Website Update: Shax Carter’s Top Ten Cum Shots

Like many of you across the country (and world!), we’re under a strict “stay at home” order due to the spread of COVID-19, and it may be several weeks (at the earliest) before we’re able to resume production of new content.

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Like most of us, Shax Carter has been spending all of his time at home lately. And what better cure for his quarantine blues than watching his favorite BBA scenes?

He texted me a few days ago, asking if he could take this opportunity to share his favorite cum-shots from the scenes he’s filmed for BBA, and I thought that sounded like a fun idea for a Wednesday bonus update!

If you love big dicks, creamy cum, and freaky facials, then you won’t want to miss this messy collection of some of the hottest cum-shots ever caught on camera by Shax. Enjoy!

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2 comments on “Website Update: Shax Carter’s Top Ten Cum Shots
  1. Jayden

    Awesome update! A lot of those were my favorites as well. It was great to see faces of the BBA family that we haven’t seen in a while, Luh Redd, for example. I miss him! Justice needs an award for giving excellent facials. I replayed the clips from “Double or Nothing” and “Smashing Shameeks” where he GLAZED their faces with cum! There’s another cum shot that was featured in the previews before the countdown that I love! Justice and Dominic icing each other’s faces in “A Tested Development” was LIT as well.

    This also made me think of some other cum shots that I’ve seen over the years that I loved.
    -Apollo “Santa’s Special Surprise”
    -Saint “One Man’s Top” (cream pie)
    -Collin “Thrown To The Wolves”
    -Ross “Revenge Is Sweet”
    -Dominic “Desiring Dominic”

    Anyways, special thanks to Mike and Shax for giving us this feature. Can’t wait for what’s next.

    1. Michael

      Glad you enjoyed this one! We figured it would be a fun and sexy surprise for everyone. Shax did an amazing job, especially with that impressive intro sequence.

      Of course now everyone wants me to do a cum-shot compilation of my own lol. I’ve always wanted to do a compilation of the best facials I’ve given the guys, maybe this quarantine will finally give me the time to put something like that together. We have some other hot stuff in the works as well. Thanks as always for your encouragement and loyal support!


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