Website Update: Straight Boys Taste Better #2

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of putting a straight boy’s dick in your mouth, knowing just a few hours earlier that same big dick was probably plunging in and out of his clueless girlfriend’s wet pussy. Or even better, burying your face in some sweaty straight-boy ass, knowing it’s the most private and protected part of his body.

Stylez recently experienced this firsthand when he joined our new director Shax Carter for a special weekend of filming with a couple of BBA’s newer models.

Fresh out of the shower and wearing nothing but a towel, Stylez catches our new “hetero-flexible” model Justice secretly stroking his dick to some of Stylez’ past work….

Stylez gets so turned on by the sight of the beefy “straight” athlete curiously watching and getting turned on by his BBA scenes, that he drops his towel to the floor and starts jacking off while still spying on the hot solo show.

Things start to get interesting when Justice discovers that he’s no longer alone and decides to take advantage of this special opportunity to sample Stylez’ talented mouth and tongue for himself….

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14 comments on “Website Update: Straight Boys Taste Better #2
  1. Joe

    KEEP BRINGING JUSTICE!! KEEP LETTING SHAX DIRECT!! This was an awesome scene! Justice is so fucking sexy! I can only imagine him paired with Saint!

  2. Jayden

    I loved this scene a lot. I was kind of worried when I saw the title because, in my head, nothing could top the original with Blake and Ross (still one of my favorite scenes! Ross…where TF are you dude?!??) But I’ve got to say… y’all did the damn thing!

    A lot of the times acting in porn comes off as cheesy and is just an overall waste of life…but Justice (thank you for bringing him back!) and Stylez (great to see him again too!) were awesome together. I love how you all set the scene up with Stylez being a voyeur. Stylez’ head game is platinum perfection! It was awesome seeing Justice’s reactions. As he clearly enjoyed it, and I did too! This was one of the hottest ass eating sessions I have ever seen!!

    This scene had a fun moment when Justice was sucking the perennial area on Styles and he almost lost it. It reminded me of when Blake was sucking Ross’ inner thigh and he was hopping all over the couch in the original scene.

    What I love about Stylez is that he is authentic. If he loves something, he shows it. There’s no acting or pretending…his emotions are real. Justice, to me, is a turn on. I know it is early in the BBA journey for him, but hopefully we can see him do more in the future, if he sticks around in the BBA zone…I hope he does!

    🤞🏾🤞🏾Shax—-great job bro! This scene was perfect. Editing was on-point and the feature was seamless! Yeah…I was not dry after this scene either…lmao!!

  3. admanq

    Great scene – Hope we can see the pairing of Justice w/ Isaiah. I feel Isaiah could really get Justice to come out of his shell. Would love to see Isaiah 69, suck and fuck Justice’s tight delicious ass (or reverse/flipfuck). Justice sucking feet was so hott and he has amazing connections with his partners.

  4. cocopop

    Normally don’t care for sex scenes without penetration, but this was hot as hell. Dam if Justice doesn’t remind me of Ross with that raw unapologetic emotions he bring to a scene. While we never got to see Ross suck dick nor how he’d respond to a real dick in his ass, my hope is that Justice stays long enough to show us just how Ross would have. Was disappointed with both scenes at first, I just knew Mike you were doing a Spring Break scene battle, featuring Bandit and Apollo. So Mike, when will those two ever get together it’s been 3 years now?

  5. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I love Justice and Stylez chemistry they do well together….question to you is….why didn’t y’all let them fuck and get it over with?? do they want to fuck each other?

    I give it a 9.8/10

  6. Chocoliz

    Yo I love this scene. Justice is a departure to me from the usual bba dude. He is not a twink lol which is great. I do love that when he likes something he responds. He is a keeper and Im loving his journey. Stylez is a hottie as well (Twink) lol

  7. D'Sean

    Stylez sucked the hell out of Justice. There needs to be a part 2. We must see the “climax” aka see Stylez take the dick.

    Hell, bring Mar in for added bonus. He and Stylez could share the dick and flipflop.


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