Website Update: Santa’s Special Surprise (Part Two)

Santa's Special Surprise


As we wrap up a year that introduced some of BBA’s hottest models and featured some of our very best scenes, it only seemed fitting to celebrate the holiday season and welcome in the new year with a “special surprise” for BBA’s viewers.

Those of you who’ve already watched Part One of this action-packed holiday special know by now that it concluded with Apollo finally offering up his ass after stubbornly keeping it off-limits for almost a year.

“I need one of y’all to FUCK me!” Apollo told his co-stars with a seductive smile – words he swore would never come out of his mouth as recently as LESS THAN A WEEK before this was filmed!

If you’re one of the many viewers who have been patiently (and in some cases, NOT so patiently) waiting to see this sexy straight ex-Army guy’s perfect ass stuffed with DICK, then you won’t want to miss this shocking conclusion as one of BBA’s most popular “gay for pay” models surprises his fans with a special Christmas present they’ll never forget!

No, you’re not imagining things after drinking too much eggnog and rum 😉 . Almost a full year after his experimentation with gay sex began, Apollo finally BENDS OVER and surrenders his beautiful butt to another man’s RAW dick for the VERY FIRST TIME! (Yes, in another wickedly thrilling twist to this scene, Apollo agrees to get fucked WITHOUT A CONDOM!).

Watch in disbelief and amazement as Apollo raises his muscular legs in the air and finally gives another man ULTIMATE access to that most prized and protected part of his flawless young body.

His eyes clenched tightly shut in determined endurance, Apollo gasps and curses and groans with a mix of pleasure and pain as Ross slowly sinks his fingers and later his long dick deep inside that tight, VIRGIN ass….


WARNING: If you’re only interested in passionate fucking between experienced gay “porn stars,” then this ISN’T the scene or website for you! What you will witness in this scene are the authentic, unscripted reactions of a REAL STRAIGHT GUY being fucked in his ass for the very first time – and by another inexperienced straight guy who is still very new to trying guy-on-guy sex. It requires some patience and perseverance to “break in” Apollo’s resistant cherry before he and Ross enjoy getting their raw dicks up inside Mello’s cute muscle-butt.

It’s a crucial first step that you don’t want to miss, and hopefully this will only be the BEGINNING of Apollo’s next chapter in “gay for pay” porn!

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to see Apollo finally GIVE UP HIS ASS any time you’d like!


48 comments on “Website Update: Santa’s Special Surprise (Part Two)
  1. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I’m NOT even going to lie…..I LOVED IT !!!!! Great way to end off 2015 in the porn world LOL

    Next it’s Ross’s turn to get fucked ! LOL

    I give this scene a 10/10

  2. Chris

    I will admit I was against Apollo bottoming however… Once I seen Ross doing it it was so hot. I still don’t want to see Apollo bottoming all the time.

    Ross did his thang this time. It’s pretty obvious that no matter who it is once his dick is touched it gets hard. & it seems as tho he’s always on the brink of cumming. Also you can tell he was very uncomfortable with Apollo standing behind him with his dick on his ass as he was fucking Mello. For Ross’s next scene someone should suck the soul out his dick after he cums, I bet that reaction would be priceless.

    After weeks of honestly not being satisfied I will admit you knocked this 1 out the park. Good job ?now let’s work on getting AB & Caesar back.

    1. Damien

      Ross was not uncomfortable at all with Apollo standing behind him…..Ross was turned on with Apollo touching and rubbing him. I don’t know where that came from…I didn’t see that at all. Ross was totally into it.

  3. Corey Big Daddy

    I’d. Love. To. Play with apollo one. Day. That. Has to. Happen. Lol. Saint , isaiah Freaky J.

    Ass munching. Good safe and. Raw play.

  4. Jo Wilfried

    Happy New Year!

    I can’t believe it really happened. A fan have said; “It’s a big teaser!” Now, I can tell that ROSS will be next… guess who gonna “top” him? hmmm

  5. DanE

    Apollo, ….what can I say about this brother? From the time he first uttered those 5 words “I’m comfortable with my sexuality” after his solo, he has lived up to those words. As a straight guy doing gay for pay, the brother showed he was comfortable touching, feeling, soon sucking dick, and not to mention fucking and eating ass in no time. And boy what he does with that long tongue of his. With his natural good looks, awesome body, and beautiful virgin ass he was truly up to the challenge. Though I’m sure there was some pain involved, the brother even admitted to getting some pleasure out of taking dick for the first time. I for one had no doubt he would give the performance he did. Apollo you have some strong competition with Ross, the brother is a true freak, and whenever he comes into his own he’ll be off the hook, you can see it in him with only 3 or 4 scenes under his belt. Keep it up Ross. Thanks Apollo for allowing all of us to witness you surrender your ass. And thanks Mike for making it happen. Now bring the two back for a flip flop Mike. Make it happen!

  6. John B

    Favorite part: The look of surprise on Ross’s face when he realized he was about to bust his nutt. Pretty sure you can’t script that. Love the authenticity of this one. #ThatISAll

  7. Damien

    HOT! Ross and Apollo are the best. (I’m also a big Freaky J fan). They are both hot with great personality. Hope to see them in many more scenes. Love to see Ross and Apollo in a duo…….and also threesomes with other guys. Saint, Freaky J, Kody,…..etc.

  8. D-Money

    Well what a way to begin 2016 with this 2015 wrap up!! I have to agree Mike Apollo definitely definitely took one hell of a step into being a face to look out for in 2016!! All guys were professional great chemistry of ass eating and Ross and Apollo did great with flipping that Mello yellow ass and it was definitely worth my wait after the holiday I cant wait to see who’s the new face for 2016 on BBA who will take that throne on being on the BBA mountain for 2016!!!

  9. chucke1


  10. Drake

    Very hot!! Thanks Michael for the Christmas special!! Love Apollo and Ross. Ross is very, very, very, sexy!! Definitely would like to see more of Ross!! Ross is my favorite BBA model. The only down side to it, is I can’t afford to download, but it was still a great scene and look forward to more Ross and Apollo!! Happy Holidays!!

  11. Eagerbeaver

    Im not feeling part 2… Ross could not stay hard and that messed up everything for me.. Lil Tyga should have took his place or Ross should have bottomed instead

  12. DanE

    I too, thought Ross was a little uneasy with Apollo behind him rubbing that thang on his ass. Out of all the straight gay for pay models Apollo in only a year has out shined, out performed the top 5, including Saint, Isaiah, Rico and Freaky J. Ross on the other hand may be the only one to be Apollo’s competition in the future, IF he comes into his own. The brother has a freaky side about him, more so than Apollo, not to mention his ability to show his emotions, and my can he moan. I can just see him, in my mind sucking a dick and even taking it to the next level. These two brothers need to return in a two some, enjoying each others bodies in a flip flop. Apollo didn’t disappoint, Ross held his own. Bring them back Mike.

    1. Damien

      I didn’t see Ross uneasy at all with Apollo behind him…just the opposite. He was turned on with Apollo kissing and rubbing up on him while he was fucking Mello.

    2. Chris

      As I stated earlier in my comment Ross did seem uncomfortable with Apollo putting his penis on his ass. I don’t think he minded the kissing on the neck

  13. tynfyr

    my boy apollo is so sexy he almost makes me forget about trae (almost)…

    in fact, apollo could be in a scene with an ugly fat girl and i would still bust two or three nuts…

    ok, that may be pushing it…


    seriously though, mello was pointless and ross is still too uptight…

    and yes, ross was totally tripping about apollo’s dick sliding between his cheeks…

    he was cool with playing with the dick and the neck kissing, even the closeness, but when apollo slid the dick in the crack…

    it got way too hot for ross…

    you have to eat ross’ ass real good before you go there…

    you remember how he let cordell finger him…

    it’s coming, but it’s gonna take the vets to get it out of him…

    or should i say, in to him…

    pun intended…

    i don’t want to see apollo as the new isaiah either, but i don’t think the dynamics are the same…

    anyway, in spite of some technical difficulties, it was a good scene…

    bring it on in 2016, mike…

  14. JoWilfried

    I find APOLLO is better than ROSS in many aspects. But ROSS might be a better “cock sucker” when the right time comes. ROSS is excellent in “ass eating” so that could be a hint…
    One of the uniqueness of this scene;
    •whistling, biting of pillow, superb cum shot… fucking in a couch, chair and on the floor.
    A great scene indeed!

  15. Bones

    I think people are just more floored at the fact that Apollo finally bottomed. Once that initial excitement dies down, this is a very mediocre scene. Why is Apollo more into it than his costars? Ross could barely keep his dick hard. And did we really need to see Mello bottoming again?

    Let me just say that it doesn’t even take much to get me excited. I was even turned on by that scene with Legacy that everyone else hated, but this scene here was just okay to me. I was expecting more.

    1. JoWilfried

      Because APOLLO got the big slice of the pie!?
      APOLLO performed well being as a NEW face of BBA. Let’s give credit to MELLO too. APOLLO have a good chemistry with him.
      For ROSS, he needs to show “passion” if he wants to pursue a “career” in the “porn” industry.

    2. Damien

      I never noticed at all that Ross wasn’t hard. It looked hard enough for me. He def. looked turned on to me….being new to this and having a camera on. He was awesome.

  16. Tori Fan

    Mmmmmm not sure. You know I lust after Apollo. When he said he was gonna get fucked I got immediately hard. But as always I just couldn’t take him getting fucked and not really enjoying it. I know that’s YOUR THANG.

    But I will say he tried his best to save the scene. Maybe if he continues he can make it more believable. Ross, I gained some respect for him. He wasn’t trying to bust Apollo’s ass wide open. He was respectful of it and I gave him some points for that. Plus you showed his toes and they appeared to be suckable. I especially liked when he was getting in that ass good and he started to nut. The surprise look on his face and then it was like did I do something wrong to only finish by nutting on his ass was hawt.

    Mello….don’t know why he was there. Limp dick. The look on his face was even….is it over yet.

    You know I’m honest. See ya soon.

  17. Dale

    I have always been intrigued by Apollo……First , he teases us with his earlier scenes, then he gets his toes sucked, and FINALLY, he gets fucked. He just jumped about 5 slots up on my BBA favorites list. Kenny (I’m still waiting on his proposal!! LOL), Saint, and Beno continue to be my all-time favorites, but Isaiah, Freaky J and now Apollo are making their cases. Good work!!

  18. Jo Wilfried

    The scene between APOLLO and LIL TYGA already gave me a hint that APOLLO was gonna go this far. But when the right time comes… ’twas a perfect timing. Whew. I thought it’s ROSS turn to do the next level; kissing, sucking dicks. It didn’t happen this time. APOLLO is still my man! 169 likes and still counting…

    1. Tori

      Yes Ross is very Hot and I feel he can blow up almost as good as Apollo but he has to do more..looks not going to keep a fan base…start him off with kissing at least

  19. jamitis28

    I concur with the other posters that this scene is very mediocre. It’s exciting that Apollo decided to bottom but when you really look at it, everything seems kinda awkward. Ross can’t get hard for Apollo but was brick for Cordell. Hmmm

    Mello is in the room but seems as distant as the moon. Apollo saves the scene to some extent. He was the only one all the way into it. I’m almost mad at myself for getting caught up in the hype. This scene isn’t even in the top 10 scenes of the year. Ross and Apollo still phoine tho. Lol

    1. Michael

      Either you must think we’re lying about this being Apollo’s first time, or you have ridiculously unrealistic expectations for what a guy’s first time getting fucked is supposed to look like. Cordell is openly gay and has been bottoming for years; Apollo is straight and struggling to take his first dick. Topping is obviously going to be smoother and easier in the first scenario, you’re comparing apples to oranges.

      If you didn’t care for the scene, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. But in the same way that you wouldn’t go to a summer blockbuster and expect Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” why on Earth would you watch a scene clearly starring three inexperienced “gay for pay” models and then act surprised and disappointed that it “seems kind of awkward”? Awkwardness and varying degrees of dick hardness almost ALWAYS come with the territory of authentic “gay for pay” porn. And with all due respect, you’ve been around long enough to know this by now.

      Like I clearly and honestly warned in the official scene summary: “If you’re only interested in passionate fucking between experienced gay ‘porn stars,’ then this ISN’T the scene or website for you! What you will witness in this scene are the authentic, unscripted reactions of a REAL STRAIGHT GUY being fucked in his ass for the very first time – and by another inexperienced straight guy who is still very new to trying guy-on-guy sex.”

      Not sure how you got “hype” out of THAT.

      1. Tori

        mike I love your site and your concept (most of my friends do not like the long workup to scenes) they also do not do foreplay lol. But it seems you snapping at people who just don’t get it, your concept that is. Just remember you cannot meet everyone’s needs.. signed a 98% happy fan everything needs just a little room for improvement..

      2. Peter

        I agree 100 percent, Mike. I feel the reason Ross was not hard for the entire scene is because Ross knew he could not go at Apollo as he could Cordell. Ross understood he had to take it slow and therefore he was not hard as I am sure there was a lot of stoppage.

        Hopefully there is a rematch and Apollo is more comfortable bottoming.

    2. JoWilfried

      I agree with Michael. BBA models are amateurs in this kind of field. But they’re paid of what they contributed in every scene… I FULLY UNDERSTAND HOW THIS SITE IS CATERING TO CONSUMERS. Everyone have different preferences… types, scenes, etc.
      Like me, any scenes of APOLLO is fine with me and I appreciate every models performances whatever it’ll be. They’re professionals on other levels because they “GET PAID.” That’s the compliment they got from BBA to please their fan base. We never know if a surprise BBA model like APOLLO, STAXX and KNOCKOUT’s caliber will be introduced soon…

  20. Paul

    I confess to being curious about Apollo, but not enough to rejoin. Threesomes I don’t like. The Santa business is a little creepy for black men. Now that I read there were dick erection issues, or flagging interest, I am glad to hold out for better scenes.

  21. A.J.

    WTF MIKE!!! I can’t believe how this scene literally blew me away. This is the best scene I have ever seen you put out it was AMAZING! Apollo delivered for sure and it was beautiful. I have to say Ross stole the show for me though and the chemistry was off the charts. Ross is a star and I don’t even need to see him bottom I just wanna see him top. It’s very rare I say things like that but he has it and so does Apollo. I never need to see Apollo bottom again either it was just that good. I’m not saying I won’t watch either of them bottom in the future just that the scene was ridiculously fulfilling. Mello did his thing too. I’ve always had an appreciation for him. You get TEN STARS for this one Mike. Now where is Beno lol??? He needs to meet Ross ASAP.

  22. Dave

    Thanks, this is a fantastic scene and easily scores 10 outta 10 !!!
    99% of folk want to see “Tops” bottom as it is so damn hot. Please let us see Apollo bending over and taking dick again soon and please keep up your exciting and excellent work of showing truly hot “Top” guys deciding to bottom on screen for us!

  23. ShyG

    This scene was so good Apollo & Ross really made this scene hot especially Apollo. Apollo took Ross dick good dude is a natural for real but he’s owed a flip flop scene with Ross though. Ross was fucking Apollo good I love hearing him moan and seeing his emotion/reactions. I also saw when Ross was fucking Mello Apollo was in the back of him

    …Ross didn’t mind touching Apollo’s dick or when Apollo was kissing on his neck, but when Apollo had his dick on Ross back I saw Ross wasn’t comfortable with it, and made the excuse that it was hot idk if Ross will ever be ready to take dick but I would love to see it.

    Mello served his purpose suck dick & got fucked but wasn’t he supposed to fuck Apollo too? I guess he couldn’t get it up Mello is kinda boring and stiff but maybe he’ll come into his own. Ross is freaky but he’s not coming into his own like we know he could hopefully he will soon. Overall awesome scene thank you Michael Galletta & Lil Tyga

  24. Cobra

    Apollo is amazing but I enjoyed Mello as well as Ross. Much better body and very sexy in his non assuming way lol. I enjoyed everybody’s work pretty much. It would be nice to treat your straight models to a female but this time make sure they sex each other to satisfy your “strictly gay” critics. I look forward to Thursday every week!!!!! Keep up the GREAT work!

  25. Tori

    If Apollo is a gay for pay actor/performer he has won an oscar, grammy, people choice award, emmy, presidential medal of honor, purple heart, time magazine man of the century, honorary porn degree from porn get the point..I do not buy him not being Bi at least and I am not mad at all!!!

    1. JoWilfried

      APOLLO is versatile… but I hope APOLLO should pick a model that reciprocate and be a factor that a scene will come out as worthy. An APOLLO-CAESAR duo is highly recommended…


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