Website Update: Santa’s Special Surprise (Part One)

Mello, Apollo, and Ross
We’re celebrating the holiday season this year with an action-packed special featuring the surprise return of three of BBA’s most popular “gay for pay” models – including two of the hottest straight boys introduced this past year!

Join Apollo, Ross, and Mello for an intimate holiday gathering as they joke around and get better acquainted, swapping stories about their favorite BBA scenes and experiences from the past year.

It wouldn’t be a true Christmas party without gifts, so the guys open up their presents which turn out to be sexy holiday costumes that they change into before the real fun begins….

Part One of this special holiday threesome includes tons of nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and ass-eating as these three sexy “gay for pay” models – all with lucky girlfriends waiting for them at home – take things to a whole new level in order to give their fans a Christmas present they’ll never forget.

Stay tuned to the very end for a shocking revelation that I guarantee you will NOT want to miss! Let’s just say that as we come to the end of a year that has introduced some of BBA’s hottest models and featured some of our very best scenes, it only seemed fitting to celebrate the holiday season and close out such an unforgettable year with a “special surprise” for BBA’s viewers….


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If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to enjoy Part One of this action-packed holiday threesome any time you’d like!

On behalf of myself and all the BBA models, I want to thank you for your continued interest and loyal support over this past year, and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

We’ll be back next week to close out 2015 and welcome in the new year with this scene’s exciting conclusion.

I’ll also be looking back at some of the highlights and my personal favorites from this unforgettable past year, plus posting polls to find out YOUR favorite models and scenes from the past year.

65 comments on “Website Update: Santa’s Special Surprise (Part One)
  1. chucke1


    1. JoWilfried

      I’m not really agreeable to APOLLO as a “bottom.” Being the most liked among the BBA models… you don’t need to do it. I’m just wondering why APOLLO accepted it. IS APOLLO “DRUNK” AND JUST LET ROSS “TOP” HIM? ‘Twas shocking if that really happened… I think one of APOLLO’S diehard fans “INVESTED” a lifetime membership in BBA?


      1. Damien

        Maybe Apollo wanted to experience it. Some tops want to try it…..and may be versatile once in a while. Nothing wrong with that. I think it would be hot if Apollo likes it and becomes a versatile dude.

  2. mb

    Even though Mello is stiff as a board and obviously miscast, and Ross appears too uncomfortable to take the lead in a scene, this is still a worthwhile scene. THAT’S THE ALLSTAR POWER OF APOLLO!!!

    Not good when the hottest man in the scene is starving to kiss but has no takers. I only hope M & R step their game up in part 2.

  3. Platinum 313

    I am a huge fan of Ross and Apollo. It would be very hot since they all have great chemistry with each other for cordell apollo and ross to be a flip flip bareback scene. Also would love to see ross and apollo in a natural habitat scene as well. then with a sexy big booty chick taking turns with her, then switch to each other would be very hott. Michael you have some of the hottest models in porn. a couple I dont like lol but for the most part your scenes and talent are on point. I like the twinks. i would like to see more of them with each other with an older cat within a ten year range in a scene with them

  4. Damien

    First….Thank You Michael!

    2nd..I think I have a huge crush on Apollo and Ross. They are hot. The scene was hot. They both have great personalities. Confident and Sexy. Those tights on Ross were sexy! Apollo ass made my mouth salivate like my dog…you could eat that all day. Love watching a masculine man like Apollo really enjoying a dick.

    The only thing I was hoping to see Ross and Apollo kiss passionately. Ross needs to let go and enjoy himself. I know he wants to. I know it’s in him waiting to come out. Watching him eat out Apollo’s perfect ass was amazing…..but I think Ross will find in the future Apollo’s ass taste much better without the whipped cream.

    Please more Ross and Apollo. Please come back guys for many more scenes. Maybe a one on one scene with you guys also.

  5. D-Money

    Wow what a damn gift Mike!!!!!!!!! Apollo sexy Mello and Ross Mike you definitely have a Top 5 christmas scene in the making right here hott oral actions and damn I thought I like Reddi Whip Ross went the fuck HAM on that azz!!! Ready for part 2!!!

  6. DC

    you know what Mike I keep it 100 you outdid yourself this time you sure know how to play the deck of cards u are the kings of diamonds real good like I’ve been telling you i always want to see that brother nice ass get fuck good and hard n wet that boy pussy he has the finest ass on your site I may complain a lot because I want the best that I pay for but one thing I like about you like you said you do not take no for an answer when it come to yo fine ass total tops to give up that boypussy next up to give up that ass is Ross n Blake Bishop and PS 2 you might have a Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family and the BBA PLAYER

  7. Cobra

    Mike you are going to HELL for that soundtrack at the end lol. Merry Christmas to all the BBA Models and all you guys did an awesome job this year. I’m really looking forward to see what more surprises 2016 has in store.

    1. bkboi

      Facts!!! I mean out of all the shenanigans mike has done this year. the knockout and isaiah scene made up for it. Good job Mike keep up the good work.

  8. BBAfan

    Well I know the blog is getting ready to blow up! There will be a hundred comments on this one. Looking forward to part 2, it’s torture you keeping us waiting till the next update. I know it will be well worth the wait. I was kinda hoping though that you would be the one to take down Apollo Mike. I really like your interracial scenes. I know that they are not always well received by all of the BBA subscribers, but in my opinion, that is the essence of BBA. It’s all about your fantasies and desires…….and we are just lucky enough to get a front row view. Keep up the good work.

    1. decaturbaby

      Don’t listen to him Mike.. You stay away from my Apollo.. I love what you do behind the scenes.. You are the best at making your models feel at ease to do what they would never ever do in real life…. so, no scenes with Apollo, Ross or Blake.. I still can’t get that “toy” scene with Isaiah out of my head. #meandyouarecool

  9. jamal

    I thought Mello proved to us that he doesn’t know how to top. I like the idea of Apollo bottoming for Ross, but not sure if Mello can fuck Apollo the way he needs to be broke in.

  10. tynfyr

    i did like this scene because it had my guy, apollo, in it… also had ross (apollo jr., i know i know, but that ‘s what i think when i see him)… so ross gets to be in the top five by default… mello is cool, he’s actually growing on me slowly… not a fan of spit or whipped cream because i can’t see the hole clearly when it’s getting rimmed, but it’s all good… i am very interested in seeing part two for obvious reasons… i have been waiting on this one for a while… ever since he teased me with it in my personal video… i hope he gets banged out with no mercy… i would have loved to see stephon instead of mello (no offense, mello…) as the third in the mix, but i have been kinda naughty this year… well, michael, i told you i would join immediately if this went down and here i am… i am not crazy about the new system, but i will get over it… as long as i get to see this scene, i will be good… anyway, happy holidays, michael, and keep it coming…

  11. JoWilfried

    I think APOLLO is interested with guys like MELLO… SAINT… COLLIN and ROSS; who are “straight” and have their own “girls.”
    There is a saying; “same feathers flocks together.”
    The likes of BLAKE BISHOP… STAXX… KODY and YOUNG MONTANNA, et. al. are fitted to a different scenes.
    Keep it up!

    1. tori

      none of them have no girlfriends if they do they got to be damn fools, do you really think they would not see this site? it is a nice fantasy though to think they do ..I not hating

      1. JoWilfried

        That’s the mysteries of APOLLO, ROSS and MELLO… that’s why they clicked in this scene.
        I suggest another kinda idea how APOLLO can “top” ROSS soon… anyone can make a scenario?

  12. Damien

    I would love to see different combinations of Ross, Apollo, Freaky J, Saint, and Isaiah. One on one’s and threesomes. (Noah too)……..Great scene Mike. Happy New Year to Ross and Apollo…..and all the guys.

  13. DC

    Yes it doesn’t make any sense Ross do not want to kiss but yet he will eat somebody ass out that doesn’t make any sense Mike like I told you these guys sign a contract and tell you what they not going to do it should be the other way around or they don’t get no paper

    1. Damien

      I had a bi married fuck buddy once who loved giving/receiving oral, also versatile but refused to kiss. Unbelievably he said that went too far. I could only lick/kiss his neck.

      Sometimes it takes several experiences for a bi/”straight” guy to let go of his inhibitions and enjoy himself. It’s a process for some guys. Letting go of cultural/societal taboos can be a process.

      The small minority of guys who had complaints about this scene, don’t understand the site.

  14. justin

    nice scene Mike…been waiting for Ross to make his return and it was worth the wait…..not to throw shade, but Mello just didn’t seem to be into this scene, maybe this ain’t really what he want to be doin……how can u be so low energy with Apollo & Ross sexy asses next to u?!?!?! was hoping this group included Blake Bishop (then again imma BB fan for real)….maybe a Blake. Apollo, & Ross 3some is in the works (i kno theres a lot behind the scenes that go into putting a shoot together, but imma keep my fingers crossed…lol)…..all that being said…THANX Mike for another hott year from BBA & all the models that keep us up & entertained….lookin forward to more to cummm (oops, did i type that out loud…lol)!!!!!!

  15. DanE

    Mike, this was the gift I didn’t think I’d get. I have been wanting to see these two super performers together since Ross came on the scene. Now to wait days for part 2 is going to be torture Mike, yet to see Apollo bottom is worth the wait. Would love to have seen some kissing. Ross needs to go ahead and explore that freaky side we already know he has. He took to playing with another man dick like a fish out of water, and seems to really get off to it, get on into kissing, sucking Ross with you sexy ass. What can I say about Apollo, the brother shine and rise to the occasion. Thanks Mike for making this happen. May you and the models have a Happy New Years.

  16. KevyR

    I think Mello was lost in the shuffle as he looked so uninterested and not wanting to be there…don’t bring him back anymore. Leave him behind in 2015…this scene would be hot without him and just between Apollo and Ross with maybe added Blake Bishop…when is Caesar coming back?

  17. DanE

    After reviewing past Apollo scenes leading up to part 2, if Apollo can master taking dick for the first time as he has mastered other roles in gayforpay this brother is to be nominated for some award. What he does with that long ass tongue of his is amazing to say the least. His ass eating and dick sucking skills are off the chain for a straight guy. The passion, not to mention the kissing skills, and my can he fuck. If he’s performing, other bi, and gay models need to up their game, this brother is off the mark in excellent skills. Looking forward to the graduation Apollo. Thanks Mike for making it happen.

  18. JoWilfried

    I think the main reason why MELLO was included in this scene… HE HAVE BBA FOLLOWERS TOO. This is the third time APOLLO and MELLO were together in a scene and I guess the two of them have a good chemistry. Can you imagine APOLLO did “oral” to MELLO that he wasn’t doing it from their two previous scenes. Meaning, APOLLO likes MELLO.

  19. DanE

    Mike you should have allowed Lil Tyga to join in, now that would have spiced this scene up, forget what these haters say. Tyga may not be overly attractive but he’s a good performer, nice body. He would have done this scene with these two hot, sexy models free. Not much of a Mello fan, good body, attractive though a little too lack-luster, unexciting.

  20. jamitis28

    Hmmm, according to Tumblr, Lil Tyga was there. If Part 2 is Ross, Tyga & Apollo, I’m definitely rejoining the site. That’s crazy energy in 1 room.

    If not, then I’ll just wait because I haven’t liked any of Mello’s previous scenes and based on everyone’s comments so far, I won’t like this one either no matter who bottoms. Dude seems like a nice guy but he is boring as hell. Lol

  21. DanE

    Lil Tyga showed his face in part 1 but didn’t participate. I would have preferred him take part, being that it was a christmas party. Would have been much more exciting. Mike may have listened to some of those hard to satisfy members, complaining about too much Lil Tyga. The brother is a great performer though.

  22. JoWilfried

    I think the way MELLO performed in every scenes he do… IT’S BECAUSE IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT! (just kidding)
    In this scene, APOLLO of course have a BIG slice of the pie! Whoever do “bottoming” have big cash-out in the porn industry. Correct me if I’m wrong folks.


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