Website Update: The Apollo Experience (Part Two)

For those of you worrying that Rico Pruitt‘s recent gay porn debut was just a one-time thing, we’re proud and excited to announce that not only did Rico return for a second hot shoot, but he also agreed to sign on as an EXCLUSIVE new model for “Black Boy Addictionz”!

We figured what better way to welcome Rico to the BBA family and offer him a much-deserved “signing bonus” than by pairing him with his top choice from the BBA roster, and one of BBA’s most popular “gay for pay” stars of all time?

Join us for this action-packed conclusion to their epic encounter as Rico Pruitt gets treated to the other half of the “Apollo Experience” this time!

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23 comments on “Website Update: The Apollo Experience (Part Two)
  1. Tori Fan

    All I can say is HOT! You have a winner with Rico. He’s a natural. Apollo was superb as usual. I’m lusting all over again. Tell Rico to not shave his pubes…..he is a hot mofo….and keep getting those pedi’s…!

  2. A. Miguel

    Great scene, Michael! This is one of my favorites.

    Now, we have to work on getting Shazeer or Lil Scrap back on the site. I need to see one of them GIVING THAT ASS UP!

    1. Michael

      Thanks! I’m thrilled to hear that this is already one of your favorites.

      And don’t worry, we’re definitely on the same page when it comes to both of those guys. Fingers crossed 😉 !

  3. Cobra

    Hard to follow last weeks post but I did enjoy this much more than Pt 1 with Apollo topping. Hands down Apollo is the best looking model on this site and most others. I like him more as a top but he doesn’t have the meat to throw it but he makes it all up with body and his swag. Best dick sucker goes to Saint but Apollo got all the gay for pay stars hands down as “best kisser”. I think Rico’s claim to fame is his acting roles but I’ve never seen any of those but a good bottom to break in more “gay for pay” guys. Enjoyed the post!

    1. Michael

      That’s interesting because I personally prefer Apollo as a “bottom” and think he tends to perform better in that role. I think his best scene as a “top” was his scene with Blake Bishop last summer. But glad you enjoyed the scene, and thanks as always for your encouragement, support, and honest feedback!

  4. Lonleyman

    Mike I have 2 questions. When will scrap return?? And can u put bandit and Blake together to flip fuck. Battle of the 3rd spot

    1. cocopop

      Yea, I like that idea, but doubt Bandits reached that point yet, he needs a few more bottom scenes to prepare him for Blake. If you watch Rico, a gay guy, even he struggled with that. Apollo, having bottomed in far more scenes than Bandit at this point, could ride it to get any enjoyment from it. That’s a weapon, not a dick.

    2. Michael

      Don’t worry, I’m still in touch with Lil Scrap and hoping to work with him again very soon.

      Bandit and Blake Bishop were actually supposed to have met and worked together on two different occasions already, but both times it didn’t work out.

      Believe it or not, the first time was last summer when Bandit was actually my first choice to be the lucky first to fuck Blake Bishop on camera (sadistic of me, I know, LOL). Apollo had to be flown in at the very last minute as a back-up when Bandit missed his flight and almost ruined our plans. Probably ended up being a blessing in disguise because that scene and the chemistry between Blake and Apollo turned out to be amazing and it’s hard to imagine the original plans going any better. In fact, I’d almost forgotten about that myself until just now!

      The second time would have been for the Christmas Orgy at the end of last year, which Bandit was also supposed to have participated in but ended up missing his flight once again.

      The two of them definitely seem to be locked in an epic battle for Third Place, however, so hopefully one of these days they’ll finally have a chance to meet in person and settle the score once and for all 😉 .

          1. cocopop

            Apollo still has his fan base, and we don’t feel he’s overused. Hell, its been four months since his last scene.

          2. Jo Wilfried

            The No. 1 got topped by how many BBA models..?
            •BLAKE BISHOP
            •FREAKY J
            •RICO PRUITT
            Is that not “overused?”🤓

            1. cocopop

              @JoWilfried, and your point is, he also topped most of them. If you feel that way “overused”, don’t watch. Rico’s scene has passed all videos, though Apollo remains still No 1 model. You’ve had your grips with him from his first bottom scene. I’m sure he won’t miss you as a fan.

              1. Jo Wilfried

                … and not only that, APOLLO has 685 likes but can only produce 278/170 likes w/ RICO PRUITT?!? If I’m the producer, I’ll consider other pairings..🤓

  5. Cobra

    I just read your response to potential match-ups that went south. In dealing with airlines I assume you lost money on those missed flights. Many BBA fans weekly spout out wish lists of potential model match-ups but never consider the expense or scheduling logistics you have to deal with beyond the filming and editing weekly. Thanx again Mike for all you do to bring BBA the very best in amateur talent.

  6. decaturbaby

    Mike, this was so fucking awesome… They had even more chemistry than Apollo and Cordell .. I enjoyed the fuck out of those two muscle asses going at it… Apollo continues to show why he is the #1 model on this site… My friends, who don’t know the history of Apollo refuses to believe that he is actually a “straight” dude (but I do)… Apollo has always been the best at what he does.. He knows how to work the camera, and this was no exception… I would love to see Apollo sucking (and taking) Scotty’s big thick yellow dick.. Please make it happen… Shaun needs some more $$ in jail….. I loved this video… I loved Part 1 too… It’s time for Scotty to advance to the next level with Apollo.. I would bet money that that would be an instant favorite… Rico fell in love with Apollo, he was awesome as well… Apollo and Scotty… Make it happen for me PLEASE PLEASE…


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