Website Update: Shaun’s First Time

Shaun seemed a little overwhelmed by his first scene back since being released from jail. So I wanted to propose something a bit easier for his next shoot, while at the same time still testing his boundaries and challenging him to take things to a new level.

At first Shaun turned me down without hesitation, bluntly informing me that him fucking a guy wasn’t even up for negotiation. For a few stressful weeks, it even looked like that last scene with Trapp might have scared him away for good. But thankfully Shaun changed his mind at the very last minute, saying that he needed the money badly enough to give what I was proposing a try.

As luck would have it, our popular new model Luh Redd was already in town for some other shoots, and he was more than eager and excited to help me “turn out” the sexy but stubborn straight boy!

Luh Redd will no doubt be the envy of many as he gets to deep-throat the skinny dreadhead’s hard dick and feast on that fresh street-thug ass.

After experiencing Luh Redd’s impressive oral and ass-eating skills, Shaun watches straight porn on my phone until he’s hard enough to try fucking a guy in the ass for the VERY FIRST TIME!

He tentatively pokes his hard dick between Luh Redd’s honey-brown cakes until it finds just the right spot and slowly sinks into that tight, teenage ass….

If you’re looking for polished, professional power-fucking from experienced gay “porn stars,” then this is NOT the scene or website for you! But if you’re turned on by the idea of watching every spontaneous and surprising moment of a cocky straight black boy’s first time fucking another guy in the ass, then this is a “reality porn” exclusive that you do NOT want to miss!

Shaun fucks with the kind of “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!” stiffness that’s to be expected from a straight boy’s first time, but while his MIND might be hesitant to admit it, his DICK can’t deny the pleasure of plunging into a tight, warm ass.

Luh Redd gasps in pleasure mingled with pain as the inexperienced but clearly horny straight boy grabs him by the hips and eventually begins POUNDING that round, juicy ass the way I’m guessing he probably fucked his “bitch’s” pussy later that night – clearly enjoying his first piece of BOY ASS!

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16 comments on “Website Update: Shaun’s First Time
  1. Brian

    Shaun does no wrong to me. This was sexy and funny because of him. That man could have every penny in my account. I detest his costar tho. I’m not into colored contacts and all the extra piercings in the ear. He’s a lil girl to me. Saint should’ve been the costar in my opinion. But I give it 10 stars anyway cause bae was in it. #TeamShaun

  2. bmam

    First, sorry for your loss.

    Second, hot scene. Shaun was way more into it than I thought he would be. LOL at him really being on house arrest. I guess this does count as work though.

    Third, and I am saying this against my better judgment, you don’t owe us anything. I think a schedule is nice and predictable, but it is not required. I’d rather you just post good stuff when you have it, instead of adding filler with older scenes, perhaps b/c I’ve seen them all already. If deadlines work for you and ensure that you continue to produce good content great, but don’t create an extra burden for yourself or the creative process.

    1. Jamal

      That’s a good suggestion if this was a free site, however most people with common sense won’t pay $20 a month to might get a scene might not get a scene.

    2. Victor Hudson

      I am sorry about your recent death of a family BUT this is not cool for my money by not updating new scenes. ..I won’t give up the site yet bc I LOVE CONCEPT OF SITE..maybe have/get back up plan.

  3. John

    That was nice. Now trapp needs to do a flip scene shaun has a nice ass n he’s starting to open up i guess luh redd made him more comfortable n yea luh redd is a freak n great to watch overall kool update hopefully dis upcoming week aint n off week

  4. CL05ETFR3AK

    Waaaaaaayyyyy too much attitude Mike especially when placed beside a model as succulent as “Luh Redd”. I think it would’ve been a lot more enjoyable if it was “Scotty” or “Trapp”. I’m sorry but Shaun’s ratings won’t get any where if he doesn’t start focusing on the bottom line and also he seems unappreciative of the lengths his friend went through just for him.

  5. Kody Fan

    I must say, Shaun is coming along. Not only is he looking better with his dreads growing in, he’s also doing more each film. It was hot & funny watching him peer at his his hairy ass, as if trying to see what all the guys saw. “Man ass,” he marveled, and I got hotter! Lol. I wondered if he was secretly turned on by it? It was hot watching him fuck too. Now, you know my baby is Scotty but Shaun did good. And the ankle bracelet was priceless!! Lol.

  6. downtofuck

    I know that light skinned nigga ass felt good as fuck.. he better quit lying talkin bout he couldnt feel nothing lol

  7. TexasBugg

    DAMM Shaun u did that this was super hotttttttt that’s why i love a young thug cause he will fuck and hide his real feelings shaun know that ass was feeling good. U said u did not feel nothing when u was fucking lil redd u r not being real with your fans if there was too much (KY jel) there would be poppin sounds there was none and we can see lil redd asshole tightening up around your dick mike u put two sexy young thugs together and i busted to lil redd eating shaun thug asshole that asshole is pure gold. shaun that thing on your leg really made this scene hott it takes a true thug

    i saw in your eyes u really wanted to make this scene spicy u knew that ass was feeling right u did not miss a beat u was beating it up u wanted to bite lil redd on his back u know shaun them real soft sexy bites i wish u and lil redd would have kiss while u was fucking him damm u two look good together if u two was walking down the street people would take u two to be (LOVERS) damm lil redd asshole was making love to shaun’s dick shaun know that ass was good he will fuck again hot thug

  8. WeatherMan

    I just finished watching and I MUST say that I am impressed. Shaun did WAY better than what I thought he was going to do in this scene and I think him and Luh Redd have a natural chemistry together. Of course, it was much better than the chemistry he had with Trapp. Shaun ACTUALLY looked comfortable on camera for the first time in awhile, like he does when he is with Scotty. I hope that other BBA viewers will love this scene as much as I do and I hope this continues Shaun’s progression with the company.

  9. John

    Looking at dese comments made me remember when i was on house arrest n da guy i was involved wit at da time said dat bracelet was hot made him think he was fucking a real bad boy lmaoooo

  10. Kidon

    I am sorry for your loss Mike. Great job on this one. I am waiting to see Shaun get fucked next. I am still hoping to see Stylez get fucked…….hint hint! lol

    I wish you well.

  11. mx

    Shaun sucks. He ain’t all that to have so much attitude. None of his “fans” comment on his looks or his pipe or his chemistry or interest level. Enough with dudes making money off of what they think is “disgusting.” Sex should be enjoyable to participate and especially to watch. This guy is a chore.

  12. Chris ‼

    You should have a bottom like Luh Redd or Spice get fucked by Scotty , Shaun & Trapp & let the bottom decide who gave the best dick & they should get a bonus.

    Shaun’s dick seemed hard the entire time. I’m pretty sure he didn’t have to jack off to cum. I’m sure if Saint can make him cum twice then I know Luh Redd can


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