Website Update: Riding The Tyga

Isaiah Fucking Lil Tyga

Lil Tyga has been reluctant to get fucked on camera again ever since he was “taken down” and tamed into submission by his long-distance friend and well-known “porn star” City Bwoy.

He’s always telling me that he won’t let just anybody “climb on his back.” But I had a feeling that a tall, dark-skinned straight boy as hot and hung as Isaiah might be just the thing to convince the cocky young “top” to make a special exception and give up his round, tempting ass for only the SECOND time in BBA history!

See for yourself what happens when one of BBA’s most attractive and popular straight models meets one of our most energetic and dominant gay “tops” in a surprising pairing that you won’t want to miss….

Isaiah and Lil Tyga
This was Lil Tyga’s very first time being paired with a “gay for pay” model, and I wasn’t quite sure how the uninhibited freak would react to working with someone as new to guy-on-guy sex as Isaiah. But from the moment he first laid eyes on Isaiah, Lil Tyga couldn’t wait to get his horny hands on the sculpted straight athlete and show him the ropes!

“Lil Tyga a whole different ballgame from all them other people you done did your shoots with!” Lil Tyga playfully warns the sexy basketball star at the start of their shoot.

Lil Tyga Sucking Isaiah
Isaiah assures Lil Tyga that he’s up for the challenge, and proves it by once again expanding his boundaries just as he’s done in his previous scenes.

That “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!” look still takes over from time to time, but at least we’re making some headway in helping him to be more expressive and show a little more interaction with his scene partners – including touching, kissing, and even some nipple-sucking this time!

One of my favorite parts of this scene comes when Lil Tyga bends Isaiah over the couch and buries his face in that muscular butt! There are few things Lil Tyga loves more (or does better) than eating ass, so it’s only fitting that he should be the first person other than me lucky enough to feast on that sweet straight-boy ass….

Lil Tyga Eating Isaiah's Ass
Lil Tyga and Isaiah Making Out
There’s a generous amount of kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating leading up to the moment we’ve all been waiting to see:

Isaiah plunging his huge, curved dick deep inside the cocky top’s round, upturned ass as Lil Tyga’s howls of pain mixed with moans of pleasure echo noisily throughout the bedroom and beyond….

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Isaiah Fucking Lil Tyga

30 comments on “Website Update: Riding The Tyga
  1. Cobra

    Baby steps but you can see Isaiah opening up more and more. He is worth the wait so it will be interesting to see his progress . I personally wasn’t feeling Lil Tyga. Nothing attractive about him from his personality to his body. Isaiah was as comfortable with him as any of his BBA partners so he must have seen something I missed lol. Not a blockbuster but a good post overall.

  2. Whobei

    Much better work from Isaiah. He’s still having a hard time accepting what he’s doing but he seems to be coming around. It seems like he’s gotten some coaching from Saint. And I loved seeing Tyga take that dick. He looked like he really enjoyed it. And tell Tyga that I like his new haircut, it’s really cute on him.

  3. Jamal

    Wonder if we will get to see lil tyga fuck Isaiah? It would be hot to see Stephon get fucked by Isaiah or lil tyga…or vice versa

  4. D-Money

    first off mike love the change u made letting the models do the interview u been at it for a long time give your voice some time off and let the models break outta the nervous by doing the intros great change and touch mike…….first off gotta give love to tyga he been gone but not forgotten and his freak game brought more passion out of isaiah for him to get that far and let him eat that azz too great now if i can get lil tyga to have that phatty ate it would been great to see but always great to see tyga take and give dick hes another one of your models thats ready to shine i think great to see him great to see more aggressive tyga freaky tyga bring the freak more out of isaiah the more he gets comfortable with just doing him the more hell let his walls down and go for broke!!! great scene love the oral love the aggression by both models and would love to see tyga break in some more upcoming models like he said hes getting great at doin that……….great as always mike!!!!

  5. Sam

    Yo this Isaiah dude is one of the best lookin’ guys I’ve seen in all of porn. Whether straight or gay. These dudes making negative comments about him are foolish. Idc if he never bottoms. He’s truly a straight guy and that’s what makes him even more attractive. Sure I would love to see him bottom but that would kinda lower his overall prestige a lil bit. I don’t even mind the fact that he’s uptight. Him acting like that just reassures me that he is truly a “gay for pay model” because honestly a lot of guys that claim they’re “straight” or “bi” on here are questionable.

  6. Htown

    I have never really been an Isaiah fan because of his total lack of interest and personality. I’m not sure if he followed advice from the previous blogs or if maybe he was coached along the way in this scene. Nevertheless, he really stepped up and proved he does have what it takes to put on a good performance. I hope there is more to come as I would love to see his BBA personality continue to evolve. Good job!

  7. lob Taylor

    PS: Isaiah is too gorgeous I don’t care if he never bottoms . I loved how he enjoyed Dragon against his better judgement his dick couldn’t lie it wanted some of Dragon. And it looks same way with this update. I watch his face and dick all the time.Lol

  8. DMV Fan

    Kudos to Lil Tyga for one of the best BBA scenes this summer! I believe his aggressive manner helped relax Isaiah to give his best performance to date. Lil Tyga’s thuggish, masculine style, even when bottoming, makes him one of most exciting models for your site.

    Michael, the next time you want to offer a BBA model an exclusive contract, please offer it to Lil Tyga because he has consistently provided some of the most erotic and memorable scenes for BBA!

  9. Pascal

    Congratulations to everyone involved in this scene. That was a good update! Lil Tyga deserves a bonus, seeing how well he worked on Isaiah’s ego in the interview at the start. Daring him and everything.

    What I took from the scene is that Isaiah likes to make his scene partners scream. But the little hum he had going on when he enjoyed himself was cool also.

    Good job everybody!

  10. Stoned Mountain

    Wow was that MY Isaiah kissing and caressing and layin’ pipe!!?? What a show. A new Isaiah or an emerging top???

    1. Stoned Mountain

      Of course it goes without saying that the scene’s success is powered by Tyga’s deft performance. Only the second viewing showed me how Tyga made Isaiah look and FEEL like a top. Kudos to both guys, and you.

  11. Que

    This is by far my favorite BBA scene in the past year at least and favorite of Isaiah’s. Isaiah has proven with this scene that he can really get involved and relax so that the pleasure can just take over. I noticed Isaiah really enjoyed getting his ass ate by Tyga and kissing him and that his favorite position was the missionary with tyga’s legs wrapped around him fucking him deep. Honestly it seems like there was a real connection between the two of them especially with that ending kiss I’m pretty sure when the scene was over the two of them made sure to exchange contact info. Michael I know your not in the habit of doing the same people back to back in scenes however with this pairing I think we need to see what happens in round two with them give it a few weeks for them to miss one another and then bring them back together and let the cameras roll. I think we will all see exactly how far Isaiah is willing to go and watch these two test one another’s limits. It would have been hot to see Isaiah fuck Tyga raw especially when he was slapping his dick on Tyga’s hole when tyga was squatting down on him squeezing him tightly. Yeah that would have been amazing.

  12. DJ

    Lil Tyga made this scene for me. This guy oozes sex appeal and looks good doing what he does. Isaiah was good too, much better in this scene. Best scene of the month, maybe of the summer!

  13. Lil Tyga

    Hi everybody this is Tyga I would like to thank all my fans I love what I do and reading these post makes me love it even more love you guys thanks again!!!

    1. Shawny

      damn yo def have to give up the ass some more i need to see somebody hitting that from the back making that phat ass jiggle you da best

  14. Shekey

    Damn this scene was hot as fuck kudos to Lil Tyga for making the scene so hot getting Isaiah a lil more comfortable & I notice Isaiah was into it a bit more than the other scenes.

    I loved seeing Tyga sucking Isaiah’s dick & eat his ass it was really hot & Isaiah was liking it I also loved the kissing & touching. Isaiah can fuck really good & Lil Tyga was loving all that dick I could tell lol.

    Overall awesome fucking scene Mike I can’t wait to see if they do another scene together or if not please make sure who ever you pair Isaiah with be aggressive & be passionate.Thank you Mike xo

  15. kenny fan

    I LOVE IT !!! especially when u got close ups with isaiah’s and tyga’s ass i give it a 10/10

    btw…..i still wish and can’t wait for the day Isaiah bottoms !!!

  16. DC

    Fool U all kiss like a baby and Fool thehell out of everyonehe’s 100 bisexual playing for more money and like I said Mike played u he talks about he doesn’t like it then take your ass heterosexual site

  17. 2raw4ya

    Lil Tyga definitely has the type of sexy swag I loved. He masculine, Freaky, and has that delicious bubble ass. This scene was absolutely GREAT!!! With that said, I think he has what it takes for a guy like Isaiah & AB to REALLY tap into their Real Freak side…and the THREE paired TOGETHER(hint hint)…would be Total Overload…lol

    1. 2raw4ya

      I agree…because the Smokie kat would be a Great addition. I was wondering the same thing, but I do understand the hesitation also

  18. derik

    THIS WAS SO CUTE I was dyin laughing at the end Isaiah turned tyga out! he was so cute rubbin on his chest I personally think tyga is adorable I love his accent and his ass is so sexy,,they would make a cute couple..

    p.s mike PLEASE DO NOT LET ISAIAH BOTTOM!! don’t fuck up the fantasy I don’t wanna see him bottom and im sure a lot of ppl agree like hes a masc top don’t turn him into a bottom it works more for tyga and dayday cuz they smaller plz don’t turn Isaiah into a bottom it will break my heart

  19. nat

    i just dont get the Isaiah hype. he still looks like he doesnt want to be there, and still has a weak stroke. he might be a bottom playin top.


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