Website Update: The Puppy and the Tyga #2

Kody and Lil Tyga

“He looks JUST LIKE CORY!”

That was the very first thing I heard out of Lil Tyga‘s mouth when he first came through the door with our newest model Kody shortly after picking him up from the airport.

Even though I hadn’t originally planned to pair Lil Tyga with Kody for his first visit, the two of them seemed to have an instant attraction and chemistry and hit it off so well that I knew SOMETHING was going to happen between them – the only question was whether I filmed it or not!

And while a selfish part of me wanted to be the lucky first to sample Kody’s sweet mouth and tight ass (with more than just my fingers this time), I also found myself turned on by the idea of turning over the adorably cute “college boy” to a sexy and aggressive older veteran like Tyga. I figured he could take the nervous newbie under his wing almost like an adopted “baby brother” – with benefits 😉 !

Even though he had found Kody cute from the start, it wasn’t until he asked him to stand up and show off his slim, youthful body that Tyga noticed Kody’s surprisingly prominent bubble-butt.

“You got a lot of ass to be a skinny dude!” Lil Tyga exclaims with surprise and growing excitement as he strips the shy boy out of his clothes….

See for yourself what happens when this cute and innocent “puppy” meets the ravenous older “Tyga” for an amateur action debut that you don’t want to miss.

Enjoy over thirty minutes of hot and passionate kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and of course Lil Tyga welcoming Kody to the BBA family like only a horny “big brother” can – by aggressively pounding that sweet “baby bro” ass!


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45 comments on “Website Update: The Puppy and the Tyga #2
  1. chucke1

    Sorry Michael, too much Lil Tyga lately! i actually don’t care for him to begin with. For me, you ruined Kody’s first action scene by having him with one of the least good looking models. Kody, you have the right to be selective because you are a cutie, think about it babe! There are a lot of better looking guys on the site than Tyga, have fun picking the next one! Disappointed in this one!

    1. Michael

      Lil Tyga is currently voted the 8th most popular model on the entire site by BBA’s members (out of over 100 models), so clearly there are many viewers who disagree with you.

      I would have preferred to space out his recent scenes a little bit more, but unfortunately when trying to post lengthy new scenes every week, I don’t always have that luxury.

      As I explained in the official scene summary, Kody actually WANTED to do a scene with Lil Tyga and that’s how the whole scene came about. I think their chemistry in this scene speaks for itself.

  2. Lob Taylor

    Sorry but am not a fan of Lil Tyga, He looks and sounds special ed to me. Last couple of updates have been low quality. Hope you leave the year with a bang or start the new one with a bang.

  3. Brian

    Loved this scene!!! Love Kody!!! Would’ve liked to see Mike in this scene with Kody. But it was definitely a great scene!

  4. Stoned Mountain

    Kody is a winner and my cup of tea — loves to kiss. He has it all. Looks, a glorious ass, pretty hole that takes dick with such ease. I would love to see Suspense in that hole. Keeper for sure!

  5. BBAfan

    Sorry Mike, not my favorite update. I have to agree with one of the earlier posts, Tyga is not a favorite of mine. Not really sure about Kody either. He looks way too young for me. I would like to see more of Apollo, also, would love to see more interracial scenes. You with Apollo would be hot, or maybe you and Saint for a part 2 of your previous take-down of him. Would like to see you paired with some of the more masculine models.

    1. Damien

      Not me. Scenes should just be between the models. Not opposed to interracial scenes but bring in some hot, masculine white models. Michael is a good looking dude but I prefer sex between models only.

  6. D-Money

    I enjoyed this scene reminded me of a Beno King type scene — I swear Tyga is definitely increasing the fucking aggressive no mercy on the newbies — U get better always in front of the camera — Kody definitely want to see more love oral foreplay skills takes dick great and definitely want to see where he takes his boundaries in 2016 congrats on a great year Mike and cant wait to see what u close the year with…….

  7. rican4blk77

    Kody has desired Michael since he met him !! when he asked why are your clothes still on? and in this one the way he looks at the camera (or the camera man?) i dont care to see mike on his vids (sorry) but if it will make Kody get into it and make it a hot scene he should go for it. still want to see him with Saint, he’s my #1

    i do like when the other models interview the new ones, when mike does it it feels boring, when its model to model, naked in bed, its way hotter

  8. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I’m NOT here for the “Big Brother/Little Brother” scenes. I’m not here for Cory, I’m not here for Kody and I’m not here for these twinks that you want to pass off as models for us. I know I’m probably not the only one who thinks this

    1. Michael

      I think I’ve done a pretty good job over the years at creating the kind of site that viewers with a variety of types and tastes can enjoy. But at the end of the day, I’m going to film the types of models and themes that turn ME on and not worry TOO much about catering to other people’s infinitely varied and contradictory tastes.

      I’m going to get criticized no matter what I do, and with each and every new model and scene there will be those who love it and those who hate it. All one has to do is read through the recent blog and website comments to see just how hilariously contradictory the feedback can be.

      As I’ve previously explained many times on this blog, my basic porn philosophy has always been to film the types of models and scenes that turn ME on the most, and trust that there are plenty of others who are turned on by the same types of models and themes. Like it or not, I have an unapologetic weakness for skinny black twinks and they have been a MAJOR part of the BBA experience from the very beginning, going all the way back to DJ.

      Cute, skinny, barely-legal-looking black boys like Kody, Cory, Noah, and Young Montanna will continue to be featured regularly on this site, and no amount of twink-bashing by those who prefer older guys and/or thicker bodies is ever going to change that.

  9. DC

    Yeah Mike agree with the first to post this is a very bad Shoot too much of the same model and they right he’s not very good looking and is very out of shape very disappointed in this shoot and keep it 100 like always in for the very first time you lied you said you to put out of new shoot on Tuesday and Wednesday not Thursday Mike

    1. Michael

      It sounds like you either overlooked my announcement about the new update schedule or didn’t read it very carefully. On my post from December 3, I clearly stated: “I’m still testing it out to see how it goes, but for the time being I will try to update the site on Wednesdays or Thursdays instead of later in the weekend.”

      And that is something I have done every week since.

      1. chucke1

        Wait, now I’m confused-the only post i saw was November 23 where you said updates on Tuesday or Wednesday and there hasn’t been an update either day since.

    2. Damien

      No need to say Michael “lied”. That is false. Put yourself in Michael’s place. Running this site is more involved than you think. It’s not easy to find quality models, film, edit, post, and also to please everyone. I am not happy all the time with the scenes but I think Michael does a damn good job. This is a quality site for me.

  10. Drake

    Good video. The only bad thing is that after paying for a subscription we now have to also pay to download it. Probably won’t be subscribing anymore since it cost so much now to be on this site, especially when there are other sites out there that don’t charge the customer a subscription fee plus another fee to download. Oh well, my money will spend elsewhere!!

    1. Michael

      I’ve previously discussed and defended the reasons for this change at greater length here, so I won’t get into all of that again other than to point out that most black gay websites stopped allowing members to download their videos a long time ago.

      And just to be clear, you don’t have to do both. Depending on your personal viewing preferences, you can choose between a membership only (unlimited streaming), credits only (download and/or stash), or a combination of both. For example, if you strongly prefer downloading the scenes, then you might want to consider buying credits in addition to or even in place of the traditional membership. Your credits will never expire, and you can spend them only on the models and scenes that really interest you.

    2. chucke1

      I think Michael got it right, I seriously don’t mind because you don’t have to do both! Sure some scenes I don’t like but some are my favorite porn ever! You might spend your money elsewhere but you’ll be sorry especially at the year end OSCAR WINNER! I don’t even know what it is but Ross and Apollo in a three way with S….. would be fine by me!!!!

  11. Michael

    I’m sorry to hear that some of you have been disappointed by the recent updates. To be fair, most of you voicing complaints are already on record as strongly disliking any scenes with gay models and/or twinks, so your disappointment comes as no great surprise. I personally think that all of the recent scenes have been solidly good but not great. With the notable exception of Fantasy By The Fire, which I think was a great scene and arguably one of the year’s best.

    Keeping up with a weekly update schedule demands a pretty brutal pace of production, so while I will ALWAYS strive to bring you the hottest possible models and scenes, not every week is going to be an instant BBA classic or be able to satisfy every viewer. The circumstances for every model and video-shoot are different, and some pairings will naturally turn out better than others.

    I wouldn’t go anywhere just yet if I were you. If I’ve been quieter than usual on the blog lately, it’s because I’ve been busy working hard behind the scenes on a nice surprise for everyone to close out the year 😉 .

    1. Damien

      Thanks Michael. It’s impossible to please everyone but I believe the majority on the site think you are doing an excellent job. I look forward every week for your updates. Your job is a lot harder than people think. I doubt anyone complaining could do it better. I know I have voiced my opinion in the past but it doesn’t mean that I think any less of this site. It’s a great, quality site.

  12. Michael

    One more thing: I have always tried to avoid censoring blog comments as much as possible, but if your comment consists solely of ridiculing the models’ personalities and/or looks, I am NOT going to post that shit for others (including the models) to read. There are plenty of other blogs and forums where that kind of pettiness and nastiness is welcomed, but not here.

    There’s a way to express that you don’t like a model or scene without being downright rude and hurtful about it.

  13. Justin

    I enjoyed the scene Michael! It was a good debut for Kody and Lil Tyga did not take it easy on him.

    Kody really seemed to be pining for you though. I can’t wait till you both do a scene together.

  14. mb

    BBA Family, Happy Holidays to you all. Just my 2 cents on the last few months and year end of bba activity and comments…..

    I acknowledge that it takes balls for a porn producer/director to allow direct inner-action between himself and the consumer of his product. Any adult should know that in a business where looks are a key source for judgment, there are bound to be differences in opinion of what turns you on versus someone else. I’m a regular subscriber to this site, as I am to others, and personally feel that bba averages 1 update per month that is an absolute exclusive stunner , where you are attracted to both models involved. Usually scenes are such where you are attracted to only one of the models, or neither. This is regular in all porn sites, and bba is no different. However, the “awkward” dynamic of bba’s films is unmatched by any other site which makes it one of the best on the market in my opinion.

    Overall I think it’s been a good and interesting year for bba and the models that have been introduced in 2015. Some very good (Isaiah/Knockout) and unexpected pairings (Rico/Saint). Some features of professional porn stars engaging in activity exclusively on bba (Staxx and Knockout both taking dick). I would say job well done.

    Regarding the new site membership versus buying credits issue, yes I agree it is a slight over-reach only because if you are not a member and want to download a scene, there is no preview other than a written summary that gives you a clue as to what you’re paying for.

    More scenes featuring these guys are on my 2016 wish list:

    Isaiah, Staxx, Ross, Apollo, Blake Bishop, Caesar, Knockout, Day Day, Rico, Randy & Freaky J.

    2016 Comeback wish list includes:

    Dre, Tori, AB, K-Snakes, Javion

    Finally, Thursday updates are fine with me, all I ask is pick a day and stick to it.

  15. Lob Taylor

    Point taken Michael. I shouldn’t complain I guess because thanks to the new system I only download what I like with credits. In fairness my comments on Lil Tyga was spur of the moment and I regretted it on further calmer contemplation. I was kinda pissed after waiting all week for the new episode. But point taken, models are humans too.

    1. Michael

      Thanks. If it makes you feel any better, my comment wasn’t directed at you specifically. While I did think your comment about Lil Tyga was a bit mean and unnecessary, my comment was actually in reaction to another user’s comment that I chose not to post for the reasons I mentioned. They know who they are.

  16. Cobra

    Not one of my favorites but overall I’ve been more than pleased and look forward to the updates every week. I only wished I had known you were gonna charge for updates so I would have saved more when I could for the subscription rate. When I get my Christmas bonus I’ll be downloading a few because you’ve posted some fire scenes recently. In closing, wishing you and ALL of the models on BBA Happy Holidays and Thank You all for what you do week end and week out! You guys are AWESOME.

  17. J.

    Lil Tyga has a fat juicy ass. I would love more bottom scenes from him (and maybe more ass play featuring him) in 2016 if possible. 🙂


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