Website Update: Show and Tell

Since Shaun is unfortunately still locked up, Scotty has been spending a lot of time with another good friend of his named Trapp, a sexy 23-year-old tattoo artist that he met in jail a few years ago, and who has become like a big brother to him ever since.

Scotty recently introduced me to Trapp and told me that they both desperately needed to make some quick cash. But was Scotty ready to teach his straight homeboy EVERYTHING he’s learned here at BBA so far?

Find out for yourself in this hilarious, unpredictable, and thoroughly entertaining “show and tell” session that pushes these two real-life straight “bros” from the ‘hood out of their comfort zones and brings them closer than ever before!

See what leads to both guys saying things like “Bruh, this shit CRAZY!” and “I can’t believe this is happening!” before the end of a night they’ll probably never again discuss but also never forget….

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35 comments on “Website Update: Show and Tell
  1. Eric Wright

    Well This Scene Here With Scotty And Trapp Was Better To Me Than Anything That’s Come Out So Far This Year 2017 And That’s My Personal Opinion. For One Thing The Scene Didn’t Look Contrived Or Staged Although I Know The Guys Discuss A Few Things Off Camera Prior The Actual Shooting Of The Scene. But Them Being Uncomfortable Gives It The Realness ..I Have Had Enough Experience With Straight Black Boys. For The Record I’m Black As Well..Lol But My Point Is That’s The Actual Reaction You Get With Guys Like Scotty And Trapp Especially With Trapp Doing It For The First Time …But Like Trapp Said…That Cash Is The Motivator So You Do What You Have To Do ..And They Did It Well …And I Will Say It Was The Best Thing That Has Come Out This Year To Me…And What Really Made This Entire Scene Really Great Was Mike You Stayed In Your Lane As A Director The Scene Was Amazing …You Were So Quiet I Forgot You Were Even There In The Room…They Say Silence Is Golden And No Shade ..Sometimes It Really Is I Just Personally Feel With Mike Not Talking Much We Focus On Them Without Distraction. I Really Like Mike He Is Great At Directing And Editing And That All Can Be Done Without Conversation… But Kudos Mike ..This Was Great …I Hope Trapp Will Be Back ..💯

    1. Damien

      Trapp definitely enjoyed it and Scotty is having a hard time admitting he likes man sex as well, He Just has to learn to let go and not feel guilty. They were both turned on. Many men who say they are straight are Bi or “fluid” but they are raised that this is bad or wrong. Money is like alcohol it lowers your inhibitions but the real feelings come out.

  2. King Me

    So Scotty likes dark skin dread heads wit fat booty’s! I fucking love anything Scotty or Shaun are in. Now I’ll love whatever Trapp is in. Michael I actually would love to see you play with Trapp. Somebody gotta nut on that ass. Shaun is gonna be pissed when he finds out another dude sucked his man.

  3. Stepp

    This scene is pure flames and the essence of BBA! Good job fellas! Trapp you got ass for days. Scotty I could watch you every week in a new scene but you need ur hole bust open at this point. I know we greedy.

  4. decaturbaby

    OMG… Mike, that was so motherfucking HOT… One of the best scenes EVER… Scotty is moving rapidly up the charts… oh my.. His friend Trapp is definitely a keeper.. He came to play.. I could tell he wanted to do some real kissing… He enjoyed this waaaaay more than he probably should have… The dick sucking was (oh both parts) incredible.. Trapp is so fine (beautiful fat ass), good-looking, manly, and eager to do anything he was asked of…. nice body, nice ass and nice fat dick… he wanted to open his mouth and do some real kissing.. You have got to make Scotty kiss better. Hard dicks through-out the whole scene.. DAMN.. that was a 28 out of 10.. Trapp wanted that nutt in his mouth.. (and got it too)… fucking awesome. Great job Mike… Great Job.

  5. 4shetl

    You are THE Muthfucka! It only took 34:39 minutes to make me bust!! At first, I was rolling my eyes so hard when I saw Scotty was back AND with another “brother” to boot… I thought I would be bored outta my mind because Scotty could be a bit ‘extra’ in his previous scenes… BUT Trapp brought a different energy to Scotty: and in my opinion, Trapp is the answer to what Shaun and Scotty should be doing behind closed doors with no cameras… I had no idea Scotty had it in him to be that courageous… what kept me was the intimacy these two shared and could have {minus} the mores of condemnation… The look on Trapps face when Scotty first started sucking his dick, to the time Trapp realized that it was okay to relax and enjoy it is where I lost IT… One can see why Shaun is envious of their relationship… I rarely comment, but felt compelled to herald this scene as what ‘Classic BBA’ looks like 10+ years later… Great Job!! (I’ll finish the scene once I recover…)

    1. decaturbaby

      You hit everything right on the head (except I’m always happy to see Scotty).. but He and Trapp had a different vibe.. They were close, but not as close as he and Shaun which makes it harder for him to relax the way he relaxed with Trapp. Trapp is a keeper.. I want to see him and Scotty together again.

      1. Tori

        I think trapp is cute and my type but I was so mad to see him with anybody but shaun. I wonder whether shaun and Scotty have been knowing each other long as they both say..did anyone hear when Mike said something about shaun liking Scotty and he turned to trapp and said see like they talked about shaun liking Scotty. I think shaun does…well shaun locked up so much he did need another friend…I still want Scotty to wait for shaun..try pairing Scotty with another model bc I feel he would be more comfortable..he already been train by saint. he was more comfortable with you Mike than shaun or and trapp would be good..

  6. Rob

    Trapp is one hell of a find. Love him. Give him as much work as possible. He seems to be down for anything if the price is right. JUST how we like em!

    1. KayJay

      Damn right! He is ready (if the price is right). When the dick juice started flying, that brotha didn’t duck. He stood tall like a real “G!”

      Pair him with a more experienced Gay4Pay model and you’ll have a brand new BBA star for 2017.

      You did it again, Mike! Great scene!! Thanks.

  7. Blaqeyedsoul

    Michael, good job. If that is Trapp’s first time sucking dick, then he is your next super star. PLEASE get him back. But who cares, just GET HIM BACK. Love Scotty. The scene was adorable and sexy.

  8. Paul

    Anything with Scotty is great. A real natural and a real find. His ass is one of the most masculine ever, and I look forward to that day when he gives his viewers what I’m sure most by now want to see. 2017 may yield yet another masterpiece.

  9. PhillyBro

    Trapp is the sexiest thing to come to BBA in awhile. Beautiful and a freak. Please pair him with a nice model to break him in. Please not you Mike, sorry.

  10. PrinceTahji

    Great scene. I was intrigued from start to finish. I think Trapp will be willing to come back and do a lot more. Put him with one of your sidekicks and let’s see how far he goes.

  11. Room121

    Michael you did it again…you filmed another masterpiece! This video was mouthwateringly delicious, arousing, and funny as hell! Scotty was authentically charming, funny and his enormous yellow dick spoke in tongues! His homeboy Trapp had a good head game and made my dick pop up when I heard him “moaning” in the video as he serviced Scotty’s gigantic cock. Again, awesome BBA video and I hope both guys come back!!

  12. 4wallz

    I know Michael was loving Trapp’s big booty. There’s something about Trapp I prefer him way more than the other dude Scotty did videos with. Michael pls bring him back.. This was one of the better videos they both were fun to watch.

  13. Cobra

    Yes I’m glad everyone enjoyed this scene as much as me. Truly “GAY for PAY 101”. I agree also with PhillyBro…Now you can bring in a “break in” model like Rico to let the newbies give a shot at topping. For the record I also enjoyed the previous scene which you deleted. All of those were classics.

  14. Tori Fan

    I’ll give it an 8.

    I like the idea…and I actually started thinking about how many of my friends I wanted…and still want to mess around with who are straight.

    But…Trapp is suspect. His dick was hard from the beginning. It could have been just the excitement. But a guy who supposedly NEVER has done anything gay or never even thought about it was too willing to let Scotty nut on his face and wanted to taste his nut. Plus he had some passion behind those kisses. Am I a connoisseur?

    He’s done it before.

    Perks were the toe shots. Actually I can see Trapp become like the new SUSPENSE….where is he?

    I liked it. But I wish they had tongued each other….or is there a Part 2?

    hmmm put Trapp and Rico together……hahaha…but for real….

  15. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Lemme just say this: I honestly wasn’t going to download this video but I’m glad I did, I prefer Trapp more than Shaun, at least Scotty seems more comfortable with Trapp than Shaun.

    Something about Trapp seems off, like I have a feeling he’s more interested in him than he’s leading on he’s so fine to me it’s crazy 😜 his dick stayed hard which was shocking and seeing him suck Scotty’s dick was so hot.

    One of the let downs is that we couldn’t see his asshole and also what’s up with the shower 🚿 scene and no subtitles ?? Also he talks so much but yet he’s so sexy lol I’m guessing this scene was difficult to film for you huh?

    Also are you willing to work with him again?

    I give this scene a hot 9/10

  16. TexasBugg

    This sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy thug pick the right name for himself (MR TRAPP) cause he has me under his spell i can not stop busting on his body. i do not want to see him go back to jail mike please give this sexyyyyyyyyyy thug all the work he can handle cause he is (TOO HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT TO HANDLE) @ (TOO COLD TO HOLD) i feel in my gut he will only fuck scotty. cause they r both on each other i see they r in love when trapp was watching his dick go in and out of scotty pink lips he was melting like butter.

  17. decaturbaby

    My membership ended with the previous update (DL Chill Spot, which I normally don’t like.. but kinda enjoyed that one too). … I was gonna wait a couple of weeks before renewing… However ANYTIME I see Scotty, it’s a no-brainer.. Michael, if you don’t post anything else in the next 4 weeks, I have already gotten my monies worth from that $19.95. I’ve read all of the comments, and it is extremely rare to have this much agreement 100%.. We LOVED this update… I can’t wait to hear the whole story as to why you felt nervous even after this shoot was over (per a private conversation we had)… The backstory alone was worth a good nutt.. “Scotty selected him and brought him to you for the sole purpose of doing a scene with him”.. “They met in jail”..and “They were really good friends”.. You would have to be a true BBA fan who has been there from the start of Scotty’s journey to really appreciate this scene.. I don’t know how you’ll top this one… but I’m sure you will… It would be remiss if we didn’t give thanks to Shaun and his legal troubles for making all of this possible.. Thank you Shaun.. and Thank you Mike.. looking forward to part 2 of this update.. drop what you’re doing and make it happen.

  18. Chris

    This was a great scene. I loved the fact that Scotty took the lead however I do think Trapp was the 🌟 of the show.

    I think its time for Scotty to get paired with a bottom. I wanna see him fuck somebody. Next time don’t let Scotty jack off to cum. That’ll give a great reaction.

    Trapp may not be ready to get fucked just yet but what I really like about him besides his looks was that tho he was very money motivated you could tell he enjoyed it. A good bottom would bring that freak outta him. Same with Shaun when he gets out serve him a good bottom.

  19. D_Raven

    Ugh let me start with saying I hate scenes like this because the one is so good there is no way next week will top it

    The chemistry was beyond exciting and there was no nervousness like when Scotty is with others

    Usually I can’t stand Scotty because he’s so timid but he really jumped into it and did his thing.. Just seeing him comfortably giving head was a complete turn on.. I was really looking for this kind of action with Shaun but forget him. He obviously can be replaced.. I need somebody to bottom next tho. I am still waiting for the Shaun bottom scene but I’ll settle for Trapp or Scotty..

  20. Jamal

    Trapp has definitely done this before. He basically wanted Scotty to bust in his mouth without anyone even asking he just opened his mouth before he was even ready

  21. CL05ETFR3AK

    Mmm, mmm, mmm, all I can say is, Shaun has no choice now when he comes back but to give up that booty! Scotty done surpassed him! Waaaaayyyyy surpassed him!


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