Website Update: Apollo’s First Time

Apollo's First Time

When I told our latest straight recruit Apollo that he could earn significantly more money by doing scenes with guys, he seemed a little anxious but also surprisingly open to the idea.

“It’s all acting and role-play,” Apollo explains at the start of this scene, adding that he’s always been good at both. “I’ll give you the FANTASY of me being gay – but not the reality!”

I wanted to try something a little bit different for Apollo’s first time with a guy, and instead of pairing him with a more experienced “bottom” like I usually do, I decided to see if a more masculine versatile top like Lil Tyga could rise to the challenge of initiating our newest straight model into the world of guy-on-guy sex.

It’s a surprising and impressive “gay for pay” debut from Apollo that includes the straight ex-Army guy and up-and-coming fitness model’s first time getting his dick sucked AND ass licked by another male, undressing and touching another guy’s body, and FUCKING another guy in the ass….

Apollo Meets Lil Tyga
The scene starts off with me interviewing Apollo while we wait for Lil Tyga to come out of the shower.

While Apollo admits that he’s “very anxious” about what he’s agreed to do a few minutes later, he also expresses an eagerness to please his potential new fans that comes as a nice change of pace from the more closed-minded and difficult-to-work-with straight models.

When Lil Tyga gets out of the shower, I capture on camera both guys meeting for the very first time.

“You know what you’re getting yourself into?” Lil Tyga asks the nervous and uncertain but also surprisingly self-assured straight Army boy….

Lil Tyga Gets His Hands On Apollo
Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as Lil Tyga gets to be the first guy lucky enough to touch and lick Apollo’s athletic young body, and later wrap his lips around that big and beautiful dick.

Lil Tyga will also no doubt be the envy of many when Apollo flips over and lets him feast on that fresh straight-boy ass!

One of my favorite parts comes when Apollo helps Lil Tyga out of his clothes and begins to touch and lick his scene partner’s body, picking up where he left off in his impressive “audition” and proving once again that he’s a natural tease who is always full of surprises!

Apollo Teasing Tyga
After enjoying Lil Tyga’s dick-sucking and ass-eating skills, Apollo watches straight porn on his phone until he’s ready to try fucking a guy in the ass for the VERY FIRST TIME.

He tentatively pokes his big dick between Lil Tyga’s juicy, round cakes until it slowly sinks into that tight, warm ass….

Apollo Fucking Lil Tyga 2
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If you’re already a BBA member, click here to enjoy Apollo’s first time any time you’d like!


51 comments on “Website Update: Apollo’s First Time
  1. Ezdawg

    Awesum first scene with a brother for Apollo. Of course there were parts that could be better but how can u not luv this new brother. Now to be honest …. about my fav part was seeing Apollo licking and sucking Lil Tygas sexi nipples. U could see that Lil Tyga was feeling it and Apollo was hitting them right. If Apollo would have had more time he wudda stretched Lil Tygas nipples way out!!! lol…mmm… Anyways…. When he learns to fuck a lil better with a brother Apollo will have Lil Tyga cussin like he did when City Bwoy fucked him crazy and had him yelling and running away…lol.. GOOD OVERALL MAN!!!! Thanks…

    1. Michael

      The part where Apollo licks and sucks Lil Tyga’s gigantic nipples was one of my favorite parts from this scene as well. Made me rock-hard with the thought of seeing him suck on more than just nipples one of these days 😉 !

  2. Stoned Mountain

    Apollo was stunning! I was amazed at how smoothly he carried this off! The dude can lay pipe, hard and with control, and actually fucked Tyga till he nutted! He looked like he truly enjoyed getting his hole stimulated. I think he is ready for some dick! That ass is so gorgeous. You struck gold, my man.

    Confession. I’ve been wondering if now might be the time to cut back on expenses by not renewing certain things. Suffice to say today I decided definitely to maintain BBA, and Apollo made the decision.

    1. Michael

      I’m happy to hear that Apollo’s first action scene was enough to convince you to keep your BBA membership!

      I’m not quite sure Apollo’s ready to get fucked just yet, but he definitely enjoyed getting his ass eaten and I liked that he had no problem admitting as much on camera after the shoot. He certainly has a beautiful ass and that was thrilling to watch!

  3. Tori Fan

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!

    I appreciate Apollo was working the camera. The tease was GREAT! So what are the things he won’t do…..for now?

    Lil Tyga was Great too! He had me going and it was good to see him get his nut while he was fucking. I almost pulled my dick out when I saw his eyes roll back. Kinda reminded me of Dragon. It was HOT too when Apollo looked down to see him nut.

    You had 2 freaks there!

    Tell Apollo he has a blooming fan….he should let his pubes bush out some….and zoom in on his toes….

    Lil Tyga…take them damn socks off!

    Overall…..I give it a 9. Woulda been a 10 if Apollo had tongued him.

  4. platinum313

    Apollo is very attractive. I believe he’s Jermany younger brother. They look alike and they both are from Alabama. He’s probably bisexual. His scene with Lil Tyga who I think isn’t attractive with those gold fronts….wasn’t his first time

  5. robert

    I would love a “respectful” military themed clip with Apollo and Saint. They could compare stories and show us some military style work out routines before thanking each other for their service BBA style. I wouldn’t mind Beno in a scene with Apollo also.

  6. KinaBe1

    Wow Mike this scene was hot Apollo did his thang it could’ve been better but it was his first time so I’ll give him a pass plus Tyga said he knows how to fuck & kept him hard while he was fucking him.Tyga did a great job made dude feel comfortable got to eat that nice beautiful ass lol.

    I would love to see Apollo again this time him & Saint or Freaky J or a threesome lol.Anyway Thank you Michael

  7. lonleyman

    Apollo is the shit . Nothing bad to say here. Boy boy boy my all time favorite. Mike please hook him up with beno. Please

  8. DC Fan

    I just finished watching Apollo’s First Time update and I was truly shocked that he returned to do another scene. I thought he was just too fine to do an action scene so I was pleasantly surprised.

    Is it too early for me to cast my vote for the Best Male BBA model for 2015? Just asking…….

  9. justin

    all i can say is THANK YOU MIKE!!!! Apollo is definitely all that…love the way he gets his tease on….definitely lookin forward to seeing much, much more of him….future possible pairings: Apollo & Tyga (round 2), Apollo & Saint, Apollo, Saint & Randy (niice 3some)….just as long as we get some more Apollo…ijs

  10. paul B.

    I love Apollo he is so damn sexy and have a body that would make both sex think about having sex with him. I would like to see him do more maybe some passion kissing, eating ass, licking and fucking some of the best guys you have old and new ones. I would like Apollo to stay a top period, I can’t see him bottoming with any of the guys you have. if that happen I would not watch and cancel membership for good. He’s meant to be a top

      1. 4shetl

        …agreed! I think one of the best (if not the best) aspect of this website is to explore the full possibilities of straight guys pushing past their own [conventional] boundaries…

  11. 4shetl

    …I don’t care how you got Apollo on camera with another guy, THAT you did is IMPRESSIVE Michael… Ten’s across the board! I find his confidence in his sexuality sexy as fuck… His demeanor about Gay-for-Pay made it easy to watch him ‘perform’ and get me off… absolutely sexy…! I won’t suggest likely partners for him to perform with next, but will wait for it with baited breathe’s… AND if there is a scene where he bottoms, I will need a call to 911… Kudos MG for an excellent update!

  12. Cobra

    First of all thanx for the early update. I know its hard but well appreciated when you can get them updates up early. Apollo is the best body on BBA and I can’t think of any pairing that wouldn’t work. I can see that Apollo is more open than most of your previous new “gay for pay” models but part of the fun and excitement of watching a Saint or Isaiah now is looking back on their humble and sometimes painfully slow transformation into gay sex. I’m not complaining but I think Apollo might be willing to bottom for Migo next segment at the pace and comfort level he has shown so far in his debut videos. Lil Tyga is not one of my favorites who I’m pretty sure he is gay without the pay and just doesn’t have the body, looks or sexual appeal for me but I know he has a fan base so I know they really enjoyed this scene. Since Apollo likes the “fantasy” or “acting out” for the fans, maybe consider a fetish twist for him for a future update. Body worship such as oiling (body massage), toys, or light dominatrix or bondage. Nothing serious but in the same light as you did with “punishing saint”. When Apollo’s ready to bottom I hope it’s with a model who has looks and a body time. Overall a great update so no real complaints. Keep’em coming.

    1. Michael

      Every model’s attitude and story is different. Some guys will take months and even YEARS before they’ll do certain things, and in some cases stop doing scenes before going as far as we’d like. Others will jump in head-first and never look back.

      You mentioned Saint as an example of a “painfully slow transformation into gay sex,” and while I agree that his evolution over the past couple years has been thrilling to watch, if you go back and watch his earliest scenes, he actually did just about EVERYTHING in his first action scene!

      You’re right about Apollo having a more cooperative and open-minded attitude than most of the straight guys I’ve worked with. Keep in mind he is occasionally hired out through his modeling agency as the “eye candy” at various gay and mixed clubs, where his job is to dance and mingle with the clientele in nothing but skimpy underwear, so being around gay people and showing off his body is nothing new for him. I think this at least partly explains his surprising confidence and comfort-level with this unique line of work. It will certainly be interesting to see how his story unfolds!

      By the way, Lil Tyga has never claimed to be “gay for pay.” I’m pretty sure he’s always admitted to being gay.

  13. D-Money

    damn mike!!! great scene and great collab with tyga!!! i think he didnt need nothing too aggressive but someone whos masc and would enjoy opening his fantasies up too!! Now i will admit he said he was acting out a character for the fans but for someone to be a str8 man who fucks women he did a lot of stuff that i was even impressed with whether it was opening him up to a new freaky side or just exploring his “character” he put on one of the best performances I saw despite his first time — i think it was a great scene especially for his first action scene he was comfortable so once again mike great find and i definitely cant wait for more with him!!!

  14. Jamitis28

    Really liked this scene. Apollo is open-minded so the sky is the limit for what he’ll do. Would love to see him & Isaiah… what a beautiful scene that would be! Tyga was a great bottom in this one. You could tell he was enjoying the dick Y to be a thick guy, he was very flexible. Great scene!

    P.S. Now can we PLEASE get a return of BENO. Will someone let him know his fans miss him. Geesh lol

  15. eagerbeaver

    I was gonna say the same thing that Apollo looks strickingly like Jermany from breed it raw and raw rods we need a side by side shot

    1. Charles

      I actually compared a photo of Jermany and Apollo. They are really two different people. Both have facial features that could pass them off as brothers but the comparisons end there. Jermany has way to many tats and Apollos body is cut.

    2. Platinum 313

      I believe he is Jermany’s younger brother. I’m convinced of it look ALOT alike and they both are from Alabama

  16. Drew

    Awesome scene. I like Lil Tyga, always have and always will with them fat ass titties…yum! He (tyga) just looks like the chill brutha next door that comes over and watch the game and then some stuff starts to jump off. New guy is gorgeous. Him and Randy at some time would set it off…..LOL at Dexter…he HATES Saint….lol.

    1. Dexter

      SMH….Hes so boring..he never wants to get fucked and he tried=s to be funny and it comes off being corny and lame.. its just not in my top 3!!i would prefer him to NO DO MOVIES ANYMORE!! Its like watching paint dry!!

  17. DC Fan


    Apollo is definitely a great find for BBA. I consider him the LeBron James of gay porn because these types only come around every ten years.

    Please put him in a scene with Randy ASAP!

    1. Ezdawg

      LOL @ the blue mouth comment…. I noticed that but then I thought…. thats Lil Tyga…. he is what he is…. he is a ruff brother that doesn’t care about anythang but sum hard and ruff sex! I like it when a brother is true to who he is. Lil Tyga may be the only one on this site…. maybe next to Beno… who doesn’t do an acting job on here. I bet when he does a scene he is a lil high or maybe tipsy…. just look in his eyes….lol !!!! What I would like to do is get Lil tyga in the gym 3 days a week to tighten up some of the natural muscle he has that’s getting a lil outta shape. However…. Ill take Lil Tyga anyway I can get him…. send him to me this year for my born day !!!!!

    2. Michael

      That was from the Gatorade both of them were drinking during the shoot. And something tells me if you actually liked Apollo, this wouldn’t be a problem 😉 .

      1. A.J.

        It actually was Tyga’s mouth but thank goodness it was Gatorade. I hate blue lollipops and stuff like that major pet peeve. I actually was giving Apollo a chance and didn’t notice the blue in his mouth. I might become a convert who knows.

  18. Michael

    I just wanted to thank everyone who’s taken the time to share their enthusiastic reactions to Apollo’s debut! I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments, and I’ll be sure to share them with Apollo and Lil Tyga as well. I was going to be shocked if most of you didn’t like Apollo, and I’m glad to see that my instincts were right! He’s definitely one of the hottest guys I’ve ever filmed, and that’s saying a lot. The guy just oozes sexiness out of every pore, LOL. Hopefully we’ll be seeing MUCH more of Apollo in the near future!

  19. decaturbaby

    Hands down, Apollo is by far the best thing EVER… omg, he is perfection… I have j/o to so many aspects of his performance.. His staring me in my eyes…. His body… His manliness…. his ass… OMG his ass.. his asshole being eaten… Him kissing Tyga on the sides and on the neck… Him kissing and licking near his pubes… Him grabbing and stroking Tyga’s dick…. and the way he sucked on Tyga’s nipples… oh Jesus, I could feel it…. I have cum so many times from this one scene, it is crazy…. Thank you so much Michael for finding Apollo….. I hope you do, but I don’t think you’ll ever find something better than him… but I hope you do……… Thank you Mike.

    1. Michael

      I’m thrilled that you’ve gotten so much enjoyment from Apollo’s first action scene. To hear that you’ve already cum countless times to this one scene alone is high praise indeed, and a testament to Apollo’s beauty and charm!

      Hopefully there will be MANY more scenes with Apollo in the near future!

  20. decaturbaby

    ps Michael… I know you personally have got to get your hands on Apollo… by all means, do your thing, I know I would….. BUT please please don’t show it to us… It would absolutely ruin my “Apollo in my head”…. Not something I’d want to see…… don’t get me wrong, I love what you do…. really really respect and appreciate what you do…. 🙂

    1. sammywow

      I have to disagree–I know I would, and I think many others would as well, love to see Michael with Apollo at some time in the near future. Just as with Isaiah, it would be great to see Apollo turned out that way.

      A simple solution for those who might not enjoy such a scene is NOT to watch it when it comes, but don’t deprive the rest of us from seeing something we’d really enjoy!

    2. Michael

      LOL….I appreciate the candid request but I think you already know that’s not how this works. You and others might be shocked to know that I very rarely have off-camera sex with the models. I can literally count on one hand the number of times that has happened in over five years.

      So if I end up doing anything with Apollo, it will almost certainly be filmed and shared on the site – but I promise that I won’t force you to watch it 😉 !

  21. jamal

    mike we cant leave comments on the new scene “lickin a tops ass” please fix it so we can leave comments….also on your home page for the bba website…please add a tap for the bba tumbler.

  22. Kevin

    I like the part where he got his ass ate in the debut but third scene he did with Saint and lawd have mercy, the ass eating Saint gave Apollo was everything…I could watch that all day and not get bored…would love to see Apollo eat some ass himself to another model…pair Saint and Apollo again…they both look comfortable enough together…or him and Isiah…

    But for his first time, he sold his look and action to this first time fucking a guy…this man can make lots of money in this business, should he decides to pursue it for a couple of years…he is worth the price of admission.


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