Website Update: What His Girl Won’t Do

We have a special surprise for our viewers this weekend with the much-requested return of light-skinned straight Jamaican boy Kingston after more than a year.

On a recent BBA trip, Kingston finds himself sharing a bedroom with Scuba, another much-missed model we haven’t seen in awhile.

As both guys mess around on their phones in separate beds late one night, Kingston complains about his girlfriend not giving him any pussy. Realizing that “a nutt is a nutt,” the horny Jamaican boy resigns himself to watching porn on his phone while his bisexual roommate casts cautious, curious glances in his direction.

Scuba eventually joins Kingston on the bed, horny and intrigued to see just how far his new “straight” roommate will go when he volunteers to do “what his girl won’t do”….

Enjoy this sexy, voyeuristic sneak peek at the type of “DL” encounter that no doubt takes place behind closed doors all the time.

For only the second time in his life, Scuba surrenders his own near-virgin ass to another guy’s dick, reminding the skeptical straight boy just how good a guy’s tight and warm ass can feel….

Kingston still fucks with the kind of “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!” stiffness that’s to be expected from someone still so new to the game. But while his MIND might be reluctant to admit it, his big uncut DICK can’t deny the pleasure of plunging in and out of boy ass.

Scuba clings to the bed for dear life and gasps in pleasure mingled with pain as the cute and cocky Jamaican grabs his hips and begins POUNDING that round, juicy ass like it’s his girlfriend’s wet pussy!

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27 comments on “Website Update: What His Girl Won’t Do
  1. Fourwallsxxx

    We love to hate Kingston, but he’s a guilty pleasure of ours because he really gives us the authentic straight bad boy that just needs cash. I can appreciate how he looks completely uninterested and turned off at times, personally it turns me on.

    Now.. Scuba, as a fan and subscriber for about 7 years now he has the least amount of sex appeal of all BBA models, there’s usually a certain swag that BBA models have that comes out after the first couple of scenes but Scuba just hasn’t delivered in my honest opinion.

    This scene in particular could have been hotter if Kingston was my paired with someone more confident, Scuba seemed very awkward he seemed liked he was trying too hard to come off straight or bro-ish… he’s a good looking kid but I can never say anything good about any scene he’s in. I really hope this didn’t come off too harsh, I’m still busting to that scene with Justice last week.

    Y’all feel me on this?

    1. Michael

      Agree with you 100% about Kingston, but couldn’t disagree with you more about Scuba. Have you actually watched his scenes with Manny and Jah? I rest my case lol.

      1. JVerde

        I was wondering where that analysis of Scuba came from. It’s as if they was speaking about somebody I had never seen before. I’ll admit I haven’t watched the vid with Scuba and Kingston yet. But everything he has done even his solo which I normally don’t care for was good. Guess we are back to that crime scene eye witness analogy where 20 people all witness the same crime but not one saw the same thing. Lol 😂

    2. Jamal

      No sir, we love scuba he gives me straight boy who is like damn I wanna like this but I can’t believe I’m getting fucked. Would rather see scuba than stylez

  2. TexasBugg

    THESE 2 YOUNG BULLS was fucking like 2 dogs that got stuck when kingston layed all the way down on scuba’s back i said scuba just hooked him making that tight gold hole tighten up around kingston pretty dick damm scuba u been gone for awhile that hole still tight no 1 been doggin u out kingston babyboy fuck the haters do u have fun u can’t hide how good scuba hole was from a pro i know scuba ass is pure 48 kt gold u was inside a thug’s gold mine nothing but gold walls when scuba showed his asshole i said damm let me fuck now kingston u got a gold dick cause your dick was feelin so good to scuba i love when scuba said it feels so fucking good scuba i know u loved that handsome young bull on your back kingston u enjoyed fucking that sexy pretty young thug this is a 20plus scene

  3. TexasBugg

    MONTEZ(AKA JACK)MEANING JACK OF ALL TRADE U DID WONDERFUL U ALL GOING WITH THIS PRISON RAW SEX I’M LOVING IT WHEN KINGSTON WAS GOING IN/OUT SCUBA TIGHT HOLE KINGSTON PRETTY DICK WAS TELLING SCUBA DAMM IT SO WARM IN HERE BBAWORLDWIDE2020 U ALL GETS BETTER WITH TIME SCUBA U CAN BEST BELIEVE LIL JAKE IS WATCHING THIS SCENE AND HE WANTS SOME OF That gold u got back there job well done guys kingston fuck what others say u still a young thug with your thug card scuba u badd babyboy u 2 both was looking so sexy while u 2 was fucking coffee/cream damm scuba u fine as fuck u owe trapp a hitt at that gold lil jake wants some also trapp/scuba/lil jake whatascene/whatascene wowwow powpowpowwowwow

    1. Montez

      LOL thank you for the enthusiasm! Certainly a mixed bag of feedback but I’m happy you enjoyed the scene!

  4. TexasBugg

    scuba u look so fucking sexy getting fucked damm u hott as fuck i want to see u/lil jake cause u both r super freaks i really hope mike see that match cause scuba u come a long way from 18 years old u r the young thug who has become leader of the pack of young thugs who r enjoyng their young life/having fun at the same time i have watched this scene over 10 times it never gets old job well done(BBAWORLDWIDE2020) ANOTHER GOLD SCENE IN THE BOOKS.

  5. Freakfrom317

    Montez, I see you doing big things! Good job directing this scene. Very good to see Kingston again. Looking forward to the day he bottoms. 😍

    1. JVerde

      That is something I NEVER NEVER EVER want to see Kingston do solely for money. Cant forget how fragile this man was the last time. How people dragged and outed him and his viral meltdown.

      1. GetRealNig9@

        Nobody gives af how fragile he is when his punk ass came back to do the very job that ran him off. Girl shut up

    2. Montez

      Thank you. I appreciate the feedback and support. It was just my first time and certainly wasn’t easy (in many ways).

  6. Wayne

    I enjoyed seeing Kingston again, he’s definitely one of my favorites. I was disappointed in the scene though. Scuba was limp the entire time. How about directing the guys to stroke while getting it in. Also Kingston did nothing in the scene. Last I saw him he was sucking two huge cocks now he’s pretending to be afraid of dick. I’m sorry if I come off harsh but I’m used to progression when it comes to BBA models. I also hate the lazy cumshot ending. With such hot models so more could have been done. It’s sad I have to keep watching old scenes to get off.

  7. TexasBugg

    i would love to see lil jake lay all the way down on scuba back watching lil jake dick go in/out of scuba sweet gold thug ass hole damm i hope we get that scene.

  8. Jayden

    I just saw the scene, and I have read some of the comments. All things considered, the scene was quite good, in fact it was really good. Let’s discuss. 😈

    Consideration 1: It’s Montez’s directorial debut. New jobs require time for the person to get used to the position to do it his style, his way. Montez has to find his own style of directing, but I do I have to say that he was excellent in this scene. Now if we can just get him to be a model. 😈

    Consideration 2: It’s Scuba’s second time bottoming. Same applies here. Scuba has to find a style of bottoming that works best for him; however, he was awesome in the way that he handled Kingston’s strokes. Once he does, he will be able to add his “nasty” vibe like only he can. Love that dude!

    Consideration 3: Kingston’s 2nd full action scene. Kingston is new to G4P work—it’s not going to look nice. Although I have to say that I forgot how great Kingston looked in his birthday suit. His cakes are everything! Cute ass! 😈

    Consideration 4: Kingston seemingly went from “Next Level” to “Back to Basics”. This is one note that some folks probably won’t like, but it’s a perspective that should be considered. Some fans didn’t find it appreciable that Kingston failed to do any oral work…at all. Feedback included comments that Kingston shouldn’t ever return. It’s because fans are used to seeing models that have taken the classic “Next Level” course continue forward in G4P work in scenes. This scene was a step back. We saw him perform oral work in “Kingston: The Next Level” only to see him do none at all in this scene. This is unusual for BBA, and understandably, disappointing to some fans.

    Consideration 5: Behind the scenes business etc. Now, let’s consider the other side. It takes work to put incredible projects together. No one knows what was actually done with the director and models to make this scene work. Payments had to be negotiated, and no one knows if the models and/or circumstances were difficult to work with. In other words, BBA may have had to go through hell and high water to bring these models back, and may have allowed the model to forgo some acts, just to keep him there to film.

    Consideration 6: “BBA Magic” happens, and it’s been working for years.

    Let’s not forget the success in this area:

    -Apollo refused to bottom several days before the ‘15 Christmas scene.

    -Isaiah wouldn’t bottom for a billion dollars

    -Trapp said “I can’t get fukd”

    -Stephon couldn’t believe Mike was eating his ass

    -It took Ross four years before he bottomed.

    BBA KNOWS how to get the models to do these things. There’s a reason that Kingston didn’t in this scene.

    All things considered: this ensemble was good shit. Thanks for sharing!

    Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Scuba, and Kingston for this feature! Good shit fellas!

    1. GetRealNig9@

      We all knew it was bullshit tho! Ross has always liked dick or fingers in that hole. That shit been Beautiful n open since the beginning. Ross ain’t NEVA fooled me

    2. KNG5TNFN

      Perfect assessment! I haven’t commented in awhile and you have this broken down nicely. These people complaining always forget that the true core of BBA is amateurism at its best, real people with hidden talents they didn’t know they had and it takes alot of PATIENCE. That beautiful caramel island boy “Kingston” will get there, he’s enough of a freak to take it to that next level, but give him some time. “Scuba” I’m not disappointed, love his scenes! Montez, great debut! Now I want know where is “Rocky”?? “Shameeks” & ” Scuba” went all the way…. he needs to anti- up! I’d love to see him take it to the next level also Mike/ Montez/Shax. I don’t think Im asking too much eh 😉

  9. Jamal

    Can we see more Isaiah, and Bandit. Definitely love them .. also we need Knockout back and the two straight models

  10. pachulo85

    @michaelgalletta @montez 8 out of 10 Boys. Fuck the haters this has always been the MO of BBA and why i’ve been an avid fan for 10yrs. Kingston was on point, this was exactly like one time in HS when a friend slept over except we were on my computer except, I sucked his soul out then managed to fuck him lol. The thing is most of the gays here bitchin have never been with a straight guy so they don’t understand their nuances. Great job Montez!

    1. Montez

      Thank you! I agree, this was definitely going back to BBA’s roots. You gotta give a little to get a little and have patience with the process.

    1. Montez

      Thank you! I, too, am waiting on that one. Maybe Michael will let me direct that scene, if it happens. hehehe


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