Website Update: The Tyga’s Den #2

We’re returning to Lil Tyga‘s apartment (aka “the Tyga’s den”) this week for another installment in our new series of scenes filmed and directed by the BBA models.

It’s another rare and intimate peek into Lil Tyga’s personal life with his real-life boyfriend Hakim, only this time there’s a bit of a twist. It probably won’t come as any big surprise that these two are freaks in the bedroom who occasionally like to spice things up by watching each other fuck other people.

See for yourself what happens when Lil Tyga decides to surprise his sleeping boyfriend with a special treat in the form of a slim, light-skinned dreadhead named Jazz. Some boyfriends bring their significant others breakfast in bed, but of course Lil Tyga’s version involves serving up some sloppy-wet head and fresh ass for Hakim before work….

Enjoy over thirty action-packed minutes of hot homemade porn that includes dick-sucking, finger-fucking, ass-eating, and best of all, newcomer Jazz bravely taking all NINE INCHES of Hakim’s big uncut dick!

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to return to the “Tyga’s den” any time you’d like!

Note from Michael: In case you missed my announcement in the comments section of a previous post, I apologize for the irregularity of the recent weekly postings, and due to the fact that there are many weeks when I’m unable for a variety of reasons to have the update ready until either very late Thursday night or even Friday or Saturday in some cases, I’ve decided to change the official weekly update day to Fridays. I will still try to post them on Thursday nights whenever possible, but at least for now, the official day will be Fridays and Thursday night updates will be a nice early surprise when they happen.

7 comments on “Website Update: The Tyga’s Den #2
  1. chucke1

    Don’t care for Tyga, Tyga’s den, or living room either! LOL Didn’t care for #1 and will not be watching #2! Are there not any hot, black, straight, and gay for pay boys in St. Louis? So glad I didn’t rejoin!

    1. King Me

      Couldn’t agree more. No Tyga unless he’s getting fucked. He can keep his man at home too. I dislike a LOT of the newer scenes but I keep my membership because I like what I like. Scotty, Shaun, Isaiah (bottoming), Bandit(bottoming), Julien, and my all time favorite Young Spazz

  2. amd3479

    Hakim is amazingly Sexy and I’m glad you brought him back. This scene was hot but wasn’t as hot as the scene with him and his lover.

  3. Tjay

    Hot scene. I’ve been following Jazz on social media. This is like a birthday gift to me. Jazz is too hot…hopefully there will be more of him.

  4. lilmellowyellow

    About fucking time! I enjoyed watching this scene. Both models are attractive and seem to be enjoying each other. Great job to each model. Kudos, Lil Tyga. I liked the closeups of both models big asses and Hakim’s dick pounding Jazz’s asshole, making his asshole juices overflow.


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