Website Update (with Video Teaser): New Best Friend

You fell in lust/love with him as Damien’s sexy “best friend” Justin in the hit web-series “About Him” and “About Justin.”

Now the time for “make believe” is over, and BBA is proud to bring you Rico Pruitt like you’ve only been able to IMAGINE him before now!

Blake Bishop is a big fan of the popular black gay web-series “About Him,” and he falls asleep after talking with his friend about the show on the phone, then watching the infamous dumpster scene that seduced the world and made Rico Pruitt a star.

While in a deep sleep, Blake Bishop enjoys a steamy and seductive dream similar to one we’ve all no doubt had ourselves about Rico many times, fantasizing that he’s our very own “new best friend” – WITH BENEFITS, of course 😉 !

(Fun Fact: This scene’s intro was actually filmed behind the very same dumpster featured in “About Him”).

Don’t miss the shocking, MUST-SEE porn event of the year as Rico Pruitt finally makes his exclusive gay porn debut for “Black Boy Addictionz”!

It’s nearly a full hour of REAL, UNCENSORED action that includes tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and aggressive RAW fucking as Rico Pruitt quickly earns his new “porn star” status and proves himself a force to be reckoned with in the world of adult entertainment!

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40 comments on “Website Update (with Video Teaser): New Best Friend
  1. chucke1

    Sorry, didn’t care for this one at all but you warned me! LOL I am sure most will like it but not me! Maybe next week. Thanks anyways Michael!!

    1. Bkboi

      Me either and this scene is getting great feedback, mike are you gonna post something more accommodating for us BBA originals this week or you gonna milk this one out till next week?

  2. Stoned Mountain

    Just WOW

    Blake and Rico’s show is stunning. So intimate and hot, just what I crave! And Rico has it all. Looks, deep throat, big pretty balls and deep hole and great oral game. Boffo!

    1. KayJay

      This scene is definitely one of BBA’s best; no question. But did you see those 2 horse dick “bruhz” drill another hole in Beno’s little ass in “How To Tame A Top” and then left him with a face and mouth full of cum? That’s my number one BBA scene of all time. This one is in my top 5 for sure! I’ve watched it every day this week/ lol

  3. Hcsawyer

    man i just was watchin the finale of this series on myvidster before going to work… get off work and see this posted…. bra when i tell you this shit here is some fire… the chemistry and fineness of both…. bro one of the best nuts of my life… you can bust if u want two minutes in just looking at how the dude be looking…damn… i appreciate this… a good flik will change ya life…

  4. Cam3121

    I was already a fan of Rico & now I’m an even bigger fan. He was paired wonderfully with Blake & the kissing, mutual dick sucking & fucking blew my mind. One of the best porn scenes I’ve ever seen. If there is more with Rico at BBA, I hope we see him do a verse and a top with mutual oral scene. Thank u for making my birthday month even more special!

  5. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    You know I told you I’m only a fan of Blake Bishop when he’s getting that ass fucked!. Outside of that i’ll give him a NO, sorry….i’ll keep my 15 credits and i still have yet to look at this Rico dude on this webseries

  6. Stylez Fan

    Blake is the best star on BBA. Only one who keeps a super hard dick the whole time. He’s the perfect sensual Verstop. I would like Blake to fuck the new guys instead of Saint. And for Blake to fuck Bandit. His dick is thick! It’s the perfect challenge. And I wanna see him bottom more. More Blake Please!! We’ve seen enough of Isaiah and Saint for awhile!!

    1. hardwood

      This is so True Blake is the best top on here without a doubt. His dick stays rock hard for the whole scene every time.

    2. decaturbaby

      Blake is probably my favorite top too, but when I review some of my favorite Top scenes, Saint is in most of them… Saint vs Apollo, Saint vs Bandit, Saint vs Randy/Kendall and the list goes on and on. And one of my favorites was Saint and Scotty/Shaun… absolutely NO fucking but oooohhhhh so fucking hot… so, yeah I love me some Blake, but I love me some Saint too.

  7. Eagerbeaver

    MIKE YOU BETTA TAKE A MUTHAFUCKIN BOW… THAT’S WTF I’M TALKING ABOUT.. THIS SCENE WAS STR8 🔥…sorry Apollo.. your man just got snatched. lol

  8. Tori Fan

    I too am a fan of the “About Him” Series. I found it by accident during the summer. I’ve jacked off many times on the scene with he and Justin holding each others dicks. I’ve stopped and replayed just that part. I even would look in between the shots trying to get a peek at their dicks in other scenes when dicks weren’t supposed to be viewed.

    Now how did you pull this one off? Come on….tell ME.

    I have to give this clip a 25 out of 10. I know you showed those toe shots just for me. This was beyond hot!

    Let Rico know he has solidified a new fan. I already was watching him in his series of About Him and was hoping he just wasn’t pretending to like the guys.

    And tell Rico thanks for having PUBES. I hate seeing a bald dick. Reminds me of a lil boy….don’t SHAVE….but trim.

    Of course…Blake Bishop put the dick on him!

  9. Stoned Mountain

    Rico Pruitt is the bomb. And Blake disarms him and fucks him gloriously. What an inspired match. Just wish I could see Blake on his back, taking Rico dick.

  10. Allen Wells

    I’ll give this scene a 9 out of 10 mainly b/c 2017 hasn’t been what I thought it would be thus far. I do see it’s getting better. The scene with Bandit & Isaiah really helped. I’m not nearly as enthusiastic about Rico as others are but that’s ok. I would rather see Stylez in a one-on-one before his hair grows back. So far it’s looking like he’ll have dreadlocks down to his ass before that ever happens. Lol! BBA seems to be rebounding and I’ll be tagging right along with you. Go Mike!

    1. jojotv

      I agree I would love to see Stylez one on one with a top like Blake or Apollo…. Hell even Beno would be a dope match for him.

  11. David Kutchara

    I don’t think there is much fan demand for Zadian to return. His attitude was awkward and off-putting and he wasn’t as attractive as other models we’ve seen. He didn’t develop a huge fan-following like recent models like Bandit and Shaun either

    I would much rather see models like Miguel, Julien, Scotty, Armando, and Lil Scrap return.

    1. mark132la

      Zadian’s attitude is like most models on this site, some are shy, some are eager to do this, some just do a solo scene and never come back. Zadian acts just like my lil brother, he comes in from school grabs his skate board, tie his dreads up and he is out the door. He really doesn’t talk to anyone and is very shy around people. They tend to take a long time to try to figure out people’s intentions and think everyone is out to hurt them. If you watch Zadian’s video with Bandit, he was really into sucking Bandit’s dick, I may sound crazy but I think he wanted to go further but, was scared of people thinking he was gay if he did. I think those faces are part of his trying to be str8 act. I hope he comes back, not just to be pimped out to bttm, he was a really good top. Sorry if I spelled something wrong, I am currently losing my sight to diabetes.

  12. decaturbaby

    They should both seek immediate medical help for those erections lasting longer than 4 hours.. I mean they were brick hard out the gate !! They were both definitely turned on by the other. That was a very very hot scene. The kissing (oh the kissing) and the fucking (oh my) AND the superb head game by RICO, he knocked “Spice” off of the top of the deep-throat throne. The next time you decide to film out on the balcony, let me know so that I can rent the room adjacent to it.. . Hot Hot Hot… I loved the angles, those close-up underneath shots are my favorite.. I have nutted 4 times and I’ve yet to reach the end of the video….. (I get my monies worth). Getting Rico was a nice first class scoop and pairing him with one of my favorite Tops was all I needed. . 15 out of 10 Mike… Great Job.

  13. Bopbop1

    This scene was dope since both guys were into each other. Loved the scene and hope there will be more of this type of intensity. Both guys were rock hard all the way to the end that indicates they were hot for each other. I would love to see Ross and Justin and Lil Scrap in a scene that I would pay any money to see that line up. Michael I hope you reading this blog to make this happen. Keep up the natural unscripted stuff makes it more to bust a load off. LOL

  14. cocopop

    I knew Rico had some pretty feet, love the way those toes curl and dance while enjoying that dick in that ass. Mike will this be a one time scene with Rico, or can we expect to see more of him? Thanks for bringing “About Justin” to life couldn’t have been hotter.

  15. Stoned Mountain

    Going to start calling you Cecil B de Michael. Perfect casting, beautifully directed and wonderfully photographed.

  16. ThatNigga702

    This scene was amazing me and my dude were watching it smoking and next thing you know we were doing everything we saw on camera and more. This video helped us shoot 2 loads each


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