Website Update: Bandit’s Revenge

For nearly five years, Saint has been one of BBA’s most popular and dominant tops, “taking down” and “breaking in” some of the hottest and tightest asses in BBA history.

But payback’s a bitch, and we thought the time was long overdue for one of Saint’s most merciless “take downs” to finally TURN THE TABLES and get his revenge….

See for yourself what happens when we serve up a helpless and vulnerable Saint in handcuffs to Bandit as a much-deserved “reward” for Bandit’s more difficult and challenging shoots as of late.

It’s the sexy straight top like his fans haven’t seen him in a VERY long time, yelling and cursing and growling as his near-virgin ass (which I swear is only getting bigger and rounder and more enticing with age) gets plundered RAW by Bandit’s vengeful BASEBALL BAT of a dick!

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37 comments on “Website Update: Bandit’s Revenge
  1. D-dollaz

    I renewed my membership based solely on the fact that Bandit was in the update. He can knock my lining out anytime he wants!

      1. Michael

        Awww, thanks, Rob, that’s so nice to hear! I knew creating that intro would add several hours to my editing process, and I came very close to not bothering with it at all. I honestly think a lot of other producers would have just said “fuck it” and posted the basic scene as it was.

        But of course you know me and my flair for the (melo)dramatic, LOL, and I knew deep down that it would only help to enrich and enhance the suspense and excitement of the scene. So I decided to invest the extra time and work into putting it together and I’m so glad I did! Thanks again!

  2. King Me

    Michael!!!! This was EVERYTHING!!! This weight on Saint is perfection. He made a fan out of me. Bandit did him dirty and I appreciate it.

  3. Blaqeyedsoul

    I think saint had a breakthrough on this one. I think he actually enjoyed this one. Way to go Saint. He is still my favorite.

  4. A.J.

    You did the damn thing Mike. I have been waiting forever to see Saint get fucked down right and Bandit didn’t disappoint. I’m shocked that it was big dicked Bandit who did the deed but also extremely happy it was him. I’m mad Saint had on socks but beggars can’t be choosers. Saint took it like a champ. He can go into bottoming retirement now without complaint from me. Clearly he doesn’t like to do it. He took one for the team. Surprised we didn’t get the asshole shot afterwards I always look forward to those. Nonetheless perfect production Mike.

    1. Michael

      I’m glad to hear that this scene came as a pleasant surprise for you and so many others! I figured it would be nice to mix things up a little bit and not post the Apollo/Rico updates back to back. And I had a feeling this was one that would shock a lot of Saint’s fans 😉 !

      As far as the missing post-fuck, busted open asshole shot is concerned, I feel TERRIBLE that I didn’t get that for you guys! I typically try to avoid a “checklist” approach to my shoots, but the down-side to that more casual, spontaneous approach is that sometimes certain positions and shots end up getting overlooked and forgotten in the heat of the moment.

      Don’t let the short running time fool you – this was still a VERY long and at times stressful shoot, and I think by the end of the day my brain was fried and I was hungry and running out of patience. But I definitely regret not getting that shot, and will be beating myself up over that for awhile!

  5. Alex Burrough

    I don’t know who give the best head out of Saint/Apollo/Blake Bishop?! No matter what you can always expect sloppy tops from them 3.

  6. Jamal

    I love it. Mike, my suggestion is have Blake Bishop and Bandit have a flip flop scene, then have Bandit and Apollo do a scene. – three some with those two would be great!!! This scene is awesome

  7. KayJay

    This is another winner, Mike. Saint stood tall and finally took the dick. As I was watching I kept thinking, “He’s goinna tap.” Bandit dogged that ass with that monster but Saint hung in there.

    Saint, STFU and take the dick bruh! LOL.

    Great job Mike, Saint and Bandit!

    1. Erickson25

      LMAO!!! THIS CAN PASS, BUT MY COMMENT DIDN’T!!!! I CAN’T!!! SO FOOLISH… 1mansho #kudos #1best comment… Such percision… LOL

  8. Chris

    Yesss Bandit. Come all the way threw. You just know its going down once he grabs his big dick & put that 1 leg on the bed. I gotta be honest Bandit has a sex appeal to me that i can’t even explain.

    I’d love to see Bandit with Spice for a part 2 cuz clearly enjoyed it the 1st time & now he’s way more comfortable.

    I lost a lot of faith in bba but let’s see if this roll will continue.

    1. cocopop

      @Chris, I agree with you on that. After Ross left, believing he would be the one to challenge Apollo. After Bandit’s arrival, I figured he would be the one to watch. Ross had the potential to blow BBA up for sure, he was a true freak. I feel cheated, not getting to see him kiss, suck dick, and get fucked. After a year Bandit has lived up to my expectations, he’s becoming more comfortable in each scene. He’ll be a natural moaner, enjoying getting fucked now. If only he stays out of jail.

    2. Jo Wilfried

      APOLLO is no longer the popular BBA Model these days.. RICO PRUITT will be the only one who can dislodge No. 1 from the TOP! Mark my word.
      The latest scenes of No. 1.. not too many likes.. BANDIT’S scenes have more likes than APOLLO’S latest scenes.. just a thought.

  9. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I was NOT expecting this scene AT ALL. I was expecting to see Rico Pruitt again *rolls eyes* and it would’ve been another week without downloading anything

    Michael this is what I’m talking about I just need Isaiah and Apollo to get their way with Saint and fuck him mercilessly I’m glad you got Bandit to get his revenge and I give this scene a solid 10.

    More of Saint bottoming in 2017 please I remembered telling you this when the year started

    1. Michael

      Not sure if Saint would even be up for it, but who knows, maybe we can start a new “payback” series with various models coming back to get their “revenge” on Saint’s ass, LOL.

      1. Dale

        Hi Mike…..Sorry to hear that you are having a ruff time right now. things WILL get better (They always do, right?) But thank you for always remembering to keep your fans posted when updates are slow. Keep ya head up

        Also, anymore thoughts about the “revenge” series that you wrote about (see post above)…I think this would be a great addition to your catalog. (Saint, Blake Bishop, Isaiah, Manny Killa, and Bandit) all need to get cuffed up and punished for wrecking other people’s assholes like they did. You have to especially get Blake Bishop cuffed by his feet and hands, PLEASE!!! I have seen scenes where he literally laughs and smirks when the bottom screams in pain. It very sadistic, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! LOL

  10. Moses1999

    LOVE BOTH OF THESE GUYS AND THE chemistry was on point. Love when Saint cleans the dick after stops of being fucked. “Fucking my ass” “Big fucking dick” “You got your revenge”….. hottttttt…. Keep it coming…. Maybe another revenge of Saint on Bandit for this….

  11. cocopop

    That part where Bandit was getting his ass eaten was as hot as the actual fucking scene. He has come to enjoy getting his ass tossed. And that ending scene where Saint was J/O, and Bandit was focused, watching Saint jack that dick, wonder what was he thinking. Could it be about how he completely lost his virginity to that dick, and maybe wanted to suck it. He never took his eye off of that dick. Mike, Bandit, Apollo next, or Blake/Bandit.

  12. Cobra

    Saint is the reason I first subscribed to BBA. It’s been a little off and on but I always come back just for action like this. I’ve been a little disappointed over the past few weeks but like Bandit said, “it was worth the wait”. Thanks again Mike, Saint and Bandit for a BBA classic.


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