Website Update: His First Straight Boy – Bonus Footage & Director’s Commentary

Like many of you across the country (and world!), we’re under a strict “stay at home” order due to the spread of COVID-19, and it may be several weeks (at the earliest) before we’re able to resume production of new content.

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This weekend we’re taking you behind the scenes of one of our most popular scenes of all time with this collection of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN bloopers, outtakes, and action-packed bonus footage from porn star Knockout‘s now infamous encounter with BBA fan favorite Isaiah.

I hope you’ll be as shocked and thrilled as I was to discover so much extra hardcore action footage from this hot scene. In fact, this previously unreleased collection clocks in at just OVER AN HOUR, even longer than the original scene!

I also decided to try something different this time by recording a few of my own recollections, observations, and reflections on this unforgettable shoot that ended up making porn history and over time has become a much beloved BBA classic.

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25 comments on “Website Update: His First Straight Boy – Bonus Footage & Director’s Commentary
  1. Tobias Lamar Stripling

    I think we’re paying for material we’ve seen that you just spoke over. I don’t like this Covid-19 situation, but y’all should definitely not charge current members until this die down..

    1. Michael

      With the exception of the cum-shots, EVERYTHING in this update is NEW and not previously released. I was pleasantly shocked by just how much extra footage there was! And I was very careful to go through the tedious, time-consuming process of comparing everything in the raw footage to the edited version, so I wouldn’t accidentally include anything from the original scene. There may be a slight overlap here and there, but no more than a few seconds where the footage I scrapped transitions into a section that made the final cut.

  2. Roth215

    I low-key high-key miss the fuck outta Isaiah. IMO, out of all the “gay for pay” models, he’s the most authentic and convincing. Not to mention he’s extremely attractive above everything else. I would definitely suggest that the site do a little more straight scenes with females with “gay for pay” models like him. It would make their gay scenes that much more authentic and enjoyable. Anyways, even though it’s a throw back, thanks for posting the ever so fine mutha fuckin’ Isaiah.😍😋

    1. D'Sean

      I agree. Isaiah is by far my favorite. Lately all he has been doing is bottoming. This scene proves that he is top material. I love him with Knockout (that is my favorite BBA scene) I also love him with Apollo. In the back of my mind I think Isaiah fucked Apollo and Knockout off camera. LOL

      I would love to see Isaiah give Shameeks some dick in a verse scene. It would be hot to see Isaiah and Blake Bishop in a bi scene where they get some pussy then fuck each other.

      1. Roth215

        Exactly bro. Great minds definitely think alike. I agree with you 💯percent. Would’ve definitely enjoyed seeing him fuck Shameeks. That bi scene with Blake Bishop is genius as well.🙌🏽

  3. decaturbaby

    Thanks, Mike. This was one of my all-time favorites. You have so many good scenes in your library, that we all can still find something to enjoy. Stay safe up there.

  4. Santana

    Michael I watched the scenes you didn’t show us in the original clip of Isaiah and Knockout and I was surprised I actually like it. You think you are slick I caught what you said in the commentary “He slept on the couch…he didn’t sleep in the bed with me..(Not that night)” 🤔..well Isaiah was the first model I believed was really straight and this company was the first ever to get Knockout bent over (on cam)..I caught that too I can’t remember the model’s name at the time..oh Zadian anything that far back? He was the perfect pornstar he could nut on would be nice if you did a video commentary of the history of bba from the first scene and a where are they now? ..etc stay safe out there peace

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the special requests! I’ve been wanting to tackle some “History of BBA” and “Where Are They Now?” type compilations for awhile. Maybe this quarantine will finally give me some extra time to pursue these and similar projects.

  5. sally5555

    Michael, This format works! I’ve always enjoyed the BTS aspects so I found this update very interesting and enjoyable.

  6. decaturbaby

    That was like watching a brand new scene with the two of them. Great job. Do you have any unseen footage of “Jamaican Cherry Swap”?

    1. Michael

      Hmmmm. I’d have to go back and look. Pretty sure I did all the editing with those Jamaican scenes, so I just might have some extra footage that never made the final cut.

      1. Wayne

        Dear god! I hope you find something from the Jamaicans. Those scenes were pure fire!

        I hope one day you can get them back to the site.

  7. Al

    I absolutely love the bts concepts… As the previous viewer said it’s like watching a new scene as well as bring you back to the original. I’m happy with my subscription still on if it helps the models as well as BBA. We’re all in it. Keep the content flowing 👍🏾

  8. Jamal

    Ok, nice but I would have preferred a scene where Isaiah sits naked and answers questions fans ask on ig or something. But I guess this will suffice. I definitely think we need a new Isaiah and knockout scene cuz I think Isaiah really enjoyed knockout. But let’s do a behind the scenes thing from bandit and Apollo and from the house of horrors

  9. Jayden

    I loved this update! This scene is one of my favorites, and it caused me to fall in love with Isaiah! He’s so fucking beautiful! It’s great to look back and see just how much he’s grown as a G4P performer! He and Knockout were awesome in this one!

    -VIP booth footage from Skyview Atlanta. (I don’t know about y’all, but I was not cool with the glass floor when I rode in the VIP booth! 😂)
    -Commentary regarding how fast you all put this scene together. Wow! Greatness in so little time!
    -The starter conversation, or lack thereof, while watching the BET Awards. This led to a re-do! 😂
    -Michael’s commentary. Loved it! Great way to get insight into the models and the scenes that viewers wouldn’t get otherwise. It’s great to see you back on camera, Michael!
    -“He can’t suck dick!” -Knockout ; I laughed so hard, as the look was written on his face when Isaiah had started the job; however, Isaiah did well. There’s only so much a straight guy can do.
    -Direction. I loved hearing you guide the models. Just another awesome part of watching the scene come to life.
    -“Isaiah slept in a different bed. That time.” Is there more detail?? 😂 Please, do share! 😂 😂 (BTW: I’m totally kidding, just being facetious)
    -Knockout bottoming. Hot AF!

    Special thanks to Mike, Isaiah and Knockout for this scene! I loved it! Thank you so much for this unique BTS look! Loved it, and I can’t wait for more.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the encouraging review! Had a feeling you’d like this one. Like I said in the summary, I was SHOCKED when I revisited the raw footage and discovered just how much action footage never made the final cut. Wish all BTS projects could work out this way lol!

      This was probably just as much fun for me as it was for you watching it. I’d forgotten about so many parts of this shoot. For example, Knockout telling Isaiah to “take that pussy,” and of course that hilarious moment when Knockout bluntly observes that Isaiah can’t suck dick lol.

      I was on the fence about whether or not to include the director’s commentary, but ultimately I’m glad I decided to do it and hopefully the compilation is better as a result. Glad you enjoyed it!

  10. decaturbaby

    Since your boyz can’t come to you, maybe they can make some IPhone home j/o videos or even some other kind and sell them to you.. That would add some different stuff to your library…. Just something to think about.. Who knows how long this corona shyt will be going on…

  11. George

    Hi. Can we get a bonus footage of all the video where Ross got fucked?, especially the return of Ross part 2. He’s my favorite model.

    Will love to hear your commentary on those too.Thanks


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