Website Update: Taking Travis

Last weekend we introduced you to Travis, a shy black teen with a smooth, dark-skinned body, nice big dick, and juicy-round bubble-butt who recently applied to do some underwear modeling for our new photographer Shax.

But we had something very different in mind for this cute 18-year-old’s first summer job right out of high school 😉 ….

See for yourself what happens when Travis meets the older “straight” athlete Justice and takes things to the NEXT LEVEL!

Travis was understandably quiet and shy for his hardcore action debut, but Justice seemed more than happy to take control of the nervous black teen and put his true porn potential to the test….

Enjoy a full forty minutes of hot amateur action that includes kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, toe-sucking, and of course Justice “breaking in” his younger co-star’s tight teenage ass!

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

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28 comments on “Website Update: Taking Travis
  1. D'Sean

    Justice is a true top. Watch out Saint! I hope Shax Carter put him in a scene with Trapp and Luh Redd. In a 3sum where he gets to fuck them both and he and Trapp take turns fucking Luh Redd.

  2. chucke1

    HOT HOT UPDATE! JUSTICE IS A LIVING DOLL! GREAT JOB TRAVIS coming from one referred to as a hater! (just a reminder, Texas and all) TRAVIS is now number one thug! LOL

  3. Marques

    I think the scene could have been recorded better. I didnt like the angles. The up close shots were cool but not the whole fuck video. sexxy dudes just not a great vid to me!

  4. Four

    Im in love with Justice and this little dude is cute but this scene could have been 10x hotter if the cameraman knew the angles to shoot.. there’s no reason we should be seeing under them for 5 minutes during doggystyle

    1. Stoned Mountain

      I loved Travis’s head game and Justice’s probing Travis’s hole with finger and tongue. And later with deep, slow fucking. I was disappointed that Justice never gave head to Travis. Wanted to see more of the twink’s big dick, and more kissing.

  5. WeatherMan

    I love the new model he is very hot great body and love his skin color so yummy I just wish that was Michael’s dick going in and out his pretty little ass

  6. devotedbrotha1

    Shax is doing a WONDERFUL JOB at BBA and in a short time, he has enhanced the quality of the foundation which was laid before him. Shax continues to bring a sense of realism and depth with his photography, something we all should appreciate. An old professor once told me that if you continue to keep doing something the same ole’ way, don’t expect change. Continue to build and re-build from Constructive Criticism and you will see those who refuse change/complain, fade as though the wind.

  7. decaturbaby

    I love the camera used by Shax Carter, it has such a rich and beautiful color to his film. I like yours too Michael, but Shax’s has a whole different kind of look. It really enhances the skin tones of the models, making it seem more sensuous. I can’t wait to see some other models filmed by him.

  8. Tori Fan

    OMG I am lusting after Justice just like my others. Don’t let him shave one hair on his body. His hairiness and his sensual eyes make me leak. You can tell him that!

  9. Stoned Mountain

    I love Travis’s willingness to serve. Holding the balls, tender service to head, inviting Justice to fuck his throat…. Wow. Oh to be with Travis just one lovely night. Of course I wouldn’t last more than 2 minutes. 🙄

    Interesting that the members seem to prefer Justice. Please consider Blake Bishop to make love to Travis. Justice treated him like an object. Blake would open him up and give him the experience of a lifetime. And we would be witnesses.

  10. TexasBugg

    THIS was that (A PLUS) fucking damm he was hitting that spot i saw it in travis face damm i wish (SHAUN/SCOTTY) would watch after travis took that dick he was a young thug again travis u was great i really busted 2 good nuts justice that was real cool of u that hole was tight u didn’t try and bust his hole open u made real love to that diamond asshole travis will remember that thug fucking damm i just love bba usa i hope the haters stay in their hole on this one a haters free week one week.

  11. write1in618

    Justice is something else … throat fucked this kid til tears were streaming down his face, fucked him like a bitch in multiple positions, then used his face as a canvas for some serious face painting!

  12. Tim

    I’m luvin me some Travis…. cute….. beautiful body, booty and dick. Can’t wait to see somebodi slobber on his dick and balls! He luvs sukin…getting fuked and he is still learning how to take the dick both ways… I can’t wait to see what he does next! Wish Stephon would come back and do a scene with him… maybe Apollo… Or.. match him with a really big dick and see what he can do…. Travis is a keeper!!!!!

  13. Brian

    Idk. 2018 hasn’t been good. At least not for me. BBA barely posts and I’ve only liked one scene. I’m not into the twinks, so i just wait until he posts something else. But at this point its just the same girls over and over again. Mike barely shows up In scenes and I enjoyed knowing that whoever he was with was only doing it for the money. Like where’s the update for this week?? I’ve been a subscriber since Day Day. I guess all good things eventually die out. Everything is just meh

  14. JAy

    Mike please tell me that trapp is at least in one of the new scenes. Also since is has been a while since a new video can you post at least one teaser pic for all the new videos coming over the next 4 weeks. Lastly any update on lil scrap and freaky j. Please bring trapp back. i am his biggest fan

    1. Michael

      We’ve been posting teaser pics and vids on our other social media:

      Twitter: @BBAddictionz
      Instagram: @OfficialBlackBoyAddictionz
      Tumblr: @BlackBoyAddictionz


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