Official Fan Favorites from 2014

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for your favorite models and scenes from last year. As I continue my search for fresh faces (check out our newest model Apollo if you haven’t already) and plan exciting new scenes, it’s helpful seeing which models and scenes you enjoyed the most from last year.

The polls have closed, the results are now in, and below are the official fan favorites from 2014:

Favorite Solo Scene: Introducing Isaiah
(Runner-Up: The Official Freaky J Story)

Favorite Interracial Scene: Isaiah – The Next Chapter
(Runner-Up: Unfinished Business #2 – Virginity Lost)

Favorite Black-Only Scene: Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It (Part Two)
(Runner-Up: Staxx In His Stocking)

Favorite New Model: Isaiah
(Runner-Up: Randy)

Favorite BBA Model Overall: Isaiah
(Runner-Up: Suspense)

Best Top: Saint
(Runner-Up: Isaiah)

Best Bottom: Suspense
(Runner-Up: Cory)

Best Dick: Migo
(Runner-Up: Saint)

Best Ass: Suspense
(Runner-Up: Isaiah)

Best Personality: Saint
(Runner-Up: Suspense)

(Click here if you want to see the comprehensive results, including percentages)

9 comments on “Official Fan Favorites from 2014
  1. Ezdawg

    Dam…. I wasn’t even close on most of these…. well… i guess to each his own! The only one I knew would win for sure was Migo for that best dick!!!! I am still and will always be a Lil Tyga Fan…. more more more!!! lol… Most of the new models were hot! Thanks for letting a brother dream a lil…lol

  2. Pascal

    And none for the sickly twinks…

    As a good business man you know what’s left to do, Michael: fuck them on your own time, just not on the site lol. Apollo looks like a step in the right direction!

    Anyway congratulations to Isaiah, Saint and Suspense! I’m just sorry Beno and Lil Tyga are not on there more.

    1. Michael

      To be fair, the two scenes voted Best of the Year in the Black-Only category starred slim/skinny twinks (Kendall and Cory). Just as I always have, I plan to continue featuring a wide variety of models and scenes on the site.


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