like no tomorrow, and Scuba was loving every minute of it. I loved the couch-style 69 performance, when the two wore matching Nike tube socks. Cute, and it looked good on camera. Camera angles and transitions were awesome in this part also. On the couch, the camera was under Scuba as we, the viewers , enjoyed a front row seat to him eating out Dominic. Then, Scuba lifted his elbow, the camera backs out to give us a wider shot of Dominic and Scuba together, and the tube socks were gone. Very nice! Loved watching Scuba’s face while he was getting eaten out by Dominic as well. He was gone!!

    II. The Fuck Show, Part I: Dominic Inside of Scuba.

    I was a little nervous about this part because Scuba had struggled somewhat with bottoming, but I loved what I saw. Scuba groaned with every stroke and pounding. Then, after some work, we see some BBA magic happen. 😈 When the models were in reverse cowboy position, Dominic started going deeper, and Scuba’s eyes started rolling back. Dominic had found Scuba’s G-Spot. First, he found Justice’s G-Spot and now Scuba. Then, I noticed that Dominic’s strokes were deeper and more intense, so Scuba’s ass must’ve been feeling nice! Either Scuba has that “good-good” or Dominic has the magic stick, or both. Either way, this part was hella good!!! See Scuba, bottoming is not so bad after all. 😂

    III. The Fuck Show, Part II: Scuba Inside of Dominic.

    Any time we get to see Dominic bottom, it’s a treat. There’s nothing like the sight of seeing him lifting his beautiful legs in the air! Dominic did the reverse cowboy position; it was short lived, but hot AF! After switching positions, Scuba went back in for more…but didn’t last very long. That tells me that Dominic’s ass must feel better than it looks. Damn…now I’m really, really jealous of Scuba! 😂

    IV. The Cum Show

    Both cum shots were seemingly endless and HOT AF! Scuba didn’t last long inside of Dominic at all, and the event allowed him to supply Dominic’s cakes with plenty of icing! I fuckin’ loved that part! It was such a turn on to hear Dominic moan and see him lift his leg up to receive the load.

    Dominic gave Scuba a luscious, milky facial that was almost stream-like. It was great to see Scuba’s face covered with the cum produced from the fun these models just finished having.

    VI. Outro

    Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Scuba, and Dominic for this hot scene! This scene emphasizes the fact that everything improves with each chance. Scuba’s third time bottoming allowed him to finally feel his g-spot—a treat for the fans. 😈 After filming scene after scene, Dominic is seemingly comfortable with G4P work, working to please his costars. This is DEFINITELY a treat for the fans! 😈

    Moral: Have sex often. Practice makes perfect! 😉 Me Likey 🙌🏾

    1. Michael

      I think it’s fair to say you liked this scene, huh??? LOL. Thanks as always for the impressively detailed and thorough review!

      Scuba definitely feeds off the energy and reciprocation he gets from his co-stars, which is probably why he seemed more subdued in his previous scene with Kingston. Sure, a lot of what we get from Dominic is just acting, but in this case, IT WORKED and helped inspire a much better performance from Scuba, resulting in a fantastic flip-flop that you and so many others seem to be enjoying so far.

      Like you, I was pleasantly surprised by Scuba’s improvement when it comes to bottoming. Everything I said in the scene summary is 100% true about Scuba’s journey, and it has truly been thrilling to watch. Dominic’s too, for that matter. Even though it was much shorter.

      Thanks again for the rave review, and I hope you stay healthy and safe during these crazy times!

  5. malachi6

    Very Hot and excellent pairing. I slept on Scuba because what he has shown me in the last two scenes puts him right up there as one of BBA’s best.

  6. Stubz89

    DOMINIC YOU’RE DOING AMAZING SWEETY. Honestly I thought this scene was about to be trash. I thought this is a horrible pairing wtf, why would he put them together. I was wrong. They both did really good performing and there was sexual chemistry so it worked out just fine. Scuba finally starting to look legal. I don’t like to watch his videos.

    1. Tdawg

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Many scenes where you can tell the guys are enjoying themselves while taking dick, for whatever reason, they don’t cum while getting fucked. BBA does, however, have scenes where they do, so I’m not necessarily talking about this site, BUT there are times when it seems like the guys are enjoying bottoming in a certain position (dick hard and seemingly authentic moaning), where the scene switches to them in a different position that doesn’t seem to be as comfortable (Dick soft and sometimes grimacing facial expressions, fake moans). I’m trying to figure out why are the scenes edited or directed like that? Or is it the model? As for me, I’d much prefer fewer different positions if the guys enjoy it in a certain way. Ik u can’t please everyone and because of that you have to get as many shots in as many positions as possible to please the masses, but one thing is for sure, almost everyone likes to see these gay-4-pay guys finally break down and show that they are actually enjoying the physical pleasures of male-on-male sex. So when they finally do start enjoying, why not let them? Once they do really get into it, THAT’S what makes the scene HOT. That’s why so many of Ross’ scenes are so well liked! Jay C’s too! Take for example, “The Ghost of Christmas Present,” Even Stylez could’ve left a definite impression and made the scene much more hot, had he cum while being fucked and on his back (which seemed to be his most comfortable position). Also, Had Scuba cum while getting fucked, that would’ve carried this scene over the Sun! As much as Justice is expressive and very vocal, even his scenes would be hotter if he, after doing all of the things he’s directed to do, switched back to a position that he really enjoys, and came while getting fucked! Man I bet his moans would be out of this world! I could go on and on about other models and scenes, but I’m sure u understand what I’m saying. Anywho, this was still a very hot scene and in my opinion there was no need for Dominic to bottom this time. Especially since, although he is a good actor, he couldn’t mask being uncomfortable well enough to match Scuba’s genuine enjoyment of bottoming this time around. Acting in this case, was beat out by authenticity, and I’m sure you already know most viewers can typically tell the difference. As many have said before, “The dick doesn’t lie” (unless of course there is a medical issue going on). With that being said, keep up the good work, and continue to grow! I’ll definitely continue to support BBA, hopefully for another several more years. 😊

      1. Michael

        I understand and even share your desire to see the guys cum while getting fucked, but that is a lot easier said than done. Only a very small handful of models are able to do this. Even in “real life,” I know a lot of experienced gay bottoms who can’t cum from getting fucked. Trust me, there has never been a time where a model was ready to cum while bottoming and I told them “No, wait, I’d prefer you just jack off instead!” LOL. We ALWAYS try our best to include a natural, spontaneous climax, but unfortunately we only rarely ever hit the jackpot with that.

        The one exception to this would be in a flip-flop scenario like this scene where Scuba cumming at that point in the shoot would have made it much more difficult for him to sustain an erection and top Dominic later. And while I understand that you personally could have done without that, many of our viewers (and Dominic’s bank account) probably disagree. 😛

        As far as the occasional sudden jumps from one position to another are concerned, these can be caused by any number of factors. Sometimes the bottom gets overwhelmed and simply can’t do the position any longer, or he suddenly has to go to the bathroom, or the top’s dick stops cooperating, or my camera battery suddenly dies, etc., etc.

        Again, you can rest assured that I have never prematurely cut off a passionate, pleasure-filled moment unless there was a good reason. In fact, I always try to let those exciting, organic moments stretch out as long as they possibly can.

        1. Tdawg

          Hopefully I didn’t come off in a negative way.

          Thanks for answering my questions. Please let me clarify I didn’t mean cumming FROM getting fucked, which kinda alludes to “handsfree” orgasm. Idk if u thought that’s what I was talking about. I said cumming WHILE getting fucked which includes masturbation while getting fucked and with that being said, BBA has certainly hit the jackpot quite a few times in my opinion, that’s why I said I’m not talking so much about BBA. I just wanted to know from a producer/director’s POV why does that “seem” to happen. And you’ve answered that question for me.

          As for some guys not able to cum while getting fucked there is always a reason, (I know that you know this already, but others may not) usually it has more to do with the top or bottom not knowing how to stimulate the prostate correctly or a mental block; however, it isn’t something that can’t be overcome given time and patience. Of course, IN A PERFECT WORLD, you would have the time to wait for those models to gain the “ability,” possibly even train them. and you would also be able to be very selective over how much ur willing to pay for certain types of scenes, only giving the big bucks to those models that are capable of having an orgasm while getting fucked, and also make the scene happen the way you envision it 100% of the time. But of course this is not a perfect world, shit happens, and you do the best you can given the circumstances handed down every time you get ready to shoot a scene. I just had a couple of questions mainly, and for the most part you’ve answered them.

          I don’t know what the payment schedule is like, but maybe cumming while getting fucked could be incentivized if it isn’t already. The fact still remains that lots of members like to see the guys cum while getting fucked. Maybe this is a question better answered privately, possibly, but what in your opinion could be done to increase the number of scenes in this niche?

          I’m glad you are able to see that most of my previous post was my personal opinion, and hopefully I didn’t step on any toes expressing it.

          Thanks for your quick response, and I do appreciate your candidness.

          1. Michael

            No worries, I didn’t take your comments as being negative at all and I’m always happy to answer questions from loyal viewers like yourself.

            Everything in my comment above applies to cumming FROM getting fucked (hands-free) AND cumming WHILE getting fucked. The majority of our guys simply can’t do it. I’m sure the fact that the vast majority of them aren’t naturally submissive or “bottoms” by nature is also a big part of the reason for that.

            To be honest, I don’t think any amount of money could magically make that happen more frequently, at least in the context of a porn shoot. You’d be shocked by how many guys struggle just to deliver a good cum-shot, period. This type of work is a lot harder than it looks! (No pun intended lol).

  7. Chris

    This was really a great scene

    I feel like had Dominic put some lube on his hand & jerked Scuba while he was riding him he would’ve came that’s probably why he came quick when it came time for him to top

    & it seems like Scuba was ready to go again after Dominic nutted cuz he almost didn’t wanna let his dick go

    I just wanna start seeing their faces when they cum

  8. Chris

    Also I think you should do like Dick Drainers some times do after cum tortures to see & hear the straight models reactions especially with like a Ross, Trapp , Saint or Bandit

    & some creampies too

  9. TJ

    This was a sexxii ass flip fuck scene. I give it a 10 outta 10 because you could clearly see the natural vibe and attraction they had for each other. Same with the video Justice & Lil Jake, they CLEARLY were into each other.

    My question to you Mike isss, how likely is it in the porn industry to get models to do crossover work? I know you had models that worked for other companies in the past, and I know that the sensational XL still works in the business.

    It would be AWESOME if us fans could see XL in 3way verse action with 2 of the hottest BBA models. For me personally I’d LOVE to see XL, Trapp, & Bandit all go at it.

    This could all be wishful thinking but just thought Id ask/bring the idea to your attention.

    Can’t wait for the next scene. So far yall have been on POINT in 2020

    1. Michael

      As a general rule, we don’t like to work with well-known “porn stars” unless they’re doing something unique and exclusive for us, like bottoming for the first time on camera or crossing over from doing straight porn.

      For the most part, however, we prefer showcasing true amateur talent you won’t see anywhere else.

      1. Al

        Touching on this…
        XL used to be a fave of mine since thugbait but I grew tired of seeing him.
        Along with BBA my only other fave is beefcakehunter.
        Twud be a dream for me to see Brod, Marcus and Kane make a feature in one of your scenes Michael. What do u think of this idea? 😉😛


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