Coming Soon: Freaky J Returns To BBA!

Freaky J and Isaiah

Freaky J’s exclusive gay porn debut earlier this summer inspired an almost  hilariously contradictory range of reactions. Some viewers loved it, some hated it, and others fell somewhere between those extremes. What many people didn’t realize, however, is that Freaky J’s first BBA visit was in many ways the weekend from hell, and it’s a miracle we were even able to get the scenes that we did!

Things got off to a rocky start when Freaky J’s flight was delayed by over four hours due to severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings. By the time he finally arrived, it was too late at night to do much more than grab something to eat and get better acquainted.

On the second night of his visit, Freaky J got food poisoning and literally ran to the bathroom right as the video-shoot was about to begin. His lips were so pale that at one point I honestly thought we were going to have to make a trip to the emergency room!

Thankfully he felt better by the next day, but we still ended up losing two nights of filming, and what had originally been planned as three days of filming had to be crammed into just a day and a half. Needless to say, these unexpected time constraints, plus the pressure of working with a well-known special guest I’d been pursuing for over four years, added a whole new level of stress to the weekend and explains why I wasn’t able to film EVERYTHING people wanted to see, at least not all at once.

For example, I originally planned to film a scene in which Freaky J would also be “broken in” by a younger black model with a bigger dick, similar to what I did with Day Day last year. It was even supposed to be a special group scene, but two models ended up backing out at the very last minute, and then Freaky J’s food poisoning ruined the night.

Despite these stressful setbacks and challenges, we still managed to get some hot footage and I’m happy with what we were able to capture on camera, especially considering all of these obstacles we were facing. Whether you loved it or hated it, Freaky J taking the major step of trying “gay for pay” porn and even GIVING UP HIS ASS was a shocking and historic “first” that I’m proud to have been able to make happen.

But I wasn’t finished with Freaky J yet 😉 !

Michael Galletta Pops Freaky J's Cherry
For those of you who’ve been wondering if and when he’ll be back, I have some exciting news!

Freaky J recently returned to continue his surprising new adventures in “gay for pay” porn, and this time I introduced him to fan favorite Isaiah, a pairing that many of you have requested….

Freaky J and Isaiah Outdoors
Freaky J and Isaiah 2
Due to my hectic production and travel schedule this month, the website won’t be updated until later next week.

But with October being an extra long month, BBA’s monthly subscribers will still be able to enjoy at least four updates before the month’s over, starting with last weekend’s introduction to the horse-hung Migo, and continuing with the much-anticipated return of Freaky J, premiering next week….

Freaky J and Isaiah In Jacuzzi

 Coming Soon to!

28 comments on “Coming Soon: Freaky J Returns To BBA!
  1. Que


    I was one of the fans that said I would love to see these two together. I truly believe it will bring out the best freak inside of them and make an amazing work of art for the viewers. I have been considering working on the production side of the business whether it be my own company or another studio. Do you have any advice for me ?

  2. Neeko

    Oh yea, I know this will be exciting Michael. Don’t make Isaiah bottom tho, ever! Lol…don’t turn him into saint or beno! Not that they’re bad, quite the contrary! Haha, you have some great models. I just want to keep my perfect image of Isaiah, and he is all the more sexy given his strict top-ness. This will be another good one../ and I’ll continue to anticipate Isaiah and Mello! Ahh perfection! Lol

  3. Jamitis28

    Yes I also hope for a flip scene with Beno & Freaky J. Beno is always so dialed in with whomever he’s with. If Isaiah ever does bottom, I hope Beno gets to do the honors. I’m not even really attracted to him but he deserves his props. The man puts it down sexually. With that said, this Isaiah/Freaky J scene looks potentially like a scorcher.

  4. robert

    Rico Rico Rico please. Ever since that Xmas scene with Saint I have been praying for another scene. Isaiah would be an interesting pairing but Rico and Saint have some Unfinished Business. Now all three together would be EPIC.

  5. A.J.

    This should be good. Oh how I wish it was Beno. I think I am borderline obsessed with seeing Beno bottom. I dunno he just has a beautiful complexion and his ass is equal to his complexion. Patience is a virtue though. I enjoyed Freaky J’s last video and wanted more so I’m glad to see this too. Hopefully we get some more of that “he broke my ass” action going that was my favorite part. Mike your like on a different level than other porn producers you know. You make some real accomplishments. Who would have thought we would ever see Freaky J taking the D. I didn’t know Day Day before but you got him to bottom exclusively on film for your company. Then you got dudes like Kenny, Beno, Saint, Stephon, and one of my other faves Rico to bottom among others. All of them never being fucked before. I might complain sometimes but I recognize your talents Mike.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the encouraging feedback! I’m sorry that the scene turned out to be a disappointment for you, but I appreciate you stepping back to look at the big picture and acknowledge all of the unique and unforgettable scenes from the past five years, including many “conquests” we never thought would even be possible.

      People can be quick to point out the disappointments and failures, which are bound to happen when filming as much as I do to keep up with a weekly schedule, so it means a lot for you to recognize the accomplishments as well. Thank you!

  6. Pascal

    I just hope this marks a pause in the long string of skinny twinky twigs you’ve been having on lately. Why can’t you have more models like Sean Cody’s recent Clay for instance? I want to re-subscribe damnit! lol

    I genuinely expected the dish on Freaky J’s first stay to be more prurient. He only had the runs?! You had me expecting more scandalous behavior!!!

    1. Michael

      “Skinny twinky twigs” and slim to athletic bodies are still my preferred type and will continue to be featured regularly on the site. SC’s Clay is an attractive model with a nice body, but have you heard him talk? Kendall comes across more masculine than him.

      Sorry that my “behind the scenes” stories from Freaky J’s first visit weren’t more scandalous and exciting. I did forget to mention that one of the guys from the group scene wasn’t attracted to Freaky J and they didn’t hit it off well at all, but that turned out not to matter since Freaky J was too sick to do the scene anyways.

      1. Pascal

        Yes on more dirt dishing about Freaky J! 🙂 Did he actually tried to talk the ear off the other model beforehand and that lead him to get a headache? That could explain them not hitting it off lol…

        I always regret the time when Dragon, Suspense and Rico could be stars on the site and could actually be pictured enjoying a burger (or two)!

        I’m not there for famished performers so I haven’t heard Kendall speak but I’ve never imagined Dragon to be a model of virility so you poaching Sean’s Clay wouldn’t bother me in the least! He is “athletic” enough for you, no???

  7. mike c

    I would love to see Freaky j and Cory or Freaky j and Chippy mike you always give us great videos keep um coming great job sir please find Chippy

  8. Paul

    Keep looking forward to new heights. Isaiah is the only masculine dude left worth anticipating. Freaky J seems experienced; and the skin discolorations annoy me. Looking for real virility; no dudes who turn in to girls in bed. What about more men from Jamaica?

    1. Michael

      Unfortunately, no new Jamaican scenes are in the works at this time. Some of the Jamaican models were recently exposed and harassed by one of BBA’s gay viewers, which understandably has the Jamaican producer reluctant to do any more BBA shoots, at least for now.

  9. shakkar

    I heard about him and shit and my boy told me I could do a video to make some money I’ve never done thus b4


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