Website Update: Freaky J – All In That Ass

Isaiah Fucking Freaky J
Freaky J has come a long way since his early days of making amateur striptease videos “strictly for the ladies.”

Earlier this year, we witnessed the YouTube celebrity and exotic dancer take the major step of trying “gay for pay” porn, an exclusive BBA porn event that included Freaky J fucking a guy, sucking his first dick, and even getting fucked in the ass!

Whether you loved it or hated it, finally seeing Freaky J take some dick was a shocking and historic “first” that I’m proud to have been able to make happen. But I wasn’t finished with Freaky J yet….

Freaky J and Isaiah Visiting the St Louis Arch
After popping Freaky J’s cherry during his first BBA visit, I knew that it was time to see him get thoroughly “broken in” by a bigger BLACK dick! So when he recently returned to continue his surprising new adventures in “gay for pay” porn, I decided to introduce him to fan favorite Isaiah, a pairing that many viewers have requested.

It’s the sexy straight stripper like you’ve NEVER seen him before, bent over the couch with his cute light-skinned butt in the air, wincing and grunting and cursing as fellow straight stud Isaiah gets ALL IN THAT ASS – without a condom!

Freaky J and Isaiah
If you’re looking for eager and passionate “lovemaking” between two experienced gay “porn stars,” then this ISN’T the scene for you!

But if you’re like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching two attractive and athletic straight guys (both over 6’3″ tall) awkwardly expanding their sexuality with each other for money (as well as a surprising eagerness to entertain their gay fans), then this is a scene that you don’t want to miss!

Freaky J and Isaiah's First Kiss
Freaky J and Isaiah In Jacuzzi Bathtub
This lengthy, action-packed scene kicks off with some hot kissing and body-grinding between these tall and masculine straight guys who both have females waiting for them at home.

The tense but erotic action later moves to a jacuzzi bathtub where we’re treated to more kissing, followed by the thrilling sight of both guys’ inexperienced mouths being stuffed with their biggest dicks yet!

One of my favorite parts of this scene comes when Isaiah finally does something once unthinkable that he has always sworn he would NEVER do. It took a lot of off-camera negotiations and a generous cash bonus, but he skeptically agreed to lick another man’s ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME….

Isaiah's First Time Eating Ass
Isaiah Fucks Freaky J
Of course the MUST-SEE climax of this scene is Freaky J finally giving up his near-virgin ass to another black guy for the very first time.

Don’t miss this shocking next chapter in Freaky J’s “gay for pay” journey as Isaiah plunges his huge, curved dick – RAW! – deep inside the Blatino stripper’s tight muscle-butt….

Freaky J Taking Dick
To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to watch Freaky J surrender his tight ass to Isaiah any time you’d like!

Freaky J Bent Over Taking Isaiah's Dick

37 comments on “Website Update: Freaky J – All In That Ass
  1. D-Money

    mike mike — well this was a lot more than i expected from isaiah and freaky j honestly– first isaiah more more talkative than i expected in the interview — still got to work on the 4play but hell asking a str8 dude to be passionate comes with time because the rubbing each other was a bit awkward — the sex was very good and i know we aint suppose to support raw scenes but fuck it i do i love the raw scenes and even tho freaky j makes goofy little faces he took the dick and that was a plus in itself for me because i was shock he took it as best as he did so i gotta say mike great scene and now im ready for migo’s scene next but great job by both performers!!!!

  2. Kenny Fan

    This was the scene of the year lol…. this was Isaiah’s best scene ever!!!

    I’m in love with Isaiah even more now I loved EVERYTHING about this scene I loved how Isaiah was so versatile on things like sucking dick and eating ass that was hot as fuck I give this scene 10/10 Mind you I nutted to it BUT ONLY PART ONE OF IT….it was sooooo hot I couldn’t resist I loved when they took turns on EACH OTHER like that and I always wanted to see a scene in a tub from BBA and now we finally got to see it

    Now the only thing is for Isaiah to get fucked.

  3. Papatiggger

    I’m sorry but that was quite a let down. I found the performance rather lack-luster and boring. Neither model seem to be into it and it really showed throughout the scenes. I’m a big fan of Isaiah but this was his worst performance.

  4. A.J.

    Kinda gotta roll with Pa and Dex on this one. There were certain parts that really excited me but not my favorite performance by Isaiah. Those shots of his ass and feet were priceless though.

  5. Cobra

    Great scene! This is why I subscribe to BBA. I’m not looking for the “sissy boys” who can suck the skin off a tomato or the “straight acting thug type” or anything in the middle. I enjoy the “gay for pay” models who are willing to engage in gay sex for pay. The awkwardness of some of the scenes are expected and the “trademark” of this genre of porn. There are more than enough gay porn sites with professional models who put on a great show of amazing gay sex. Even you Mike throw in a mix of traditional gay and bi models and throw in an interesting mix in the middle. In one sense models like Beno who is now very comfortable with gay sex has lost much of his appeal as a “gay for pay” model. I’m perfectly happy if Isaiah never gives up his ass in a way. I thought both actors earned their money and put on an amazing performance in this episode that you captured well. The hot tub was definitely “HOT”! Looking forward to more Freaky J and Isaiah in the future, This scene was truly epidemic!!! (wink, wink).

    1. Michael

      LOL @ “epidemic.” You just couldn’t resist, could you 😉 ?

      Nice to hear from someone who appreciates and “gets” this unique genre of porn. I couldn’t have said this any better, and I’m glad you enjoyed the scene as much as you did.

      Just to clarify, I wouldn’t really classify Beno as a “gay for pay” model. He has pretty much been bisexual from the very beginning, and loves seducing hot boys and fucking tight young ass almost more than me.

      I think the fact that I feature such a diverse array of models from all across the spectrum of sexual orientation, is part of what confuses some viewers and leads to unrealistic expectations for these “gay for pay” scenes.

  6. Brian

    very stale; awkward at best (from the kissing, awful rimming to the sex) all those moves J has and he was virtually inanimate. bring back beno – sexy bubble butt ass and have him plowed.

  7. Drew

    Boring!!! Big disappointment as a paying customer. Isaiah has a big dick, handsome face, and well sculpted big body–but he also has a weak stroke game! Beno is 10X better as a top and he’s working with less! Freaky J looks nice with the clean shaven look, but he too, has lied about his status as a straight dude as he took that dick too well. He has got really nice dick size but is never really hard. Major turn off. Best scene for me here recently is still Saint, Kendall, and Randy, hands down.

  8. Lovemesomesaint

    I will have to admit i am really surprised by the number of negative responses. But i guess you like what you like. I am fans of Freaky J and Isaiah and to me this was easily the best scene for both. Actually, one of the best scenes of the year, period. Mostly because they both seemed to really get into the scenes and delivered more than i was expecting from either one, especially Isaiah. Job well done.

  9. Michael

    I’m happy to hear that many of you have enjoyed this hot scene! A lot of time, money, stress, and hard work went into making this much-requested scene pairing possible, and I really appreciate those of you who consistently take the time to share positive feedback when you enjoy a scene, and NOT just speak up to complain when a scene disappoints.

    To those of you who prefer the passion, energy, and chemistry brought to BBA’s scenes by the gay and bisexual models, I can understand and respect your opinions, and I see how a scene like this might disappoint compared to those types of scenes.

    This response is intended more for those viewers who CLAIM to want to see authentic straight guys, yet are always quick to complain when the straight models don’t perform with the same kind of passion and “chemistry” that a gay or bisexual model would. I feel like SOME of the negative reactions to this scene are due to unfair and unrealistic expectations. And with all due respect, a lot of you still don’t seem to understand the distinction between “gay for pay” vs. mainstream gay porn. (I discussed this in more depth not too long ago here).

    When you throw two real-life straight guys together in a room and ask them to do the kinds of things they were asked to do in this scene, OF COURSE there’s going to be some awkwardness, tension, lack of “chemistry,” etc. That’s kind of the whole point of seeing two straight guys together, LOL! Some viewers will find this type of porn to be dry, boring, “wack,” etc., while others will share my fascination and excitement at seeing two hot, athletic straight guys going at it. The clumsy awkwardness only proves it’s authentic!

    Sure, they’re going to be a little stiff with the kissing and look like two blind men on a first date. And of course Isaiah’s first-ever attempt at licking another guy’s ass isn’t going to look like some horny, ass-crazed gay guy feasting on butt for the thousandth time.

    Keep in mind this was only Isaiah’s FOURTH time fucking a guy, and Freaky J’s FIRST attempt at taking a dick bigger than mine. Naturally, Isaiah wasn’t going to be able to get the same kind of stroke going that he could with experienced gay “bottoms” like Dragon and Cory. And to expect and demand otherwise from this genre of porn is really kind of unfair and ridiculous. (Again, if you generally dislike BBA’s scenes with the straight models, I respect your opinion – this is directed at those viewers who want to have it both ways and expect to see straight guys having gay sex like gay men).

    Some of you will make comparisons to Saint, and I agree that he’s an amazing performer. But like I’ve said many times before, he’s an ANOMALY and sets a very high standard that MOST of BBA’s straight models will never achieve. He also has almost three years of experience under his belt. If you go back and look at Saint’s early scenes, even he was extremely stiff and mechanical in his first few scenes as a top!

    I personally think this scene had many unforgettably hot parts, but I also agree that this was probably Isaiah’s weakest performance so far, at least when it comes to the actual fucking. It’s always a gamble pairing two straight guys together, and I think in this case the fact that they were both masculine straight guys made them both more self-conscious, reserved, and inhibited than they’ve been with their previous scene partners who were openly gay and a little more feminine.

    Think about it like this: Freaky J and Isaiah had to go from hanging out like straight friends before the shoot, checking out females while walking around downtown, flirting with the waitress at dinner, to less than an hour later being asked to kiss each other on the lips, suck each others’ dicks, eat ass, and even GET FUCKED! Add to that the fact that Isaiah’s huge dick with that mean curve was trying to “break in” a near-virgin ass as small and tight as Freaky J’s (you can tell just from looking at it that he doesn’t get fucked), and, well, you get sex that was understandably a little more stiff and reserved than your average action scene starring gay and bisexual guys.

    (I should add that I think both guys did GREAT with the foreplay, however, and how hot was it seeing Isaiah stick his face in Freaky J’s ass 😉 ?!?)

    1. Warner

      I’m just disappointed that Freaky J was never hard….again. That’s why he’s famous for his dick. But he was soft almost the entire time. And the cumshots were a let down. It would have been hot for him to get a facial, cum while getting fucked or sucking Isaiah’s dick.

      Maybe next time

  10. dexter

    Saint is kinda touch and go as well… its like watching paint dry the close ups were AMAZING!!! ISAIAH IS FYNEEE I never liked dark guys till he came along i think i just hate to hear freaky j talk ( so annoying) i am however bias because i love rico,suspence and dragon ( who should try topping) where the hell is that weezy? #Sexy

  11. eagerbeaver

    Uhhhh CAN WE PLEASE BRING BACK THE CONDOMS PLEASE!!! This is starting to turn into Raw Rods… no diss to raw sex but the last few scenes have been that so… let’s bring the condoms back michael

    1. A.J.

      Why does that matter to you. You not having sex and Mike is a responsible producer so I doubt there is reason for concern.

  12. Jamal

    Mike,, quick question was it ur choice to do it raw or the models??? Also love the scene and love how they are not that into it. Can we get Stephon and Isaiah to do a flip flop scene please

    1. Michael

      For this particular scene, Freaky J getting fucked raw was my idea and request, but the choice is still always up to the models. Glad to hear that you liked the scene!

  13. Alex

    I loved the scene..the only part that was a lil akward was the kissing..just seemed kinda forced…but overall a good scene..but quick question mike…Will zeus ever return?

  14. lovemesomesaint

    As I said before I loved the scene for some of the reasons others didn’t seem to like it. The kissing wasn’t perfect and a bit awkward, but that make it very hot for me since it was between two straight guys. I also loved that two straight guys were willing to do a raw scene. I say do more scenes like this one. I don’t expect every scene to be perfect or cater to my specific likes. Some scenes I don’t especially care for, but I know for a certainty there will be plenty that I do like. Keep up the versatility.

  15. platinum 313

    the foreplay especially the kissing was wack. probably would have flowed better with a cory or a dragon. freaky J is sexy as hell. So is Isiah. would like to see isiah and cory with dragon that would be hot. i love THE RAW scenes. condom scenes bore me

  16. Sav

    Scene was pretty cool for the most part. Nice to see Isaiah finally getting more comfortable with each scene. I only have two small complaints:

    1.) Please NO MORE scripted dialogue! One of the main reasons I’ve supported you from the very beginning was that your scenes didn’t have any awkward fake conversation/dialogue between the models like all the other sites do.

    2.) Please go back to the original formula where you had the models meet each other for the first time on camera.

    1. Michael

      I’m glad you enjoyed the scene overall, and I appreciate the constructive critiques.

      None of the dialogue in any of BBA’s scenes has ever been “scripted,” although lately I’ve been experimenting with letting the guys do more of the talking in the scene introductions, with mixed results. Some models are better at doing this than others. I will usually give the guys an overall idea of what I want from the intro, which probably gives certain moments that fake/scripted feel, but everything is still spontaneous and improvised by the models. For example, that part where Freaky J talks about getting the jacuzzi water HOT because it’s going to be a hot scene might have been a little corny but it was also something completely spontaneous that he came up with on his own.

      Don’t worry, I will continue filming the models meeting for the first time whenever possible. In some cases it’s just not practical, for example models coming in from out of town and hanging out before any filming takes place. And sometimes the guys get really nervous and prefer chatting off-camera first. But I will try to stick to the “original formula” as much as possible, something I’ve done as recently as Saint being introduced to Randy and Kendall for the very first time.

  17. Gregg

    i’m back 🙂

    I don’t understand all the negative comments either. I for one have always enjoyed the more passionate gay-on-gay scenes but I actually liked this one a lot. Isaiah is CLEARLY more comfortable than he ever was and he CLEARLY was turned on by this whole experience in many ways. Anyone that can read body language can see that Isaiah was enjoying himself very often in this scene. There was some weird authentic attraction between the two in some way, and I totally loved that.

    But…..I am DYING to see Cory again! Preferably a Cory flip-flop scene! hehehehe. And I like the condoms off! Keep it going! Great scene overall, Isaiah will always be one of the hottest BBA models ever and his energy was great in this scene!

    1. Michael

      Welcome back, stranger! I’m glad you liked the scene and I think I know what you mean about there being a unique and intriguing dynamic between Isaiah and Freaky J in this scene. I wouldn’t exactly call it “chemistry” or even “attraction,” but there was definitely something indescribably hot about seeing these two tall, sexy straight basketball players getting it on, even if it WAS primarily motivated by money and a desire to entertain their gay fans.

      Cory’s still around, and hopefully we’ll be seeing much more of him in the near future.

  18. chucke1

    Michael, I enjoyed it and am shocked at all the negative comments! To get ISAIAH to lick ass was too HOT! They are straight guys so keep that in mind!!!!! Thanks Michael and keep up the good work! It could have been better if ISAIAH gave up that ass but I’m glad just to see this HOT MAN and that you brought him onboard!!!! LOVE THE SITE & LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!! Don’t let these guys get you down!!!!!!!!

  19. Man1234

    Okay, so I watched the scene with Freaky J and Isaiah a few times. It was indeed cool to see Freaky J give it up to Isaiah with that big dick. It was a little awkward and almost funny at times to see them trying to act like they were into the kissing and sucking and licking, they really weren’t. Overall I did like the scene, the point was to see Freaky J give it up, I must say he can take it like a man, I really can’t take it like that, if a finger is too big is a bit much for me, LOL! Anyway I do have to agree that the scripted conversation did not really fit, it would have been nice if you had just filmed them talking naturally. Anyway I am sure you have your reasons for doing what you do, how you do. It would have been nice to see a more aggressive top like Beno or Tiga, to break him in of course that might have been a bit much for him. Maybe that can come a little later.

  20. DC

    I agree this was a very poor performance I like the performance Mike and freaky J was better this was very poor I give it a F I waited for this and the kissing was even worse

  21. Corey

    I’m sorry I really enjoy your movies, this was boring. You are not going to make everyone happy but what’s important is being bias to your own work. They both was boring fucks. Period! You should have put Freaky J with a more season top like Day Day or Tyga. Man I know you want everyone to be happy but that really was lame! You have Freaky bottoming raw, if you even think that was a 5 you are crazy.

  22. Cobra

    It’s funny to read the comments, even after your long explanation of the “gay for pay” genre. I think part of the problem is there are so many fake “gay for pay” sites and scenes out people don’t realize that there are actual straight guys performing gay sex scenes for pay. I guess if a straight guy isn’t “gay” enough you have to say cut and demand they “act more gay and relaxed”. Maybe the problem is Saint who is such a phenom has everybody believing all straight guys can kiss and fuck guys like its easy lol. The fine print indicates some viewers would like to have to have a mix of gay performers like a Dragon or Tyga instead of two awkward “gay for pay” models perform. I’m just happy you give us all a mix and still stay true to your own judgement. It’s like the subscribers are using this blog to pick and choose their own choices for model combinations and bash every scene you don’t comply with their requests. Keep doing you Mike. You have a great feel for what works and what you like is what counts the most and makes BBA what it is.


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