Website Update: That Ass Is Mine

Blake Bishop and Apollo
For over a year, we’ve enjoyed watching Blake Bishop in his preferred role as a sexy and talented “top.” We’ve caught tempting glimpses of his cute muscle-butt as it rises and falls while he pounds the “bottom” beneath him, wondering if we’d ever be lucky enough to see it split open and plundered by another man’s dick.

Blake Bishop has insisted on staying strictly a “top” and unlike most guys, money hasn’t been enough to convince him otherwise. However, like most of BBA’s gay and bi models, Blake has also been asking me for awhile to pair him with Apollo, easily one of our most popular straight models of all time.

A firm believer in the old saying that “one man’s top is another man’s bottom,” I decided to make the sexy bisexual “top” an offer that I hoped he couldn’t refuse: He could finally have a shot at Apollo’s flawless and highly-coveted ass, but the “price of entry” (pun intended) would be GIVING UP HIS OWN ASS!

After thinking it over for the past couple months, Blake finally decided that in order to do a scene with one of his favorite BBA models, he’d let Apollo be the first guy lucky enough to DICK HIM DOWN on camera….

Don’t miss another much-requested scene pairing featuring nearly a FULL HOUR of passionate action that includes tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and RAW “take-down” FUCKING!

It’s Blake Bishop like you’ve NEVER seen him before, wincing and cursing and even telling Apollo to TAKE THAT ASS as he clings to the bed and submits to the pounding of his life….

“Not used to being in this position, are you?” Apollo teases in his sexy Southern accent as he delivers what is arguably his BEST and most passionate “topping” performance so far by aggressively slamming in and out of that tight muscle-butt we’ve been wanting to see STUFFED WITH A DICK for OVER A YEAR!


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32 comments on “Website Update: That Ass Is Mine
  1. Chris

    1St i am surprised Blake Bottomed. i follow him via social media & honestly i feel like he’s struggling financially so that’s why he probably did it.

    2Nd Blake Bottomed pretty well & stayed hard longer than most of the obvious bottoms on this site.

    3Rd I love Apollo but him bottoming started to turn me off from him so it was nice seeing him top only again.

    I do rate this as 1 of my favorite scenes ever. my only flaw is even though Apollo performs well in all positions it is kinda disappointing seeing his dick floppy while he’s topping. He always jacks off to get a nut.

  2. decaturbaby

    Michael, this was a scene that I have been waiting to see for a long time… and it did not disappoint at all… that was a 23 out of 10 🙂 .. I don’t know where to start.. The chemistry was off the chain.. Apollo and Blake looked like they should be a couple.. both so damn good looking and HOT… Apollo fucked Blake like I have seen Blake fuck other guys on here for the past year.. Apollo was hard as a brick and fucked him for a loooooong time in every imaginable position.. He also sucked Blake’s rock hard dick and ate his ass like a pro too… and Blake took that dick like he enjoyed every minute of it…. Blake’s dick was hard the whole shoot with dick up his ass….. If you don’t post another video this month, I would have gotten my $19.95 worth out of this scene .. You’ve had some great updates on this site in the past, but this has moved to the TOP of my list… Thank you… I can’t wait until next week for part 2

  3. Jamitis28

    Well Damn!!! This was the ish! Finally a scene I can stash or download. I still didn’t think it would be that good. I hadn’t watch any of these new scenes in a month but i took a chance on this one. Glad I did. Blake was throwing it back and when he started riding that dick with his own dick at full attention, I lost it. Now THAT’S a scene!

    Blake is now a certified star for me. Him, Apollo, Saint, Freaky J, Beno, Lil Tyga, Isaiah, Staxx, Knockout & Kenny… ALL TIME BBA TOP 10 (in whatever order)

    1. cocopop

      He was riding it like a bucking cowboy riding his pony with his big ole dick slinging from side to side, rock hard. Where was the tonguing at though, more kissing lips than tongue kissing. Loved it though.

  4. Lob Taylor

    OMG , am wondering how come I’ve never noticed how phyne Blake Bishop is! Dude’s got model good looks for sure. Apollo for me is the real gay for pay type, his performance has always been mechanical almost pro. I’ve never been into him like so many on BBA. BUT this was a gaddmn good scene. Blake Bishop sure likes his ass played with. His body betrayed him here he loved being fucked. Up next Blake Bishop and Isaiah?

    This good scene doesn’t make up for your shoddy update history (save the excuses we’ve heard them countless times and they don’t make sense)

    1. cocopop

      Yea, Blake did seem to not want to show he was enjoying being dicked, thats why Apollo told him to “let it out”. He then began to let go and enjoy Apollo fucking him, sure he had his mind on getting in Apollo’s ass. Having a foot fetish, loved the camera angles showing those pretty feet on both. These two really look good together, waiting anxiously for thursday. Great job Mike.

  5. decaturbaby

    I also saw the scene with “Scotty and Shaun” for the first time last nite too… That scene was the definition of what BBA is all about… I could have watched them all night.. It was so funny and raw and real and familiar and the genuine closeness of these two best friends was very evident. I enjoyed them both, so cute and mischievous and I hope and pray (please God) that they will come back for more… However they came to you, they went home different… 🙂 .. Please do whatever you can to get them back.. (including a threesome with a girl as a carrot dangling on a fishing pole).. Great Job.. This is by far the best site of its kind out there….

    1. DJ

      That would be a hot scene. I liked the guys. I can never find a good homoerotic threeway. Doesn’t need to be a bi threesome.

  6. Stoned Mountain

    Just WOW.

    Christmas in JULY!

    Apollo, what a lover, right down to the sloppy head at the end. And Blake, rock hard, gave it up nicely.

    Brilliantly done, Michael.

  7. cocopop

    Excellent Mike excellent, first that Texas heat has cooked Apollo, he’s almost as dark as Blake now. He was more aggressive than I’ve ever seen him, that ass must have been good, and he fucked that ass. Blake looks even sexier with a dick in his ass than I could have imagined, and the way he was throwing that ass back at Apollo was hot as hell. You can tell he’s taken dick before off camera that bro. was loving that dick. Mike you out did yourself this time, been wanting to see this happen for some time. Cant wait for next week, but can Apollo take that thick, long dick of Blakes? A 10 for me.

  8. D-Money

    WOW!!!!!!! first scotty and shaun and now apollo and blake two great scenes with awesome raw chemistry——first blake and apollo needed to happen for the sake of two passionate costars who needed to conquer each other what AWESOME FOREPLAY and hot aggressive raw fucking!!!!!!! great awesome conquest mike!!!!!!

    1. Michael

      This is without a doubt the MOST ASKED question on the website, Tumblr, AND the BBA Blog, and I guess there’s no point in putting it off any longer.

      Unfortunately, Ross has been MIA for the past several months. No replies to emails, phone calls, texts, nothing. I’ve heard that he might be locked up, but haven’t been able to confirm anything yet. I will continue trying to track him down and hopefully be able to bring him back for more hot scenes in the future. I know he’s a fan favorite and trust me, his recent absence is not due to any lack of trying on my part 🙁 !

  9. Tori Fan

    I remember thinking ….this is not going to be hot. But…..then Apollo aggressively leaped on Blake when they walked in the door. That made my nuts twerk. Blake appeared to be caught off guard in a good way. It’s like a fantasy come true. When Blake’s pants came down and his dick was hard….that was the signal that I knew it was going to be hot.

    Blake took that dick as a champ. Unless you can confirm otherwise, I don’t think he was a virgin. Apollo’s dick was going in and out too smoothly…of course after awhile I believe most tops have taken dick before. It hurts like hell. I could never ever really get used to it…BUT whenever I’m turned on…or fantasize about someone…I’ve been known to bite the bullet for at least 10 minutes then….it’s over.

    I love the fact that Blake and Apollo have pretty toes, big dicks, freakish personalities and it appears they are good guys.

  10. Dream Cream

    Apollo’s aggressiveness was so fucking hot! I got so turned on watching him put Blake Bishop against the wall & seeing Blake’s facial expression like he was caught off guard but liked it. Apollo ate his ass like a pro & Blake was loving it. The kissing was hot & the dick sucking between them was so good, Apollo got that dick wet, I loved how Apollo put Blake against the window so aggressively ?. The fucking was awesome that aggressive raw dick down was everything❤️. Blake threw that ass back so he was definitely loving the dick. Apollo always goes out his way to give 100% in a scene but this one was the BEST! I can’t wait for this Thursday its gone be Blake’s turn to fuck Apollo, oh man Blake is going to fuck the shit outta Apollo for pleasure & revenge lol. Between Apollo pushing him in the water & fucking him so aggressively yeah that ass gone get punished. Thank you Michael!

  11. DJ

    I am doing a no jack 30 day challenge. I can only nut from interaction not from solo jerking. This scene gave me blue balls. Seeing Blake take the dick and to be rock hard during was such a turn on. He took it and was sexy while taking it. Tell Apollo to take that ass put me over the top. Still didn’t jerk but it was def on my mind when I was getting head this weekend.

  12. cocopop

    Dam, that ass must be tight and good based on Apollo’s facial expressions. He fucked Blake like Saint fucked him (aggressive) and took control. Blake rode the dick like no other, I take my hat off to him on that.

  13. decaturbaby

    I’m really dumbfounded at the lack of comments on this “hit out of the ball park” scene between Apollo and Blake.. It was a 10 out of 10… (hopefully everyone is just too busy jacking their dicks to type) … Great Job Mike

    1. Michael

      I feel like there’s actually been a lot of feedback to this scene, and 99% of it has been enthusiastic.

      One thing to keep in mind is that the relatively new “comments” feature on the website itself has made it so that aside from the small handful of you who post your feedback both places, feedback now gets splintered among the website, the BBA Blog, the BBA Tumblr, and those who prefer to share their reviews privately by email.

      Plus it’s summer and I’ve noticed that blog participation tends to dip slightly during the summer, most likely due to people being busy with vacations, traveling, more social and outdoor activities, etc.

      But I’ve been very pleased with the feedback to this scene so far, and glad so many viewers like you have enjoyed it so much!

    1. cocopop

      I too am surprised, surely that’s not the reason, his followers being upset that their idol is being dicked down. By the way your idol Bandit will be next to get dicked down by Mike, preparing him to take bigger black dicks.

      1. Jo Wilf

        I think I haven’t mentioned that BDB is my “idol?” … can you share it where?
        It’s too soon if BANDIT gonna surrender that precious gift..

    2. decaturbaby

      lol.. I’m not big on my Tops getting fucked either, but when they get paired with the right person, like this scene, then I don’t mind at all… I actually enjoyed the fuck out of this one…

  14. justin

    ok, ok….it took me awhile to finally post my appreciation for this scene (had to wait for my dick to go down…lol)….THANK U MIKE!!!!!!!! finally got my fav BB & Apollo in a scene together!!!! this scene moves into the top 10 instantly!!! imma big Blake Bishop fan, so just about every scene of his gets me going, but this 1 right here….lemme tell u…sent me over the top more than a few times…lol….well done…very well done…..cant wait till Ross show back up so we can finally get that rematch 3some (Blake, Apollo & Ross)…oops, gotta go…getting hard just thinking about it!!!!!

    thanks again Mike….a definite all time favorite…10/10


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