Website Update: Testing Travis

This weekend we have a special treat for all of the TWINK LOVERS out there.

If you share our lust for slim, dark-skinned black boys with big ol’ dicks and juicy-round bubble-butts, then you’re gonna LOVE our cute new boy Travis….

Just *BARELY* 18 and fresh out of high school, Travis recently applied to do some underwear modeling for our new photographer Shax.

But we had other ideas 😉 ….

To watch the full-length, uncensored version of Travis’s underwear photo shoot turned freaky “audition,” click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to meet BBA’s newest cute “boy next door” Travis any time you’d like!

18 comments on “Website Update: Testing Travis
    1. TexasBugg

      TRAVIS babyboi u r hott as fire do u and do not let the haters get in your head have fun in your young life i like u cause u know u got a body that was blessed by the gods i like the tick/tick with the dick a lot of young thugs couldn’t do that that tell me u can be a good top r good bottom u r a badd badd boi i really hope mike use u both ways i love your moves u got a nice diamond back there u being 18 would be the best to take down 19 year old shaun dick not too big to open his lil hole damm

  1. Kody Fan

    He’s got a HOT bod & sorta innocent twink appeal. Smoooth! I wouldn’t turn him down! Great photos, btw. But what’s with this 70’s music?? Lol.

  2. chocolix77

    I usually cannot take the solo vids because they are boring asf but this dude is fucking gorgeous and I would love to see more of him. Kudos to whoever found this gem!!

  3. TexasBugg

    AS (PRINCE) said in his song (BATMAN) (STOP THE PRESS WHO IS THAT) damm babyboi u hottt as fuck in my mind i have pair u with so many (TRAPP/BANDIT/SCOTTY/SHAUN/MANNY K.) 18 years old that’s what i love about young thugs they dick get hard where they can fuck/get fucked i know trapp would love to do a scene with a young thug and he being 24 years old cause i see he likes them younger which makes it more hotter welcome to bba travis the best porn in the(USA)U R SO HOTTTTTTT.

  4. TexasBugg

    THIS young sexy thug should be around for awhile i hope mike use him both ways cause he got a nice size dick and can make it move like the long hand on a clock he got body now we wait to see who is going to be the first to fuck him/first who he fuck he love to use his dick i love that hair 18 full of cum he fucks hard /long now who will hit that diamond it’s a diamond back there real juicy i would love to see him/shaun fuck each other cause they r a year apart i think shaun would fall in love

    1. KayJay

      Thug? Huh?

      Cute “lil” dude, but I definitely missed the interview at the beginning and the wrap-up interview at the end. Then we’d know for sure if we could dub him as a “Thug.” Looks like a cute young gay dude to me.

      1. Michael

        Based on his countless comments left on the site (hundreds? thousands? LOL), I think “TexasBugg” describes all of BBA’s models as “thugs,” even boys like Travis who are obviously anything but.

        Sorry that you missed the interviews, but we wanted to mix things up and experiment with a different approach to the solo format this time. It’s fun and challenging and helps us keep things fresh and interesting – for the viewers and us!

  5. Jayden

    Y’all had “other ideas” huh? Man y’all bad. LOL!!! I am normally not into twinks but I decided to give this video a try. I’ve got to say that it was very nice! The concept was a nice change of pace from BBA’s normal offerings. All of the captures of Travis in different underwear. The different angles were cool too. Watching Travis explore with the different toys was entertaining was well. However, you all saved the best for last when Travis was able enjoy himself. I enjoyed him as well.😉 Hopefully, your list of other ideas includes bringing Travis back for more.


    Travis is a good looking guy; good voice too. He shows great poise and confidence for his age. Nice body and feet! I hope we see more of him.

  7. mdcarmichael

    DAMN Travis! I’m not a big solo fan, but this boi is hot! I was hoping he’d lean down and suck his own dick. It’s definitely long enough for him to reach.

  8. Stoned Mountain

    Your customers are so stuck in ruts and customs and habits.

    “I’m no fan of black and white,” this in response to flashes of black and white for effect. Either way Travis looks so very inviting. For me there is not the slightest hint of whether he is top or bottom. I think either way will work, if babyboi is into it. He does look like a nice target for the girls, so cute, so nicely hung.

    Oh to put my tongue down that throat…. 🙄


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