Website Update: Trapp – Testing The Waters

From the time of his very first shoot just a few months ago, Trapp has quickly set himself apart from his more stubborn straight friends Scotty and Shaun as being the most open-minded and eager to explore of the three.

After reading some of your comments, Trapp has been both flattered as well as a little embarrassed by all of the attention and compliments on his ASS. And yes, he’s well aware that most of his fans desperately want to see him get fucked!

But Trapp’s eagerness to please has its limits, and he’s still understandably uncertain about taking things to that extreme, at least for now. However, I was luckily able to talk this sexy straight thug into showing us the NEXT BEST THING by at least attempting ANAL PENETRATION with fingers and toys….

Trapp kicks things off with a tempting tease in which he generously shows off that famous “phat ass” everyone is talking about, allowing us to pay closer attention to it than ever before.

But of course the “feature attraction” that we’re most eager to see is the sexy dreadhead finally being PENETRATED for the very first time!

Watch with horny suspense and excitement as Trapp squirts a generous amount of lube onto his tight virgin hole and proceeds to slide one, then later two, and eventually THREE fingers in and out of that amazing ass….

It’s another thrilling BBA exclusive that you don’t want to miss as Trapp finally TESTS THE WATERS by plunging a variety of butt-plugs, anal beads, and dildos up his tempting thug ass in nearly a full hour of HOT ANAL PLAY!

See for yourself what causes exclamations such as “This feel CRAZY!” and “You straight tryin’ to KILL me!” before Trapp literally LIMPS off to the bathroom at the end of this shoot….

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32 comments on “Website Update: Trapp – Testing The Waters
  1. John

    Yea he ready saint should break him in not a huge fan of slobbing saint but he does well with everybody first time fucking so lets make that happen….. where is lil scrap will he return i dont recall reading wat happened with him thats y i wanted to ask again

  2. Loocifur Whyte

    I had to come back after I wrote my previous comment I just want to point out me being a Transwoman I don’t consider no dude that mess with us Gay or anything because most wouldn’t mess with a guy As with these Guys on this particular site Of course the obvious ones that are Gay or Bi but I’m gearing this towards the ones that clearly aren’t These guys have progressed some sorry have from the beginning not as much as wanting to show they ass now taking dick sucking dick and I get it Some straight individuals when it comes to same sex sexual experiences they don’t know what they capable of doing until push so far that in certain situations are embarrassed that they actually enjoyed Trapp to me is a dude I’ve dated at some point cause I’ve dated all kinds He’s open to do different and this is what makes him more attractive to me outside his remarkable looks This scene was a pleasure to watch and the ending he had that dildo so far down his throat and to bust off with it in there like … I get that people watching this are so quick to throw a label or he must be or he must enjoy We are watching this to love them and bust off We don’t know any of them well I don’t Because I mess with a lot of guys sexually and that’s it Back to they Wives and Girlfriends Which is they everyday life so Unless yal in a romantic relationship with any of them Tah… Mike keep making your content that I love Trapp is one to to keep around as long as he would stay

  3. Bugsy754

    I’ve been waiting on this one. Trapp is one to watch… he def a BBA one to watch top 3 list. would like to see him in a nice threesome to fully break him in….. Bandit and Lil Scrap would be perfect

  4. anthony davis

    Trapp is so sexy and hot. The Day is coming when we will get to finally see him Bottom. I just hope that you pair him with the right Top though. Bandit, Blake Bishop or Saint would be the ones who I would like to see break him in.

  5. WeatherMan

    Mike, as usual, you’ve brought another great video update. I was surprised to see the mixed reactions to the Trapp/Shaun video. But, Trapp is certainly a natural fit for BBA and he is going to be a star for the company, already passing Scotty and Shaun in such a short amount of time. I think this video is going to rank up there with the Ross toy video as one of the top BBA toy videos, good work.

  6. TexasBugg

    SIR TRAPP man u did that trapp that scene u did with shaun u need to take a look at that man u know u and shaun was feelin each other u had your dick deep in shaun mouth and u was always hard i wish u do another scene with shaun. now this scene u took this to the moon damm u r a 100000000000% baddddddd babythug trapp i cant stop bustin u need to put that asshole in a picture frame damm that’s 28k gold trapp u badd for real bro trapp i would love to see shaun eat your ass he got a crush on u trapp.

  7. LHL


  8. JVon

    My favorite BBA model. I can’t get enough of this video. 10’s across the board. Ready to see what else Trapp has in store for us.

  9. King Me

    I know I’m not in the majority, but I want to see Mike fuck him first. Yes I’m black. No I’m not ugly. Lol. I just like the fantasy. The creepy white man paying black dudes. 💁🏾‍♂️. We hardly ever get that. And I have to deal with Blake Bishop and Rico updates constantly and I don’t like them dudes. Y’all can deal with Mike. I love Trapp. He need the small dick first. No offense Mike. Lol

    1. cocopop

      I fully agree with you, many are calling for Blake, Bandit to break Trapp in first. I can see Trapp choosing to take a smaller dick rather than Saint or larger dicks. Many of you just want to see Trapp topped to prepare him for these larger models. Sure I too would prefer a Blake pairing, but realistically neither are starter dicks. Mike I too have no problem with you being the first to break him in.

    2. KayJay

      I prefer black-on-black BUT I agree. Pairing him with large dudes like Bandit or Blake Bishop would be torture for a dude who has never taken dick.

      Mike opened up Bandit and that was one of BBA’s best cherry pops (in my opinion).

      So go for it, Mike! Open up Trapp’s virgin boy pussy! LOL!

    3. Damien

      Love Mike and the site but No, No, NO. Very few updates now so we wait longer for new material. Do not want to see that. Mike can mess with the guys off camera.

  10. Chris

    Tho I am not a fan of Michael having sex with any of the models but I do however enjoy when Michael eats their ass or jacks them off. Mike you should’ve jacked him off like you did Shaun.

    I have 2 questions

    What happened to Lil Scrap?

    Why haven’t Shaun , Scotty or Trapp gotten any ass from a good BBA bottom?

    1. Erickson25

      Good question… but by the looks of it, it seems the scenarios suggested by one of the other viewers and I, is in motion. SL2MS… smh

  11. D_Raven

    I love Trapp tbh.. He’s my new favorite. You can tell he loves oral and he didn’t hesitate to do what he had to do.. Can’t wait til he bottoms.. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it. I would die if you did a flip flop fucking with him and Apollo

  12. cocopop

    From day one this straight/gay for pay guy have yet to disappoint, he seem to know what’s expected of him signing on. No attitude, reasonable complaints. I knew he’d blow up BBA. Trapp, keep pleasing your fans, you’re a star on the rise. Was a little set back when I thought I heard him say his aunt watched his videos. It good he has a family members support. Keep up the good work Mike, you too Trapp.

  13. decaturbaby

    This is one of those scenes where the gay-for-pay guy either moves on to the next level, or we never see him again (Ross, Julien). My money is on Trapp moving to the Next Level, and I can’t wait to see who it will be. I would love to see you kill two birds with one “update” by having Scotty fuck Trapp. I know Trapp would love that too. And when Scotty gets out, he’s gonna owe you big time. This would be the perfect way for him to pay you back and make some extra $$ too. Great job Mike.

  14. Kool E High

    One Thing I Like About Trapp Is That He Comes On Set Does What He Needs To Do He Always Gives The Viewers Great Content Hopefully He Here To Stay For A Moment. If He Does Take This To The Next Level I Would Like To See Him Paired Up With Scotty As My First Choice Bandit As My Second Choice And Lil Scrap If He Ever Resurfaces But Trapp You Did Your Thing In This One….Oh But Did You Now ! I’m Definitely A Fan.

  15. Rob

    Only thing missing was Saint poppin in at the end for a To Be Continued…..he needs to be the one to top Trapp. But am I the only one who noticed Trapp possibly calling out Migo? Or am I just reading way too much into his comments LOL Trapp’s journey is gonna continue to make me a happy man.

  16. Remedy

    TRAPP DESERVES THAT 2ND OR THIRD SPOT. Yes I said it. He is a gold mine. So sexy and that cake 🎂😍. Lemme break it down. I love when models come and handle what their paid to do. No one does this better than APOLLO. Which is why he rightly has the number one spot. He gives a performance and sexy as hell with it. Reluctant models like Shaun n Scotty annoy me. Fake it till u make it. Your being paid to perform. Jus get it done. Trapp seems like he gets this concept n gets it done. Doesnt seem like he’s difficult to work with. And deserves n works for the check. 👏. With that said, I feel like Blake should break him in. I don’t care for Saint topping. Blake how ever is actually in the lifestyle and has a passion for it. I could see it. It’s more authentic and enjoyable. If not Blake then Mike should break him in. Mike has the passion for cakes and he would be perfect for breaking him in. Plus it’ll be a good starter dick. No offense Mike 😆. Also he should enjoy whats he’s paying for himself 😌.

  17. Jayson

    Trapp is very curious and enjoys freaking with guys. Anyone can see in all his videos but especially the one with saint and the most recent. Mike I am begging u to put trapp in a threesum and see what happens but it has to be with models like bandit, saint, scrap, apollo, Isaiah, freaky j and or stylez. I really think trapp would be so turned on he would lose his mind. Test waters Mike.. go out on a limb with trapp. Whatever u do u have to get trapp back asap while the demand is high and he is still very curious

  18. Erickson25

    LOL… Never imagined that turning out boys to be bisexual would be something of interest, but its a hit. LOL At least a few of them can actually go back to being less bi later in life. I can only imagine how these conversations will go with their kids… Especially their sons. Only time will tell. LOL


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