Website Update: Quarantine Chronicles #1

While production is paused due to COVID-19, we asked several BBA models, past and present, to take us behind the scenes of their lives during these difficult times.

As an added incentive and for a little extra fun, we decided to turn it into a solo competition and let you the viewer determine the winners:

2nd Place: $1,000
3rd Place: $500

Join some of your favorite BBA models as they practice safe “social distancing” and entertain you from home in these “quarantine chronicles”….

To join Jah, Teddy, and Ross as they shelter in place, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to enjoy these hot, homemade “quarantine chronicles” any time you’d like!

(We’ll post an official viewer poll once all entries have been submitted and shared).

13 comments on “Website Update: Quarantine Chronicles #1
  1. D'Sean

    So happy to see Teddy. I wish when the action returns that Jah and he could do a verse seen. Plus, it is time for Mar to get up in that ass. Teddy would also be fun with Shameeks.

    A real banger would be Teddy and Blake Bishop. Totally verse and let Blake do his thing like he did with Shameeks.

  2. FaulknerFan

    “Chronicles” was nice work. Better quality video than expected, and three nice, not over-used, models. But my preliminary vote goes to the uncredited surprise performer. I write of course about the zucchini, known in the business as “Zuke.” I was impressed with his length, girth, pleasing symmetry, and especially with his ability to maintain an erection, even in the cramped spaces of Ross’s vehicle. THIS is a performer! Even better, Zuke comes from a large and randy Italian family, some better endowed than others but all ready to perform at a moment’s notice! However, since Zuke was uncredited I assume viewers can vote only for the named performers and so my vote will have to go to Zuke’s scene partner, Ross, who remains sexy as hell and is also a performer who gives his all. Not to take anything away from the exquisitely handsome Jah who was equally hot but lacked the advantage of having Zuke as a partner. The middle guy was also nice but was constrained by a boring background. Since solo scenes by definition run the risk of becoming tedious quickly it’s very helpful to have some interesting background scenery to spice things up. Jah and Ross did that better. But overall, a very nice effort!

  3. Al

    Was gonna put both Ross and Teddy top spot but that green ‘guest’ Ross brought along did it for me. Teddy was extremely sexy but did not engage enuf unlike the other two. Jah and Teddy would be delicious to watch, Teddy/Ross sounds like fire… Thanks BBA. You outdid yourself with this concept. Looking fwd to #2 with some nice surprises ie old school models…

    1. Wayne

      I hate JO videos , but my goodness Ross did the dam thing. This is the first time I nutted from a JO vid.
      1. Ross
      2. Jah
      3. Teddy

  4. chucke1

    Why do Jah and Teddy look hotter than in their videos, I did not even remember seeing Teddy he looks so much hotter now? I vote for Teddy and then Jah but a close tie! Really enjoyed this one!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jayden

    I learned three things from this update. One, Jah is sexy AF. Two, Teddy ass is glorious! Lastly, Ross is STILL a freak! I enjoyed all three of these models. Let’s get into it!

    I. Jah

    Jah’s magnetic charisma is enough to pull anyone in alone. With his baritone voice and killer smile, he can soften the hearts of the most resistant people. I enjoyed watching him pleasure himself in his truck. Watching the video carefully, viewers will notice that people actually passed by his truck while Jah was playing in the back. The best part is that Jah didn’t give a fuck—the show carried on. As he got more into his experience, Jah stripped out of every article of clothing to reveal his athletic, flawless, chocolate body. The finishing touch was him eating his cum, after finishing on the side of his building. I love watching guys swallow their cum! Jah was great! I. Enjoyed. Him.

    II. Teddy

    Loved Teddy! His solo progressed from simple, to sexy, to steamy, then sizzling! We began with watching him perform basic calisthenics to watching him execute flexible, freaky naughty exercises. Teddy gave viewers a nice sight of his glorious ass through those silk boxers while performing squats. My favorite part was watching Teddy lift his legs up, use of his arms hold one leg in the air, while using his fingers from his free hand to finger himself. The view of his ass at this angle would have any ass connoisseur licking their screens! 😂 At that point, I began to wonder, “Why hasn’t he done more scenes again?” The end of the scene shows us Teddy glazing his couch with cum. I do hope that we get to see another model glaze Teddy’s cakes with cum one day. Jah maybe?

    III. Ross

    Three words: Forever. A. Freak. Freakiness knows no boundaries when it comes to this man, and I am absolutely here for it! His authenticity in discussing “pandemic life” and finding sexual satisfaction with prostate stimulation were a nice addition. Any time I see Ross in a scene I smile because I know that shenanigans will ensue! I enjoyed him and his costar, the zucchini. The most rewarding thing about watching him as a performer is that he is comfortable with himself enough to explore and test sexual boundaries. He reminds all of us freaks out there that being absolutely disgusting can be a clear path to some of the most satisfying, sensational sex ever. He came, and so did I.

    Special thanks to Mike, Jah, Teddy, and Ross for this update. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    1. Michael

      Glad you enjoyed this! We’re trying our best to keep things fresh and entertaining, so I’m thrilled that the response to this new series has been so enthusiastic so far.

      I’ve also been encouraged by the response from most of the guys so far. Of course some are just doing the bare minimum (no pun intended), but others are really stepping up and surprising me with the creativity and energy they’re putting into their scenes.

      I agree with just about every observation made in your review. Jah is sexy as hell, and his choice of the truck/outdoors theme was a smart move on his part. Really added a fresh and forbidden thrill to the scene.

      Teddy is looking better than ever, and I swear his ass looks even thicker and juicier than before. Like you, I LOVED the part with the silk underwear and that sexy wedgie lol. I feel like he could have done a bit more, but it was still very nice to see him again.

      Ross told me he was determined to win the Grand Prize, and he sure as hell wasn’t joking lol. I gasped in shock when he pulled out that three foot long cucumber! Always full of surprises, that Ross! 😉

      Thanks as always for the encouraging review, and stay tuned for much more to cum!


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