Website Update (with Video Teaser): Ready or Not

Why does it always seem like it’s the straight boys and TOPS who have the most flawless and fuckable asses? Or is it simply their stubborn refusal to be penetrated that makes their virgin backsides all the more forbidden and alluring to an ass addict like me? Maybe a little bit of both?

Shazeer is the perfect example of a sexy DL “top” who has one of the most beautiful asses (and pretty, pink assholes) I’ve ever seen in my life – yet tragically insists on keeping it strictly “off limits”!

Of course I’ve been drooling over that breathtaking ass ever since I first laid eyes on Shazeer, and dreaming of the day I might finally be lucky enough to see it split open and plundered by another man’s dick.

It took a lot of time and convincing, but I was finally able to tempt Shazeer into trying something new and out of his comfort zone, and turn the light-skinned bisexual “top” into a reluctant “bottom” – READY OR NOT!

Stylez will no doubt be the envy of many as he finally returns for his very first one-on-one scene and gets to be the lucky BBA model to take Shazeer’s anal virginity on camera.

Don’t miss another much-requested scene pairing featuring two of our hottest and sexiest new models in nearly a FULL HOUR of cherry-popping action that includes lots of dick-sucking, ass-eating, and RAW “take-down” fucking!

WARNING: If you’re only looking for hot and passionate sex between eager and experienced gay “porn stars,” then this most definitely ISN’T the scene or website for you! Like anyone GIVING UP HIS ASS for the very first time, Shazeer is understandably tense, reluctant, and uncomfortable throughout most of this scene.

But if you’re as turned on as I am by watching masculine, tight-assed “tops” like Shazeer finally pinned down and groaning under some dick, then this is one wicked “reality porn” exclusive that you don’t want to miss!

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26 comments on “Website Update (with Video Teaser): Ready or Not
  1. Stepp

    Let me first say I’m feeling this whole prequel theatrics thing you got going at the start of the scenes Mike, nicely done. I’m a little weird in that I love to see the discomfort and embarrassment caused when you ask the boys to verbalize what they’ve agreed to do. I dont think anyone yet has said I’m about to suck and get fucd. Anything with Shazeer in it and I’m here for and I’ve been requesting him for a while so thank you again. Stylez although handsome I’m still on the fence with and not sure if Shazeer really had enough chemistry with him to get fucked by. Having watched Shazeers prior scenes he seems like he enjoys fucn slow and sensual which I’m thinking is how he wanted it in return. Stylez seemed a bit too impetuous for his taste. Shazeer strikes me as needing candles, a massage and then gradually escalate up to fucking, Stylez just rammed the dick in and started pumping. I was like got damn take ur time, let the hole come to you….

  2. Stepp

    …..Long story short I enjoyed the scene and really hope Shazeer would consider returning to bottom perhaps with someone different. I wonder if you ask them if they have someone in mind they would like to get fucd by or if its more like just show up and you’ll find out later? Please convey to Shazeer that hole was not stretched in vain and that his audience definitely appreciated the sacrifice. I would much rather see him bottom although his scene with Taz is one of my favorites. Welp, you keep checking off my wish list. I’ve given up on Ross and Armando but I’m still hoping for Lil Scrap, the return of Scotty and/or Shaun when he gets out, and of course you can post the homey Bandit ad nauseum. Keep up the good work!

  3. TexasBugg

    I want to say thank u so much (SHAZEER) babyboi u r pure gold babyboi this being 2017 u r a freak not a gay man damm u r baddddddddddd for real (YOUR ROYAL BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS). I can’t stop jacking off on (STYLEZ) dick going in/out of that (PINK ASSHOLE) damm u got a pretty pink ass hole 1000/00 pure gold.

  4. Kody Fan

    I loved them together & thought Stylez was a good choice to top Shazeer. But Stylez ass needs to get Royally fucked!! Lol. He’s got the most cutest little ass & he’s always topping but I’m dying to see him FUCKED!! Lol. But this didn’t disappoint me. This is another BBA classic!! Their chemistry was great, and the body shots and wonderful foot shots were just fantastic! I’m sure I’ll get a lot of mileage out of this one!

    1. shorty

      man u aint lie ..when stylez got on his stomach to suck shazeer off i was like dammmnnn dat azz was made to be played wit…i paused it several times cause i neva was really feeling him till now lol stylez azz is pretty

  5. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Thank you! I knew this scene was coming it’s just a matter of time! I figured that Stylez was the one to fuck Shazeer and I’m glad he did I honestly enjoyed this scene and you know I’ve always loved me some Stylez and Shazeer separately and now together lol Shazeer’s asshole closed and open and so pink was hot as hell even just watching Stylez ass.

    What pissed me off is that this scene had so much potential to be a versatile scene, I honestly wished you tried some more convincing to get Stylez to bottom again (not saying that you didn’t try) but this scene could’ve been way more hotter if that happened.

    Shazeer is saying he won’t do that shit again and I’m like “nigga THIS IS BBA we’ve heard that saying sooo many times and look at the models now 😂🙄…’ll be back doing it again…tic toc!”

    It’s a really great sigh of relief to get away from last week’s update and bring back these two I hope to see them two again in the future in a revenge scene of some sort, or taking down Zadian. You know you were dead wrong Michael for asking Shazeer what his favorite position was lmao

    I give this scene a 9/10 ONLY because of Stylez not wanting to go versatile that was the let down but it made up for it in a lot of parts

  6. Sin Sinner

    Shazeer is the cutest thing from head to toe. His hole is the prettiest thing and his smile is so warm. With that being said, Stylez was not the one who should’ve topped him. I think Stylez actually made him uncomfortable and the fact that he finally bottomed but couldn’t top Stylez was wack. It should’ve been a give-give situation. Although, I think Stylez is cute and all, he’s not a good top and needs to bottom moving forward – even if he’s vers. He should be a Vers Bottom. I’d love to see Shazeer with Isaiah or someone more masculine. Scotty needs to come back too.

  7. Allen Wells

    Mike, this scene was awesome. Finally, I got to see Stylez in a one-on-one scene. I hope there is more to come. He is one gorgeous young man with a nice hard dick and mouth watering ass. I would like to have seen a little more focus on his asshole but the scene was still tight. Stylez with Scotty or Bandit in a love making ass-eating scene would be my 2017 favorite. I’m growing a little tired of Isaiah, Apollo, and of course the other two (Saint & Lil Tyga) but so far 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for BBA. There’s really only 1 or 2 scenes I despise so far this year and one of them was the Staxx scene. That scene was pretty bad. However, I would also love to see you eat Stylez ass. That is one of the things you do very well. It’s an instant membership when you do it b/c you do it right (no spit). I give the last 2 months a 8.5 out of 10. Without the Staxx scene, 10 out of 10. I’m pretty sure there are more great scenes to come b/c you can’t help yourself. LOL! Great job Mike.

    1. Jo Wilfried

      I thought I’m the only one that’s a critic of APOLLO.. ISAIAH.. SAINT..? To be honest, only a few active BBA members are still “obsessed” with these models..🤓
      I’m still looking forward for a RICO PRUITT-LIL SCRAP pairing.. can you make it happen Michael? That’ll be a hot scene!🔥🔥🔥

  8. CL05ETFR3AK

    I wasn’t going to make any comments for awhile, but I think I notice the pattern Michael is running on. If I’m wrong let me know, so far what the members are craving to see is happening slowly, with each successive weeks & scenes we’re treated to our hearts desires. This one was much requested and I must say it was thrilling to watch (even though I don’t think Shazeer was into Stylez that much) but it happened & hopefully there will be a sequel, but not until after Stylez gets busted open by Lil Scrap! Mmn hmmn I said it! That boy was craving Lil Scrap’s dick ever since he did the threesome with Spice, & that’s who I think Stylez is waiting for that’s why he won’t give up that ass so willingly. Michael that one’ll be explosive! Now Shazeer & Scotty should be next because Scotty has to know what to do when Shaun comes back.

    Now going off of what Stepp said about Armando & Ross I ain’t giving up until you say so Mike and as I said earlier you’re slowly giving everybody their requests, I’ll wait patiently on the sidelines, enjoying every week until those two come back especially Armando.

    1. Waves

      Stylez actually gave up the ass for Blake during the Christmas Party scene so a one on one between those two would be hot

  9. cocopop

    Knowing that it was going to hurt, then letting it happen and getting mad cause it did hurt. LOL. Mike I thought he was going to jump on either you or Stylez in the shower. I loved it though, he’s a sexy little guy. But Shazeer man, don’t let one bad experience prevent you from trying again. Anytime you try squeezing a dick in a tiny hole that haven’t been stretched its going to hurt, the pleasure comes later. Come on back, your fans would love to see you come to enjoy it some day soon.

  10. PhillyBro

    Finally some new models were used!! Huge fans of Both and want to see more but Shazeer was beyond boring. His oral skills are horrible which set the tone for a boring scene. Not a good pairing but def wanna see both more. Stylez needs someone more aggressive and freakier and it will make a hot scene i.e Lil Scrap, Bandit, Saint!

  11. decaturbaby

    I’m not a Shazeer fan, but I kinda enjoyed this update… Shazeer has a beautiful unblemished ass.. and that asshole.. so pink and beautiful… Stylez did his thing as always by staying excited and hard thru-out… good update Mike… newfound respect for Shazeer.

  12. nat black

    i didn’t feel it, it was kinda uncomfortable to watch..but he’s a shy guy and lacks the personality to carry a scene…it was very very quiet and predictable.

  13. willie smith

    this was hot both guys, need more interracial guys in movies no more twinks. i don’t like queer guys more straight guys getting fucked in the ass. if i don’t start seeing more real guys in your films, i will no longer log on to this site. also need to start doing more updates every week, especially since you are the only BBA site on the internet. More hot straight or hot guys on this site.


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