Website Update: Feeding Migo’s Monster

Feeding Migo's Monster Main Pic

As a porn producer with a “black boy addiction,” I’ve seen my fair share of big dicks over the years. But recent BBA recruit Migo easily has one of the BIGGEST and THICKEST dicks I’ve ever filmed!

Since he’s already had some limited experience as an occasional escort for older gay men, I knew that talking this horse-hung straight “top” into trying “gay for pay” porn would be relatively easy. My biggest concern was finding someone capable of taking Migo’s massive TEN INCHES, or even just someone brave enough to try!

To be honest, Suspense would not have been my first choice. Sure, he’s beloved by many of BBA’s viewers at least in part for his thick, juicy ass. And by now he’s had a fair amount of “bottoming” experience under his belt. But was he actually ready for the intimidating “monster” between Migo’s legs?!?

When the BBA fan who first told me about Migo mentioned that Suspense was his favorite BBA model, I decided to take a gamble and see if Suspense might be up for the challenge of making a loyal fan’s ambitious porn wish come true. It also seemed like a potentially promising pairing due to the fact that both guys have similarly goofy personalities and REALLY BIG DICKS.

Lucky for us, the popular BBA veteran welcomed the challenge and became the first brave soul to take on the biggest dick in BBA history….

Migo and Suspense
After a brief interview to get better acquainted, Suspense decides to compare dick sizes to see whose is bigger. After all, until recently he’s always had one of the biggest dicks here at BBA!

Don’t miss Suspense’s hilarious and unscripted reaction when he grabs his first handful of the bulge beneath Migo’s sweatpants….

Migo and Suspense Compare Dick Size
“WHAT THE….?!?” Suspense gasps in shock and amazement (and no doubt an understandable amount of worry and fear).
“That’s gonna be a CHALLENGE right there!”

After some playful and entertaining foreplay that includes these cute, big-dicked “nerds” jacking each other off and rubbing their huge dicks together, Suspense drops to his knees and tries his best to stuff Migo’s massive, uncut dick in his mouth….

“Think you can take this in your ASS?” Migo asks Suspense after some hot oral action.

“I’m gonna try!” Suspense bravely replies, looking like a scared but excited kid about to ride his bike without training wheels for the first time.

Feeding Migo's Monster Main Pic
I don’t want to spoil too many of this scene’s hot surprises, other than to say that by the end of this unforgettable scene, Migo’s “monster” miraculously ends up buried ALL THE WAY inside Suspense’s tight bubble-butt – without a trip to the hospital afterwards!

It’s truly amazing to think just how far Suspense has come since he first showed up at my door a shy, virgin “straight” boy curious to give sex with guys a try. Less than five years later, this same nervous college-boy who once shrieked and howled at the top of his lungs as I busted his cherry with my modest endowment is now bravely and even EAGERLY taking ALL TEN INCHES of Migo’s dick DEEP in his guts!

See for yourself why I told Suspense later that night that I’ve never been prouder of him than I was during this shoot….

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to enjoy Migo’s amateur action debut any time you’d like!

Migo Fucking Suspense

17 comments on “Website Update: Feeding Migo’s Monster
  1. mark

    That was so fucking HOT.. I can not believe that Suspense took all of that… and he took it like a man.. No girly sissy stuff either… That’s how you take a dick… I loved watching that big ole monster dick go up in that beautiful smooth fat ass of Suspense. I can’t wait to see who’s next.

  2. D-Money

    great update mike and wow what a damn surprise!!!!!!!! totally unsuspected that it would have been suspense it was a true surprise and a great damn combo — it seem like the two of them both had a great chemistry and damn was it me mike or did it seem as though suspense thick ass always seem to get bigger lol………great scene great dick comparisons and it was so great to see suspense surprise reaction when he pulled migo big dick he was like i aint sure but i would try such a reaction and the foreplay the hot sex the hot cum shot by suspense forreal i think the shock of it being suspense especially knowing how he started and how far hes come to opening up was great to see and glad hes around for the anniversary season!!

  3. Pascal

    Yep! That’s all it took for me to rejoin…

    And demanding that the escort wear a condom was a wise move.

    Thank the porn lords for Suspense!

  4. Harlembrotha

    And didn’t Suspense tell you not too long ago, that he was through doing porn? We’re so glad he’s changed his mind.

  5. robert

    Wow! This was incredible. I was so turned on watching Migo stroke Suspense. And he took great direction. The double oral was hot. Suspense clearly was loving all the monster cock. His expressions told all. I hope if Migo progresses into giving head and taking dick, Suspense gets first dibs. Mike you got alot of unfinished business piling up! Great work and Suspense deserves the model of his choosing after this. Curious who his pick would be.

  6. Stoned Mountain

    Michael, if I may ask, how many of your dudes turned you down when you offered the opportunity to get reamed by Migo? 😉

    Suspense was brave.

    I am surprised Migo can stay so hard with all the yelps and agonizing. LOL

    Migo is cool, got a pretty good body.

    I was proud of Suspense. I wish I could tip him.

    My favorite Suspense show was his video with Tori.

  7. kenny fan

    Okay I’ll say this…I give this scene 6/10….Part one was good, seeing them compare dick sizes and then sucking Migo’s dick was hot but for some reason Part two wasn’t as hot even tho I commend Suspense for taking a dick that big in his ass

    Something about part two lacked something and I’m trying to figure out what that is. I do NOT understand why he can’t nutt in the actual scene and sending home made videos of him nutting

  8. A.J.

    This was a hot ass update Mike. I’m shocked that you got Suspense to take on Migo never would have visioned that one. Great pairing personality wise too Mike. I’ve always regarded Suspense as a bit of a goof and Migo comes off as sorta of a nerd. I was really enjoying their interaction. Part one was really good up until the declined kiss offer. I never can formulate how kissing is too much but shoving your dick all up in his butt is fair game SMH but I digress. I quite enjoyed the shoving like I said before I like intensity and this didn’t lack that aspect. I’m wondering who else besides Dragon and Cory you can get to take on Migo. Like I said I can only see him having a short career around these parts unless he becomes more open. Great update Mike.

  9. Cobra

    Nice update. I’m just sad to say that Suspense may be leaving the “gay for pay” category after that. No straight guy can possibly take all that lol.

  10. lester

    Mike that was a great scene with migo and suspense i believe guys are going to be knocking on your door to get a scene with migo His stroke game is on point this guy is the hottest stud in the stable he sure knows how to lay the pipe down thank you mike

  11. Que

    Loved it Mike and thanks for your advice I got your email im in the beginning stages, but I definitely agree with you about the lawyer which was the first thing I did.

  12. DC

    it was ok but no kissing at all in the scene and if he can suck his own dick He should have sucked the other person dick too the scene is more romantic when kissing involve

    1. decaturbaby

      DC, this just gives us all something more to look forward to.. Do you really want to see everything in the first encounter? You should have more faith in Mike, he usually gets everything he (i mean we) wants. Fantastic job mike, finding Migo was the definition of serendipity.

  13. SETI

    Congratulations, that was the most boring fuck I have seen by a TOP in a while. All that dick and he could not use it . Suspense would have done a better job topping him. One thing to have a big dick, the other is to know how to use it. He cannot. He is probably a better bottom. You should reverse the roles the next time with anyone of your tops to show him how to use a dick and a big dick as well. Congrats to Suspense. As usual he delivers!

    1. Darius

      SETI, BBA is not a bunch of gay boys sitting around waiting to fuck or get fucked or eager to suck on dicks. It is mostly straight guys being sexual with another guy for the very first time in their whole entire lives. Mike makes it very clear what his intentions are with his web-site. So if you’re looking for always-passionate hardcore sex where everybody’s getting deeply pounded and everything, this isn’t a good site for you to be on because you’ll be very disappointed much of the time. Mike isn’t the only person that has the say in who gets matched-up with who, it’s up to the models too to agree to who and what they’re gonna be doing. Mike does an awesome job getting these straight boys to do so much stuff, especially getting fucked and getting nutt splashed all over their face? That’s normally very difficult for any straight guy to even think of the possibility of letting another guy do that with them, lol.

  14. DLRich

    Wow… I have both positive and negative feelings about Migo. The pluses are his amazing dick size and nerdy personality which is cool, and the fact he can suck himself doesn’t hurt. (Course if i had that size, so could I) Negative is that he can’t bust in the scene. It’s kinda awkward that way. But the hero of the show is definitely Suspense. I’ve always loved that goofy boy, and he gave me the trifecta of things I never imagined he’d do. #1 Take a 10-inch dick so good… #2 Nut while still being fucked in the ass… (Love that) and #3 Shoot PAST his head when he did nut!!! OMFG… Gay-for-pay or whatever he is, I’d just want to hang with him… keep him cumming back


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