Website Update: Meeting Migo’s Monster

Just in time for the Halloween season, we bring you this special introduction to a “monster” of a different kind 😉 !

Migo is a quiet and artistic straight male who likes to design tattoos and watch anime. If you saw this cute, self-described “nerd” walking down the street or at the mall with his friends, you’d never in a million years suspect the jaw-dropping SURPRISE that is swinging between this boy’s skinny legs!

Even though Migo identifies as “100% straight,” he discovered as early as when he was still just in high school that he could earn a nice amount of extra cash on the side by letting generous older gay men enjoy his above-average endowment. When one of Migo’s regular clients excitedly told me about the kid’s infamous “monster,” I just had to see the thing for myself, and eventually succeeded in talking the horse-hung straight boy into giving “gay for pay” porn a try!

Migo 2
Meeting Migo's Monster
Enjoy a front-row seat for Migo’s exclusive solo debut as he reveals his prized package to the rest of the world for the VERY FIRST TIME! I’ve seen a lot of big dicks over the years, but Migo’s TEN INCHES of massive black manhood has got to be the BIGGEST and THICKEST I’ve ever filmed!

This ended up being no ordinary “audition,” and includes a couple hot and spontaneous surprises such as me wrapping my horny white hands around Migo’s huge piece of meat, plus another freaky BBA “first” when Migo SUCKS HIS OWN DICK!

To watch the full-length, uncensored version of Migo’s “audition,” click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to “meet Migo’s monster” any time you’d like!

15 comments on “Website Update: Meeting Migo’s Monster
  1. D-Money

    nice quiet shy guy but when the cam comes on freaky side comes out — good tense cant wait to see him in some nice gay for pay scenes maybe have a battle with him and taye vs royal to see who can lay down the best big dik on bba — just a thought mike!!

  2. kenny fan

    he reminds me of “TaeTheDoug” and Isaiah in the face and reminds me of BBA star Tay around the dick lol….I wonder who is the person to get fucked by him

  3. Paul

    Well, this is a website for black men and those who love them so you don’t have to scream his attributes. Rather than throw him into the mix with some queeny guys, why not just push the envelope and explore his body first, with great visuals and build-ups?

    1. A.J.

      Zzzzzzz. I don’t want a whole update of body exploring.

      I don’t see him having much of a career here on BBA with that thing not on top at least. You got all of two people on the roster who could possibly take that. I guess he could do other things but who knows.

  4. DL

    I absolutely love him. Wondering what it would be like to have him paired up. A Halloween or Thanksgiving party of SAINT, TAY, RANDY, KENDALL, MELLO, ISAIAH, CORY AND OF COURSE BENO. I think it would be nice to see JAY JOHNSON back too but I guess you’d have to exclude him from this kinda party – except he’s willing to join in. The same goes for that ” unfinished business ” dude as well.

    Looking forward to and hoping that you could produce something like that. Of course, it would most likely be in several episodes for you’d most likely be trying to catch the events so carefully as to detail each model.

    Keep it up.

  5. Stoned Mountain

    No doubt that is the biggest dick I ever saw, but I would be even more amazed to see the dude who can take that dick!!! I want to see THAT! Do you have a candidate in the “house?”

    He is cute for sure, and he just may be ready for stardom.

    I’d nominate Cory to flip with him, but don’t want to see my baby get hurt. LOL

    More Migo!

  6. Harlembrotha

    You either pair him with someone you KNOW can take a big dick (Dragon?) or with someone hot who we’d all enjoy seeing get fucked down!


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