Website Update: That Ass Is Mine #2 – Price of Entry

Last week, we saw Blake Bishop like we’d NEVER seen him before, letting one of BBA’s most popular straight models be the first guy lucky enough to fuck him on camera. But only under the condition that he could also have a shot at Apollo‘s amazing ass in return – a “price of entry,” I guess you could say 😉 .

This week we’re bringing you the action-packed “sequel” in which Blake Bishop finally TURNS THE TABLES and “cashes in” on the day’s hard-earned prize….

“I’ve been looking at your ass for awhile now,” Blake confesses to Apollo at the start of this scene. “I’ve always wanted to see what it feels like. Since I gave you mine, I think it’s only right you give me YOURS!”

At first, Blake tries his best to take it easy on his less experienced co-star, stroking slowly in and out of that spectacular ass as he savors the euphoric sensations of it tightly squeezing his dick.

But this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that came at the steep price of his own on-camera cherry, and Blake wasn’t about to let this fresh straight-boy ass go to waste!

Before you know it, he’s plunging his huge, RAW dick in and out of that tight muscle-butt with increasingly deep and demanding thrusts as Apollo gasps and curses and moans but bravely surrenders to his most intense and passionate fucking so far.

Stay tuned to the very end for a brief mystery teaser of some hot things to come in the weeks ahead!


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29 comments on “Website Update: That Ass Is Mine #2 – Price of Entry
  1. Tori Fan

    Two good guys….but…it was so difficult to watch Apollo get fucked. Mainly because I LUST AFTER HIM…..

    He’s a good guy for going through with it for the fans. The money must really be good cause I can’t think of a straight guy who would get fucked like that and still speak to you. Ha ha.

    Thanks for the toe shots. Both of the guys have pretty feet. I would suck both of their toes…and dicks.. haha…. Fucking…NOPE…that shit hurts. I was relating with the grimace on Apollo’s face. All I kept thinking about was the last time I got fucked and it was sooooo painful but the dick was nice looking. I finally had to say….I can’t take anymore….of course that was after I nutted… haha

    Overall it was a good scene because the guys were thinking about the audience. Now pair them up with somebody who really wants to get fucked.

  2. D-Money

    well as I said last week Mike this is the movie nomination for summer flick of the year for the site!!! great fucking great ass eating and great chemistry great fun!!!!!!! thanks for this summer classic!!!

  3. cocopop

    I predicted Apollo would struggle to take Blake’s thick dick, even though Blake was easy on him, never did force it all in. Apollo was a champ though, he’s improved riding dick. That was hot watching him ride that dick. Blake has a big dick even though it’s only 8 inches that sucker is thick and it stays brick hard. Loved seeing Apollo’s sexy feet also. Great job on both scenes Mike!

  4. Chris

    For me part 1 was better. Blake took dick better. I knew Apollo would struggle because he hasn’t bottomed for a gay/bi guy yet. I’m tired of Apollo with his floppy dick. He needs to get hard & stay hard.

    & it seemed like they filmed this right after each other cuz the cum shot on this scene wasn’t good.

    Oh I hope bandit isn’t the 1 getting fucked & I knew Shaun would be back

    1. Michael

      Are you wanting Apollo to get and stay hard with a huge dick in his ass? I know a lot of fully gay BOTTOMS who love getting fucked but still rarely get hard while it’s actually happening. So that’s an odd and highly unrealistic expectation for a straight guy like Apollo who is still fairly new to the bottoming role.

      If you’re talking about Apollo as a “top,” then I have to ask, did we actually watch the same scene, LOL?!? Because I don’t think I have ever seen Apollo’s dick as ROCK-HARD and ready as it was in this scene! You can see it straining against his pants before they even come off!

      As far as the cum-shots are concerned, you’re right, both of these scenes were filmed back to back on the same day, so all three of us were already EXHAUSTED by the time it came time for Apollo to bottom, and their cum-shots were understandably weaker as a result. Sorry about that!

      1. decaturbaby

        There is no need for you to apologize for anything.. You all put in some good work that day.. It was one the best scenes on BBA… IF not The Best… so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.. Anyone who can bitch about the past two updates must have serious issues.

  5. A.J.

    While it’s nice Apollo fucked Blake and vice versa. Where is Apollo and Saints part 2? I been waitin on that all year. Saint always escapes the dick I swear.

    1. cocopop

      That would be a huge disappointment for you, Saint, after 6 years and more than a dozen different attempts has never been able to take dick. He has some kind of mental block when it come to taking dick whether it has to do with his wife knowing about his work here. So be careful what you ask for, I for one don’t want to see that let down again.

      1. A.J.

        Lol. Well there is always wishful thinking. Apollo’s not really huge so he should be able to squeal through it.

  6. Sylvester

    That was so hard to watch. Instead of getting turned on & enjoying the scene I felt bad for Apollo. He was really struggling taking Blake’s D. I feel like Mike doesn’t help the person who’s bottoming out. Like I wonder if he tells them to play with their dick to ease the pain a little. Or start off with riding or laying on your side so u can open up first then go into a backshot. Backshots are usually hard to take so idk why Mike would even let him start off in that position smh. Blake definitely bottom better but I can’t wait for next week! Im ready to see Bandit open up more. That man is the finest on BBA at the moment. Please stop putting Zadian in scenes. He looks slow or like something is wrong wit him. He’s not cute or has any type sex appeal. Just stop with him PLEASE!

    1. cocopop

      I disagree, allow Zadian be the black dick to fuck Bandit for the first time, his dick is more the right size and they have chemistry together.

    2. Peter

      I agree, stop with Zadian. For context, Bandit and Zadian have done the same amount of scenes/types of scenes/with the same models. Bandit actually first appeared a few weeks after Zadian. Yet, Bandit has over 140 more likes than Zadian. Outside of his scene with Bandit, Zadian has not been in a scene that has 100 likes. Bandit has not been in a scene with less than 148 likes, and that was his solo. I think given the choice, we would rather see Bandit 3x rather than Zadian once IMO.

      1. Jo Wilf

        I can see that only BANDIT can match APOLLO in popularity.. Now, at No. 10 position with 181 likes is the fastest to make it in 6 months.

  7. Lob Taylor

    Wait, is Bandit in the flick too. I skipped watching Apollo bottom and from the comments I didn’t miss much. So where is Bandit? Is there a trailer or sumthin? I only buy credits for scenes I like in case you are wondering. So didn’t want to use it on this scene. Blake on the bottom was great, I watched that . But am not an Apollo fan so don’t want to spend the credits on this scene.

    1. Jo Wilf

      Yes. BDB was in the “teaser”… I guess he will get his first facial scene. I’m wondering why you’re skipping APOLLO.. HE’S NO. 1!

  8. Chin Lowl

    Please Julien is so boring for a redbone! He does nothing with his bottom its tiresome , Talk of a wham bang thank you. I pray that it’s not Micheal violating that gorgeous Bandit for his first time. He need an upstanding black dick. Michael though you seem to be working out and looking better in your last vids I still prefer you behind the cameras!

  9. Bugsy754

    DEF the hottest scene of 2016 so far . You picked the perfect pair. Apollo a great mix of bottom and top- hard to come by now days and Blake def took dick well.

  10. Dream Cream

    This scene was hot I knew Apollo was going to struggle but he took that big dick like a champ. Blake Bishop fuck’d Apollo but I know he wanted to put all of the dick in him & go deep in that ass. Thank you Michael… BTW Where’s ROSS I miss him the most outta all of the models you have.

  11. Paul

    Just as I was about to stop the video after watching side angle shots you took the camera to the back during missionary fucking and shot close-ups of the penetration and I stopped dead. Again, Bravo, my friend. This is my ideal view, and you gave me what I wanted. Worth every cent to me and more. Blake is perfect top, good motion, consistent hard-on. Tips to the models, and to you. Look forward to future content. And close-ups and missionary positions!


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