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Shawn Returns
It’s been almost exactly one year since the DL Chill Spot CEO’s tragic death. Whether you loved or hated his work, the CEO was able to find some of the hottest boys I’ve ever seen in gay porn, and also film the TYPES of guys that one rarely ever sees in gay porn. His movies were certainly frustrating and far from perfect at times, but they were also bold, fresh, edgy, and unlike anything black gay porn had ever seen before or will likely ever see again.

Many viewers have been asking me to share some of the unreleased footage and unfinished scenes from BBA’s former partnership with the DL Chill Spot. I haven’t been ready to do so for most of the past year, but now that some time has gone by, the timing feels right to revisit the DL Chill Spot’s unique body of work and share some of the content not yet seen by the public.

Shawn and Bigga Rief
This series of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN bonus footage continues with the return of Shawn and Bigga Rief in a FULL-ACTION scene that I chose not to release at the time it was filmed.

One of my reasons for doing this was because it departs from the DL Chill Spot’s usual brand of unscripted “reality porn” to experiment with a semi-staged fantasy.

The basic idea is wickedly taboo and simple: Shawn is a down-on-his-luck homeless boy who approaches Bigga Rief on the street, begging for some spare change so he can buy a cheeseburger.

Bigga Rief invites him back to the DL Chill Spot CEO’s crib, offering him a meal and a place to stay, but ONLY if he’s willing to join the team by giving up his mouth and ass in return….

Shawn's Nap Gets Interrupted
Shawn skeptically agrees to this unusual offer, but his “initiation” starts sooner than expected when he’s suddenly awakened from an afternoon nap by Bigga Rief SUCKING HIS DICK!

Knowing what his insatiably horny boss will want and demand from their new house-guest later on, Bigga Rief proceeds with a crash-course “training session” that includes lots of hot and verbal dick-sucking and ass-eating action.

Things REALLY start to get interesting when the DL Chill Spot CEO comes home earlier than expected and wants to sample the cute new kid for himself….

Shawn and Bigga Rief Suck The CEO's Dick
See for yourself what happens when the DL Chill Spot CEO and his eager young assistant demand their “rent” from the broke straight boy in some shocking and unconventional ways.

There’s lots of aggressive shit-talking and humiliation as they basically turn him into their “bitch” for the day, stuffing him with dick at both ends and stretching that tight boy-pussy open!

For all the freaky NUTT-LOVERS out there, this previously unreleased footage also brings you FIVE memorable cum-shots, including TWO wickedly messy “facials” as well as a nice “nutt” blasted directly into Shawn’s wide-open mouth!

Bigga Rief Fucking Shawn
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15 comments on “Website Update: From the Archives of the DL Chill Spot – Bitch For The Day
  1. D-Money

    i swear it never gets old seeing one of my two of my fav chillspot models bigga rief and murda on BBA!! i love how aggressively ceo makes them both suck his dik and the aggressive rief takes out on shawn with the foreplay and the 5 nut shots unexpected of that forreal — swear hope down the line u can get a few of them to join your roster once things settle with ceo murderer being captured…….great trip down memory lane…….

  2. Cobra

    Enjoyed the update. Again too bad about the whole chillspot tragedy but the clips of unreleased scenes are appreciated even more knowing that the chillspot era has ended.
    This is one of the first i’ve seen with a little story line. The CEO’s work was a little rough but that jerky and cluttered footage gave the movies a gritty urban feel which was of course where the scenes were filmed. Not many of his models were trying to pay for college i don’t think…just trying to survive in a rough city.

  3. KinaBe1

    Man I loved watching CEO’s scenes & seeing the sexy models such as Murda, Bigga Reef & Shawn.

    Now this scene was kinda hot how Bigga Reef & CEO were talking shit & being aggressive with Shawn & Shawn took them dicks like a champ too.

    I miss him & I hope they catch the person who murder him.Thank you Michael

    1. Michael

      I enjoyed all of the shit-talking and aggression as well. Bigga Rief was cracking me up with how much the whole thing was turning him on. It’s too bad we never got to see more of him, because he showed a lot of potential to be one of the DL Chill Spot’s most outgoing and entertaining performers.

  4. KayJay

    Great update this week, Mike! A fantastic surprise. I’m glad you saved this one. Will there be more? RIP CEO . . . . missing your vids.

  5. Harlembrotha

    I watch all DL Chill Spot videos with a certain uneasiness. Hot yes, but how do we know his murderer isn’t one of the models? Was he killed because somebody couldn’t deal with their sudden visibility? We may never know.

    1. Michael

      I know what you mean, and this is the main reason I haven’t reached out to any of the DL Chill Spot’s former models about working with BBA. The CEO’s killer was almost certainly one of his former models, or possibly a friend, family member, or gang associate of a former model, and it sickens me to think that he or she is still out there somewhere, living free and unpunished for taking another man’s life.

  6. Jamal

    I believe that the person who killed the ceo was somebody who he had just filmed and they changed their mind and didn’t want him to release their scene .

  7. chucke1

    I had emailed DL Chill Spot with a question, Michael knows what the question was, he was going out to shovel snow and was dead within 5 min. He had actually responded from his iPhone. I asked a follow up question and NEVER heard from him. Michael emailed me on Monday with the news I believe. My point is, the police never even cared to contact me! His last email was approx. 3pm to me and at 3:05 he was dead!

      1. Michael

        Sad but very true. You would think that as a former business partner and someone who communicated with the CEO on an almost daily basis even after our partnership officially ended, I would have been high on the list of people to interview early in the investigation. But instead of the detectives contacting me, I had to reach out to them, and even then they kept playing phone-tag with my attorney and it literally took us WEEKS just to set up a phone conference with the NYPD.

        This investigation had a lot stacked against it from the beginning. Not only the low priority and casual indifference on the part of the police, but also no doubt the lack of cooperation from a homophobic community that viewed the CEO as a villain and predator who got what he deserved.

  8. Cobra

    Harlembrotha very true, not to mention the police have a list of over 100 potential suspects if not more off the break. My gut feeling is that it was the work of a gang member who didn’t like seeing his gang associate in that situation. One thing that is known is that he advertised in the hood for models so many in the hood knew of his site. His execution in broad daylight was the signature of a killer, not a disgruntled model or relative.


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