Website Update: The Apollo Experience (Part One)

For those of you worrying that Rico Pruitt‘s recent gay porn debut was just a one-time thing, we’re proud and excited to announce that not only did Rico return for a second hot shoot, but he also agreed to sign on as an EXCLUSIVE new model for Black Boy Addictionz!

We figured what better way to welcome Rico to the BBA family and offer him a much-deserved “signing bonus” than by pairing him with his top choice from the BBA roster, and one of BBA’s most popular “gay for pay” stars of all time?

Join us for Part One of this action-packed encounter that includes tons of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and passionate RAW fucking as Rico Pruitt gets treated to the “Apollo Experience” and shows off a more versatile side for his fans!

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to enjoy Rico Pruitt in hot, uncensored action with Apollo any time you’d like!

25 comments on “Website Update: The Apollo Experience (Part One)
  1. chucke1

    I must be missing something here! I watched it and switched to a Saint video! Would not have used credits if not for Apollo! Where is all of these hot new guys you always promise?

  2. remedy

    THIS SCENE RIGHT HERE!!! GOT DAMN. firstly any scene with Apollo is dope because he sexy as fuck and a good ass performer. Yeah he earns every dollar hes paid, every time. and Rico is sexy as hell. and perfect person to pair him with for his second scene. Very smart choice. sexy scene! keep em comming Micheal

  3. Cobra

    Apollo is a BBA All-Star. I was hoping you’d be able to bring along at least one of your promising gay for pay models to the next step. Rico seems like a cool guy but the standard gay sex scenes I usually don’t even watch. Add Apollo and I at least did a fast forward lol.

  4. Tori Fan

    OMG….I’m salivating here. I haven’t watched it yet. I gotta go PRAY FIRST because I know I won’t have any skin left on my dick once I see this. You should be ashamed of yourself…making me give up on EVER SEEING Dragon and Tori again on BBA. You got my LUST LOYALTY swinging towards Rico. I already have a man crush on Apollo….and Isaiah…..

    wait….wait….since Rico is a regular now…by chance will he get it going with….ISAIAH TOO?

    I’m hysterical….

    I’ll let you know in an hour if I’m conscious.

    1. cocopop

      Yea Mike, if you pair Rico with Isaiah, the viewer would like to see him ride a dick. Hell we been watching him for 3 years and he’s never yet climbed on a mule. Both Rico and Apollo do look good together, both got that little boy face about them. Never seen Apollo throw that ass like that before, you can tell he’s more comfortable riding a dick. He become a wild man, love it.

  5. Tori Fan



    That was hot. i gotta take me a nap. But tell Apollo to let his PUBES grow back out. and tell Rico DON’T SHAVE his pubes….that makes it sexy….

    more toe shots next time….

    1. cocopop

      Couldn’t agree with you more on those pubes, and those toes on Rico, hell I paused the scene and imagined I was sucking them. Great job Mike.

  6. PrinceTahji

    Hot hot hot. A major step up although the video Lil Tyga shot was good too there’s nothing like seeing Apollo in action and Rico Pruitt joining him makes it just that much more better.

  7. Stepp

    Am I the only one not flipping out over Rico? He’s most def handsome but a little too pretty, I like my boys to be boys. The squad for me is Bandit, Scotty, Isaiah, Shaun, Lil Scrap, Ross, Saint, Shazeer….you get the pic. I get you have to satisfy everybody but you’ve already over used him imo. And I hope to hell you didn’t really pay him 15k before you made an offer to Scotty to see him bust it open.

  8. Stepp

    I typically never cancel the membership when I’m not into the scenes/models because usually two weeks at the most and you’ve got something for me again. But this is the longest drought ever. I haven’t bust a nut from your site since Scotty next level and before that Bandit and Isaiah which was fire btw! I’m trying to hang in there with you Mike and can only hope you post something different ahead of the part2 to this.

  9. decaturbaby

    That was an embarrassment of riches.. Both dudes are so beautiful and sexy.. Extremely good looking with beautiful bodies and perfect asses.. Apollo took dick like a champ and Rico’s dick stayed harder longer than even Blake Bishop’s dick, hell, it was NEVER soft. Hats off to you Michael for going out and getting Rico.. the kissing was the best I’ve ever seen on here and the fucking was passionate… Mike, I don’t know how you held that camera in your hand.. . the only thing i didn’t see was the “missionary position” (sad face) but hopefully you’ll make it up on part two…. This was one of my all time favorites BBA.. Easily a 10-10.. Great work Mike

  10. bmam

    I really saw and felt the connections between them. It was very clear that Rico really has a thing for Apollo. In general I love a scene where a guy is fucking and sucking dick at the same time!

    Personally, this is the best scene of the year, so far!


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